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  1. RDFUG 247 - The Future Is Now2008/05/27
    A Little Robotech News and pondering whether or not Robotech will take any more steps online.
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  2. RDFUG 246 - Checkmate2008/05/24
    The Sentinels arrive on a planet where they cannot use protoculture powered weapons, and trouble is afoot on Tirol.
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  3. RDFUG 245 - IN SPACE!2008/05/22
    Robotech Genesis, New Toys, A TSC Review, Chinese Fans Doing Good, Greenwood, Another Auction, Space bringing it back, a New Script, some Poll Results, and the liberation of a planet. In Space.
    p.s. My mixer hates me :(â?¨Download, Listen, Subscribe, and Shownotes @ http://rdfug.com/245
  4. Anime Central Room Party Update2008/05/08
    An update on the RDF Underground Robotech Room Party
  5. RDFUG 244 - Fanboys2008/04/28
    Popped out of the Rabbit Hole with an apology, some news, and some rules. Enjoy.
  6. RDFUG 243 - The Rabbit Hole2008/04/01
    My journey down the Rabbit Hole of Second Life. Is Robotech.com's Practical Joke just Lynn Kyle running for president? And some Robotech News.
    Download, Listen, Subscribe, and Shownotes @ http://rdfug.com/243
  7. RDFUG 242 - Clockwork Planet2008/03/06
    With four Sentinels in comas they must make a deal with the devil on an artificial world where one will fall. The Sentinels have arrived at Haydon IV.
    Download, Listen, Subscribe, and Shownotes @ http://rdfug.com/242
  8. RDFUG 241 - War Crimes and Pig Latin2008/02/28
    The Sentinels journey to Haydon IV to save some of their own, but the Regent is there. One Sentinel shall fall.
  9. RDFUG 240 - Liberation of Haydon IV and Edward's Invid Pact2008/02/27
    The Sentinels arrive on the Artificial World, Haydon IV, and Edwards makes a secret deal with the Invid Regent while Leonardo DiCaprio plays Kanada and Miriya sings with Michael as Todd the T1000 looks on.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/240
  10. RDFUG 239 - Cthulhu Brings A Smile To My Face2008/02/18
    Cthulhu, Frontier, The RPG, Canada and Anime Central. Don't mention the Nameless One.
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  11. RDFUG 238 - Saved by Science/The Future Is Now2008/02/15
    A reading (and commentary) of Todd Hill's interview with Carl Macek back in 1995 from the comic book Robotech II: The Sentinels Book Three Issue #20 and some music from Robotech The Movie: The Untold Story.
    Download, Listen, Subscribe, and Shownotes @ http://rdfug.com/238
  12. RDFUG 237 - A Portion For Foxes2008/02/14
    Will Garuda mean the end of the line for the Sentinels? Will a rebellion amongst the Zentraedi spell doom for the REF? Robotech II has only just begun.

    Download, Listen, Subscribe, and Shownotes @ http://rdfug.com/237
  13. RDFUG 235 - Dream A Little Dream2008/02/13
    Info (Show/Hide)
  14. RDFUG 235 - Garuda2008/02/12
    he Sentinels battle the Invid and their inner demons on the world known as Garuda. Oh, and Studio Nue started a show called Battlecity Megaroad that became the first saga in Robotech. The Sentinels continues.
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  15. RDFUG 234 - Trixie2008/02/11
    Robotech News, Robotech RPG Stuff, Music, and Trixie, my new kitten.
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  16. RDFUG 233 - Lord Zedd Is My Friend2008/01/21
    Orguss, Dragon Ball, The UEG, a Zentraedi Spy/Power Ranger Baddie, Michael Bradley's music, and five things HG needs to do.
    Download, Listen, Subscribe, and Shownotes @ http://rdfug.com/233
  17. RDFUG 232 - Praxa2008/01/18
    Praxis is doomed, and the Sentinels must escape.
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  18. RDFUG 231 - Death of Praxis2008/01/16
    The Sentinels are now outlaws and Praxis dies. But the Mission of the Sentinels Continues.
