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Native American Culture, Stories & Music

  1. Story: Buffalo Lake2006/09/21
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  2. Music: Flute Love Medicine2006/09/20
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  3. Story: Fog, Thunder and Hap2006/09/19
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  4. Story: The Two Bears2006/09/18
    During this episode a bear comes falling out of the sky. Look-out! What can two men do with this dead bear after it has landed on a long razor sharp rock? A wealthy man at the Casa Grande up on the hill has never laughed in his life. How can these men and their dead bear make him laugh? Outrageous events unfold leading to.......come and listen.
  5. Story: Coyote Fooled by Lizard2006/09/17
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  6. Story: Mouse and Chickenhawk2006/09/16
    This pueblo episode shows how a tiny mouse comes of age. He faces off against a large chickenhawk whose been terrorizing the village. A plan? What happens?
  7. Story: Dawn At Lake Louise2006/09/15
    During this episode, a hunter is obsessed to be the greatest of them all. His greed boomerangs back in unexpected ways. Even the Thunderbirds are still laughing! Listen and find out why.
  8. Story: Crow Paints The Creatures2006/09/14
    In this episode, the two-leggeds are coming so the four-leggeds and winged ones are scurrying to prepare. Crow's job is to make them all look pretty. What transpires is a surprise fiasco.
  9. Story: The Creation Of Butterflies2006/09/13
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  10. Story: Coyote and Star Dancer2006/09/12
    This episode shows how the quest for romance is not all it's cracked up to be. Coyote takes a wild ride through the galaxy and ends up where?

    That place is sacred to the Wasco people and tribes in southern Oregon.
  11. Story: Chickadee and Coyote2006/09/11
    In this Chinook tale, playing tricks back-and-forth gets out of hand. Spider grandmother intervenes and helps who?

    The amusing conclusion has Coyote giving different colors as a gift.....for?
  12. Story: Coyote and Bullfish2006/09/10
    During this playful episode, Coyote underestimates the power of an odd little fish.

    Is Coyote the trickster, or the one being tricked? Dialoging animal voices bring this tale to life. What does Spearfish bird do to help find coyote?
  13. Story: Coyote and Bobcat Change Each Other2006/09/09
    This White Mountain Apache story will delight younger children. How do two rivals go about changing each other's shape? Who gets the best of the other? Listen and find out!
  14. Story: Coyote and Eagle Visit the Land of the Dead2006/09/08
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  15. Story: White Buffalo Calf Woman Returns2006/09/07
    In this episode, a sacred woman appears as a buffalo being? She instructs a scout to go back and tell the people to prepare for her arrival in four days. What does she bring the Lakota Nation? A prophecy emerged later, and what does it say about the sign's for global peace in our contemporary world? Listen as the spiritual symbols are interpreted and unfold.
  16. Story: San Juan deCaballeros2006/09/06
    This unusual episode documents the contrasting reality between the missionaries and Native-American people. It also illustrates the harmony exchanged from their different spiritual traditions.

    Most listeners will find the non-native beliefs at that time disturbing, and harsh. But, prepare to laugh unexpectedly at the end! This story comes from the San Juan Pueblo in New Mexico.
  17. Story: The Great Horned Owls Take Night Flight2006/09/05
    *Recommended for ages 15+.

    This episode reveals how well-intended discipline leads to the death of a young child. Indigenous superstition and shamanic overtones reveal the revenge that follows. Some believe that McCormack went back in time to the native village to record this tale. The dramatic realism captivates the listener. *Recommended for ages 15-on up.
  18. Story: Coyote and the Mouthless Man2006/09/04
    The episode opens.."This Wishram are known as the Smohalla or dream people". The story is about series of strange misadventures. How did indigenous language come to the different Native-American tribes. Listen to find out....with the help of Coyote.

  19. Story: The Artist and The Snakes2006/09/03
    This episode is filled with sound effects, as two artists find their home is invaded by snakes. All is well, in fact even incredible, because the way they handle the situation turns out to honor Native American traditions.

    In an entertaining way, this story teaches the value of tolerance and respect for nature.
  20. Episode 1: Interview + Story: Fishing InThe Winter2006/09/02
    A brief interview with Tom McCormack plus an extremely entertaining story. Known also as, "The Storyfeller," Tom is a performing artist who really does perform a story. In this one, we delve into the strange things that happen when two brothers and a dog go fishing in the winter.
  21. Story: Birdman2006/09/01
    Birdman illustrates the dynamics and power associated with being able to shape change from one creature to another.

    Shape shifting is significant theme in Native American culture.
Native American Culture, Stories & Music
Native Americans have a culture that expresses the Beauty-way, the land and the Creator (Great Spirit.)

These stories, songs and interviews allow you to experience the BlessingWay in a fashion that is totally personal and relevant.

The stories flow from Turtle Island, the place of creation. "Turtle Island" is a universal phrase used by all soverign nations to represent the land inhabited by indigeneous Native North Americans.
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