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Oatney On the Air

  1. Super Tuesday 20122012/03/06
    The States of Vermont, Virginia, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Idaho, and Alaska cast their votes for the Republican nomination for President
  2. Tennessee Political Year in Review2010/12/29
    David Oatney gives analysis of 2010 as one of the most eventful years in recent Tennessee political history. Hatton Humphrey joins the show later in the broadcast and differences in Northern and Southern politics are discussed.
  3. Red Light Camera Nightmare2010/12/09
    Meet Murphreesboro college student Stephen Gilbert, whose ordeal over two "red light camera" citations he wasn't even aware that he had to his charge could cost him his transport.
  4. A Post-Election Review2010/11/04
    David Oatney gives his thoughts about the 2010 General Election after experiencing Election Night and seeing some of his friends and favorite candidates win their races, and Tennessee and the country politically transformed
  5. It's Primary Night in Tennessee2010/08/06
    David Oatney and Fabian Story discuss the results of the Tennessee State Primary and county General Elections across the State August 5th. Surprises and reliefs of election night. David Oatney comments on his GOP State Executive Committee race.
  6. Political Foul Play2010/07/20
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  7. The State of the 2010 Election Campaign2010/05/17
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  8. East Tennessee Local Primary Results2010/05/05
    In this year of the "Tea Party," several counties in East Tennessee had closely fought and anticipated local primaries in several counties, including a mayor's race in Knox County, and mayor's and Sheriff's races in Jefferson, Hamblen, Grainger, Hawkins, and many other counties.
  9. The Disgracing of Congress2010/03/22
    David Oatney joins Hatton Humphrey on the East Coast Conservative Podcast on the night the United States House of Representatives violated the will of the American people and flagrantly ignored the federal Constitution to discuss a number of news stories, but especially the historic and infamous Health Care vote in the U.S. House of Representatives.
  10. The Vote Heard 'Round the World2010/01/19
    Results of the Massachusetts U.S. Senate special election between Scott Brown (R) and Martha Coakley. David Oatney discusses his campaign for the Tennessee Republican State Executive Committee. Fabian Story, Ken Marrero, Hatton Humphrey, Adam Graham, and Warner Todd Huston join the roundtable.
  11. Virginia and New Jersey Aftermath2009/11/04
    Analysis about the meaning of the Virginia and New Jersey Governor's races Tuesday and the meaning of this week's election results.
  12. Virginia and New Jersey Governor's Races2009/11/03
    A special results show discussing the results in the State elections in Virginia and New Jersey and the special Congressional election in New York 23m and the impact of these races on the White House and the national Democratic Party. Also, what this could mean for 2010 elections in Tennessee.
  13. The New Legislative Order in Tennessee2009/10/20
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  14. Inter-Session Political "Wars"2009/09/24
    One of the most eventful inter-session periods in recent memory gives a closely divided Tennessee General Assembly two special elections in the House of Representatives, one in the Senate, current House members announcing for next year's Senate races, and questions about the futures of both Republican and Democratic Leadership
  15. Candidate Dominy?2009/06/25
    Nashville Metro Councilman Duane Dominy discusses his political future, his stances on State issues, and a possible campaign against TN State Rep. Sherry Jones (D-Nashville/Davidson County)
  16. Deceptive Democrats, Lying Governor2009/06/12
    Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen (D) submits a budget cutting services for the severely disabled while wasting millions in State money on solar generators and bonds for questionable projects. Meanwhile, legislative Democrats try to find ways to pin the blame for the consequences of years of their failed leadership on Republicans.
  17. Bye Bye Arlen2009/05/02
    Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania leaves the Republican Party-finally. President Obama continues to declassify sensitive documents and placate America's enemies. Liberals on the internet and in the media become more vulgar and vile, reflecting both a new-found pomposity and a hidden fear of conservative resurgence.
  18. Tea Parties and Secession Hints2009/04/17
    Texas Governor Rick Perry hints that the Lone Star State might consider seceding from the Union if dramatic increases in federal encroachment continue. The liberal press attempts to dismiss the Tea Party movement with vulgarity.