    Download, Listen, Subscribe, and Shownotes @ http://rdfug.com/231
  19. RDFUG 230 - Final Battle on Praxis and Journey to Garuda2008/01/15
    The Sentinels are triumphant on Praxis and prepare to journey to Garuda while trouble is brewing on the moon of Fantoma. The Sentinels Continues.
    Download, Listen, Subscribe, and Shownotes @ http://rdfug.com/230
  20. RDFUG 229 - Goodbyes and Hellos2008/01/14
    Hello to updates, new sites, and new info, goodbye to a favorite mag, and a tv network.
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  21. RDFUG 228 - Macross Frontier/Do You Remember Love?2008/01/04
    Macross Frontier and Miss Protoculture II. Need I Say More?
    Download, Listen, And Subscribe http://rdfug.com/228
  22. RDFUG 227 - The Slow Death Of The Sentinels2008/01/03
    As the Sentinels battle for survival on Praxis, there is a conspiracy onboard the SDF-3 to take control of the RDF, and a conspiracy to assassinate the Invid Regent. The Mission of the Sentinels continues.
    Download, Listen, Subscribe, and Shownotes @ http://rdfug.com/227
    Hosted By: Justy Ueki
  23. RDFUG 226 - The Dark Powers/Death Dance2008/01/02
    The Sentinels battle for survival on Praxis while the SDF-3 negotiates with the enemy.
    Download, Listen, Subscribe, and Shownotes @ http://rdfug.com/226
    Hosted By: Justy Ueki
  24. RDFUG 225 - The Liberation of Praxis2008/01/01
    The long battle for the home of the amazonian warrior women, Praxis, begins in week five of Robotech II: The Sentinels.
    Download, Listen, Subscribe, and Shownotes @ http://rdfug.com/225
    Hosted By: Justy Ueki
  25. RDFUG 224 - The Future Is Awesome?2007/12/31
    It's comforting to know that no matter what you do in life it will never be as awesome as this picture. Oh, and some Robotech News also.
    Download, Listen, Subscribe, and Shownotes @ http://rdfug.com/224
  26. RDFUG 222 - Season's Greetings2007/12/25
    A discussion of the Macross Saga Episode, "Season's Greetings", and other Holiday and Robotech discussions (including post End of The Circle by from the Waltrips).
    Download, Listen, Subscribe, and Shownotes @ http://rdfug.com/222
    Hosted By: Justy Ueki
  27. RDFUG 221 - Christmas Eve. 2007.2007/12/24
    The Anime Network, Darkwater's on the job, Some Sad News, a couple of quick updates, and some Chr . . . er . . . Holiday Joy. Praise Be To The Sauce. RAmen.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/221
    Hosted By: Justy Ueki
  28. RDFUG 220 - Go Go Robotech Weirdness2007/12/21
    The Shapings, Haydon, The Power Rangers, and Star Wars. WTF!?!? RDFUG.com/Donate
  29. RDFUG 219 - Full Metal Planet2007/12/20
    The time has come for the Sentinels to liberate the ur-planet, Karbarra from the Invid, with the help of a new ally, Fishlowitz, but with the loss of one writer. RDFUG.com/Donate
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/219
  30. RDFUG 218 - The Teddy Bears Picnic2007/12/19
    The Sentinels first mission: Free Karbarra or Die Trying. The Sentinels. Week Four. RDFUG.com/Donate
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/218
  31. RDFUG 217 - Liberation of Carbonara2007/12/18
    Now that the REF have joined forces with the Extraterrestrial Sentinels, their first mission is to liberate Carbonara. Week Four of Robotech II begins. Now. RDFUG.com/Donate
  32. RDFUG 216 - Code Monkey2007/12/17
    Christmas Cards, Coast to Coast, Music News, Art is Gone?, A Site Returns, RPG still in 2008, and Robotech The Movie DESTROYED!. Oh, and it's Code Monkey Day here in the Underground. RDFUG.com/Donate
  33. RDFUG 215 - CURSE YOU TOM BATEMAN!2007/12/14
    The Final part of the Robocon 10 Robotech Trivia Contest. Who was Sean's old flame? I DON'T KNOW!!!!!! RDFUG.com/Donate
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/215
  34. RDFUG 214 - The Invid Must Die2007/12/13
    The REF meets even stranger aliens and the universe needs to be freed from the tyrannical clutches of the Invid Regent. The Sentinels are here. RDFUG.com/Donate
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/214
  35. RDFUG 213 - Dark Powers2007/12/12
    The coming of the Sentinels, and the beginning of the mission to defeat the Invid Regent begins. Now.
