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New Orleans Saints Review

  1. Interview with Saints Fullback Heath Evans2010/04/01
  2. Interview with Saints Great Willie Roaf2009/12/14
    Legendary tackle Willie Roaf discusses his career in the NFL, his future plans and his thoughts on the 2009 Saints.
  3. Saints vs. Redskins Preview with Brian Mitchell2009/12/04
    Info (Show/Hide)
  4. EPISODE79 - The Last Podcast2009/08/19
    It's the last podcast, but the blog is just getting started! Visit me at www.nosreview.com
  5. EPISODE78 - The Lonely Playoffs2009/01/20
  6. EPISODE77 - Looking back at the Panthers2008/12/30
  7. EPISODE76 - Looking back at the Lions and ahead to the Panthers2008/12/23
  8. EPISODE75 - Looking back at the Bears and ahead to the Lions2008/12/16
  9. EPISODE74 - Looking back at the Falcons and ahead to the Bears2008/12/09
  10. EPISODE73 - Looking Back at the Bucs and Ahead to the Falcons2008/12/02
  11. EPISODE72 - Looking back at the Packers and ahead to the Bucs2008/11/25
  12. EPISODE71 - Looking back at the Chiefs and ahead to the Packers.2008/11/18
  13. EPISODE70 - Looking Back at the Falcons and Ahead to the Chiefs2008/11/11
  14. EPISODE69 - Looking Ahead to the Falcons2008/11/03
  15. EPISODE68 - Looking back at the Chargers and ahead to the Bye2008/10/28
    We'll review how things went in Merry Old England!
  16. EPISODE67 - Looking back at the Panthers and ahead to the Chargers2008/10/21
  17. EPISODE66 - Looking back at the Raiders and ahead to the Panthers2008/10/14
  18. EPISODE65 - Looking Back at the Vikings and Ahead to the Raiders2008/10/07
  19. EPISODE64 - Looking back at the 49ers and ahead to the Vikings2008/09/30
  20. EPISODE63 - Looking Back at the Broncos and Ahead to the 49ers2008/09/23
  21. EPISODE62 - Looking back at the Skins and ahead to the Broncos2008/09/16
  22. EPISODE61 - Looking back at the Bucs & ahead to the Skins2008/09/09
  23. EPISODE60 - 2008 Season Preview2008/09/03
    We'll discuss what the Saints need to do in order to have a Super Bowl season!
  24. EPISODE59 - Will The Preseason Ever End?2008/08/26
  25. EPISODE58 - Are We There Yet?2008/08/19
    When do the real games begin???
  26. EPISODE57 - Early Indications2008/08/12
    How is the team looking after their first preseason game?
  27. EPISODE56 - Getting Ready for the Preseason2008/08/05
    Arizona Cardinals - watch out! The Saints will be marching in to the desert.
  28. EPISODE55 - Training Camp2008/07/23
    We'll discuss the biggest stories heading into this year's camp.
  29. EPISODE54 - More Offseason News2008/06/22
    Will Smith gets paid plus more news and notes from 'Nawlins.
  30. EPISODE53 - The Draft2008/04/28
    Who'd we get?
  31. EPISODE52 - Catching Up2008/04/20
    What have the Saints been up to?
  32. EPISODE51 - The Saints Offseason with a Special Guest2008/03/06
    Special guest Larry Holder of the Biloxi Sun Herald joins me to discuss the Saints offseason and the upcoming draft.
  33. EPISODE50 - A Busy Start2008/03/02
    The Saints are making waves so far this offseason!
  34. EPISODE49 - Saints Hangover2008/02/10
    It's been awhile since I've done a show!
  35. EPISODE48 - Looking Back at the Bears and Ahead to the Offseason2007/12/31
    A sad year. Let's hope for a better 2008!
  36. EPISODE47 - Looking Back at the Eagles and Ahead to da Bears2007/12/24
    Let's hope for a big game against Philly.
  37. EPISODE46 - Looking back at the Cardinals and ahead to the Eagles2007/12/17
    Let's keep those playoff hopes alive!
  38. EPISODE45 - Looking back at the Falcons and ahead to the Cardinals2007/12/11
    It's a must-win, no other way to say it.
  39. EPISODE 44 - Looking back at the Bucs and ahead to the Falcons2007/12/03
    The first place Bucs are coming to town and the Saints need to step up!
  40. EPISODE43 - Looking back at the Panthers and ahead to the Bucs2007/11/26
    Let's get back in this thing!
  41. EPISODE42 - Looking Back at the Texans and ahead to the Panthers2007/11/19
    Let's get back to .500 against the Texans!
  42. EPISODE41 - Looking back at the Rams and ahead to the Texans2007/11/12
    Let's go for 5 in a row!
