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Space Station Liberty

  1. Featured Guests: Darius Hambleton & Jeff Mechlinski, Strange Machine Games2018/04/29
    Last week it was card games, this week it's board games! We'll be talking to Strange Machine Games co-owners Darius Hambleton and Jeff Mechlinski about the Robotech board games their company is producing, "Robotech: Attack on the SDF 1" and "Robotech: Ace Pilot".

    After the interview, we'll discuss any other Robotech-related matters that present themselves. Hope to see you there!
  2. Featured Guest: David Killingsworth, SolarFlare Games2018/04/22
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  3. Rand Speaks Again: Frank Catalano Returns!2017/10/21
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  4. Let's have another Robotech talk!2017/10/08
    Hey, everyone, I'd like to invite you to join me again in another week's time, for another far-ranging fan discussion of all things Robotech. I hope I'll see you there!
  5. Lawsuits, Commentaries, and Other Stuff2017/07/30
    I'd like to talk about the new Harmony Gold BattleTech lawsuit, the new version of the Castle of Cagliostro commentary track I did, and who knows what else? I'll try to remember to show up this time. I'll even set an alarm!
  6. Robotech Christmas Eve2016/12/24
    What kind of Veritech does Santa fly? Does he bring presents to good little Zentraedi, too? Can there even BE a "little" Zentraedi? What would an Invid want for Christmas? These and other questions may be under consideration this Robotech Christmas Eve!
  7. Another Saturday Chat2016/12/17
    Let's get together again and chat for an hour or so.
  8. Sunday Afternoon Robotech Chat2016/12/11
    The last couple of shows have been good, so let's have another! Who knows? Perhaps someone from Harmony Gold will show up. Even if not, we can still talk about the latest news, or lack thereof. Join us!
  9. Weekend Chat2016/12/03
    Not everyone can stay up to the wee small hours, so let's get together Saturday! Anyone is welcome, be they fans or Harmony Gold representatives. Discussion will be civil no matter who shows up.
  10. Catching Up (Maybe)2016/12/01
    How have you all been? I've been doing various things. If anyone shows up, we'll chat and catch up on Robotech and related matters. If not, I may not record the show. It's not as much fun by myself.
  11. Frank Catalano - Rand speaks!2014/08/30
    I will be interviewing Frank Catalano, voice actor of Rand and Lt. Dennis Brown from Robotech, author of the book "Rand Unwrapped" - http://bit.ly/randunwrapped

    Be prepared to call in, because after I ask my questions I'll open the floor to let you ask yours, or just say hi to one of the more memorable voices from your childhood!
  12. Robotech Strike Force GenCon Broadcast2014/08/17
    In which I walk through a player demo of the new Robotech RPG Tactics game at GenCon. The first 10 minutes is recorded in video form at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ef7EbFwMBsU
  13. Another Robotech Fan Get-Together2014/08/06
    We were joined by several Robotech fans including ex-Harmony Gold staff Tom Bateman, David "Brooklyn Red Leg" Farris, Rhade, Treis, and Skull23. We talked for a long time about where Harmony Gold went wrong with Robotech and what it should do now.
  14. Shooting the Robotech Breeze2014/08/03
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  15. Prerecorded Episode #12 - Interviews: Richard Epcar, Robert Axelrod2010/11/22
    In this episode, I complain about the continued lack of progress on either a live-action or further animated movie, and post the in-person interviews I did with Richard Epcar (Ben Dixon, Lunk, Grel, Vince Grant) and Robert Axelrod (Rico the Zentraedi, Lord Zedd from Power Rangers).
  16. Saturday Night Show2009/10/03
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  17. BattleTech Movie Chat with Doug Bendo2009/10/03
    I was joined by Doug Bendo for half an hour of chat relating to the Transformers and possibility of BattleTech movies.
  18. Prerecorded Show #11 - Mospeada Figures, BattleTech News, More Lupin III2009/10/01
    This is a pre-recorded show, not a call-in. I cover the neat new Mospeada action figures sent in by a listener, the recent BattleTech news, and more Lupin III reviews (the Part 3 TV show and Legend of the Gold of Babylon). You'll be able to download it in just a few minutes, as soon as I finish uploading it!

