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The Broo View

  1. The Broo View Episode 2442010/06/17
    In this episode, Ken is joined by sports memorabilia collector, Bill Schubert, who says he has a bat that once belonged to Pete Rose and says that the bat is corked.
  2. The Broo View Episode 2432010/06/08
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  3. The Broo Viw Episode 2422010/06/02
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  4. The Broo View Episode 2412010/05/25
    In this episode, Ken is joined by Jack Bechta, player agent and columnist for the www.nationalfootballpost.com Jack has a startling stat: 75% of all NFL players are broke 3-5 years after leaving the game. Get the best in sports on Ken's web site: www.kenbroo.com
  5. The Broo View Episode 2402010/05/18
    In this episode, Ken Is joined by Tom Deinhart from www.rivals.com. Tom and Ken discuss the changing landscape of college football and how the Big 10's expansion plans could affect schools like the University of Cincinnati. For the best in sports, check out Ken's website: www.kenbroo.com
  6. The Broo View Episode 2392010/05/11
    In this episode, Ken is joined by Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network and www.nationalfootballpost.com to disucss the Bengals recent signing of Pacman Jones. For the best in sports, visit Ken's web site: wwww.kenbroo.com
  7. The Broo View Episode 2382010/05/03
    In this episode, Ken is joined by Joe Lemire from sportsillustrated.com to discuss the recent suspension of Cincinnati Reds pitcher, Edinson Volquez for performance enhancing drugs. For the best in sports coverage, check out www.kenbroo.com
  8. The Broo View Episode 2372010/04/27
    In this episode, Ken talks baseball with The Hit King, Pete Rose. Among the topics, what to do about Aaron Harang and Aroldis Chapman's 102 mph fastball. For the best in sports, check out www.kenbroo.com
  9. The Broo View Episode 2362010/04/20
    In this episode, Ken is joined by Hub Arkush, the editor and publisher of Pro Football Weekly. Hub offers his insight into the upcoming 2010 NFL Player Draft. More great interviews can be found at www.kenbroo.com
  10. The Broo View Episode 2352010/04/14
    In this episode, Ken talks NFL draft with wwww.draftinsiders.com guhru Frank Coyle. Who gets picked and where, the predictions are right here.
  11. The Broo View Episode 2342010/02/23
    In this episode, Ken is joined by Wes Bunting, from the nationalfootballpost.com. Ken and Wes discuss the upcoming NFL Combine.
  12. The Broo View Episode 2332010/02/09
    In this episode, Ken is joined by Ken Rosenthal, national baseball writer with foxsports.com and part of the Fox MLB game of the week crew. The discussion is whether or not the Reds can contend in 2010.
  13. The Broo View Episode 2322010/02/02
    In this episode, Ken talks with The Sporting News college football recruiting expert, Brian McLaughlin about national letter of intent signing day
  14. The Broo View Episode 2312010/01/26
    In this episode, Matt Bowen from nationalfootballpost.com joins Ken to talk about how far away the Bengals are from having a team that can play in a Super Bowl.
  15. The Broo View Episode 2302010/01/19
    In this episode, Ken is joined by Dan Wetzel, from yahoosports.com, and the topic is how the President of the United States can immediately bring a playoff system to Division I college football
The Broo View
Cincinnati's legendary sportscaster offers his unique views on the world of sports. With interviews, opinions and more.

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