  19. Tea Thrown Overboard, Revolution Begins2009/04/16
    David Oatney discusses Wednesday's Tea Party tax protests in cities, towns, and hamlets all over America, and the media reaction to those protests.
  20. We Aren't A Christian Nation, But We Appease Sea Pirates2009/04/11
    An American sea captain is held hostage by pirates on the high seas, and Barack Hussein Obama does nothing. Meanwhile, Barack Hussein Obama continues to insult Christians during Holy Week-this time saying that America is not a Christian nation during a trip to Turkey.
  21. The Grand Oppressor Fires Back2009/04/08
    Barack Obama's appointment to run the office of Faith Based Initiatives has called Pope Benedict XVI "a discredited leader," while calling the Knights of Columbus "foot soldiers in the army of oppression." As Grand Knight in his community, David Oatney fires back on behalf of the Lord's army. Adam Graham joins the show.
  22. Notre Dame Our Mother, Pray for Us2009/03/27
    The University of Notre Dame betrays Christ and the Church that founded the institution by inviting the most pro-abortion President in U.S.history to receive an honorary degree and address the 2009 graduating class. The Obama Administration leads the country down the path to economic ruin.
  23. Mixed Feelings2009/03/14
    Mixed signals being sent by the Tennessee House Republican Caucus with the readmission of House Speaker Kent Williams and the strange reaction of some conservatives in the State-including the host. David Oatney discusses the arrival of Knoxville's new Catholic bishop and his ordination this coming Thursday. The host is still recovering from illness.
  24. No Confidence2009/03/06
    American business is showing that it has no confidence in Barack Obama as the Dow Jones Industrial Average continues to fall as new details of the Obama economic stimulus plan emerge. In sponsoring bills that allow illegal aliens to get drivers' licenses, some Republicans in the Tennessee General Assembly could lose the confidence of the party's conservative base.
  25. Citizenship and the Tennessee Legislature2009/02/15
    The addition of four Tennessee legislators, including House Republican Caucus Chairman Glen Casada, to a class-action suit to force Barack Obama to prove the validity of his birth certificate and citizenship-and why the press is REALLY up in arms about it. The real reason why Democrats don't want closed primaries in Tennessee. The passage of the federal porkulus and what it means for Republicans.
  26. Inauguration and Harrassment2009/01/21
    Thoughts on Tuesday's presidential inauguration with a roundtable including Adam Graham of The Truth and Hope Report, as well as Chicago Republican pundit Warner Todd Huston. Reaction to the greater public revelation that Tennessee Democrats' puppet "Republican" House Speaker, Kent Williams, is accused of sexually harassing Republican State Representative Susan Lynn.
  27. None Dare Call It Treason2009/01/19
    David Oatney shares a first-hand account of the opening of the 106th Tennessee General Assembly and the betrayal by Rep. Kent Williams from his eyes.
  28. Roland Burris and A Civics Lesson2009/01/08
    The Roland Burris saga should give Americans a much needed civics lesson. What does it mean for conservatives to give Barack Obama "a chance?" Are plutocratic family dynasties becoming the political norm in America? Adam Graham of the Truth and Hope Report, Warner Todd Huston of RedState, and Sharon Cobb formerly of NBC News join the show.
  29. Back In the Saddle2009/01/07
    David Oatney returns to the airwaves and attempts to answer where he disappeared to. The campaign for Governor of Tennessee in 2010 is already underway, and the 106th General Assembly has yet to even convene.
  30. Blagojevich and Obama2008/12/14
    David Oatney and Adam Graham again join together for a joint edition of THE TRUTH AND HOPE REPORT and OATNEY ON THE AIR, discussing the Blagojevich Bribery scandal in Illinois, the Obama reaction, and the President-Elect's new Middle East/Israel policy
  31. Runoffs and Bailouts2008/12/07
    In a joint edition of Oatney On the Air and the Truth and Hope Report, Adam Graham and David Oatney discuss the Georgia U.S. Senate runoff results, the unseating of Congressman William Jefferson in Louisiana due to corruption. The decline of newspapers in America. The state of the "war" on drugs. Hatton Humphrey of the East Coast Conservative Podcast is the guest.
