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  1. Airspeed - The Eudaemonic Pie2017/09/19
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  2. Airspeed - Because Glider - Part 22016/09/11

    The second in a two-part series chronicling the long road to becoming a CFI. In this episode, our hero suffers more indignation at the hands of a check airman who calls off Christmas, after which he begins the long slog down the self-launch mountain, through the valley, and back up the adjacent peak of aerotow.
  3. Airspeed - Because Glider - Part 12016/09/04

    Here's Part 1 of the epic quest for the CFI certificate. It covers everything from deciding to go for the certificate up to the failed attempt to transition to a different motorglider at a faraway school. Part 2 is already recorded and will be up soon. In the meantime, enjoy the comedy and the tragedy that is pursuing a glider CFI ride in a world not equipped to make that ride happen.
  4. Airspeed - River Days Airshow 2016 - Part 12016/08/07

    Jack Hodgson takes the bully mic for a pre-show discussion of what it takes to put on a hometown airshow in some of the most complicated airspace in North America.
  5. Airspeed - The Assignment2016/06/09

    An eighth-grade language arts assignment from FOD becomes an Airspeed episode. A father's expectations for his son at 14.
  6. Airspeed - River Days Airshow - Part 4 - Debrief2015/06/27

    David Allen (on the bully mic) and Dean Greenblatt (BIRD from the show) join Steve to debrief the first-ever airshow over the Detroit River.
  7. Airspeed - River Days Airshow - Part 3 - Fast Footwork2015/05/25

    This is the third installment of the series that covers - in near-realtime - the events leading up to the GM Detroit River Days Airshow on the Detroit River 20-21 June 2015. As before, David Allen of Other People's Airplanes has taken the mic and is running the show in order to keep things moving.
  8. Airspeed - River Days Airshow - Part 2 - We've Got an Airshow!2015/05/10

    David Allen once again takes the host mic to talk with Steve about the upcoming River Days Airshow in Detroit 20-21 June 2015.
  9. Airspeed - River Days Airshow - Part 1 - Waiver Application and Planning2015/04/11

    First in a series that follows the planning and execution of our very own airshow.
  10. Airspeed - World Gliding Championship Competitor Tony Condon2015/01/25

    US Soaring Team member Tony Condon talks about the upcoming 13.5 Meter World Championships in Lithuania.
  11. Airspeed - OpenAirplane with Rod Rakic2014/11/30

    An interview with OpenAirplane co-founder Rod Rakic, as well as an account of my own OpenAirplane Universal Pilot Checkout at Crosswinds Aviation at Livingston County Airport (KOZW) in Howell, Michigan.
  12. Airspeed - Rules of Engagement 20142014/06/29

    An update of the Airspeed's rules of engagement and FAQ. Want to know more about what goes on behind the scenedat Airspeed? Here are the answetrs to the questions that people most often ask.
  13. Airspeed - Kim Crow - The Original Bitching Betty2014/02/16

    A conversation with Kim Crow, who voiced Bitching Betty in the F-15 and many other platforms in the early days of audible annunciations in fighter aircraft.
  14. Airspeed - The Textron AirLand Scorpion Jet2013/12/21

    We talk to Bill Anderson and Dale Tutt about the new Textron AirLand Scorpion Jet, which made its first flight just last week.
  15. Airspeed - ICAS 2013 - Rep Sam Graves on Sequestration2013/12/03

    The remarks by US Rep Sam Graves regarding sequestration and its effects on the airshow industry.
  16. Airspeed - Inside Airshows - Part 3 - Tuskegee 32013/11/24
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  17. Airspeed - Inside Airshows - Part 2 - With a Mic in My Hand2013/11/18

    In which I pick up a microphone and purport to entertain an airshow crowd (and confirm my suspicion that it's a lot harder than it looks).
  18. Airspeed - Inside Airshows - Part 1 - Running Away to Join the Circus2013/11/04

    The first of a three-part series that takes you behind the scenes at airshows. In this episode, Airspeed takes you out to show center with the pyro crew at the 2012 TICO Valiant Air Command Warbird Airshow with Mark Sorenson and James Hammons of Tiger Airshows and The Ringmasters.
  19. Airspeed - GWL RapidCast - AC-47 Spooky2013/08/04

    The American Flight museum's AC-57 Spooky gunship.
  20. Airspeed - GWL RapidCast - Karl Stoltzfus and C-47 Miss Virginia2013/08/04

