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The Legend of Iris Doodle

  1. Doodle Soup2007/09/22
    Meth, soup, girlfriends, call in's all on this episode
  2. Hial Doodle!!!2007/09/15
    Do you know who also listened to the Iris Doodle? Find out in this episode
  3. Doodle-ality2007/09/08
    Don't like your reality make your own with the Doodle crew.
  4. Pooch Handles2007/08/22
    Pooch Handles, Strippers and fingers that smell like cheese
  5. In Case of Zombie Attack2007/08/15
    The Doodle crew discusses the need for Hurricane and Zombie Attack prep kits
  6. You are the Master-D-Bator2007/08/08
    Yes! We are all together again for this very special Iris Doodle reunion show.
  7. Happy Birthday!2007/08/04
    Chatty Kathy is 30 and we are at her party!
  8. Gomez Doodle2007/08/01
    It is just Jeff and his bodyguard this episode.
  9. Out of Town2007/07/25
    Chatty Kathy is out of town and on the phone.
  10. Land of the the Rising Iris Doodle2007/07/19
    This episode is dedicated to the land that brought us Anime, Godzilla and Pedro???
  11. Hair Apparent2007/07/11
    Lupe Sanchez is back from her 3 week absents
  12. Kwik-I-Mart2007/07/09
    Iris doodles crew takes a trip to the Kwik-E-Mart. Recorded on location
  13. The Big Tease2007/07/05
    We Tease you and Please you with this No squirrels allowed installment of Iris Doodle.

    Thank you,

    Come Again
  14. You aint on Roids you aint Raging2007/06/27
    We let Steroid Squirrel produce this episode of Iris Doodle as a PSA of the dangers of Roids.
  15. Ms. Doodles Podcast for the almost sane2007/06/20
    Opt in on this sit down with our new buddy ? as he gets sucked in to the world of Iris Doodle. [twilight zone type theme here]
  16. To Waffle or not to Waffle?2007/06/13
    We dedicate this extra flam'n A.D.D. riddled episode to all our hairy toed sandal wearing fans.

    Have a question about Technology, Sex, Fashion, Sex, Food, Sex, Waffles, Sex or Sandels send it to info@irisdoodle.com
  17. Cheez Wiz2007/06/06
    We are back baby
  18. Dune Raider2007/05/30
    Special Guest join Iris Doodle for this episode
  19. A Very IrisStanding Episode2007/05/24
    Stay tuned for a Very Special and Understanding Episode of The Legend of Iris Doodle. Que your favorite 80's sappy Family oriented sitcome theme song.
  20. We beg you to listen2007/05/16
    You don't want to miss this name calling, rabid squirrel chasing, homeless thug episode.
  21. The Iris of the Storm2007/05/08
    The wind is not the only thing blowing or sucking on this episode of Iris Doodle.
  22. No Riders!2007/05/04
    One dedicated Podcaster, Special Guests, Tenderloins, Hamsteaks and prison rules all on this Podcast.
  23. A Rear End Review2007/04/25
    Iris gets rearended, Chatty is back and taking control plus Guns, Teeth and Fried Chicken
  24. Clean Sanchez2007/04/18
    This episode is full of clean ants, dirty cockroaches and cleaches.
  25. A Hard Ho to Row2007/04/11
    3rd time is a charm in recording this episode
    with the Big Red Busses and even bigger primadonas.
  26. Delinquency of a Minor2007/04/04
    Taking time out of my new carrier as a X Box 360 Guitar Hero to edit and post this weeks podcast that includes arguments, porn, mom and binging and purging.
  27. Obsene Hand Puppet2007/03/28
    Why is Jeff a Anti-Dentite.

    Chatty Cathys Duie Decimal Pizza.

    Iris Doodle does a bad job NOT talking about war.
  28. Messy, Messy, Messy!!!2007/03/21
    Chatty Kathy says my desk is Messy. I say it is not and Iris Doodle say she dont care. So were leaving it up to you.
  29. Back from the Cancun2007/03/18
    This is the wrap-up show of our Mexico trip. We have a surprise or surprised guest with us today to share stories of Cab rides, Customs and changed subjects.
  30. Live from the Cancun2007/03/17
    Catch up with Iris Doodle Crew as they recover from the first day and night in Cancun.
  31. Eve of the Cancun2007/03/16
    We share our erotic or erratic thoughts of spring brake, suntan lotion, senoras, and fish on the eve of Cancun.
  32. Mexican Bear Wrestling2007/03/02
    Guesses where we are going? OK I will give you a Clue. Topless NachosWhy did Chatty Kathy almost B*tch Slaps the in-laws.What is the conversion rate for hookers?Bad bear no doughnut.
  33. F Word This!2007/02/07
    In this Podcast I want to tell you about the F-ing funny thing happened to me on the way to work yesterday. And even the F-ing funnier thing happened to me at work yesterday. Iris Doodle will share her sure F-ing fire way NOT to win the lottery. Chatty F-ing Kathy shows up asking about last weeks Podcast. She even drags my F-ing mom into this. Enjoy the F-ing Show!
  34. Girls, Girls, Girls2007/02/01
    Info (Show/Hide)
  35. Monday Make Up2007/01/29
    This “Monday Make Up� Podcast is due to the fact that it is sooo freaking busy we had no time to Podcast last week.

    Check out how me and my man servant Gomez spent the weekend.

    Iris has a new camera. She can use it to take a picture of the kids egging her house.

    What did Chatty Kathy cook this weekend.
  36. We don't need any stinking Resolution2007/01/10
    What is that whining in the background? No it is not Chatty Kathy.

    Find out who has a New Years Resolution and who dosen’t.

    You phone, i phone, we all phone.

    This and more on the first Netcast of new year.
  37. Why did Iris Doodle Miss the this Podcast?2006/12/20
    ris Doodle missed this Netcast. She has some splaning to do.But dont you miss this Peace on Earth netcast. Chatty Kathy and I dish the dirt on neighbors X-mas decor using www.talkshoe.com
  38. Dollar Store Dilemma2006/12/13
    Iris Doodles’ Dilemm

    Dr. Ed Crafts return

    Jeff thinks Tofu makes you gay!
  39. Is this your card?2006/12/06
    As promised in this episode a few links for playing card readings and Hedge-Witchery.
  40. Have you seen this Podcast2006/11/29
    Missing talk show host

    Missing cars

    Missing Mothers
  41. Who do you hate this Thanksgiving?2006/11/15
    Who do we hate this Thanksgiving?

    What wine we don’t drink?

    Who’s not getting invited to Dinner?

    What are we not standing in line for?

    Find out in this podcast.
  42. Bad Ghost no candy2006/11/01
    The after Halloween show.
The Legend of Iris Doodle
Be apart of this lively weekly Netcast as Iris Doodle and her co-workers have lunch in a undisclosed location discussing the weeks event. www.irisdoodle.com
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