  32. The Future of Conservatism2008/11/16
    The Future of the Conservative Movement in America after the 2008 General Elections. Adam Graham joins the discussion.
  33. Election Night 2008: Federal, State, and Local2008/11/05
    A look at the national picture in the wake of Barack Obama's victory. How Tennessee differed so drastically from the national picture (Tennessee GOP controls both Houses of the new General Assembly). How conservatism will triumph inside the Republican Party as a result of Obama's win.
  34. 24 Hours to Go2008/11/03
    The last 24 hours from the view of a candidate-the host. Where the numbers stand in the presidential election. The future of conservatism and the nation as a whole. Adam Graham joins the discussion.
  35. Can the Tide Be Turned?2008/10/12
    Amid news that Barack Obama is leading nationally and may fracture the Republican Solid South, can John McCain turn this race around? Hatton Humphrey of the East Coast Conservative Podcast joins the show.
  36. Vice Presidential Debate Special2008/10/02
    David Oatney and Adam Graham co-host a joint episode of The Truth and Hope Report and Oatney On the Air to cover the Vice Presidential Debate. Election Stealing in Ohio is also discussed. Warner Todd Huston is the guest.
  37. Here's To the Heroes: The Bailout Vote2008/09/30
    Discussion of today's House vote against the joint Administration/Democratic bailout measure and its implications
  38. Reaction to the President's Speech2008/09/25
    Reaction to President Bush's address to the nation last night on his administration's proposal to give banks, mortgage companies, and investment houses a $700 billion bailout. ALSO: John McCain moves to "suspend" his campaign. Adam Graham joins the show. and delay Friday's presidential debate.
  39. The Deepening Financial Crisis2008/09/18
    The worsening national fiscal and economic crisis threatens to bring down Washington Mutual. Why the federal bailout of AIG was a terrible idea. Adam Graham and Hatton Humphrey join the show. ALSO: Tennessee Democrats' "incurably uncertain" electoral practices.
  40. The Palin Pick and a Convention Review2008/09/09
    A discussion of John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate, and a review of the Republican National Convention. The vicious and false attacks and internet rumors about Sarah Palin, and how they are helping the Republican ticket. A joint edition of Oatney On the Air and The Truth and Hope Report with David Oatney, Adam Graham, and guest Warner Todd Huston.
  41. The Cheek Factor2008/08/28
    Former Johnson City, TN Mayor and 2006 First District Republican Congressional Candidate Vance Cheek, Jr. (R) discusses the 2006 and 2008 Congressional races, and being considered for the Tennessee Supreme Court. Vance and I also discuss his political future, and he makes his predictions about the 2008 General Election.
  42. Vice Presidential Mania2008/08/23
    The speculation over who Barack Obama and John McCain will choose as their respective Vice Presidential nominees reaches a fever pitch as Obama's choice is expected later today, and McCain's next week. Joe Biden is announced as Obama's pick during the show. With Adam Graham, John McJunkin, Fabian Story, Sharon Cobb, and David Oatney
  43. The Final Calls in Volunteer Primaries2008/08/08
    David Oatney finally joins the rest of the media in calling the races in Tennessee's First Congressional District, Tennessee's 4th House District, 8th Senate District, and 18th House District.
  44. The Tennessee State Primary Results2008/08/07
    The results of today's Tennessee State Primary races for Congress and the Legislature. Local election results in some counties. Fabian Story joins the show.
  45. McCain and His VP2008/07/25
    It is reported that John McCain may be days from choosing his running mate. What he can do to help shore up victory in the fall, and what will absolutely backfire. David Oatney goes from one opponent to three in his local race in White Pine, Tennessee. Bill Schulke, Adam Graham, Fabian Story, and former NBC News correspondent Sharon Cobb join the discussion.
