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Late Nite JengaJam

  1. 533 - Stay Woke My Friends2017/08/29
    Jonathan describes his time at GenCon, Jack shares his thoughts on the Defenders comics, and both get into some politics.
  2. 532 - Railroading Dany2017/08/01
    First part of the show covers life, houses, and kids! Second half of this show covers Game of Thrones episodes 1, 2, and 3.
  3. 531 - Hail Hydra Hooch2017/07/18
    The whole gang is back, mostly talking D&D and RTX, with Game of Thrones talk at the very end of the ep after Jack signs off!
  4. 530 - STUPID OBS PROBLEMS2017/06/27
    OBS decided to screw up, but that didnâ??t screw up the rest of the show! Jonathan and Lauren talk Super Nintendo Classic, Watchmen, Foundation series, and Dark Tower adaptations. Also a little thing called RTX, and the amazing Dungeons & Dragons & Drunks panel happening Friday, July 7th at the Hiltonâ??s Governorâ??s Ballroom at 4PM Central!
  5. 529 - Post Stream of Annihilation2017/06/07
    Jonathan chats up Lauren about her time on Wizards of the Coastâ??s Stream of Annihilation, promoting the big Tome of Annihilation adventure! Plus the totally awesome games she got to play in!
  6. 528 - Stream of Annihilation2017/05/30
    Lauren talks about her appearance on this weekends Stream of Annihilation from Wizards of the Coast! Jonathan talks about his trip to BoardgameGeek.Con Spring 2017, and both talk about the upcoming Wonder Woman movie!
  7. 527 - I Just Got A Vehicle Kill2017/05/16
    Jonathan and Lauren talk some Guardians of the Galaxy as PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds is played badly in the background!
  8. 526 - Lukewarm Opening2017/05/09
    Jack, Lauren, and Jonathan talk former FBI directors, former Guardians of the Galaxy, andâ?¦ SHOCKING OPINIONS ON DC MOVIES.
  9. 525 - Watermelon Banzai2017/04/25
    TravieYak returns to the show, talking his new Synthwave blog project, Watermelon Banzai! Also we talk quite a bit of Dungeons and Dragons!
  10. 524 - The Nugget2017/04/11
    Jack and Jonathan talk a bunch of Mass Effect Andromeda, some politics, and Dungeons & Dragons!
  11. 523 - Vegan Alternative Cream Cheese2017/04/04
    Lauren and Jonathan talk Easter plans, diet things, and we absolutely DONâ??T talk about shitty DC movies. NOPE!
  12. 522 - The Ending of Iron Fist Is Nothing2017/03/28
    Seriously. Oh, also Lauren, Jonathan, Jack, and special guest Luke McKay gab about Mass Effect Andromeda, Power Rangers, and a little bit of NFL news.
  13. 521 - Moving to 9PM Eastern2017/03/07
    The live show is moving! Now returning to the 9PM Eastern time slot, still on Tuesdays!
  14. 520 - Heroes of the Heart2017/02/21
    Jack, Lauren, Jonathan, and special guest Jason Ramm, give a special announcement! The Heroes of the Heart charity D&D game, benefitting the family of Jeffery White, father of D&D&Dâ??s own John Sedlack! Feb 26th, 2017 1PM Central http://twitch.tv/glibshark. The GoFundMe is at https://www.gofundme.com/daddydaughtersdance
  15. 519 - Also Get A Tent2017/02/14
    Lauren, Jack, and Jonathan talk Valentineâ??s Day stuff, Star Trek stuff, and political stuff!
  16. 518 - Roth IRA Mother Fucker2017/01/31
    John â??Quarlton Tanksâ?? Sedlack joins Jack, Lauren, and Jonathan to talk PAX South, Dungeons and Dragons, and protest marching!
  17. 517 - Thanks To Us For Being Awesome2017/01/17
    Jack takes a break to get well, while Jonathan and Lauren talk cutscenes and renegades!
  18. 516 - The World Is Indeed A Strange Smutty Place2017/01/10
    In an extra looong *wink* This Week in Geek, Lauren talks PornHub stats, Jonathan sings Hamilton parody tweets, and Jack is a good beagle daddy.
  19. 515 - Angela Lansbury Just Fails Miserably2017/01/03
    Jonathan empties his Anger Bag, while Jack and Lauren look on in awe!
