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  1. Talk Show America 4/28/20112011/05/04
  2. Talk Show America 4/20/112011/05/04
  3. Talk Show America 8/25/20102010/08/27
    No Mosque at Ground Zero, US Govt Funding Mosques Around the World !, Obama Adminstration Argued In Favor Of Racial Profiling To Stop Illegals , Another School Named After Obama.
  4. Talk Show America 7/29/20102010/08/27
    Jay discusses the recent blocking of provisions of the Arizona Immigration Law , WaPo poll shows Americans waning on Health Care bill opposition, SEC Says New Financial Regulation Law Exempts it From Public Disclosure
  5. Talk Show America 6/29/20102010/08/27
    Jay Discusses the latest scandal from the transparent Obama administration, Veep Biden tells shop owner not to be a "smart ass", Biden tells crowd at fund raiser 'No Possibility' of Restoring Lost Jobs, Supreme Court overturns another anti-gun law
  6. Talk Show America 6/23/20102010/08/27
    General McChrystal relieved of command of Afghanistan over "Rolling Stone" magazine article.

    IRS May Tax Payments to Gulf Coast Victims

    Obama�s Labor Secretary Reaches Out to Illegal Aliens With Paycheck Complaints

    Court rescues Gulf economy from Obama's radical agenda

    Judge held stock in rig owner
  7. Talk Show America-6/15/20102010/08/27
    Jay discusses Rep Etheridge's (D-NC) Assault On Two College Students and the Main Stream News Media Attempts to Paint the Congressman as the Victim, and an attempt to associate all this with the Tea party movement.

    Jay discusses Sharon Angle's meeting with a nervous GOP who doesn't want her seen as an Extemist (aka associated with the Tea Party movement who put her in the race)
  8. Talk Show America 6/9/20102010/08/27
    Jay discusses the Super Tuesday "Ladies Night" Results, MSNM attempts to undermine Tea Party Movement influence on primaries, White House to spend 25 million selling ObamaCare, Jay interviews "I Am Standing Firm" host Jeff Laporte
  9. Talk Show America 5/28/20102010/05/31
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  10. Talk Show America 5/24/20102010/05/31
    Jay Are blasts Congress and Mexican President Calderon for his denigrating speech in Congress and their standing ovation to it, Jay blasts Obama for his remarks about Daniel Pearls beheading.
  11. Talk Show America 5/19/20102010/05/31
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  12. Talk Show America 5/13/20102010/05/30
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  13. Talk Show America2010/05/30
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  14. Talk Show America 5/5/20102010/05/30
    Jay's reaction to WaPo columnist trying to compare Times Square Bomb Scare to Sept 11th attacks, U.S. exempted BP's Gulf of Mexico drilling from environmental impact study, was it because BP was a large contibutor to Obama's campaign Weighing the Benefits & Costs of Offshore Drilling
  15. Talk Show America 5/3/20102010/05/30
    Jay discusses the Times Square Car Bomb, the Oil Rig Disaster,Immigration,the Tea Party, and a Poll showing conservatives more enthusiastic to vote than in 1994.
  16. Talk Show America 3/22/20102010/03/29
    ObamaCare passes, we lost the battle but we have not lost the war!
  17. Talk Show America 3/23/20102010/03/29
    ObamaCare:Smoke and Mirrors/Bait and Switch
  18. Talk Show America 11/27/20092009/11/28
    The Senate Health Care Reform Bill and how you can help stop it, The Copenhagen Treaty and how it will affect our country if Obama signs it and Congress ratifies it and how you can help stop that as well.
  19. Talk Show America 11/04/20092009/11/28
    Jay takes on ObamaCare and the Swine Flu Emergency
  20. Talk Show America 6/10/20092009/06/10
    Nancy(Pelocchio)Pelosi Lies About CIA Briefing Republicans now Trusted Over Democrats On Six Key Issues Another Travesty of Justice Against a US Soldier British Seniors Repel Pirate Attack Against Cruise Ship Obama: No Apaches For Israel But OK For Egypt. These stories and more on the latest Talk Show America Show !
  21. Talk Show America 3/25/20092009/03/25
    Day 95 of the ObamaNation train wreck, Obama Gaffes on Leno, slams Special Olympics, Snubs Britian Prime Minister.
  22. Talk Show America 1/29/20092009/01/29
    Special Guest Black and Right's Bob Parks and I discuss the Obama Presidency, the closing of GITMO and its effect on National Security and the War on Terror, the Stimulus Package.
  23. Talk Show America 1/22/20092009/01/22
    What will the Obama Presidency Bring to the Country, Obama Orders Gitmo Closed, What ramifications will that have on the war on terror and national security.