  46. Cutting Off N*ts and Qualifying for Ballots2008/07/11
    Jesse Jackson is sorry for admitting that he secretly wants to castrate Barack Obama for telling the truth. Former Senator Phil Gramm (R-TX) makes unwise and untimely remarks about Americans and the economy. David Oatney celebrates qualifying for the November ballot in his home town of White Pine, Tennessee.
  47. Independence Forever2008/07/04
    Two hundred and thirty-three years have passed today since the founding of the United States-what would the founders say? Former North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms, conservatism's ultimate true believer, went to his eternal reward this afternoon. Phyllis Schlafly and other social conservatives begin to look to a future that could include Mike Huckabee.
  48. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly2008/06/26
    Reaction to the U.S. Supreme Court's decision today that the D.C. gun ban is unconstitutional. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are intent on censoring talk radio via the "Fairness Doctrine." President Bush makes the worst foreign policy decision of his presidency, and the worst in decades, in deciding to life economic sanctions against North Korea
  49. The 1970's Rehash2008/06/24
    David Oatney discusses the state of the economy and the comparisons with the 1970's. Thoughts on the passing of Tim Russert and the NBC coverage of Russert's life and death. Adam Graham and Paul Stanton join the show.
  50. Big Brown and Big Concession2008/06/07
    Big Brown comes up short in his quest for a Triple Crown at the Belmont Stakes. Hillary Clinton "suspends" her campaign and endorses Barack Obama. Why we haven't reached full political equality in America. Words of tribute to legendary sportscaster Jim McKay, who passed away today. Hatton Humphies and Adam Graham join the show.
  51. Montana and South Dakota2008/06/03
    Barack Obama effectively clinches the Democratic nomintion. Hillary Clinton wins South Dakota.
  52. The Puerto Rico Primary2008/06/01
    A discussion on the Puerto Rico Democratic Primary results. Adam Graham joins the show.
  53. The Future of Oatney On the Air2008/05/31
    David Oatney discusses the future of Oatney On the Air in light of institutional changes at Talkshoe, our podcasting network and host provider. Adam Graham and Hatton Humphries join the show.
  54. The Kentucky Primary with Adam Graham2008/05/20
    Adam Graham and I discuss the results of the Kentucky Primary, have a detailed breakdown of the battleground States for the fall, and take a moment to give our thoughts and prayers to Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Massachusetts). Fabian Story joins late in the show.
  55. The Obamas Can't Take the Heat2008/05/19
    Barack Obama tells the Tennessee Republican Party to "lay off" Michelle Obama's unpatriotic comments-while he sends he out to publicly campaign for him. Mike Huckabee hints that he would take the GOP Vice Presidential nomination if offered.
  56. The West Virginia Democratic Primary2008/05/13
    A roundtable discussion of the results of the West Virginia and Nebraska Primaries with Adam Graham, Bill Schulke, and late in the show, Fabian Story.
  57. The Indiana and North Carolina Democratic Primaries2008/05/06
    Roundtable discussion of the Democratic Primary results in Indiana and North Carolina. Adam Graham and Hatton Humphrey join the discussion.
  58. The Pennsylvania Democratic Primary2008/04/22
    Roundtable discussion of the results of the Pennsylvania Primary with Fabian Story, C. Hatton Humphrey, Ken Marrero, Warner Todd Huston, and led by David Oatney.
  59. Benedict XVI Comes to America II2008/04/17
    Further discussion on Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the United States and this morning's Mass at Nationals Park in Washington
  60. Benedict XVI Comes to America2008/04/16
    Thoughts on Pope Benedict XVI's first apostolic visit to the United States. A nice ecumenical discussion on this and other matters with Fabian Story, Warner Todd Huston, and Hatton Humphries.
  61. Are You Sufficiently Bitter?2008/04/15
    Barack Obama thinks people in Middle America "cling to guns or religion or antipathy," and if nominated may have successfully turned every hamlet and country precinct in the nation metallic racecar red. Adam Graham, John McJunkin, Fabian Story, and Hatton Humphries join a roundtable discussion.