    Karl Stoltzfus of Dynamic Aviation flew this beautiful DC-3/C-47 to Topeka to show her off to this crowd. His grandson, Gabriel (7) joined him to talk about the aircraft and its renovation.
  21. Airspeed - GWL RapidCast - Greg Smith and his Beech 182013/08/03

    Greg Smith and his Beech 18.
  22. Airspeed - GWL RapidCast - Bill Whiteman and the T-28 Trojan2013/08/03

    Bill Whiteman's T-28 Trojen - a RapidCast from the Gathering of Warbirds and Legends in Topeka.
  23. Airspeed - GWL RapidCast - Darrell Linenberger's L-16B2013/08/02

    Talking abut a liaison aircraft among the heavy metal on the ramp at Topeka.
  24. Airspeed - GWL RapidCast - MSgt (Ret) Robert Yarberry2013/08/02

    Commemorative paratrooper MSgt (Ret) Robert Yarberry.
  25. Airspeed - Gathering of Warbirds and Legends - Briefing2013/08/02

    The briefing from the practice day of the Gathering of Warbirds and Legends.
  26. Airspeed - Naval Aviation Training with ENS Evan Levesque - Part 2 - Tailhook!2013/07/02
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  27. Airspeed - B-2 Spirit with USAF Lt Col (Ret) Chris "Cliff" DeVaughn2013/02/23
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  28. Airspeed - Glider Rating - Part 22012/12/16

    The second of two episodes covering my glider rating. Victory, defeat, ground effect, and a sock puppet. It's all here!
  29. Airspeed - You Don't Know Jack2012/11/06

    Pilot, producer, and Uncontrolled Airspace co-host Jack Hodgson joins us to talk about the pilot population, flight training, the future of the aviation podsphere, and more in this nearly-two-hour conversation. Think you know Jack? Listen in!
  30. Airspeed - Road Trip2012/11/02

    Taking to the streets (and tollways) of Orlando, Florida in a T-6 with eight other aircraft for the NBAA Convention 2012.
  31. Airspeed - VIDEO - Acro Camp Sneak Peek 04 - With Friends Like These . . .2012/05/29
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  32. Airspeed - Glider Rating - Part 12012/05/14

    Here's an account of my glider training this year through my first glider solo on Friday. Show notes at www.airspeedonline.com.
  33. Airspeed - VIDEO - Airspeed Promo: Monday 0600Z2012/04/22

    Behind the scenes at Airspeed. Kinda.
  34. Airspeed - Airshow Announcer Rob Reider2012/03/06

    50 minutes of pure awesome with one of North America's busiest airshow announcers, Rob Reider.
  35. Airspeed - Navy Primary Flight Training with ENS Evan Levesque2012/02/25

    ENS Evan Levesque (pronounced “leh-VECK”) is a primary flight student at NAS Whiting Field near Milton, Florida. He’s flying the mighty T-6B in the aerobatic phase of training, having recently completed the contact phase and flown his first solo. He has instrument work and a formation phase yet to go.

    More information at www.navy.com.
  36. Airspeed - Airspeed LPA Part 2 - Military Pilot-Speak2012/02/17

    The second installment of the Airspeed LPA.
  37. Airspeed - Making Good on a Deal - IAC Michigan Aerobatic Open 2011 Diary2011/12/23

    A diary of my first aerobatic competition. Compiled from blog posts I wrote before, during, and after the competition.

    Music is Game Day by Jon Schmidt. www.johnschmidt.com . www.musicalley.com .

  38. Airspeed - Airshows 101 at ICAS 20112011/12/06

    An overview of the Airshows 101 course at the 2011 ICAS convention.
  39. Airspeed - Flying through the Totality2011/11/16

    On 21 August 2017, the umbral shadow of the moon will sweep across the continental United States from Oregon to South Carolina. Here are some thoughts about how (and why) to fly through that shadow.
  40. Airspeed - VIDEO - The Hoppers Promo2011/10/25

    Here's the promo that I shot for The Hoppers, an L-39 team based in the midwestern US.
  41. Airspeed - Touching the True Source - CAP NESA MAS 2010 (Entire Essay)2011/10/19
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  42. Airspeed - CAP NESA MAS - Part 32011/10/12

    This is the third of a three-episode series covering my experience at Civil Air Patrol’s National Emergency Services Academy Mission Aircrew School (NESA-MAS) in Indiana in the summer of 2010.

