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Golf. Golf Club. Period.

  1. EPISODE7 - Constant Improvement (CANI)2006/08/15
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  2. EPISODE6 - Clubhouse, Ops, Financials2006/08/07
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  3. EPISODE5 - Juniors, Games, Historian2006/08/02
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  4. EPISODE4 - Golf Course, Pro, Caddies2006/08/01
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  5. EPISODE3 - What is The Golf Experience?2006/07/18
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  6. EPISODE2 - Vision, Tenets, "Period".2006/07/07
    We'll discuss a VISION for Golf. Golf Club. Period.; some of the TENETS of the concept; and exactly what is meant by the "Period", or Golf-focus, or Golf-only.
  7. EPISODE1 - Golf.Golf Club.Period. Intro2006/06/19
    In this first episode, we will introduce the Talkcast and provide an overview of what to expect in future episodes. We answer:
    - What is this about?
    - Why should we bother?
Golf. Golf Club. Period.
"Golf. Golf Club. Period." is a podcast that delves into what a golf club should be and how to capture the essence of golf. A move back to golf and its true purpose. On the surface...a great game and good fun. But on another level, golf is about fellowship and camaraderie, and the furtherance of the game throughout the world without prejudice or regard to status.
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