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Mac vs. Windows

  1. Tell us Why Vista will be good2006/11/02
    I have yet to hear a reason why Vista will be good, so come on Vista users come tell us why it is better than MAC OSX
  2. EPISODE7 - Mac vs. Windows2006/10/11
    Latest Nes and bring your mac tips
  3. EPISODE6 - Mac vs. Windows2006/09/27
    Talked about Microsofts Zune player compared to the iPod. Shared cool apps people have found for the Mac. Wallet - http://www.waterfallsw.com/wallet/, Neo Office - http://www.neooffice.org/ , The Gimp - http://www.gimp.org/ , Todos - http://www.dbachrach.com/opensoft/index.php?page=Todos
  4. Vista review2006/09/13
    Talk about vista and how it compares to OSX
  5. EPISODE4 - Mac vs. Windows2006/08/15
    I got a new MacBook Pro, WWDC 06, New product rumors and funny ads
  6. EPISODE3 - Micrsoft's iPod killer2006/07/25
    Talk About micorsoft's latest attempt on creating an iPod killer.
  7. EPISODE2 - Mac vs. Windows2006/06/15
    Talk about the new intel mac and switch ads.
  8. EPISODE1 - Intel Macs 2006/05/24
    Will the intel Macs make a dent into the windows market share
Mac vs. Windows
Come debate which is better Mac or Windows
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