  43. Airspeed - CAP NESA MAS 2010 - Part 22011/09/28
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  44. Airspeed - Airshow Safety: The View from ICAS2011/09/22
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  45. Airspeed - CAP NESA MAS 2010 - Part 12011/09/18

    Part 1 of my 30,000-word epic describing my experiences at CAP's National Energency Services Academy Mission Aircrew School in 2010.
  46. Airspeed - My Movie Ate My Podcast2011/07/30

    Will Hawkins joins Steve to commiserate about independent filmmaking.
  47. Airspeed - Shooting the MacGuyver Six2011/07/23

    Getting complacent in your flying? Take a cue from a TV secret agent and try flying an approach with everything completely different and some of it detinitely not TSO'ed.
  48. Airspeed - VIDEO - Acro Camp Sneak Peek 032011/06/01

    Here's yet another sneak peek from Acro Camp, Airspeed's upcoming independent documentary feature film. Get more information at www.acrocamp.com.
  49. Airspeed - Acro Camp 2 Announcement and Casting Call2011/05/21

    That's right! We're doing it again! This is the casting call for Acro Camp 2.

    More information and a link to the cast application is at www.acrocamp.com .

    Application deadline is 11:59 24 June 2011 (0359Z 25 June 2001)!
  50. Airspeed - Formation Flight with Ben Freelove2011/05/20

    We talk to Ben Freelove of the Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety about formation flying. Everything from loose en route formations to formation acro. Check out www.tutimaacademy.com .
  51. Airspeed - VIDEO - Mike "Bloke" Robinson of the Starfighters2011/05/09

    A video feature focusing on Mike Robinson of the Starfighters shot at the TICO Valiant Air Command airshow this March in Titusville, Florida.

    More information about the Starfighters is available at www.starfighters.net.

  52. Airspeed - VIDEO - Special "Making Of" Feature: Acro Grass Sessions2011/04/23

    Here's video from the December 17, 2010 studio session that Don, Barry, and I did as part of the efforts on the soundtrack for the upcoming feature film, Acro Camp. It's one long hand-held shot with footage from the movie laid on tip from time to time.

    More information is available at www.acrocamp.com.
  53. Airspeed - VIDEO - Acro Camp Sneak Peek 02 - Formation2011/04/21

    Here's the formation flight from Day 3 of Acro Camp. Two aircraft, five cameras, 12 audio tracks, and a lot of synchronization and editing. But very worthwhile considering the result.

    Stay tuned to Airspeed and check out www.acrocamp.com for news and details about the forthcoming independent documentary feature film.

  54. Airspeed - Acro Camp Debrief with Don and Barry2011/04/17

    This is the audio from Will Hawkins' last interview with Don and Barry after the last camper left on Day 4 of Acro Camp.
  55. Airspeed - #NotAtSNF112011/04/11

    The second #NotAtSnF show on Sun 'N Fun Radio, recorded Saturday 2 April 2011.

    The cast includes Steve Visscher and Grant McHerron of Plane Crazy Down Under; Chris Holub and John Conway, two thirds of the In the Pattern Podcast; Will Hawkins from The Pilot’s Flight PodLog and A Pilot’s Story; and Bill Williams of The Pilotcast.

  56. Airspeed - Acro Camp Sneak Peek 01 - The Hammer-Spin2011/03/20

    A sneak peek of what we're working on for the Acro Camp movie. Check out more at www.acrocamp.com.
  57. Airspeed - Fingers in the Airport Fence Entwined2011/02/13

    Airspeed's epic poem Fingers in the Airport Fence Entwined came out in 2007, but never really go tits own episode. So, as I'm plowing through the editing for Acro Camp and putting out proposals for the upcoming season's coverage on Airspeed, I thought I'd take the opportunity to put Fingers out there in its very own episode. Enjoy!
  58. Airspeed - Flying the Black Rocket - The Northrop T-38 Talon2011/01/24

    Flight with the USAF 9th Reconnaissance Wing in a Northrop T-38A Talon.
  59. Airspeed - NESA Part 1 with CAP Lt Col John Desmarais2011/01/18
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  60. Airspeed - First Acro Camp Trailer2011/01/10
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  61. Airspeed - The Airspeed LPA Part One - Military Challenge Coins2011/01/05