  62. Huckabee's Future2008/04/09
    Is Mike Huckabee broadening his base in preparation for a future presidential campaign? Has conservative talk radio lost credibility? Paul "The Voice" Stanton, Adam Graham, and Hatton Humphries join the discussion.
  63. A Profile in Kookyness2008/04/06
    A caller thinks that Chris Dodd is Josef Stalin's grandchild, and planes didn't crash into the Pentagon on 9/11/01. How Americans' desire for instant gratification is affecting the 2008 presidential race. Thoughts of the death of actor and conservative activist Charlton Heston. David Oatney pledges to take up the cause of Grandparents' rights.
  64. The Casey Factor2008/03/30
    Pennsylvania Senator Robert Casey Jr., son of the great pro-life Governor, endorses Obama. The present divisive nature of politics.
  65. Nashville Cats2008/03/25
    The sights, sounds, and experiences to be found at the Legislative Plaza and Tennessee's Capitol-with Fabian Story.
  66. Nashville in a Week of History2008/03/20
    Fabian Story and myself journey's to Nashville to observe a bit of the present session of the Tennessee General Assembly, and have a very busy time. We witness Democrat Committees shoot down good bills, and history-the retirement announcement of former Lt. Governor and Speaker of the Senate John Wilder (D-Mason).
  67. Obama's Associates2008/03/14
    A so-called "black leader" who refers to Judaism as a "ghetto religion endorses him, and his pastor declared "God Damn America," but Barack Obama can't seem to distance himself from his most "vocal" supporters.
  68. The Mississippi Primary2008/03/11
    Discussion of the Mississippi Primary, the divisions in the Democratic field, and John McCain's continual ability to shoot himself in the foot. Ken Marrerro and Fabian Story join David Oatney.
  69. Oatney and Story on the State of the Party2008/03/07
    David Oatney and Fabian Story discuss the state of the Republican Party in Tennessee versus the country at-large
  70. Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island, and Vermont Primaries2008/03/04
    A roundtable discussion of the results and campaign prognosis from the Republican and Democratic Primaries in Ohio, Texas (Primary and Dem Caucus), Rhode Island and Vermont. Adam Graham, Fabian Story, John McJunkin, and Ken Marrero join the discussion hosted by David Oatney.
  71. The Neutering of the Republican Party2008/02/29
    The national Republican Party has begun to reflect the spineless nature evident in the recent political career of its nominee. The Knox County (TN) audit is out, and Mayor Mike Ragsdale can't spin the truth. A tribute to William F. Buckley, Jr.
  72. McCain, Talk Radio, and the Democrats2008/02/26
    John McCain throws another conservative under the bus in Cincinnati. For once, Hillary Clinton is right about something-that Barack Obama has no substance. Warner Todd Huston amd Adam Graham join David Oatney in a roundtable discussion.
  73. A Republican Night at Carson-Newman2008/02/24
    David Oatney gives an account of the goings-on at the Jefferson County (TN) Lincoln Day Dinner, and discusses the state of the Grand Old Party in East Tennessee. (Speeches by State Rep. Frank Niceley, future State Senator Mike Faulk, former First District Congressman Bill Jenkins, Second District Congressman Jimmy Duncan) Fabian Story joins for a discussion of the political nuts and bolts.
  74. Knox Follies/New York Times McCain Crackup2008/02/23
    David Oatney discusses the latest public misdeeds of Knox County (TN) Mayor Mike Ragsdale. The New York Times and the John McCain lobbyist story.
  75. Wisconsin and Washington2008/02/19
    A discussion of the Wisconsin, Washington, and Hawaii (Dem) primaries/caucus with Ken Marrero, Adam Graham, John McJunkin, Fabian Story, and David Oatney. Oatney, Marrero, and Graham also discuss the divide in the conservative movement.
  76. Patomac Primary Roundtable2008/02/12
    A discussion of Primary results in Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia. Adam Graham, John McJunkin, Warner Todd Huston, Fabian Story, and Ken Marrero join David Oatney.