  43. EPISODE40 - Looking Back at the Jags and Ahead to the Rams2007/11/05
    We're back in the race!
  44. EPISODE39 - Looking Back at the 49ers and Ahead to the Jags2007/10/29
    We want 3 in a row!
  45. EPISODE38 - Looking back at the Falcons and Ahead to the 49ers2007/10/22
    Let's go for 2 in a row against those dirty birds!
  46. EPISODE37 - Looking back at the Seahawks and ahead to the Falcons2007/10/15
    It's getting ugly around here...
  47. EPISODE36 - Looking back at the Panthers and ahead to the Seahawks2007/10/08
    We need a win in the worst way!
  48. EPISODE35 - Looking Ahead to the Panthers2007/10/01
    Will the bye week help cure what ails the Saints? Let's hope so!
  49. EPISODE34 - Looking back at the Titans and ahead to the Bye2007/09/25
    We need a win!
  50. EPISODE33 - Looking Back at the Bucs and Ahead to the Titans2007/09/17
    We'll look back at the Saints effort against Tampa and ahead to their home opener on Monday night against the Titans.
  51. EPISODE32 - Looking back at the Colts and ahead to the Bucs2007/09/10
    We'll break down opening night against Indy and preview next week's matchup against Tampa Bay.
  52. EPISODE31 - Season Preview2007/09/03
    I'll take a look at how the Saints will do this season and give you my "solid gold" picks for the entire league!
  53. EPISODE30 - Taking on the Chiefs2007/08/27
    Is this pre-season ever gonna end???
  54. EPISODE29 - Who Dat vs. Who Dey2007/08/20
    The Saints take on the Bengals...watch out, that Bengal has a gun!
  55. EPISODE28 - Pre-Season Game II - The Bills2007/08/13
    We'll discuss the Saints in their quest to rebound from a disappointing first game loss.
  56. EPISODE27 - Breaking Down the First Pre-Season Game2007/08/06
    How did the Saints do in their first pre-season matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers?
  57. EPISODE26 - Training Camp Special2007/07/22
    As training camp gets set to begin, let's talk some Saints!
  58. EPISODE25 - An ESPY and an Official Website2007/07/16
    The Saints and the city of New Orleans get their well-deserved ESPY and our show gets an official website!
  59. EPISODE24 - Meeting Marques, Goodbye to Old Friends2007/06/26
    Find out what #12 Marques Colston is like in person and say goodbye to great Saints Michael Lewis & Willie Whitehead.
  60. EPISODE23 - Reviewing the Draft2007/06/08
    Taking a look back at the 2007 NFL Draft from a Saints perspective.
  61. EPISODE22 - Offseason Moves and Preparing for the Draft2007/04/26
  62. EPISODE21 - Free Agents2007/03/24
  63. EPISODE20 - We'll Miss You Joe/Free Agent Breakdown2007/03/03
  64. EPISODE19 - Freak Injuries and The Future2007/02/17
  65. EPISODE18 - Talkin' Super Bowl2007/02/05
  66. EPISODE17 - Looking ahead to the offseason and previewing the Super Bowl2007/01/29
  67. EPISODE16 - A great season.2007/01/22
  68. EPISODE15 - Previewing the NFC Championship game vs. the Chicago Bears2007/01/19
  69. EPISODE14 - Looking back at the Eagles and ahead to the NFC Championship!2007/01/15
  70. EPISODE13 - Special Bonus Episode on the Eve of the EAGLES Game!2007/01/12
  71. EPISODE12 - Breaking down the first playoff game2007/01/08
  72. EPISODE11 - Looking back at the Panthers and ahead to the PLAYOFFS!2007/01/01
  73. EPISODE10 - Looking back at the Giants and ahead to the Panthers2006/12/25
  74. EPISODE9 - Looking back on the Redskins and ahead to the G-Men2006/12/18
  75. EPISODE8 - Looking back on the Cowboys and ahead to the Skins2006/12/11
  76. EPISODE7 - Looking back at the 49ers and ahead to them Cowboys!2006/12/04
  77. EPISODE6 - Looking back on the Falcons and ahead to the Niners2006/11/27
  78. EPISODE5 - New Orleans Saints Review2006/11/20
    Discuss the Saints vs. Bengals and look ahead to Saints vs. Falcons.
  79. EPISODE4 - New Orleans Saints Review2006/11/14
    Discuss how the Saints did against the Steelers and look ahead to the Bengals.
  80. EPISODE2 - New Orleans Saints Review2006/11/09
    This one was a mistake, listen to episode 3 instead :)
  81. EPISODE3 - New Orleans Saints Review2006/11/09
    Chat about the Saints vs. Steelers
New Orleans Saints Review
Every Tuesday during the season we analyze last week's Saints game and preview the next week. We also keep you updated on the latest moves all offseason long.
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