    Airspeed launches its LPA (Lieutenant Protection Association") series about military aviation customs, history, and insider information! We begin with Jordan Haines, the commander-in-chief of CoinForce.com, a premier provider of military challenge coins (including, happily enough, the Airspeed challenge coin).
  62. Airspeed - Rules of Engagement2011/01/01

    As Airspeed completes its fifth year online, here's a peek behind the scenes at the philosophy of the show.
  63. Airspeed - Zero to Hero - Part 22010/12/21
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  64. Airspeed - Sam Johnson's Keynote at ICAS 20102010/12/06

    Here's the keynote at the morning session of ICAS 2010 by Congressman Sam Johnson of Texas. A retired Air Force colonel, Johnson flew the F-86 Sabre in the Korean War, the F-4 Phantom in the Vietnam War, and the F-100 Super Sabre as a member of the U.S.A.F. Thunderbirds.

  65. Airspeed - ICAS 2010 - Le Central2010/12/05

    An update from the 2010 ICAS Convention.
  66. Airspeed - VIDEO - How to Pass Your CAP Form 5 Checkride2010/11/13
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  67. Airspeed - Packing for Mars with Mary Roach2010/11/04

    Interview with the author of Stiff, Bonk, and now Packing For Mars - a riff on the trials, tribulations, and science behind the next step. www.maryroach.net .
  68. Airspeed - Acro Grass - Crowdsourcing a Part of the Acro Camp Soundtrack2010/09/06

    Acro Camp is crowdsourcing a part of the soundtrack. This episode contains details and a snippet of the theme that underlies the piece. Check out the show notes at www.airspeedonline.com for links to the guide tracks and other information.
  69. Airspeed - Having the Fish with Rob Mark2010/08/25

    Jetwhiner and Airplane Geek Rob Mark joins me to talk through that fantasy of every non-airline pilot: Being called to the cockpit to land an airliner after the pilots are incapacitated. Could a 300-hour private pilot do it? Could you?
  70. Airspeed - VIDEO - Spins with Barry2010/07/27

    Here's a three-camera treatment of a stall and spin sequence that I recently flew with Barry Sutton. www.oaklandflightacademy.com
  71. Airspeed - Acro Camp Cast Post-Production Debrief 2010/07/16

    The cast of Acro Camp got together on TalkShoe the evening of 14 July to reunite, talk about the experience, and offer suggestions for the next time we do this. Acro Camp campers Paul Berliner, Michelle Kole, Lynda Meeks and Jim Rodriguez joined IP Don Weaver, production chief David Allen, and MyTransponder co-founder Rod Rakic for an hour or so in the virtual post-production studio.
  72. Airspeed - Firebase Airspeed - Beale AFB Style2010/07/13

    The crew gathers at the VOQ to talk about Steve's impending T-38 ride.
  73. Airspeed - The US Naval Academy, Naval Aviation, and Super-D Acro with MIDN 1/C Evan Levesque 2010/06/09

    MIDN 1/C (“Midshipman First Class”) Evan Levesque (pron. leh-VEHK) just completed his third year at the United States Naval Academy. He’s a private pilot with a tailwheel endorsement and he flies aerobatics on weekends. He’s also managed to get a couple of flights in the back seat of an F/A-18 Hornet.

    Now notes at http://tinyurl.com/2dtbg9k .

  74. Airspeed - Ron Klutts Remembers Doug Bourn2010/05/28

    Ron Klutts remembers Doug Bourn and talks aviation safety.
  75. Airspeed - The Last Pure Thing on the Radio2010/04/23

    Debut of a new song, The Last Pure Thing on the Radio. Many thanks to Scott Cannizzaro and Chris Wormer for their roles in really thickening up and improving this tune!
  76. Airspeed - VIDEO - Acro Camp IP Don Weaver's Acro Sequence2010/04/19

    Fly with Don! dweaver@optair.com. 989-859-7237. And check out the Acro Camp website at www.airspeedonline.com.
  77. Airspeed - Battle Creek Preview 20102010/04/17

    Barb Haluszka appears for the fourth time talking about the Battle Creek Field of Flight Airshow and Balloon Festival . The show is slated for 1-4 July 2010, but that’s just around the corner when you think about the amount of planning and coordination required to put on a show like this.
  78. Airspeed - Aerial Videography Panel2010/04/11