  20. 514 - I Think I Do Not Like Walnuts2016/12/27
    Jonathan and Lauren remember the some of the more recent losses of 2016, and reminisce of some of the better times, like Star Wars: Rogue One!
  21. 513 - Stay Kosher My Friends2016/12/20
    The gangâ??s all here, as Jack, Lauren, and Jonathan talk holiday plans, a little Rogue One, and get weirdly fascinated w/ all things kosher!
  22. 512 - Westworld Season 1 - Spoilers2016/12/06
    Lauren and Jonathan talk up the first season of the amazing show Westworld! Spoilers abound!
  23. 511 - En Media Res Or Whatever2016/11/29
    Jack and Jonathan celebrate 10 years of Late Nite JengaJam and Glib Shark.
  24. 510 - Just Pedantic2016/11/22
    Jonathan, Jack, and Lauren talk about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, more Dr. Strange, and BGG.con! Also Jonathan plays Destiny! Plus Westworld Episodes 7 and 8 spoilers near the end of the show!
  25. 509 - Darkest Timeline2016/11/08
    The gang does its best to survive the night.
  26. 508 - Pinch Hitting For Donald Glover2016/10/25
    Jonathan, Jack, and Lauren talk about the passing of an internet hate monger, the casting of young Lando Calrissian, alcohol in general, and we finish off with a spoilery discussion of the first three episodes of the new show Westworld.
  27. 507 - Because Margaritas2016/10/18
    Jack has moved and talks Seahawks, Lauren talks storms and Westworld, and Jonathan is apparently off raiding.
  28. 506 - Early Onset Taco2016/10/11
    Jack, Lauren, and Jonathan get back together to celebrate Luke Perryâ??s 50th birthday! Also we talk about other stuff. But mostly how Dylan McKay is 50!!!
  29. 505 - Surprise Stargate Titties2016/10/04
    Jack, Lauren, and Jonathan are back! Talking about Luke Cage, the rise of the comic geek, and Star Trek vs Stargate!
  30. 504 - Rats of the Flying and Land Variety2016/09/13
    Lauren, Jack, and Jonathan talk Game of Thrones, Emmys, and a lot of Pokemon Go! Plus Dallas adventures!
  31. 503 - D&D&D Episode 37 Fruit, Clothing and Animals2016/09/11
    Remember to subscribe to our separate podcast feed, just search for "Dungeons & Dragons & Drunks". Adventures in Waterdeep! Exotic fruits! Winter clothing! And Quarlton has a big surprise for Burnie!
  32. 502 - This Week in PAX2016/09/06
    Jack, Lauren, and Jonathan talk PAX, Dungeons & Dragons & Drunks, fantasy football, and a few new Rooster Teeth shows!
  33. 501 - D&D&D Episode 36 Chapter 1 Recap2016/09/05
    The events of Chapter 1 (the first 35 episodes) as told by Quarlton, Burnie, Jonathan, and Travancore. Listen to their stories, catch up on missed details, learn a bit more about the Heralds of Greenest, and prepare for Chapter 2!
  34. 500 - Stay Chiaroscuro My Friends2016/08/30
    Linnea and Luke join Jack, Lauren, and Jonathan for an hour of memories over the last 500 episodes!
  35. 499 - On Tumblr In GIF Form2016/08/23
    Jonathan and Lauren talk some upcoming geeky TV, with varying degrees of interest! Also talk of seeing Kubo and the Two Strings, video games, and ICE CREAM.
  36. 498 - Watch What Makes You Happy2016/08/16
    Jonathan, Jack, and Lauren talk Germany, Olympics, booze, and ends w/ Day 5 spoiler review.
  37. 497 - D&D&D Episode 35 Mixed Feelings2016/08/14
    The way station is looted for tea, lemons, weapons, and gear. An existential crisis is had over cute little animals. Then Thontorvrak shows up.
  38. 496 - Unabashedly American2016/08/11
    Itâ??s the Olympics, and Lauren along with Jonathan have a lot to say about the first weekend of the Games! Plus discussions about Stranger Things, Day 5, and Suicide Squad!
  39. 495 - Small Gag Gift2016/08/10
    Jack and Lauren talk baby showers, science, and Dungeons and Dragons sans Jonathan.
