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Say What You Mean Convention

  1. 3 Flavors of Communication w/JoJo Tabares2010/02/03
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  2. Writing Skills-More Impt Than Ever w/Kim Kautzer!2010/02/03
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  3. Mother/Daugher Relationship w/Joan Rudder Ward2010/02/03
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  4. How to Build a Happier Marriage w/Cindy Rushton2010/02/03
    Cindy Rushton is well known in the homeschooling community as an encourager and a speaker who teaches others to live a godly life in Christ. She joins the SWMConvention this afternoon to speak to us about marriage from her Marriage 911 course. Cindy teaches from the heart and with biblical basics to help us improve our marriages even if they are already successful!
  5. What Most Apologetics Courses DON'T Teach You2010/02/02
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  6. What Good is a Speech Course if Your Children Won't Use It?2010/02/02
    JoJo Tabares of Art of Eloquence shares how to make studying speech less intimidating and even more FUN! She shares tips for resources to help you with public speaking.
  7. Avoiding, Reducing and Healing Conflicts2010/02/02
    This audio is a overview on conflict developed from a series of articles written by JoJo Tabares that will shortly become an eBook. She shares tips for avoiding, reducing and even healing conflicts.
  8. Talking vs Communication2010/02/02
    JoJo Tabares' short audio on the difference between talking and really communicating, and how not knowing the difference between the two can be devastating to your relationships.
  9. Conversation: The Most Impt Communication2010/02/02
    Audio sharing the reasons behind why JoJo says: "The most important communication isn't the speech you'll give to a crowd. It's the conversations you'll share w/friends & family." -JoJo Tabares
  10. How to Tailor Your Writing for Effectiveness2010/02/02
    JoJo Tabares takes you through a short audio sharing the importance of tailoring your writing to your audience as she shares tips for how to discern the best ways to write for your readers.
  11. Listening: THE Most Important Communication Skill2010/02/02
    This audio gives you a background as to why listening is the most important communication skill you can develop. JoJo Tabares shares tips for better listening and for fostering better listening in your children. (Don't forget to enter our Name That Sound Contest! It's a great way for you and your children to hone your listening skills!)
  12. Humor: A Powerful Communication Tool2010/02/02
    This audio delves into the power of humor and how you can use humor in your communication. JoJo Tabares also speaks to the issue of humor in God's Word. Scripture isn't all serious and Jesus was a master of humor!
  13. Speak the Truth in Love2010/02/02
    Bless Your Child's Writing Efforts Without Squishing His Spirit We all know how demoralizing it feels to be squished by a withering comment. We also know the warm glow that embraces us when someone speaks a word of affirmation. In this short audio, Kim Kautzer shares scriptures and practical tips to help you edit your children's writing in a constructive yet encouraging way..
  14. The Lazy Student: What's a Mom to Do?2010/02/02
    Your child puts off writing assignments sometimes indefinitely and it's driving you crazy! Is it procrastination . . . or laziness? Either way, these two culprits can cause all sorts of problems for your child. Kim Kautzer will help you discover the similarities and differences, and learn how to help your dawdler set and meet writing goals and deadlines.
  15. Law of Kindness2010/02/02
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  16. What it Takes to be a Great Communicator2010/02/02
    What are the qualities of a great communicator? What does it take to be effective? JoJo Tabares looks a several qualities you must develop in order to become a master communicator like Ronald Reagan, The Great Communicator
  17. How to Write a Speech2010/02/02
    Does the thought of writing (and giving) a speech reduce you to a bowl of jelly? Writing a speech is very much like writing an essay. Join Kim as she helps you teach your children to write a speech worth presenting. Discover how to come up with an audience-grabbing â??hook,â?? and learn some secrets of planning and organizing a speech before the writing part ever begins.
  18. JoJo's Welcome Audio2010/01/07
    JoJo Tabares, founder and host of the Say What You Mean Convention and owner of Art of Eloquence shares a few minutes with you to get you familiar with how to navigate the convention site, find your free gifts and get to live, online seminars and events!
  19. Say What You Mean Convention Preview Show!2010/01/01
    The Say What You Mean Convention is coming Feb. 3rd, 2010. We will be previewing the events of the convention sharing our upcoming Keynote Speakers, seminars, workshops and freebies! Check out the www.SayWhatYouMeanConvention.com in early January for further details on this year's 2010 convention!
Say What You Mean Convention
The Say What You Mean Convention is an Annual Interactive online event held around The Great Communicator's (Ronald Reagan) Birthday teaching communication skills to the Christian community. -------------------------------------------------------
All the fun of a regular homeschool or Chrsitian convention without the hassles of traveling and admission is free! -------------------------------------------------------
Keynote and guest speakers, workshops, contests and prizes! All audios and live seminars will be held here at the official SWMConvention TalkCast but the rest of the convention is held online at www.SayWhatYouMeanConvention.com!
The 4th Annual SWMC is over but we still have over 46 audios here for you to listen to and some freebies and other goodies on the convention site so don't miss out. -------------------------------------------------------
Sign up for Art of Eloquence newsletters for information on the SWMC 2010! www.ArtofEloquence.com
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