    We bring in Will Hawkins, Roger Bishop, and Rick Felty to talk about shooting video aloft.
  79. Airspeed - UAVs - The Pilot and the Operator Can Be Friends2010/04/01

    Capt Force waxes philosophical about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and what they mean to pilots.
  80. Airspeed - Meet the Cast of Acro Camp2010/03/22
  81. Airspeed - Zero to Hero - Accelerated Flight Training Part 1 with Jason Schroeder2010/02/16

    We talk to Jason Schroeder, a veteran of an accelerated flight training from private pilot to commercial multi and CFI. jason@overthenumbers.com .
  82. Airspeed - VIDEO - Cessna Citation Mustang Flight2010/01/28

    Here's the video from the Cessna Citation Mustang flight at Appleton, Wisconsin during EAA AirVenture 2009.
  83. Airspeed - Talking with Acro Camp IP Don Weaver2010/01/24
    Meet Acro Camp IP Don Weaver! We talk about his experience and what cast members ("campers") will likely experience.
  84. Airspeed - Acro Camp Announcement and Casting Call2010/01/17
    Acro Camp is cleared hot! This is the announcement and casting call. Check out www.acrocamp.com or the Acro Camp group at www.mytransponder.com .
  85. Airspeed - L-39 Driver Tim Brutsche2010/01/04
    Talking jet warbirds with L-39 driver Tim Brutsche. www.hopperflight.com.
  86. Airspeed - Sandman 2009 with Jim Carlyle2009/12/25
    Mike Agranoff's Ballad of the Sandman makes a reappearance (www.mikeagranoff.com) and WION's Jom Carlyle and I talk about the spirit of radio.
  87. Airspeed - ICAS Convention 2009 - Day 32009/12/08

    Debrief of Day 3 at the ICAS Convention 2009.
  88. Airspeed - ICAS Convention 2009 - Day 22009/12/07
    Debrief on the proceedings at the ICAS Convention 2009 with Rico Sharqawi of Wilco Films.
  89. Airspeed - ICAS Convention 2009 - Day 12009/12/06
    A quick update and some session audio from ICAS 2009.
  90. Airspeed - On the Ramp with the AeroShell Team2009/11/28
    On the ramp with The AeroShell Team at this year's Battle Creek Field of Flight6 Airshow and Balloon Festival.
  91. Airspeed - Flying the Pilotmaker - My Dollar Ride in the T-6A Texan II2009/11/15

    A full account of my dollar ride in the mighty T-6A Texan II at Randolph AFB this spring. www.airforce.com.
  92. Airspeed - This I Believe2009/11/05
    My take on the CBS Radio feature from the 1950s.
  93. Airspeed - Safety Stand-Down - The Kranz Dictum2009/10/27
    The Airspeed Safety Stand-Down, featuring the Kranz Dictum from January of 1967.
  94. Airspeed - VIDEO - CAP Glider Sorties2009/10/20
    Video of two CAP glider sorties at the Oakland County International Airport (KPTK) Open House 16 August 2009. Glider pilot: Mark Grant.
  95. Airspeed - Russell Military Museum2009/10/11
    Interviews with Mark Sonday and Luke Donald of the Russell Military Museum.
  96. Airspeed - C/LtCol Melanie Davis - Incentive Ride in the Mighty L-392009/10/02

    Interview planeside with C/LtCol Melanie Davis after her incentive ride in the mighty L-39.
  97. Airspeed - Flying the Remos GX2009/09/19
    Panel discussion covering demo flights in the Remos GX at Oshkosh 2009.
  98. Airspeed - Flying the Cessna Citation Mustang2009/08/31

    Demo flight in a Cessna Citation Mustang VLJ out of Appleton, Wisconsin during AirVenture 2009.
  99. Airspeed - VIDEO - Fat Albert JATO Ride2009/08/09
    Video episode of the JATO ride in Fat Albert at the Indianapolis Air Show. www.indyairshow.com.
  100. Airspeed - VIDEO - AeroShell Team Ride and Saturday Performance Video2009/07/28
    Video of my AeroShell formation acro ride at Battle Creek and air-to-air footage from the team's performance the next day at Battle Creek.
  101. Airspeed - F-15E Strike Eagle Demo Team2009/07/25
    Interview with the F15E Strike Eagle Demo Team at the Battle Creek Airshow 2009.
  102. Airspeed - VIDEO - KC-135R Flight2009/07/18
    Refueling training flight in a KC-135R Stratotanker refueling C-17 Globemasters over the Carolinas.
  103. Airspeed - VIDEO - Lima Lima T-34 Flight at Gary2009/07/11
    Video from a six-ship T-34 ride with the Lima Lima flight team at the South Shore Airshow in Gary. www.garyairshow.com.
  104. Airspeed - The Guy in the Red Airplane2009/06/21

