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The WPAJ Interview

  1. Podcamp Pittsburgh 4: Promoting Music Through Social Media2010/01/19
  2. Shook C2009/07/29
    Pittsburgh local Rapper Shook C talks about his new ventures, and upcoming appearance at the Gathering of the Juggalos. Check him out at www.myspace.com/shookcindacate
  3. Jered of hed pe2009/07/12
    Interview with Jered of hed pe at the New World Orphans stop at Club Diesel in Pittsburgh, PA
  4. Mower2009/06/12
    Sorg has a chance to talk wtih the guys from Mower at Club Diesel in Pittsburgh, PA in the beer cooler. www.westernpajuggalos.com
  5. Polk of Project Born2009/05/01
  6. DGAF's Gillies and Saint Dog2009/04/25
    Sorg has a chance to talk wtih Gillies and Saint Dog of DGAF at Club Diesel in Pittsburgh, PA in the beer cooler. www.westernpajuggalos.com
  7. The Dirtball2009/04/21
    Sorg chats with The Dirtball during the Pittsburgh stop of the New World Orphans Tour on April 8, 2009
  8. Potluck2009/02/11
  9. Ardor2009/02/04
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  10. Hip Hop Buffet Season 3 The Rookie Show Part 22009/01/23
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  11. Hip Hop Buffet Season 3 The Rookie Show Part 12009/01/15
    Sorg is back at the Hip Hop Buffet this month for the Rookie Show. This episode, we had a chance to speak with Miss Money with Carona Biggs, Kissi, and Steel Ballin', all new faces to the Hip Hop Buffet and all repping Pittsburgh, PA.
  12. Jered from hed pe2009/01/08
    Close to becoming a regular on the WPAJ Interview, Jered of hed pe returns to the WPAJ Interview once again to discuss his new album â??New World Orphansâ?? available Tuesday, January 13. We talk about the album, the future of D.I.Y Guys, the world, and politics a bit. Join us on TalkShoe and itunes!
  13. Hip Hop Buffet Season 3 Vol. 9 Part 22009/01/05
    Then, we talk to the roster from that show, including SAINT, Play Bizzle, The Borough, RiJess, NBH Entertainment, and DJ Supaman representing Pittsburgh, Virginia, and Maryland!
  14. DaButtonPusha2009/01/05
    We had a sit down with the ringleader of the whole thing, DaButtonPusha, to talk about what the series has been doing, and what has changed since the last time we talkedâ?¦ www.jpbtv.com
  15. Hip Hop Buffet Season 3 Vol. 9 Part 12008/12/21
    Sorg talks with several of the artists represented at the Hip Hop Buffet Showcase being put on by JPBTV.com. The first in a series of interviews. This episode: Myndblowa and Melle Mel (http://www.myspace.com/mellemeljr), PAoff Records (http://www.myspace.com/payoffrecords), Matt Jones (http://www.myspace.com/412jones), and Capitol L(http://www.myspace.com/capitol08)
  16. MC Frontalot w/ YTCracker2008/12/15
    DJLunchbox from ThoughtfulRiot.com and WrestlingMayhemShow.com interviews MC Frontalot in Pittsburgh, PA on December 13, 2008.
  17. MC Lars w/ YTCracker2008/12/15
    DJLunchbox from ThoughtfulRiot.com and WrestlingMayhemShow.com interviews MC Lars in Pittsburgh, PA on December 13, 2008.
  18. Liquid Sundays - Thee Adora2008/12/08
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  19. Daddy X Interview2008/10/29
    "The Green Album" just dropped, and we have Daddy X on once again to talk about the album, the environment, the green stuff, and the political climate of our country. Listen, get lit, and get educated.
  20. Black Sheep Puppet Festival2008/10/16
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  21. Liquid Sundays - The Lost Sea2008/09/18
    Once again, this week we're revisiting Liquid Sunday from back on September 7. This time we talk to The Lost Sea about the importance of flannel and one band member's sweet ass Ghostbusters tattoo...

