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  1. show 152006/10/09
    more back cataloge
  2. Show 122006/10/09
    Just like we said... another show to add to the catalogue
  3. thw show biz show2006/09/03

    We dive into the seedy world of entertainment. Features diggers with attitude.
  4. The baby shower show2006/08/31

    This is the complete recording of the critically acclaimed baby shower show that aired only a few weeks ago.... enjoy
  5. Intro to the pickle fest show2006/08/10

    features the pirate intro.... very funny
  6. Why do we say that?2006/08/10

    Tyson talks about old sayings and their meanings
  7. Antiques Road show in dubbo2006/08/09

    tysons uncle was excited when the road show come to his town
  8. weird laws2006/08/09

    Nick talks about the weird laws we still have and we call a taxi compnay to find out if the rules still apply to them.
  9. Soccer hooligans II2006/08/09

    We return to hear another pro from the bbc "reject" pile
  10. Joni auditions for Australian Idol2006/08/09

    The Shakedowns Joni Coffey Auditions for Australian Idol
  11. The happy familys guide2006/08/09

    joni calls to get a copy of the said publication
  12. Geeves Domestic Services2006/08/09

    The boys come up with a new business venture
  13. Tom Cruise2006/08/09

    Tom has a new baby!
  14. Rolf Harris Interview prt 22006/08/09

    Joni interviews Rolf Harris about his new film
  15. Rolf Harris Interview2006/08/09

    Joni interviews Rolf Harris about his new film
  16. Celeb Voice Skins2006/08/09

    What would happen if Ozzie Osborne was the voice on your sat nav?
  17. The salvation army casino2006/08/09

    we find out how the salvo's are really funded
  18. Show me the money2006/08/09

    Our new segment... show me the money
  19. Jon and Tyson talk about gambling2006/08/09
    Its not pretty when someone cant admit their problem
  20. Radio Bloopers2006/08/09
    when radio goes bad - includes joni's famous hooker story
  21. Show intro - Gangsta2006/08/09
    A show intro with a bang
  22. soccer hooligans2006/08/08

    anther BBC reject
  23. joni calls a sex line2006/08/08

    joni calls a number for a sex line he pulled out of his wallet
  24. peter beat it2006/08/08

    tyson gets into a bit of political kareoke
  25. Weird Answering Machine2006/08/08

  26. D.W.A2006/08/08

    the RSL gets the yougn kids in with this one...
  27. A day in the life…2006/07/31

    A new segment on the shakedown... this week we follow around a rap video producer
  28. First Shakedown Video Podcast2006/07/26

    Nick slams down a long donut on the way home from Triple M.
  29. Smart Condoms2006/07/26

    The advances in technology are quite amazing check this little invention out
  30. An Important message for children2006/07/26

    An Important message for children

    Keep the knifes in the kitchen
  31. John Calls Germany2006/07/19

    The shakedowns Joni Coffey calls Germany to practice his German tongue.
  32. Political Deal or No Deal2006/07/17

    The shakedowns new podcast address
the shakedown
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