  77. Kansas and Washington Caucuses, Nebraska Dem Primary, Louisiana Primary2008/02/09
    A discussion of the primaries and caucuses in Washington State, Kansas, Louisiana, and Nebraska (Dems) with Warner Todd Huston, Adam Graham, and led by David Oatney.
  78. Super Tuesday Roundtable2008/02/05
    A Roundtable with John McJunkin Fabian Story, and David Oatney on Super Tuesday evening. Led by Adam Graham.
  79. Florida Primary Results Roundtable2008/01/29
    A discussion of the results of the Florida Primary with Adam Graham, Warner Todd Huston, John McJunkin, and Ken Marrero.
  80. Florida Primary pre-show2008/01/29
    Some thoughts on the political mechanics of today's Florida Republican Primary and how the outcome could be affected.
  81. The Tragedy of Roe v. Wade2008/01/25
    Thoughts on the tragedy of legalized abortion in America and how the pro-life movement will ultimately triumph in this country. A postmortem of the Fred Thompson campaign. Fabian Story joins the show with his personal abortion story, and with the confession that he has voted early in the February 5th Primary for Mitt Romney.
  82. South Carolina Primary Results show2008/01/20
    John McJunkin, Warner Todd Huston, Fabian Story and David Oatney discuss the results of the South Carolina Republican Primary and where the process goes from here. Adam Graham leads the discussion.
  83. Results of the Michigan Republican Primary2008/01/15
    Adam Graham of the Truth and Hope Report, John McJunkin of the Voice of Liberty podcast, Fabian Story of Political Straight Talk, and educator Bill Schulke join David Oatney in a roundtable to discuss the Michigan Primary Results.
  84. Back in the House2008/01/11
    State Representative Stacey Campfield joins the show to discuss the antics of the first week of the legislative session in Nashville.
  85. New Hampshire Primary Results2008/01/08
    A review of the New Hampshire Primary results and commentary on the state of the 2008 Presidential race from Warner Todd Huston, John McJunkin, Fabian Story, Adam Graham. Ken Marrero drops in later in the show. Led by David Oatney.
  86. Iowa Caucus Results Roundtable2008/01/04
    As the results of the Iowa Caucus come in, I join fellow conservative activists and pundits John McJunkin, Warner Todd Huston (of Blogs for Thompson), and Fabian Story to report and dissect the results. Adam Graham leads the discussion in this special joint podcast of Oatney On the Air and the Truth and Hope Report.
  87. The Iowa Ground Game2008/01/02
    I discuss a conversation that I had on Wednesday afternoon with Tennessee State Representative Frank Niceley (R-Strawberry Plains), and conservative columnist Frank Cagle, who are on the ground with the Thompson campaign in Iowa. Republican Adam Graham (Idaho) and Democrat Sharon Cobb (Tennessee) join the discussion.
  88. Poll "Bombing" and Real Bombing2007/12/27
    Former Pakistani Prime Minister Binazir Bhutto is assassinated, sparking chaos within an important U.S. "ally" in the region. Ron Paul supporters "bomb" (or organize) the AOL Presidential Primary poll
  89. Remembering what Christmas is about2007/12/24
    The hustle and bustle of the Christmas season and how that can obscure the true meaning and significance of the day.
  90. One Year Anniversary of Oatney On the Air2007/12/21
    David Oatney celebrates one year of podcasting "Oatney On the Air" with a retrospective.
  91. Tennessee State Senate candidate Mike Faulk2007/12/20
    An interview with Church Hill attorney and Republican State Senate candidate Mike Faulk (R-TN Sn 04). His reasons for running, his philosophy about life and politics.
  92. Political Rountable led by Fabian Story2007/12/16
    Former Hamblen County, Tennessee Commissioner Linda Noe (R), Tennesseans for Immigration Reform and Education media spokesman Wayne Dollar, and yours truly join Republican political operative Fabian Story for a roundtable discussion of Presidential politics, local politics, and the state of Congress.
