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Random Chaos

  1. EPISODE19 - Random Chaos2009/03/04
    Yes, we're doing another one :P

    We'll play it by ear :)
  2. EPISODE16 - Random Chaos: Back?2008/01/31
    Joe and Tom continue to join me for RC. There is some pretty bad static throughout this episode I'm afraid as we had a rather stressed out connection.
  3. EPISODE15 - Random Chaos2007/06/12
    We'll have Joe and Tomas in with us as well as 'special guests' so come in and say hello.
  4. EPISODE14 - Random Chaos2007/06/04
    Decided to do one after all... join in :)
  5. EPISODE13 - Random Chaos: Unlucky is the Number?2007/02/28
    Yup, another week...another podcast. After an insane amount of downloads last week (by my standards), we're having one on at the same time again this week. Email me any topics you want mentioned.
  6. EPISODE12 - Random Chaos: The Belated Return2007/02/21
    Yes, Its been a while indeed. We'll have guests too! If you have anything you want mentioned email me or comment on blog at therealrandomchaos.blogspot.com
  7. EPISODE11 - Random Chaos2007/01/11
    Hey All, For Info on the episode, check out the blog at therealrandomchaos.blogspot.com and anthing you want us to talk about email me.
  8. EPISODE10 - Random Chaos - A Christmassy Chaos.2006/12/20
    Right... well due to a spelling error and some kind of sending mistake the first time round I'm sending it yet again. You can find the details at http://therealrandomchaos.blogspot.com/
  9. EPISODE9 - Random Chaos2006/12/12
    Lets see what we come up with, eh?
    Well...this episode was wierd, but a good wierd, we got an Indian prank call who pretended to be trying to call Domino's...Hilarity Ensued
  10. EPISODE8 - Random Chaos2006/12/06
  11. EPISODE7 - Random Chaos: Aftermath2006/12/05
    As usual, call in or just chat and tell us what you want to talk about. We might also mention our attempt at a 24 hour Podcast.
  12. EPISODE6: Part 3 - Random Chaos: 24 Hour Show...perhaps2006/12/04
    Section 3 of the 24 hour show. Join in if you can. This section ends on a low note as our host Pauricthelodger was repeatedly kicked off his VOIP client and was unable to get on again in the end.
  13. EPISODE6: Part 2 - Random Chaos: 24 hours...perhaps2006/12/04
    The second thrilling installment of Random Chaos' 24 hour long podcast attempt.
  14. EPISODE6: Part 1 - Random Chaos: 24 Hour Show...Perhaps2006/12/04
    The show is only recorded for 5 hours so we had to change over.
  15. EPISODE5 - Random Chaos2006/12/04
    If you need help setting up X-Lite, the start of this is us helping a person do it.
  16. EPISODE3 - Random Chaos2006/12/03
    A late night show. After talking to some of the folks on Skype, we decided to make another episode.
  17. EPISODE2 - Random Chaos2006/12/02
    This episode was originally set up to help someone set up X-lite, however feed was lost when a terminal technical error occured, which is why it is shorter.
  18. EPISODE1 - Random Chaos2006/12/02
    This was our first episode. Went okay after a slow start.
Random Chaos
This podcast is a bit Random and also rather Chaotic. We try to talk about stuff that you, the listener, choose. Otherwise, It can get very crazy, so please... Join In...
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