    Check them out at TheLostSea.net and their Myspace page.
  22. Liquid Sundays - The Central Plains2008/09/07
    Sorg is backstage interviewing bands for Liquid Sundays. The event on September 7 at Olive or Twist in Downtown Pittsburgh happened to be their first music and fashion show. (http://liquidsundays.com/)

    We had the chance to catch Nik Westman and the Central Plains (http://www.myspace.com/thecentralplains), a local indie rock group from the area.
  23. Shaky Shake2008/07/22
    Last WPAJ Interview of the month as I head out for vacation next week!

    This week, we welcome Shaky Shake from right here in the Pittsburgh, PA area. He's putting out music, putting on shows, and looking to make some noise in the area. Check him out at www.myspace.com/theshakyshake.
  24. Shook C2008/07/16
    I also had a chance to talk to UFL's own Shook C of right here in Pittsburgh, PA tonight about his young start as a rapper, his rap sheet, and hot wings. Check his stuff out on his page, www.myspace.com/shookcindacate.
  25. The Awful Show2008/07/15
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  26. D-Murder2008/07/02
    The WPAJ Interview is back again. This week we talk to D-Murder from Florida. Be sure to check out his much longer interview with Jury the Clown on the Artist Point. Download his EP sampler, and check out his shows at his Myspace page!

  27. Insolence2008/06/24
    Fresh on the Kottonmouth Kings Tour!

  28. No Clue2008/06/17
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  29. Dem Korrupt Boyz2008/06/10
  30. 40 Drop Records Interview2008/06/03
  31. Poetically Gifted Honkeys2008/05/28
    First, one of three groups debuting at Sorgstock Spring Edition in just over a week, Poetically Gifted Honkeys. Check them out at www.Myspace.com/poeticallygiftedhonkeys.
  32. Psycho Jesus Interview2008/05/28
    Last, we talk to Psycho Jesus about the Blaze tour, the Gathering, Mario Kart, and look out for those cars. Scope him out at www.Myspace.com/psychojesus
  33. Sikes Interview2008/05/28
    Next, another Pittsburgh talent, we talk with Sikes about his debut album, his rock band, Cassonova Sparks, and what's coming up for Sikes! Check him out at www.Myspace.com/therealsikes!
  34. Jury the Clown2008/05/14
    Second, I managed to have a half hour conversation with Jury the Clown about his show, The Artist Point, music, art, and some of the "good ol' days" in early Deface Marketing history.

  35. Myztery N Sneek Interview2008/05/14
    First up was Myztery and J-Lee of Myztery N Sneek. These guys are doing a lot of stuff around Pittsburgh, and will be featured on the upcoming Sorgstock show in Jamestown, PA June 7!

  36. Captain Dan and Scott Free Interview2008/05/06
    Sorg talks with Pirate Hip Hoppers Captain Dan and Scott Free and talk Pirates, Ninjas, and Nerdapalooza. www.myspace.com/captaindan
  37. Morfeen Interview2008/05/06
    Sorg talks with Morfeen! Horrorcore from New Jersey! http://www.myspace.com/morfeen13
  38. Chucky Chuck of DGAF interview..2008/03/20
    The WPAJ Interview talks with Chucky Chuck about the brand new DGAF album, and his new kid, about to pop any minute! www.myspace.com/dgaf
  39. Johnny Richter of Kingspade Interview2008/03/06
    We talk once again with Johnny Richter about the latest Kingspade tour, the new Kingspade DVD, and the recent release of the Kottonmouth Kings Greatest Highs double CD.
  40. Jered of hed pe interview2008/02/19
    We talk, once again, to Jered of hed pe on location at the Heavyhitters Tour from Club Diesel in Pittsburgh, PA February 7, 2008
  41. Dirtball Interview2008/02/09
    Sorg talks to Dirtball at Club Diesel in Pittsburgh, PA on the Heavyhitters Tour.
    Video version at http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=5nN0-3ahdgg
  42. Whitney Peyton Interview.2008/01/15
    And check out my latest interview with Whitney Peyton, and check out her new album, Insufficient Funds for FREE DOWNLOAD!

  43. Spek One Interview2007/12/28
    Sorg talks with Spek One, member of the Lab Ratz, straight out of Riverside, California. http://www.myspace.com/spekone13
  44. H8trid Interview2007/12/18
    Scope out the latest WPAJ Interview with underground hip hop artist, H8trid. We talk about everything going on, including upcoming shows with Anybody Killa and Natas...