  93. The Golden Compass and David Davis2007/12/11
    Why Catholics might be offended at the premise of the movie THE GOLDEN COMPASS. Adam Graham pops in on the discussion. Why Congressman David Davis (R-Tennessee First District) is likely to be re-elected-it isn't because of indifference, as some more liberal folks claim.
  94. A Real Republican Convention?2007/12/05
    Social Studies teacher Bill Schulke joins the program to discuss the 2008 presidential campaign and the current political stage. Fabian Story calls in with some interesting poll numbers at the precinct level in early Primary States that indicate good news for Fred Thompson. We all discuss the possibility of a "real" Republican National Convention in 2008.
  95. The Primaries and the Future of the Republican Party2007/11/30
    Reaction to the Republican Primary CNN/YouTube debate. Rush Limbaugh's statements about Fred Thompson. Adam Graham joins the show and it turns into a serious discussion about the Republican Party's future.
  96. Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina2007/11/10
    David Oatney and Adam Graham of the Truth and Hope Report handicap the 2008 Presidential race in the lead up to Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina
  97. James Dobson and the Republican Presidential Nomination2007/11/09
    Discussion of Dr. James Dobson's endorsement for President or lack thereof.
  98. Pat and Rudy2007/11/09
    Thoughts on televangelist Pat Robertson's endorsement of New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani for President. Steve Beshear's victory over embattled Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher (R).
  99. States' Rights and Abortion2007/11/08
    How States' Rights can help solve the abortion question in America (a federalist approach). Voter registration does not equate to voter turnout.
  100. Coupling Political Involvement with Daily Life2007/11/04
    The challenge of coupling politics and daily life into one's schedule (and how it impacts politics, campaigns, and civic action). Adam Graham of The Truth and Hope Report calls in to share his thoughts.
  101. The Bredesen Bunker2007/11/02
    Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen is building a 13,000 square foot party room under the Governor's Mansion in Nashville and the neighbors whose lives will be disturbed have no say. The passing of Grand Ole Opry legend Porter Wagoner.
  102. A Talk with Knox County Commissioner Greg "Lumpy" Lambert2007/10/23
    EXCLUSIVE: Knox County Commissioner Greg "Lumpy" Lambert (R) tells his side of the story in the Knox County term limits/Sunshine Law controversy. He discusses where he thinks things went wrong and what the Knox County Commission can do right. His political background.
  103. Illegal Immigration and the Presidential Campaign2007/10/19
    Immigration as an issue in the 2008 Presidential Race and how it contricuted to the demise of Kansas Senator Sam Brownback's campaign. An important upcoming guest. Some exciting changes to this broadcast.
  104. Tennessee Nepotism/Iowa Republican Caucus2007/10/17
    The problem of nepotism in local governments in Tennessee. Iowa Republicans set a January 3 Caucus date.
  105. Fred and Mitt2007/10/11
    Fred Thompson's performance in the Republican debate in Dearborn, Michigan. Frank DeMoss tries to rally everyone around Mitt Romney.
  106. Knox County Sunshine Court Verdict2007/10/05
    Reaction to the Guilty verdict and the legal remedy prescribed by Chancellor Daryl Fansler in the case of the Knoxville News-Sentinel v. the Knox County Commission (The Knox County Commission Sunshine Law trial.
  107. Knox County Sunshine Law Chaos2007/09/30
    I have an interesting phone conversation related to the Knox County Sunshine Law trial. My beloved Chicago Cubs are going to the playoffs.
  108. Knox County Sunshine Law Trial2007/09/28
    Knox County Commissioner Greg "Lumpy" Lambert takes his constitutional oath "fairly seriously." The case of the Knoxville News-Sentinel v. the Knox County Commission is about to go to closing arguments, then to the jury.
  109. The Nature of the Blog2007/09/22
    Anonymous commenters, Capitol rumors, and the nature of the blog.
  110. Effect of the News-Sentinel's Sunshine Lawsuit2007/09/19
    How the Knoxville News-Sentinel's lawsuit against the Knox County Commission could affect all Tennesseans and people around the country, and why everyone has the right to be concerned. Blogging on the trial for the News-Sentinel, and the problem with anonymous comments on blogs. Freedom of speech as it relates to the affairs of government.
