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Fun & Strategy For Hosts

  1. EPISODE7 - Information & Strategy For Hosts2007/10/15
  2. Excerpt from LaSal's Show re: Monster On Top of the Bed2007/10/14
    This is edited material, designed to share with Manuela Pentangelo, the illustrator for The Monster on Top of the Bed
  3. Win-win arrangements for hosts2007/10/11
    I have several shows, am planning some unique promotional strategies, and wish to discuss these with other hosts to explore win-win opportunities. Please join me.
  4. SEO 201: Google Ad Words - Split Testing & Word Selection2006/10/19
    This is an actual excerpt from a consulting session with a client, Jon Budd, http://www.JonSells.com. In this session, we discuss how to select Google Ad Words, and how to avoid paying too much for them. I hope you find it interesting and profitable.
  5. Attaching a top-level URL to your site 2006/10/07
    Is it a pain to tell someone the very long URL that talkshoe assigns (e.g. http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=2768)

    Don't! Instead attach a top level URL like http://www.AllinAwe.com.

    Learn the advantages, and learn how to do it cost effectively.

    Also, learn a couple of tips about Search Engine Optimization.
  6. EPISODE2 - Narrowcasting For Training, Sales, Cust. Service & Security2006/09/30
    Info (Show/Hide)
  7. EPISODE1 - Audio Volume Tweaking for Hosts2006/09/24
    How to adjust audio tweaking.
    It will be helpful to also watch this Flash Video.

Fun & Strategy For Hosts
A variety of social and technical discussions that will of particular interest to hosts, and visitors who have Information Technology expertise.
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