  40. 494 - You Are NOT Getting On That Podium2016/08/09
    Jack, Lauren, and Jonathan try to avoid talking politics but fail. Also lots of talk about SDCC and more about Ghostbusters. Jack and Jonathan talk Star Trek Beyond spoilers starting at 43:52!
  41. 493 - D&D&D Episode 34 Fort Kick Ass2016/08/07
    The final showdown with Frulam and...a rug? Can our intrepid band of adventurers, the Heralds of Greenest, finally put an end to the Dragon Cult and retrieve the Beloved?
  42. 492 - D&D&D Episode 33 Rated R Spiritual Weapon2016/07/31
    Quarlton fights several doors in between fighting lots of cultists with the rest of the party. But can they find Frulam before she escapes?!
  43. 491 - D&D&D Episode 32 Bathroom Foley2016/07/24
    Everyone is level 5 so NAP TIME! Plus house exploration, bathroom antics, and pajamas.
  44. 490 - My Face Does a Lot of Things2016/07/19
    Jack, Lauren, and Jonathan talk Ghostbusters, Stranger Things, Star Trek Beyond, potential Vegas trips, and Day 5. Yes, THAT scene in THAT Day 5 ep.
  45. 488 - D&D&D Episode 31 RTX Live Game2016/07/17
    Our live game played before a huge RTX 2016 audience! The party expects to teleport to somewhere near Waterdeep, but a mysterious, powerful being has other plans.
  46. 489 - Post RTX Bash2016/07/12
    Jack, Lauren, and Jonathan recap the RTX 2016 that was!
  47. 487 - D&D&D Episode 30 Critical Slap2016/07/10
    It's right into the action as the Heralds of Greenest engage the leader of the Dragon Cult in an attempt to find the stolen Beloved.
  48. 486 - D&D&D RTX Blooper Reel2016/07/04
    The full blooper reel from the first 30 episodes of D&D&D, as played originally at RTX 2016. Enjoy!
  49. 485 - D&D&D Episode 29 Do Horses Eat Bacon2016/06/26
    The Heralds of Greenest gather up Soaria, Taris, and a selection of towns guard to head north. They aim to recover The Beloved and end the threat of dragon attacks on the town for good. But first, breakfast!
  50. 484 - Stay Sharky Mis Amigos2016/06/23
    Jonathan has audio issues, Jack has grit, and Lauren has a panel. Speaking of which, donâ??t forget, Friday July 1st. Hilton Room 406 at 3:30PM, Glib Shark live and in-person! Then Saturday, July 2nd Rm 18 at the Austin Convention Center, Dungeons & Dragons & Drunks! See yâ??all there!
  51. 483 - D&D&D Episode 28 Microwave Chicken2016/06/19
    With the cultist army driven away the party heads back to fill in the Governor. Then a request to chat comes from a surprising source.
  52. 482 - Put Good Into The World2016/06/14
    Jack, Lauren, and Jonathan speak their minds about current events. Then talk Game of Thrones episode 8 of season 6! Spoilers for Game of Thrones season 6 episode 8 start at 22:25!
  53. 481 - D&D&D Episode 27 All The Adjectives2016/06/12
    How many people can the party save? Who is in charge of the cultists? And can they be killed?
  54. 480 - We Were Very Very Very Hype2016/06/07
    Lauren and Jonathan talk the Dungeons & Dragons & Drunks journal contest on Roosterteeth.com, Puerto Rican adventures, and LOTS of Game of Thrones. Spoilers for episodes 6 and 7 start at 36:15 and go all the way to the end of the show!
  55. 479 - D&D&D Episode 26 Avengers Style2016/06/05
    A mad dash to the Running King, some frantic fighting, and a dramatic encounter with a dragon!
  56. 478 - D&D&D Episode 25 Pants2016/05/29
    The Governor of Greenest enlists the party to help clear a secret passage into the Keep so desperate townsfolk can get to safety.
  57. 477 - Head Fuzz2016/05/24
    Jonathan and Lauren talk about Disney + Netflix, Overwatch, and how Jonathan doesnâ??t have any hair anymore! Game of Thrones Episode 5 â??The Doorâ?? spoilers start at 35:45!
  58. 476 - D&D&D Episode 24 Extra Special Dead2016/05/22
    Greenest is under attack, and the party is determined to get to the Keep to help stop the slaughter!