  36. RDFUG 212 - The Coming of The Sentinels2007/12/11
    According to Robotech Art Three, this is the week that the Sentinels come to the Moon of Fantoma, and I talk about the story and the Sentinels themselves. RDFUG.com/Donate
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/212
  37. RDFUG 211 - He's A Demon on Wheels2007/12/10
    Macross F and Robotech RPG Updates, Protoculture Addicts' Anniversary, and other Robotech goodies. Oh, and I talk about Speed Racer as well.
  38. RDFUG 210 - Continuing the Humiliation2007/12/07
    More of Robotech Trivia from RoboCon 10, including the stumpers.
  39. RDFUG 209 - Old Friends, New Friends2007/12/06
    The continuing adventures of Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, The Sterlings, and Minmei as told in issues ten through sixteen of Robotech II: The Sentinels Book One by Chris Ulm and Tom Mason. This is Week Two. RDFUG.com/Donate
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/209
  40. RDFUG 208 - The Battle for Tirol2007/12/05
    The continuing adventures of Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, The Sterlings, and Minmei as told in chapters nine through fifteen of The Devil's Hand by Jack McKinney. This is Week Two of Robotech II: The Sentinels. RDFUG.com/Donate
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/208
  41. RDFUG 207 - Hunter's Moon/Alien Abductions2007/12/04
    The continuing adventures of Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, The Sterlings, and Minmei as told in Robotech Art III: The Sentinels. This is Week Two. Oh, and I get an interesting call. RDFUG.com/Donate
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/207
  42. RDFUG 206 - Tchotchke2007/12/03
    Lonely Soldier Boy Unplugged, Shadow Chronicles Knickknacks, and computer issues. RDFUG.com/Donate
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/206
  43. RDFUG 205 - F is for Frontier2007/12/01
    MEMO1DOMINION can turn off the caps lock, Masterpiece Toy Updates, a favorite site is gone, and Macross F.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/205
  44. RDFUG 204 - Martian Mystery Women2007/11/30
    Robotech Answers and Robotech Questions from the RoboCon 10 Trivia Contest.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/204
  45. RDFUG 203 - War Toys2007/11/29
    How the Eternity and Academy Robotech comics differ from the novels and the episode guide in Robotech Art Three: The Sentinels
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/203
  46. RDFUG 202 The Devil's Hand2007/11/28
    How the novels differ from the episode guide in Robotech Art Three: The Sentinels
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/202
  47. RDFUG 201 - A New Threat2007/11/27
    Back to the Live Shows with the first week of Robotech II: The Sentinels, and a little Robotech News.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/201
  48. RDFUG 200 - RDF Underground Episode 2002007/11/26
    Robotech The Movie: The Untold Story
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/200
  49. RDFUG 199 - Minmei Sucked Out An Airlock/Robocon 10 Trivia Part One2007/11/08
    Fun with Robotech Trivia from RoboCon 10. Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/199
  50. RDFUG 198 - Robotech: Crystal Dreams2007/11/07
    In A Vacuum, No One Can Hear Minmei Sing.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/198
  51. RDFUG 197 - The Third One Is Here2007/11/05
    Didn't really have much at the beginning, but when the THIRD ROBOTECH NETCASTER arrives, we get to talking about all sorts of stuff.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/197
  52. RDFUG 196 - More What Ifs2007/10/26
    What if the SDF-1 Survived, What if the SDF-2 Survived, What if the Master had the Protoculture to fold, and other questions answered in this episode.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/196
  53. RDFUG 195 - Robots in Disguise2007/10/25
    Using Linux to record an episode after a computer â??deathâ??, and talking about Transformers.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/195
  54. RDFUG 194 - i'm on ur showz wit a cold2007/10/19
    Still have a cold so it's a news only day.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/194
  55. RDFUG 193 - Zenkaikon/Con-Crud2007/10/16
    Back from Zenkaikon, and I talk about it and about the fandom's impression about Harmony Gold. Now with Uncle Yo and Hsu-Nami
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/193
  56. RDFUG 192 - The Weeks Ramble2007/10/12
    A bit about why there were no new shows this week, brief rambles of the news of the week. Not good for your first episode. Download Episode 191 first @ http://rdfug.com/191
  57. RDFUG 191 - The Sentinels/Mic behind a desk2007/10/05
    A discussion of what happened to the Sentinels and a possible future.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/191
  58. RDFUG 190 - Robotechize Me Cap'n!2007/10/04
    I pull three anime series out my rear to "Robotechize" and a couple are brought up in chat.