  24. Talk Show America 1/15/20092009/01/15
    Happy New Year ! Obama Official Unviels Plan to Alter Global Financial System, Court Rules Bush "Wiretapping Program" Legal, Jay Are Talks About Israel and Her Right to Defend Herself
  25. Talk Show America 11/13/20082008/11/13
    Is President-Elect a "Natural Born US Citizen" ?, Is He Even a US Citizen at All ?, Supreme Court issues Writ for Obama's Original Vault Copy Birth Certificate by Dec 1, Are We Headed for a Constitutional Crisis ?
  26. Talk Show America 10/21/20082008/10/21
    RINO Powell Endorses Obama, O'Biden Warns America of "International Crisis" Within 6 Months of Obama Presidency, Republican Arrested for Voter Fraud in CA While ACORN Continues Their Fraudulent Registrations. Jay features two great parodies on the show "No Bama Man" and "Al Gores Traveling Glo Bull Warming Show" make sure you catch them on the show they are hillarious !
  27. Talk Show America 10/17/20082008/10/17
    OPEC on the Ropes (keep them there), Joe the Plumber, Latest Polls Show Tight Race, Army Times Poll Shows US Military in Favor of McCain
  28. Talk Show America 10/8/20082008/10/08
    J.R. discusses last night's debate between Obama and McCain, Zogby Poll shows race closer than the drive by media is telling us, Jerome Corsi, author of The Obama Nation, is detained in Kenya. Is Obama related to Keya's leader and did he camapign for him on the taxpaysers dime ?
  29. Talk Show America 10/7/20082008/10/07
    J.R. talks about the upcoming debate. Even CNN says there is more to the Ayers connection than Obama is admitting. AP links McCain to Iran Contra Group, 100 Former Ambassadors endorse McCain.
  30. Talk Show America 10/03/20082008/10/03
    J.R. discusses the Palin/Biden debate
  31. Talk Show America 9/16/20082008/09/16
    J.R. talks about Palin/Gibson Interview, Obama Tried to Stall US Troop Withdrawal talks with Iraq, McCain vs Obama on the Issues
  32. Talk Show America 8/31/20082008/08/31
    J.R.'s commentary on McCains VP Pick Alska Governor Srah Palin, Obama's VP Pick Senator Joe Biden, J.R. Blasts Democrats.com for Posting Aricle: McCain Owes America Alzheimers Test
  33. Talk Show America 8/22/20082008/08/22
    DNC Credentials Disrespect the Flag, McCain in the Lead by 5 Points According to Zogby, Electoral Map Shows McCain Victory, Muslim Found Dead in Denver Hotel Room with 10 Pound of Sodium Cyanide (Possible Terrrorist Attack that went wrong? for the terrorist that is)
  34. Talk Show America 8/14/20082008/08/14
    Conservatives and Republicans Need To Stick Together or Obama Will Walk Into the White House, US Official: WMDs Went to Syria, US and European Armada Headed For Persian Gulf: Could a Blockade of Iran be Next ?
  35. Talk Show America 7/31/20082008/07/31
    Majority Support Military Tribunals and Gitmo, Majority Believe US Winning War on Terror, Target of Flight 93 was "Dome", 5 of The Top Ten Reasons Obama Should Not Be President.
  36. Talk Show America 7/21/20082008/07/21
    What if We Won A War and the Main Stream News Media Didn't Report It ?, We Are Winning the War on Terror !
  37. Talk Show America 7/15/20082008/07/15
    Poll: Americans Support For More Drilling up, Climate Change Down, Obama Says Illegal Immigration Enforcement Equals Terror.
  38. Talk Show America 7/9/20082008/07/09
    US Moves Yellowcake Uranium (WMDs) from Iraq to Canada, Attacks in Iraq Down 80 Percent, IED Casualties in Iraq Down 89 Percent, 31,000 Scientists Reject Global Warming
  39. Talk Show America 5/16/20082008/05/16
    Environmental Whackos wild predictions of the past, One in five Dems may defect to McCain, Bob Barr running as Libertarian may take votes from McCain, Dem Congress a failure MSNM silent.
  40. Talk Show America 3/29/20082008/03/29
    Dems Iraq Plan Not Supported by Most Americans, McCain Leads Obama/Clinton in Poll, World is NOT Running Out of Oil, Economy Expected to Avoid Recession in 2008
  41. Talk Show America 2/21/20082008/02/21
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  42. Talk Show America 9/10/20072007/09/10
  43. Talk Show America 9/3/20072007/09/03
  44. Talk Show America 8/16/20072007/08/16
  45. Talk Show America 8/2/20072007/08/03
    Airports Warned of Possible "Dry Runs", A War We Just Might Win, Petreaus:Try to Keep Politics Out of Surge Assesment, Surge is Working Against Terrorists
  46. Talk Show America 7/20/20072007/07/20
    Plame's Lawsuit Dismissed, Haditha Witness's Testimony Was Surpressed, Troops See Progress,Grow Weary of Negative Reporting.