  59. 475 - Kind of Sad But Kind of Awesome But Kind of Sad2016/05/17
    Lauren eulogizes Jane Little, Jack talks Netflix sitcoms, and Jonathan plays Hearthstone and has another VR report. Game of Throne Spoilers for Ep 4 Book of the Stranger start at 27:43!
  60. 474 - D&D&D Drinks With The DM Volume 12016/05/15
    Dungeon Master Lauren (OboeCrazy) makes a fun announcement, answers some questions, and plays some bloopers and clips left on the cutting room floor of previous episodes!
  61. 473 - That's My English Horn!2016/05/11
    Lauren revels in her music being in RvB 14! Jonathan revels in Game of Thrones and Jack gives us the Civil War breakdown! Captain America: Civil War Spoilers start at 31:29 and Game of Thrones Episode 3 Spoilers start at 48:05!
  62. 472 - D&D&D Episode 23 Journey Into Poo Town2016/05/08
    Having cleared the Purbeck Mine the party digs through the treasure they've acquired. Travancore and Shadow find the exit and attempt a treacherous climb.
  63. 471 - Glib Shark Goes Virtual2016/05/03
    Jonathan and Lauren talk scuba, lots of VR stuff, and in the last 15 minutes Game of Thrones! Weâ??re also happy to announce that both the Glib Shark and Dungeons and Dragons and Drunks panels have both been approved! See yâ??all at RTX 2016!!!
  64. 470 - D&D&D Episode 22 Poo Crickets2016/05/02
    After bats, crickets, and sneaking through poo, the party finally arrives at the heart of the Purbeck Mine.
  65. 469 - D&D&D Episode 21 Chocolate For Inspiration2016/04/25
    More fights, more power, and more chocolate as the party continues through the Purbeck Mine!
  66. 468 - D&D&D Episode 20 Skull Cracker2016/04/17
    A horde of undead dwarves, a devious trap, and more as the party continues through the Purbeck Mine!
  67. 467 - Martha Secret Club2016/04/13
    Trocadero guitarist/vocalist and all-around badass Martha Marin stops by to chat with her adoring fans Jonathan and Jack!
  68. 466 - D&D&D Episode 19 Happy Fun Slide2016/04/11
    So far the Purbeck Mine is filled with undead dwarves, pits of lime, and happy fun slides!
  69. 465 - V for Villanova2016/04/05
    John Sedlack AKA That Film Guy AKA Qarlton Tanks joins Jonathan, Lauren and Jack to talk books, video games, and Villanovaâ??s stunning NCAA Menâ??s Basketball Championship victory
  70. 464 - D&D&D Episode 18 Thunder Eggs2016/04/04
    The party informs the Governor of what they have discovered, makes a new friend, and then heads out on another adventure.
  71. 463 - Jewish Girl Tag Team2016/04/02
    Niriall stops by to chat with Jonathan and Lauren. We have fun, we talk Batman/Superman, Supergirl/Flash, The Division. Also Jonathan has a bad cough.
  72. 462 - D&D&D Episode 17 Flanking Conga Line2016/03/28
    After interrogating Brad, the party heads north to finally see the Cultist army for themselves.
  73. 461 - Eat BBQ Drink Beer2016/03/27
    Jack tells of mass and idyllic birthdays. Oboe talks playing for Easter masses, and Jonathan doesnâ??t really talk. Also House of Cards season 4 spoiler talk at 40:01!
  74. 460 - The Division Bell2016/03/27
    Jack tells of mass and idyllic birthdays. Oboe talks playing for Easter masses, and Jonathan doesnâ??t really talk. Also House of Cards season 4 spoiler talk at 40:55!
  75. 459 - D&D&D Episode 16 Bought The Farm2016/03/20
    After checking in at the cleared out farmstead from weeks ago, the party heads north towards the Dragon Cult army only to have another blast from the past.
  76. 458 - D&D&D Episode 15 Shopping Trip2016/03/14
    A shopping montage filled with music, hot blacksmiths, and some suspicious potions.
  77. 457 - D&D&D Episode 14 Miracle Jug2016/03/07
    The party does a complete search of the former temple to Mammon, then heads back to Greenest to hear stories of the Fort, the Mine, and more.
  78. 456 - Go Vote2016/03/01
    Lauren talks up her day at Wizards of the Coast, and the rest of the gang talks about Oscar wins and snubs! Most importantly, go vote. Seriously! Itâ??s too late for today, but keep tomorrow in mind!