    Tomorrow: The Sentinels.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/190
  59. RDFUG 189 - Robotech 1.02007/10/03
    Why Shadow Chronicles and the classic series might not be good to bring in younger anime fans, and what HG could do to fix it.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/189
  60. RDFUG 188 - Mecha, Peace, and Soap2007/10/02
    Just me rambling on about the three prime ingredients to the Robotech Story: Giant Robots, "War is Bad", and screwed up romantic relationships.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/188
  61. RDFUG 187 - UStream Experiment #4: Robotech Variant2007/09/28
    The Palladium Press Release and a "What If?" based RPG campaign idea. Enjoy.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/187
  62. RDFUG 186 - UStream Experiment #3: Kick It!2007/09/26
    More Licensing, More Shadow Rising, and More Live Action Movie
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/186
  63. RDFUG 185 - UStream Experiment #2: Boobytrap2007/09/25
    Rush on Transformers II (and how that might affect the Robotech), Robotech in Israel, and a brief rundown of the first episode of Robotech, "Boobytrap"
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/185
  64. RDFUG 184 - UStream Experiment #1: More Shadow Rising2007/09/24
    Tommy Danced around the leak in SSL, and I talked about Miss Reflex Point.
  65. RDFUG 183 - Shadow Rising Treatment2007/09/21
    A nice lively discussion about the "leaked" version of the Shadow Rising Script Treatment and why it probably is "fake".
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/183
  66. RDFUG 182 - Anime Bento2007/09/20
    Has the Shadow Rising been leaked? Oh, and Anime Bento Reports.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/182
  67. RDFUG 181 - Shadow Chronicles Commentary2007/09/20
    This the local recording of the Shadow Chronicles Commentary, and there is a missing section where Skype disconnected me, and I had to redial in. Be warned.
    A Fan (non-drunk) Commentary track for Robotech: Shadow Chronicles. Featuring the talents of Kevin K, Heatsinker, Broodwars, and maybe Grel!!
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/181
  68. RDFUG 181 - Shadow Chronicles Commentary2007/09/19
    The Talkshoe Recording of a Fan (non-drunk) Commentary track for Robotech: Shadow Chronicles. Featuring the talents of Kevin K, Heatsinker, Broodwars, and maybe Grel!!
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/181
  69. RDFUG 180 - 2nd Anniversary/Poked Myself In The Eye.2007/09/18
    Talked to some fellow Robotech Fans about how they got into Robotech, played some music, and took a brief walk down memory lane.
    Oh, and I poked myself in the eye.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/180
  70. RDFUG 179 - What If . . .?2007/09/17
    The What If . . .? Robotech Edition. What If The Zentraedi came a year earlier? What if the Zentraedi came a year later? What if the UEG allowed the civilians to disembark? What If Khyron survived?
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/179
  71. RDFUG 178 - Preemptive Strike?2007/09/14
    A Quick show about the SDF-2 and Forum Rules.