  111. The Briley/Littleton Affair2007/09/13
  112. The Race and Larry Craig2007/09/12
  113. Oatney and Graham2007/09/10
  114. Jeri Kehn and the Democrats2007/09/09
  115. Pavarotti, D.James Kennedy, and Mother Teresa2007/09/09
  116. Fred's Finally In2007/09/06
  117. Fabian Story interviews Oatney2007/08/31
  118. Washington Sex Scandals2007/08/30
  119. The Illegal Immigration Crisis2007/08/25
  120. A Role Reversal2007/08/20
  121. On the Air with Sharon Cobb2007/07/30
  122. Campfield on Parents' Rights2007/07/23
  123. Truth and Hope Roundtable2007/07/17
  124. The Press and the Presidential Campaign2007/07/07
  125. The Week in Review2007/07/01
  126. General Assembly Year in Review with Rep. Jason Mumpower2007/06/20
  127. A Successful Legislator2007/06/18
  128. No More Video On the Hill?2007/06/12
  129. The Gilbert Affair at WKRN2007/06/07
  130. The Filibuster Attempt2007/06/05
  131. The Budding Filibuster2007/06/02
  132. The Kleinheider Controversy2007/05/31
  133. Campfield On the Budget2007/05/29
  134. Memorial Day2007/05/28
  135. Responsibility in Sports2007/05/24
  136. Cobb v. the Feds2007/05/21
  137. The Race at This Hour2007/05/18
  138. Republican Debate and Falwell's Death2007/05/17
  139. Dancing On Falwell's Grave2007/05/16
  140. Republics and Democracies2007/05/15
  141. Glen Casada on Jimmy Naifeh2007/05/14
  142. Ricky Williams Tests Positive2007/05/13
  143. Oatney Under the Weather2007/05/11
  144. Philip Workman Executed2007/05/09
  145. Beckwith Enters the Church2007/05/08
  146. Bredesen Changes His Tune2007/05/07
  147. The Kentucky Derby2007/05/06
  148. Mitt Romney and Mormonism2007/05/05
  149. The Bloody BEP2007/05/03
  150. The Early Primary2007/05/02
  151. Unity and Fraternity2007/05/01
  152. Bredesen's Smoking Ban2007/04/30
  153. NFL Draft Special2007/04/29
  154. John Ford Waltzes to Prison2007/04/28
  155. Rep. Susan Lynn2007/04/27
  156. Crazy or the Future?2007/04/25
  157. Summer Study Committee: Where Good Bills Go to Die2007/04/24
  158. Rep. Frank Niceley on Animal ID2007/04/23
  159. Sunday Sports Final2007/04/22
  160. The Virginia Tech Shootings2007/04/20
  161. Benedict and Briley2007/04/19
  162. Gonzalez v. Planned Parenthood2007/04/18
  163. Aftermath of Virginia Tech2007/04/17
  164. The Bredesen Smoking Ban2007/04/16
  165. Sunday Sports Final2007/04/15
  166. The Firing of Don Imus2007/04/13
  167. Public Office and the Budget2007/04/12
  168. Illegal Immigration and the Tennessee Senate2007/04/11
  169. Campfield on the Budget2007/04/10
  170. An Interview With John Cox2007/04/09
  171. Oatney Prays the Regina Caeli on Easter Sunday2007/04/08
  172. Easter Thoughts2007/04/08
  173. The Legislature and the Liquor Lobby2007/04/05
  174. Bredesen the Tune-Changer2007/04/04
  175. Bill Dunn Fights the Power2007/04/03
  176. Bredesen and Taxation2007/04/02
  177. Points Shaving in Toledo2007/04/01
  178. The Governor's Means2007/03/30
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  181. The NCAA Tournament2007/03/25
  182. State of Peace in Northern Ireland2007/03/25
  183. Al Gore: Hypocrite of the Year2007/03/23
  184. Edwards and Smith2007/03/22
  185. Global Warming to Fred Thompson2007/03/21
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