  47. Talk Show America 7/20/20072007/07/16
    Bush/Cheney Favor Military Action on Iran?, North Korea Shuts Down Nuke Reactor, Enviromental Nut Jobs Suggest Extinguishing Human Race to Save Planet, Poll: More Young People Against Abortion.
  48. Talk Show America 7/13/20072007/07/13
    Bush Tells Congress: Stop Interfering in war/keep funding war, More Time Needed to Assess Surge, Officials Warn of Premature Conclusions on Surge.
  49. Talk Show America 7/6/20072007/07/06
    Moore Lies About Healthcare, Universal Healthcare: Waiting to Die, Soldier Uses Head Against Terrorists
  50. Talk Show America 7/5/20072007/07/05
    New Al Qaeda Video, Dems Eye New bid to End War, Al Qaeda Beheading Iraqi Children, 45 Muslim Doctors Planned US Terror Attacks, GOP Race: Thompson 27 % - Guliani 24 %
  51. Talk Show America 7/3/20072007/07/03
    Terror Attacks in Britian, Yemen, President Commutes Libby Jail Sentence, Court Upholds DeLay Indictment Dismissals, Half of America Won't Vote for Hillary.
  52. Talk Show America 6/29/20072007/06/29
    Poll: Young Americans More Likely to Believe Iraq is Headed Toward Successful Conclusion, Report: Progress/Shortcomings of Iraqi Forces, Successes of Operations Arrowhead Ripper and PhantomThunder in Iraq, Help Save Internet Radio.
  53. Talk Show America 6/26/20072007/06/26
    Troops Find Execution House/Illegal Prison in Baqubah, Iraq Vet Takes on Sen. Levin's Remarks About Iraq, Jay Are Slams Time Magazine Article on Iraqi Troops, Supreme Court Backs President's Faith Based Initiative.
  54. Talk Show America 6/25/20072007/06/25
    US/Afghan Troops Rescue Hostages From Taliban/Al Qaeda, Blue Star Dad Puts Together Motorcycle Ride to Camp Pendleton to Support Haditha Marines, Time Magazine Calls Iraqi Troops Inept/Incompetent/Unmotivated, Operation "Arrowhead Ripper" Officially starts "The Surge".
  55. Talk Show America 6/21/20072007/06/21
    Are Alternative Fuels The Answer to Foreign Oil, Rising Prices ?, China Surpasses U.S. in CO2 Emissions, Taliban,Al Qaeda Losing Influence in Afghanistan.
  56. Talk Show America 6/20/20072007/06/20
    Are Alternative Fuels The Answer to Foreign Oil, Rising Prices ?, China Surpasses U.S. in CO2 Emissions, Taliban,Al Qaeda Losing Influence in Afghanistan.
  57. Talk Show America 6/19/20072007/06/19
    Haditha Forensic Evidence Will Exonerate Haditha Marines, Accused Haditha Marine Passed Polygraph in 2006, Recent Successes in the the Iraq Theatre Campaign in the War on Terror.
  58. Talk Show America 6/18/20072007/06/18
    Haditha Marines Hearing Officer: Evidence Does Not Support Murder Case !, Harry Reid: Out of Touch and Undermining Our Troops !
  59. Talk Show America 6/6/20072007/06/06
    4th Suspect in Terror Plot Surrenders, Libby Sentenced, Recent Successes in Iraq, Al Qaeda Waning in Diyala Provine, What is it About Winning America Doesn't Understand ?
  60. Talk Show America 6/7/20072007/06/06
    Documentation: Iran Supplying Weapons to Taliban, Turkey Invades Iraq ?, Haditha Marines Case Politically Motivated
  61. Talk Show America 6/5/20072007/06/05
    LA. Rep Jefferson Indicted on Corruption Charges, NY Times Buried Airport Terrror Plot Story, Al Qaeda: Captured Soldiers Killed, Military Judges Dismiss Charges Against 2 Gitmo Detainees, Iraqi Army Kills Al Qaeda Leader in Baghdad
  62. Talk Show America 6/4/20072007/06/04
    Kennedy Airport Terror Plot Thwarted, Senate Intel Committee: Wilson/Plame Lied, Poll: 26 % Favor Immigration Bill, Boat Filled with Taliban Sinks, Truth About Gas Prices,
    Al Gore: I'm Not Good at Modern Politics
  63. Talk Show America 6/1/20072007/06/01
    Employers Add 157,000 Jobs in May, Al Qaeda Leaders Captured in Iraq,
    Is Ceasefire Talk a Defeat for US in Iraq?