  79. 455 - D&D&D Episode 13 Saved By Math2016/02/29
    Can the party defeat the leader of the cult of Mammon, rescue the slaves, and take over the fort?!
  80. 454 - Boob Windows2016/02/24
    Lauren talks spoiler etiquette, Jonathan talks The Divisionâ??s Open Beta, and Jack reviews Deadpool!
  81. 453 - D&D&D Episode 12 Temple of Mammon2016/02/21
    The party begins their assault on the Temple of Mammon!
  82. 452 - You Got Mass Effect in my Destiny2016/02/16
    Jack returns and talks Mass Effect, mobile games, and Deadpool w/ Jonathan and Oboe. BONUS DEADPOOL SPOILERCAST AT THE END OF THE SHOW! Starting at around the 58 minute mark. Donâ??t worry, thereâ??s PLENTY of warning.
  83. 451 - D&D&D Episode 11 Bear Issues2016/02/15
    There's a wing to deliver, a cult to investigate, and a bear for Travencore to love.
  84. 450 - Optik Is An Omeganaut For Life2016/02/09
    Jonathan and Lauren are without an ill Jack, but fear not! We talk PAX, our new friend Optik and his Omegathon journey, Deadpool, and Lazer Team!
  85. 447 - Last Ep Was Suppose to be Named Meat Cleanse2016/01/20
    Jonathan plays Minutemen missions in Fallout 4, while Lauren explains the benefits of dracocide.
  86. 446 - Why Not Duce2016/01/19
    The gang talks about Twitter and Jack explains why Duce Staley would make a great Eagles coach!
  87. 445 - Pho-get About It2016/01/18
    Jack talks The Chipless Eagles, Lauren talks Christmas Asian Cuisine, and the gang gives out their awards for the year!
  88. 442- D&D&D Episode 9 Horses2016/01/17
    Dorvine needs to pay the party for their hunt, but first they have to get to her!
  89. 441 - D&D&D Episode 8 Flumph Bro2016/01/04
    It's a mad dash to secure the meat, then get back to rescue the mysterious voice calling for help!
  90. 442 - Star Wars SpoilerCast2015/12/29
    Lauren, Jonathan, and special guests Amanda and Jonesy, spoil the hell out of the new awesome Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  91. 443 - F_ck Episode 12015/12/29
    Jack joins Lauren, Jonathan, and special guests Amanda and Jonesy to have a spoiler free talk about and around Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  92. 440 - D&D&D Episode 7 Embarrassment Damage2015/12/21
    Dorvine asks the party to help replenish the fresh meat supplies at the Running King. So after chatting with the cleric of Chauntea it's time to go boar hunting!
  93. 439 - Dungeons Dragons and Drunks take Glib Shark2015/12/15
    Juls, John, and Jonathan talk about whatever, and nothing changes when Lauren joins us!
  94. 438 - Mark Methenitis2015/12/08
    Mark stops by to talk about his new childrenâ??s book, the Elf Bucket! Also thereâ??s LOTS of Destiny and football talk with Jonathan and Jack.
  95. 437 - D&D&D Episode 6 Waylon's Wagons2015/12/07
    Waylon's Wagons of Wonder offer a little distraction before the party heads to inform the town of the danger incoming.
  96. 436 - Glib Shark SpoilerCast - Jessica Jones2015/12/01
    WARNING - JESSICA JONES SPOILERS. DUH. *ahem* Anyway. Juls, Jonathan, and Jack talk up the new Marvel Netflix series!
  97. 435 - The Miss Marple Spoilercast2015/12/01
    Old British ladies solving mysteries, celebrity dick talk, the planning of a group trip to Marfa, TX! All this and more w/ Jack, Jonathan, and Juls!
  98. 434 - Niriall And The Marvel Action Hour2015/11/24
    Niriall joins Jack, Lauren, and a Hearthstoning Jonathan as we talk about Jessica Jones, Hearthstone, BoardGameGeek.Con board games in general adventure video games, and Dungeons and Dragons. And Drunks. AND CATHOLISISM
  99. 433 - Ooey Gooey Drive Thruey2015/11/17
    A Lauren-less Jack and Jonathan talk up Destiny achievements, the upcoming BoardGameGeek.con convention, and guess the age celebrities for some reason.