    An impromptu aerobatic demo and some thoughts about it.
  105. Airspeed - Battle Creek Behind the Scenes - Airshow Director Barb Haluszka 2009/06/13

    Airspeed's fourth annual pre-show interview with Barb Haluszka. Check out the show's site at www.bcballoons.com .
  106. Airspeed - Air Boss Brief from the Indy Air Show2009/06/10
    Audio from the air boss brief on the Sunday of the Indy Air Show. www.indyairshow.com.
  107. Airspeed - Indy Airshow with Blue Angels Boss Greg McWherter and Roger Bishop2009/06/06

    The first two days of the Indianapolis Airshow. Features interviews with Indy Air Show director Roger Bishop and Blue Angels Boss CDR Greg McWherter.
  108. Airspeed - VIDEO - First Acro Session in the Super-D2009/05/31
    My first aerobatic session in the American Champion Super Decathlon 16 April 2009 with Barry Sutton. A pretty short flight because I got very green around the gills very quickly, but that's what the session (and the half dozen or so after that) was for. Check out Barry at www.sutton-aviation.com.
  109. Airspeed - VIDEO - Aerobatic Conditioning2009/05/24
    Video from my 11 May 2009 acro conditioning flight just before heading to Randolph AFB for the T-6A Texan ride. You, too, can fly this aircraft with this guy! Check out Sutton aviation's website at www.sutton-aviation.com.
  110. Airspeed - VIDEO - Airspeed Video Teaser2009/05/19
    A teaser for upcoming video projects brewing here at Airspeed.
  111. Airspeed - Firebase Airspeed T-6A Style2009/05/15
  112. Airspeed - C-47 Ground School at the Yankee Air Museum2009/05/07
  113. Airspeed - Gathering of Aviation Podcasters 20092009/05/03
  114. Airspeed - SETI with Dr. Jill Tarter2009/04/19
  115. Aiirspeed - Eleanor Flies2009/04/08
  116. Airspeed - Indianapolis Airshow and Indy Transponder with Roger Bishop2009/04/03
  117. Airspeed - CAP Form 5 IFR Add-On2009/03/14
  118. Airspeed - LASP Comment2009/02/24
  119. Airspeed - Music - Part 32009/02/19
  120. Airspeed - Spatial Disorientation Simulator2009/02/06
  121. Airspeed - Taildragger Training - Part 12009/01/22
  122. Airspeed - Aerobatics and the Super Decathlon with Greg Koontz2009/01/08
  123. Airspeed - The Magi of Harper's Field2008/12/21
  124. Airspeed - Ghost Airports - A Tour of Paul Freeman's Abandoned and Little-Known Airports Archive2008/12/05
  125. Airspeed - Farva Returns (Air Force Blues)2008/11/23
  126. Airspeed - You Might Be a Pilot2008/11/15
  127. Airspeed - Sometimes Alternates Fly - My Ride with the USAF Thunderbirds2008/10/25
  128. Airspeed - David Kneupper and the Music of Apollo/Saturn V Center2008/10/19
  129. Airspeed - A Pilot's Story with Will and Rico2008/10/12
  130. Airspeed - F-22 Raptor Pilot Maj Paul "Max" Moga2008/10/03
  131. Airspeed - Virtual Airshow 20082008/09/24
  132. Airspeed - VIDEO - Thunderbirds Ride Cockpit Video2008/09/17
  133. Airspeed - Citabria Training and CAP Form 52008/09/07
  134. Airspeed - Flying the Ford TriMotor2008/08/23
  135. Airspeed - Preflight Briefing with Thunderbird 72008/08/16
  136. Airspeed - Podapalooza 20082008/08/10
  137. Airspeed - 10 Minutes at Oshkosh2008/08/03
  138. Airspeed - Firebase Airspeed2008/08/01
  139. Airspeed - F-15 West Demo Pilot Sam Joplin2008/07/22
  140. Airspeed - Thunderbirds Ride - Full Description2008/07/07
  141. Airspeed - Thunderbirds Ride - First Impressions2008/07/05
  142. Airspeed - Thunderbirds Ride - Almost2008/07/04