  72. RDFUG 177 - Minmei2007/09/13
    Even though it starts with plugs for the next two Space Station Liberty Episodes, but I do get to talk about Legos, Interviews, Minmei, and the Ladies of Southern Cross.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/177
  73. RDFUG 176 - Hijacked2007/09/12
    Discussed Robotech The Movie: The Untold Story, planned to talk about the current Miss Protoculture Poll, but the show was hijacked by callers who discussed their dream casts for the Live Action Movie
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/176
  74. RDFUG 175 - Issues with Technology2007/09/11
    After some tech and personal doubt, an episode manages to appear. Live Robotech News search and my hopes for a live action Robotech Movie (Good no name actors, good story, and beautiful production design)
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/175
  75. RDFUG 174 - Mega-Damage2007/09/10
    Take a walk down memory lane with me as I discuss the Robotech Role Playing Game from Palladium Books.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/174
  76. RDFUG 173 - Live Action Movie2007/09/07
    Live Action Robotech Movie in Development and various Ratholes about Jem, Spiderman, Voltron, Silverhawks, Thundercats, and other nerdy shows.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/173
  77. RDFUG Announcement - Live Action Movie2007/09/07
  78. RDFUG 172 - THE RPG IS BACK!2007/09/06
    A talk about logistics was interrupted by breaking news: PALLADIUM OFFICIALLY HAS THE ROBOTECH RPG BACK IN THEIR DICE SCARRED HANDS!
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/172
  79. RDFUG 171 - Return To Macross Island II2007/09/05
    A return to Macross Island audioblogging and a brief rundown on what has happend this summer.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/171
  80. RDFUG 170 - State of Fandom Ramble2007/09/04
    A forum post inspires a ramble about the current state of Robotech Fandom.
    Purrrnce.com. Bootziez.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/170
  81. RDFUG 169 - Anime Favorites2007/09/03
    Not really much Robotech Stuff, but some of my other favorite shows.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/169
  82. RDFUG 168 - Alien Dog2007/08/30
    Alien Dogs, Indy Comics by Pie Throwers, Dragon*Con, and Stuff.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/168
  83. RDFUG 167 - Miss Macross2007/08/29
    Lite Robotech News, and an introduction to the contestants of this year's Miss Macross Competition.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/167
  84. RDFUG 166 - News 'n Stuff2007/08/28
    Back from a week off, and ready with Robotech News, RDF Underground Feedback, Chuck Norris and Brother Love.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/166
  85. RDFUG 165 - Defender of the Universe2007/08/17
    News from Patrice on KATG about Voltron, the price and release date of Shadow Chronicles Special Edition ($39.98 on 11/20/07), and feedback rants.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/165
    Hosts: Justy Ueki
  86. RDFUG 164 - Not Drunk/Ramble2007/08/15
    Darkwater's drunk and BANNED (and I ramble until my brain organizes itself in an aftershow.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/164
  87. RDF UG 163 Studio Cleanup/Feedback2007/08/14
    Due to studio cleanup this is a short episode focussing on feedback and Roger Harkavy's report from Summer Wonderfest 2007.
  88. RDFUG 162 - Vanilla2007/08/08
    Is Shadow Chronicles Bland? And Yes, Marcus is still Emo.
  89. RDFUG 161 - ReBoot2007/08/07
    Should Robotech be Rebooted?
  90. RDFUG 160 Aftershow2007/08/01
    Just after I finish recording the show, The Cassman calls in, and I start recording a show which goes from a discussion about the possibility of a Live Action Robotech TV series to cancelled Fox shows and 300. For Sparta.
    Hosts: Justy Ueki, Evan Cass
  91. RDFUG 160 - Live Action Robotech Redeux2007/08/01
    Instead of a Live Action Robotech Movie, what about TV Series?
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/160
  92. RDFUG 159 - Art of The Shadow Chronicles2007/07/31
    Review of The Art Of The Shadow Chronicles
  93. RDFUG 158 - Comic Con2007/07/30
    The Shadow Rising and more about a ROOM PARTY!
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/158
  94. RDFUG 157 - A Call To Midwest Fans2007/07/25
    A little prediction about the future of Robotech, and announcing a Robotech Anime Central Room Party.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/157
    Host: Justy Ueki
  95. RDFUG 156 - Cruising around the Museum2007/07/24
    Flying by the seat of my pant this episode, including a built-in Aftershow where we cruise around RobotechMuseum.com
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/156
    Hosts: Justy Ueki, The CassMan, Roger Harkavy, and Heatsinker
  96. RDFUG 155 - Shady2007/07/18
    SaveRobotech, ShadowChroniclesNews.com, Tom Bateman, MedMapGuy, and a pie in the face.
