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Beyond Cast

  1. Going All The Way pt. 1 - Finding the One2008/02/04
    Speaker: Jason Deuman
  2. everyday heroes pt. 2 -the least of thes2007/11/09
    Speaker Jason Deuman
  3. Everyday Heroes pt. 1 - Set the Example2007/11/05
    Speaker: Jason Deuman
    Text: 1 Timothy 4.12
  4. Masks pt.3 blessed are the uncool2007/10/26
    Speaker: jason deuman
    text: matt 5.1-12
  5. Masks pt.1 - Covering Our Shame2007/10/12
    Speaker Jason Deuman
    Genesis 3, Psalm 139
  6. share pt.3 - how2007/09/26
  7. Share pt.22007/09/17
    Text: Acts 1.8-9
  8. Share pt.12007/09/17
    Text: Matthew 28.18-20
  9. abide pt. 7 -- psalm 12007/08/21
    Speaker: jason deuman
    text: Psalm 1
  10. Abide pt. 6 - Psalm 462007/08/13
    Speaker: Jason Deuman
    Text: Psalm 46
  11. Abide pt. 5 - Colossians 3.1-152007/08/06
    Speaker: Jason Deuman
    Text: Colossians 3.1-15

    This week we look at Paul's instructions to clothe ourselves in Love and in the "clothes" that Christ provides. The question we need to ask ourselves is "What are you wearing?"
  12. Abide pt. 4 - Philippians 3.7-142007/07/30
    Abide pt. 4 - Philippians 3.7-14
    Speaker: Jason Deuman
  13. Abide pt. 3 -- Philippians 2.1-112007/07/23
    This week we look at Paul's encouragement to the Philippians to strive to be more like Christ, through humility, service and obedience. As we long to abide in the heart of Christ these a crucial elements to our faith.
  14. Abide - John 14.15-212007/07/09
    Speaker: Jason Deuman

    This summer we are going to be talking about abiding with Jesus, how to get close and stay close to the heart of Jesus.
  15. Fearless - Gideon2007/06/04
    This week we are looking at a story that shows how God can take a quivering guy and turn him into a might warrior.
  16. Worship2007/05/07
    Speaker: Chris Mear
    (the audio is a little messed up this week we apologize for that)
  17. Pressure Cooker2007/04/02

    This month we are looking at How to make wise decisions and endure the pressure that we face all the time.

    The Audio is a little weird on this one so please bear with us. Thank you.
  18. Family Matters2007/03/05
    This week we look at Family. We all have one, some are great, some are difficult. Whatever the situation, we can bring healing through Christ.
  19. Mission Possible2007/01/08

    this week we look at our mission as followers of Christ and some ingredients to help us fulfill the mission.
  20. Juke 19.1-27 -- party at Zachs House2006/11/20
  21. Luke 18.18-42 -- Inheritance2006/11/06
  22. Luke 18.1-17--persistence.humility.simplicity2006/10/30

    This week we talk about prayer and three characterstics that Jesus wants us to have in prayer.
  23. Luke 17.20-37--When Is The Wrong Question2006/10/23
    Speaker: Jason Deuman -- This week we talk about the Kingdom of God and the fact that it's already within us, and yet we are waiting for something more as well.
  24. Luke 17.1-19 -- Living With Gratitude2006/10/16
    Speaker: Chris Mears -- Chris shares about what it takes to truly be grateful.
  25. BeyondCast10.08.20062006/10/10
    This week we took a break from Luke and revisited our core values. This was a great week and we didn't record it. But we would love to hear from the people who listen to this podcast that we don't know. Email feedback to beyondcast@podomatic.com, or jason@beyondministries.com, or find our myspace, or hey give us a review on iTunes.

  26. Luke16CanGodTrustYou2006/10/02
  27. Luke 15 Lost and Found2006/09/25
    This week we look at some of the most well known parables that Jesus ever gave us.
  28. Luke 14 -- The Banquet - The Cost2006/09/18
    This week we talk about how the kingdom of God is a party, and how following Jesus will cost us everything.
  29. Luke_13.22-35--Narrow2006/09/11
    This week we talk about the narrow door, and our need to pray for lost people
  30. Luke_13.1-21--Jesuslovedafigtree2006/09/04

    this week Chris Mears shares about Jesus' teaching on Judgement, repentance, hyporisy.
  31. Luke 12.35-59 -- Ready2006/08/28
    This week we talk about Jesus and his command for his followers to be dilligent and ready.
  32. Luke 12.13-34 -- don't worry be happy2006/08/21
  33. Luke 12.1-12 -- Warnings And Encouragements2006/08/15
    This week Jesus encourages and challenges his disciples with what it takes to follow him. He's on mission headed to the cross and he's basically saying game times over.
  34. Luke 11.14-46 -- A Kingdom Divided?2006/07/31
    This week we look at Jesus casitng out demons, people accusing him of being a demon, telling his generation their wicked, and encouraging his followers to trust him with their whole lives and let their light shine, all in a days work.
Beyond Cast
These are the weekly Messages from >>beyond>> student ministries in Seattle, Washington. We meet on Sunday Nights at 7pm at 12345 8th AVE NE Seattle, WA 98125. Check us out online or in person

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