  143. Airspeed - DC-3 Type Rating - Summary2008/06/24
  144. Airspeed - Red Bull Air Races - Sunday2008/06/01
  145. Airspeed - DC-3 Type Rating Complete!2008/05/31
  146. Airspeed - DC-3 Type Rating - Day 12008/05/24
  147. Airspeed - DC-3 Type Rating - Arrival in Griffin2008/05/23
  148. Airspeed - Instrument Rating Checkride - Part 2 2008/05/16
  149. Airspeed - Behind the Scenes with Pilot and Audio Ace Scott Cannizzaro2008/05/11
  150. Airspeed - Shut Up and Listen to the Otter2008/05/07
  151. Airspeed - Safety with Aviation Safety Magazine Editor and UCAP Hangar Denizen Jeb Burnside2008/05/02
  152. Airspeed - Multi-Engine Training - Day 22008/04/22
  153. Airspeed - Multi-Engine Training - Day 12008/04/20
  154. Airspeed - Airshow Ops and a Preview of the 2008 Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival with Barb Haluszka2008/04/12
  155. Airspeed - Instrument Rating Checkride - Part 12008/03/30
  156. Airspeed - The Lake Parker Arrival2008/03/13
  157. Airspeed - Load 2 - Flying Skydivers at Skydive Chicago with Dave Schwartz in the Otter2008/02/22
  158. Airspeed - Legal Aspects of Aircraft Ownership - Part 2 - Sales and Use Taxes2008/02/08
  159. Airspeed - Legal Aspects of Aircraft Ownership - Part 1 - Using an Enterprise to Hold your Aircraft2008/02/02
  160. Airspeed - 121.5 MHz Satellite Monitoring Phase-Out with CAP Lt Col John Desmarais2008/01/20
  161. Airspeed - Flying Skydivers in the DHC-6-200 Twin Otter2008/01/02
  162. Airspeed - Fingers in the Airport Fence Entwined - And the Book Is Out!2007/12/09
  163. Airspeed - A Mooney, Some Camping Gear, a Pillow, and a Shopping Bag Full of Charts - Going Places with Ron Klutts2007/12/01
  164. Airspeed - Glider Ops with Aviation Wunderkind Tony Condon2007/11/16
  165. Airspeed - Aerobatic Pilot and Red Bull Air Racer Mike Goulian2007/11/03
  166. Airspeed - Checkride Update for 25 October - Checkride Complete!2007/10/26
  167. Airspeed - Checkride Update for 23 October2007/10/24
  168. Airspeed - Checkride Update for 18 October - Not Looking Good for Tomorrow - Blech!2007/10/19
  169. Airspeed - Checkride Update for 14 October - Rescheduled!2007/10/14
  170. Airspeed - Checkride Update for 6 October2007/10/07
  171. Airspeed - Checkride Update for 3 October2007/10/03
  172. Airspeed - Checkride Update for 1 October2007/10/02
  173. Airspeed - Checkride Update for 29 September2007/09/30
  174. Airspeed - Why I Fly2007/09/24
  175. Airspeed - Cirrus G3 Part 2 - Alan Klapmeier2007/09/13
  176. Airspeed - Cirrus G3 Part 1 - Test Flying the Cirrus SR22 GTS Turbo2007/08/31
  177. Airspeed - Aerobatic Ride with Michael Mancuso in the Extra 300L2007/08/10
  178. Airspeed - "Hey, Don!" and AirVenture Oshkosh 2007 Wrap-Up2007/08/03
  179. Airspeed - Pod-A-Palooza 2007 Audio2007/07/31
  180. Airspeed - Listening to the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team2007/07/26
  181. Airspeed - John Mohr - Energy Management in a Gorgeous Boeing Stearman PT-172007/07/16
  182. Airspeed - Blue Angels Opposing Solo LCDR Craig Olson2007/07/07
  183. Airspeed - Viper East F-16 Demo Pilot Maj Jason Koltes USAF2007/06/30
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Aviation and aerospace podcast concentrating on general aviation flight training, music, and extraordinary experiences in the air and on the ramp.

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