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The Keaton Cast

  1. Episode 3: Web Dev SPECTACULAR!2007/04/04
    Wanna write your own site from scratch but don't know how? We've all been there once, i'm gonna show you how I learned, and hopefully we'll get other people's oppinions as well. We will talk about sites, software, etc...
  2. Special Announcement #22007/03/28
    Come and learn about a brand new KeatonTech program that will change the way you tweet.
  3. TKC2 (See previous entry)2007/03/23
    See previous (failed) TKC2 entry for details
  4. Floss Talk 32007/02/08
    Development Tools #1
  5. Buzz Live 3 - Why this is not high impact vista DOA2007/01/27
  6. Buzz Live 2 - tba2007/01/23
    topics tba

    To prepare for show, listen to BOL
  7. KeatonTech Product Announcement - Talkshoe Updater2007/01/22
    Keatontech software inc. is now announcing a public alpha version of new software called Talkshoe updater.
  8. Floss Talk - Scribus2007/01/20
  9. Buzz Live 1 - Milliajuple your photoshopping2007/01/19
    Bit Torrent, Photoshop contest, Google Phone, Political Bloggers, and more! (Episodes 391 and 392)
  10. Floss Talk - The Gimp/Gimpshop2007/01/18
    The Gimp is an amazing image editor used to make my logos and more. Who needs photoshop? (Gimpshop is an aqua verison)
  11. Buzz Live - Pilot2007/01/17
    Info (Show/Hide)
  12. EPISODE6 - Wine/Darwine2007/01/17
    Sorry I missed the last one, let's try again...
  13. EPISODE4 - Macworld Prediction Spectacular!2007/01/05
    Sorry I missed some of my shows, I had a longer than expected vacation with less than expected internet.

    We're coming back with a blast, that's right, this show is all about the Macworld rumors!
The Keaton Cast
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