  100. 432 -D&D&D Episode 5 HAIL TIAMAT!2015/11/16
    Burnie pretends to try and convert whoever is in the farmhouse to Tiamat. It doesn't go well. HAIL TIAMAT!
  101. 431 -D&D&D Episode 4 That's Not A Dog2015/11/02
    The party head to the suspected kobald overrun farmhouse. The guard dog isn't a dog.
  102. 430 - No Friends in the Warzone2015/10/27
    Jonathan plays Halo 5 badly, Lauren attempts to coach said bad Halo player, and Jack brings the class!
  103. 429 - Shoe Talk2015/10/20
    Jack, Lauren, and Jonathan go old school in this pre-recorded episode! Also very little actual talk of shoes!
  104. 428 - D&D&D Episode 3 Bird Fight2015/10/19
    As the Bird Bard begins to perform the party must keep her safe. Cue the fight music!
  105. 427 - It Just Matters How It Works2015/10/13
    Jonathan, Jack, and Lauren gab on about movies, more TV, and the dangers of Presidency!
  106. 426 - Pokemon Battle With Gary Oak2015/10/06
    Lauren, Jonathan, and Jack talk a little sports, some Muppets, and other TV related topics. Also BOOMER SOONER!
  107. 425 - D&D&D Episode 22015/10/05
    The party meets a bird bard looking for help, then samples half the food establishments in town.
  108. 425 - 2 Weddings and a Raid2015/09/29
    OboeCrazy stops by for a moment, Jonathan attempts to kill Oryx, and Jack is holding down the proverbial fort!
  109. 424 - D&D&D Episode 12015/09/21
    Lauren "OboeCrazy" Urban leads Juls, John, Jack, and Jonathan through a brand new D&D adventure as the adventures of Dungeons & Dragons & Drunks starts anew!
  110. 423 - Twitch Plays Crockpot2015/09/15
    Jonathan streams Destiny, Lauren wonders how she got so lucky in love, and Jack deep dives some knowledge of sitcoms past.
  111. 422 - Sportsjaculation2015/09/08
  112. 421- Luke McKay in America2015/09/01
  113. 420 - Pumpkin Shame Lattes2015/08/25
  114. 419 - Fallout Falling Out2015/08/18
  115. 418 - POST RTX WIPE2015/08/11
  116. 417 - Girly Drinks and RTX2015/08/04
  117. 416 - Middling Earth2015/07/28
  118. 415 - Too Many Warriors To Come Out To Play2015/07/21
  119. 414 - Hole in my Head2015/07/13
  120. 413 - Birds with Arms2015/06/30
  121. 412 - You Have a Ship On Your Head2015/06/23
  122. 411 - Prepare for Random Geeking2015/06/16
  123. 410 - You're Welcome2015/06/09
  124. 409 - Bill Cosby as an Angry Bird2015/05/12
  125. 408 - Glibshark Reviews Age of Ultron WITHOUT SPOILERS2015/05/05
  126. 407 - Boomers Gonna Hate2015/04/28
  127. 406 - The Quick and Brief History of Shartmander2015/04/21
  129. 404 - Edward Snowden Not Found2015/04/07
  130. 403 - I LOVE TALKING VAGUELY2015/03/31
  131. 402 - I Ruined Beverly Cleary for Everyone2015/03/24
  132. 401 - Grasping at Homoerotic Straws2015/03/17
  133. 400 - The Episode 400 Show2015/03/10
  134. 399 - PAX East Preview2015/03/03
  135. 398 - Say Goodbye to Parks and Rec2015/02/24
  136. 397 - Grady Bailey and RT Sidequest for Childs Play2015/02/17
  137. 396 - Talumar Talks League2015/02/10
  138. 395 - For Monty2015/02/03
  139. 394 - Post PAX South After Action Report2015/01/27
  140. 393 - PAX South Preview2015/01/20
  141. 392 - Joseph Dunlap Returns2015/01/13
  142. 391 - Saluting Stuart Scott2015/01/06
  143. 390 - Word Vodka2014/12/30
Glib Shark
Jack "Jengaship" Edathil, Lauren "Oboecrazy" Urban and Jonathan "Roadblock" Serna are friends from the Rooster Teeth community and decade long podcast vets. Dive in as we talk about all the geek that's fit to pod. And stay sharky, my friends!

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