  64. Talk Show America 5/31/20072007/05/30
    More Success Stories From Iraq, Web Site Error Raises Oil Prices?, GOP Senators Surpised at Angry Reaction to Immigration Bill ? Talk Show America Returns Live on Friday June 1st at 10 AM EST on Net Talk World.
  65. Talk Show America 5/30/20072007/05/30
    US Troops Rescue 42 Iraqi's from Al Qaeda, Coaltion Forces Capture 15 Terrorists, Thwart Attack on US State Department Convoy, Coaltion Forces Kill/ Capture Terrorists in Afghanistan. Did Terrorists Do a Dry Run on Nothwest Flight 327 in 2004 ?, Russian Official to Kyoto Conference: World Getting Cooler, Not Warmer.
  66. Talk Show America 5/25/20072007/05/25
    Home Sales Soar to Record Level, Time Magazine: Good News From Iraq, Al Qaeda Torture Manual Seized in Iraq Safe House, Embedded Journalist in Iraq Changing Minds About US Troops.
  67. Talk Show America 5/24/20072007/05/18
    Analyst: Iran Planning Strike on Europe, US: Tehran Causing Iraq Trouble, Report: 70 Percent of Insurgents in Iraq Cme From Gulf States Via Syria, Anbar Ready for Political Progress, Troops Shut Down Terror Network in Iraq.
  68. Talk Show America 5/14/20072007/05/18
    Al Qaeda Claims To Have Missing Troops, Iran: US Does Not Deserve to Host UN (Works for me), Teachers Scare Students in Fake Gun Attack, Exonerate Our Haditha Marines, Haditha Mayor Begs Marines NOT to Leave !
  69. Talk Show America 5/18/20072007/05/17
    What's Wrong With Our Educators ?, Poll: War is not Lost/Victory Important, Iran Lawmakers Want U.S. Friendship, 115 Taliban Killed in Afghanistan, CNN Poll: Most Americans Pro-Life/Abortion Key Issue in 2008
  70. Talk Show America 5/10/20072007/05/10
    Petition for Rehearing DC Gun Ban Denied, Obama Says 10,000 People Died in Kansas Tornado/National Guard Not Ready Due to Iraq, Pelosi Threatens To Sue President Bush on Iraq.
  71. Talk Show America 5/11/20072007/05/10
    This Week's Successes in the War on Terror, F-16's Destroy Al Qaeda in Iraq Terror Camp and Missle Lauchers, Kansas Guard Respond to Tornado Aftermath.
  72. Talk Show America 5/9/20072007/05/08
    Poll: Parents Back Abstinence Education, Kansas Governor Lied About Guard not Being Ready, National Guard has Equipment and Manpower for Kansas Tornado Relief Effort.
  73. Talk Show America 5/08/20072007/05/07
    Terror Arrests in Fort Dix Attack Plot, Kansas Gov Whining: Equipment for Tornado Response in Iraq, Enviro Wackos: Large Families Ruining Planet, Is Starbucks Anti-God?, Students Suspended for Opposing Gay Day
  74. Talk Show America 5/4/20072007/05/03
    U.S. Economic Model is Working, Drop in Teen Sex Linked to Abstinence Programs, "Operation Rat Trap" Targets Al Qaeda in Iraq, Steady Progress Continues Despite Challenges in Iraq.
  75. Talk Show America 4/26/20072007/04/24
    Bin Laden Behind Cheney Attack ?, Rosie Leaving"The View" (Good Riddance), Code Pink Morons Call Our Troops "Terrorists", Senator " We Lost The War in Iraq" Reid is Confused on Iraq Study Group Report.
  76. Talk Show America 4/24/20072007/04/23
    Troops in Iraq Plead For Support ?, Recent Successes in Iraq
  77. Talk Show America 4/23/20072007/04/23
    Weekend successes in the War on Terror, Soldiers in Iraq Email Reid about his "Iraq war is Lost" Comments
  78. Talk Show America 4/27/20072007/04/20
    New evidence emerges in Haditha Case that may cripple the case against the Haditha Marines.
  79. Talk Show America 4/20/20072007/04/19
    J.R. Blast Senator Reid's traitorous remarks about "Losing the Iraq War and Surge has accomplished nothing", Iran Media Headlined the story, Vets Group Starts Email Campaign Against Reid, Marines In Anbar Optimistic, Al Qaeda in Iraq Announces "Islamic Cabinet" (Who Gives a Sh*t Alert), Coaltion and Afghan Forces Counter "Talibums Spring Offensive".
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