  45. Dreda Interview2007/12/11
    Sorg has a talk with new Pittsburgh area artist, Dreda.
  46. CRASH Interview2007/12/04
    Sorg talks with Pittsburgh area rapper, CRASH, a long time musician with several metal bands, now taking on the hip hop world. www.myspace.com/crashtrax
  47. J.East Interview2007/11/27
    We talk with J.East.
  48. Holly Dolly Interview2007/10/23
    We talk to Holly Dolly about hanging with the LI Crew, Helloween Mayhem, and her upcoming Tech N9ne show in Cleveland, OH
  49. Killa C Interview2007/10/09
    Killa C discusses what's going on these days. www.dirtythug.com
  50. DaButtonPusha Interview...2007/09/18
    Sorg is scheduled to interview Pittsburgh's mover and shaker herself, DaButtonPusha...
  51. MCK Interview2007/09/11
    We have our good friend Assault of McKeesport, PA's MCK, catching up and telling us about what they're working on, an they're shows next week in Cleveland, Oh alongside the likes of Zug Izland, Critical Bil, and Rehab. www.myspace.com/mck412
  52. Big B Interview2007/09/04
    Big B joins us to discuss his new album. (no live feed)
  53. Daddy X Interview2007/08/28
    Daddy X of the Kottonmouth Kings joins us to discuss the recent tours, how the label's doing, and their new album, "Cloud 9"
  54. TJ Lavin Interview2007/08/14
    TJ Lavin discusses his new album Lavs "the first set", BMX ridin', and how easy MTV can be...www.lavslab.com
  55. WesternPAJuggalos.com Interviews Legally Insane2007/08/07
    On the eve of their appearance at the Gathering of the Juggalos, Sorg sits down with some fellow Pittsburgh Rappers. www.myspace.com/legallyinsane
  56. WesternPAJuggalos.com Interviews Marz2007/07/31
    Sorg talks with Marz about his new album, next projects, and what's the latest with the Violent J beef?
  57. \WesternPAJuggalos.com Interviews Die Nasty of Darkside Immortals2007/07/24
    Sorg has a sit down with Die Nasty of Darkside Immortals and HeadHurtzRecordz.net
  58. WesternPAJuggalos.com Interviews Daddy Long Legs of Wolfpac2007/07/20
    Sorg talks with Daddy Longs Legs of Wolfpac and Bloodhound Gang fame about what's going down these days.
  59. WesternPAJuggalos.com Interviews Psychopathic J of the No Clue Crew2007/07/17
    We talk with Psychopathic J about the big Sauce Storm 3 event in Lisbon, OH, and the upcoming No Clue "Ninja Warlords vs Blowlin Monks" album. www.nocluerecords.net
  60. WesternPAJuggalos.com Interviews Jered from hed pe2007/07/09
    Sorg sits down and talks to Jered about the new hed pe album, "Insomnia"
  61. WesternPAJuggalos.com Interviews Dr. Espling2007/07/03
    Dr. Espling sits down to discuss the Deface Marketing relaunch, and what it means for fans, artists, and the new affiliates
  62. WesternPAJuggalos.com Interviews Psykotik2007/06/26
    Sorg gets a chance to talk to Psykotik, who look to release their 6th album on July 13. http://www.myspace.com/psykotikkillaz
  63. WesternPAJuggalos.com Interviews G-Child2007/06/17
    Sorg sits down with G-Child, from right here in good ol' Pennsylvania, and talk about the White Rapper Show and what else is up for this rising underground rapper
  64. WesternPAJuggalos.com Interviews Richter of Kingspade and Kottonmouth Kings2007/06/10
    Sorg sits down and has a talk with Johnny Richter, an almost 12 year member of the Kottonmouth Kings, about his latest album under the Kingspade label.
  65. WesternPAJuggalos.com Interviews Dogboy2007/06/05
    Sorg/sirpsychosexy interviews Dogboy from Suburban Noize Records, hot off of his release of Rebel Riddim
  66. WesternPAJuggalos.com Interviews Potluck2006/10/17
    Sorg from WesternPAJuggalos.com sits down to interview Potluck about their recent touring and latest album, Straight Outta Humboldt
The WPAJ Interview
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