  97. RDFUG 154 - Aftershow2007/07/17
    Just shooting the shit with Cassman, Khyron Prime, and Captain JLS, including more about what we would do.
  98. RDFUG 154 - What Would YOU Do?2007/07/17
    Quite simply: What We Would Do With Robotech. Oh, and Robotech Master can be a wet blanket.
  99. RDFUG 153 Aftershow2007/07/11
    Just more chatting with Evan Cass and Heatsinker plus the people in Chat.
  100. RDFUG 153 - R.P.G. Memories2007/07/11
    Warning. Explicit language ahead.
    Memories of (non-starter) Robotech Campaigns, and the Cassman's Robotech RPG Memories.
  101. RDFUG 152 Aftershow2007/07/10
    Just me, Robotech_Master, and the Cassman continuing our chat for another hour or so, including issues with TalkShoe on all our ends.
  102. RDFUG 152 - The Return of the Cassman2007/07/10
    The Fandom Splits, TalkShoe Issues, an aftershow, and The Return of Evan Cass.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/
  103. RDFUG 151 - Views Of Shadow Chronicles2007/07/09
    How it appears the general anime fandom views Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. Also News and Announcements.
    Until the end of July The RDF Underground will only be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but will return to every weekday in August (hopefully).
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/
  104. RDFUG - One-Five-Zero2007/07/07
    Petite Cola Machines, Photo-Bots, Vid Phone-Bots, Accurate Speech Recognition, and Stuff. What We Don't Yet Have.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/
  105. RDFUG 149 - Blathering Away/Modern Media2007/07/05
    Complaining about lack of Robotech.com updates, Vince Grant on OtakuGeneration, and me and my fixation with "New" Media.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/149
  106. RDFUG 148 - Anime eXpo/Pie in the Face2007/07/03
    A wrap up of events from Anime eXpo 2007.
  107. RDFUG 147 - Super Dimension Fortress2007/07/02
    News, the SDF's, Major Carpenter, and rambles.
    Anime Expo stuff tomorrow.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/
  108. RDFUG 146 - Positives of the Fandom2007/06/29
    Instead of just talking about what the fandom needs to do, I talk about what the fandom has done, and how much of that makes us unique.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/
  109. RDFUG 145 - Robotech Fans and The Internet2007/06/28
    A last minute topic gets hijacked by an email from Khyron_Prime, and after a musical interlude I let him come on in and save the show. Oh, and there's a bit of an aftershow as well.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/
  110. RDFUG 144 - JAFAX Report2007/06/27
    Talking about my first JAFAX as Senior Staff. Robotech Returns Tomorrow.
    Download, Listen, and Subscribe @ http://rdfug.com/
  111. RDFUG 143 - Life on Macross Island2007/06/21
  112. RDFUG 142 - The RDF Underground Plan For WORLD DOMINATION2007/06/20
  113. RDF UG 141 - Feedback 'n Stuff2007/06/19
  114. RDFUnderground.com is back (almost)2007/06/19
  115. RDFUnderground.com is down2007/06/18
  116. RDF UG 140 - Stay in Fandom MedMapGuy. We Like You.2007/06/14
  117. RDFUG 139 - Protoculture2007/06/13
  118. RDFUG 138 - Robotech2007/06/12
  119. RDF Underground Episode 1372007/06/08
  120. RDF Underground Episode 1362007/06/07
  121. RDF Underground Episode 1352007/06/06
  122. RDF Underground Episode 1342007/06/05
  123. RDF Underground Episode 133: Shadow Chronicles Is SUPER!!!!!!!!!2007/05/31
  124. RDF Underground 1332007/05/31
  125. RDF Underground Episode 1322007/05/30
  126. RDF Underground Episode 1312007/05/29
  127. RDF Underground Episode 1302007/05/28
  128. RDF Underground Episode 1292007/05/25
  129. RDF Underground Episode 1282007/05/24
  130. RDF Underground Episode 1272007/05/23
  131. RDF Underground Episode 1262007/05/22
  132. RDF Underground Episode 1252007/05/21
  133. RDF Underground Episode 1242007/05/18
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