    Don't forget the live call-in shows Saturday afternoon and evening!
  19. Merchandising and a New Writer?2009/09/01
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  20. McKeever, Yune: Shadow Not Rising?2008/06/05
    Kevin McKeever and Tommy Yune join me to dispel the rumors that Shadow Rising is on hiatus, stemming from a misinterpreted answer at the A-Kon convention last weekend.
  21. Post-Interview Fandom Chat2008/05/16
    With the Mike Reynolds interview over, some of the fans felt like hanging out and geeking on Robotech in general. Probably only of interest to hard-core fans, but you never know!
  22. Mike Reynolds Interview, Part Two2008/05/16
  23. Mike Reynolds Interview, Part One2008/05/16
    Tonight's featured guest was Mike Reynolds, the voice actor behind Dolza, Senator Russo, and many incidental character voices in Robotech, as well as one of the show's writers and ADR editors. He was a truly fascinating guest, and had many interesting things to say.
  24. Guest: Jason Marker, Part 22008/05/07
  25. Guest: Jason Marker, Palladium's New Robotech Writer, Part 12008/05/07
    Tonight's guest was Jason Marker, the fellow who is writing the Southern Cross RPG for Palladium. The first hour is devoted exclusively to Robotech news and questions about the RPG; the second hour branches out into other SF and anime, including a review of the Devil May Cry anime by Charles Phipps.
  26. Not As Impromptu, But Still Show, Part 22008/04/30
  27. Not As Impromptu, But Still Show, Part 12008/04/30
    On the agenda for tonight: I got a new cellphone, and was finally able to get the Robotech: New Generation cellphone game! Also, discussion of Macross Frontier, if I get a chance to watch some of it before then. And who knows what else?
  28. Attack of the Impromptu Show, Part 22008/04/23
  29. Attack of the Impromptu Show, Part 12008/04/23
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  30. New Saturday Timeslot2008/04/12
    I'm going to try running the show in a Saturday afternoon timeslot for a while, so I will not be directly competing with Battlestar Galactica and so that it will give European Robotech fans more of a chance to get in on the show. Up for discussion today: more on the RPG, and whatever else comes to mind.
  31. More Talk About the New RPG2008/04/04
    Because, really, what else is there to talk about right now? :)
  32. Robotech Fan Discussion, Part 22008/03/29
  33. Robotech Fan Discussion, Part 12008/03/28
    Continuing from the previous show, this episode features a bunch of fans talking about Robotech. It starts out as these fans attempt to supply advice to a new gamer, who had just gotten the Shadow Chronicles RPG but never actually done much roleplaying before, and continues into matters of the Southern Cross and New Generation, such as just what the heck is really in HBT canisters.
  34. First Looks: Palladium's new Shadow Chronicles RPG, Part 22008/03/28
  35. First Looks: Palladium's new Shadow Chronicles RPG, Part 12008/03/28
    For this show, I, Brooklyn Red Leg, Schneeg, CavScout, and Tommy Yune got together to discuss the Shadow Chronicles RPG that Palladium has finally brought to press. The show went to three hours. The former 90 minutes were focussed on the game; the latter 90 minutes will be split off into their own show.
  36. Robotech Friday Night2008/03/14
    Another weekly episode. Tommy Yune will not be joining us, so it will be all fan-talk. Still, show up; we'll see what happens.
  37. Tommy Yune: New RPG, the Condor, and Blu-Ray, Part 22008/03/07
  38. Tommy Yune: New RPG, the Condor, and Blu-Ray, Part 12008/03/07
    Tommy Yune was with us tonight to talk about the new RPG (almost twice as thick as originally intended, at the original price!), more on the rationale behind the Condor Battloid's nontransformability, and a discussion of the prospects for a series release on Blu-Ray disc--and more!
  39. One Evening of the Condor Battloid, Part 22008/02/22
  40. One Evening of the Condor Battloid, Part 12008/02/22
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  41. Robotech Friday Night2008/02/01
    The standard show at the standard timeslot. Who knows who might show up?
  42. Robotech Friday Night2008/01/25
    Another Robotech Friday Night! No specific guests scheduled yet, but this is subject to change. We had a great show last week, don't miss this one!
  43. Robotech Friday Night with Wes Abbott!2008/01/18
    Tonight we'll have a special guest! Wes Abbott of the Return to Macross comic books! And big show news: we now have a web chat interface, no downloading required!
  44. Happy New Year and Macross Frontier2007/12/28
    To be discussed: the first episode of Macross Frontier; anything else new and improved in the world of Robotech.
  45. Tommy Yune on Aoshima & More, Part 22007/12/14
  46. Tommy Yune on Aoshima & More, Part 12007/12/14
    Tommy Yune clears up the confusion over the cancellation of the Aoshima TLEAD (Beta) toy, answers some mailed in questions, and chats about show stuff.
  47. Robotech Friday Night2007/12/07
    Another regularly-scheduled episode! What gets discussed depends on who shows up!
  48. Robotech Friday Night2007/11/30
    Welcome, readers of the Springfield News-Leader! After taking a break for Thanksgiving, I will host a new episode of Space Station Liberty this week. Hope to see you there!
  49. Robotech Friday Night2007/11/16
    First impressions of the Shadow Chronicles 2-disc DVD set, hopefully some Q&A with Tommy Yune, and maybe more depending on whoever else shows up!
  50. Robotech Friday Night2007/11/09
    People seem to prefer this timeslot, so I'll be hosting a show regardless of my background noise level. What will be discussed remains to be seen, but will perhaps include more on the Writers' Strike, the Aoshima toys, and whatever other news has come out.
  51. Robotech Sunday Morning2007/11/04
    Trying a different timeslot for my Sunday show; whether the show is held will depend on whether anybody shows up.
  52. Robotech Friday Night2007/11/02
    Re-scheduled show.
  53. Robotech Sunday Afternoon2007/10/28
    Come join whoever shows up for a discussion of current Robotech events, such as the 40% off Funimation sale on RightStuf.com.
  54. Impromptu Robotech Friday Night2007/10/26
    Not originally scheduled as I am participating in a medical study clinic and I expected it to be very noisy. But it's actually pretty quiet, so I'm going to try at least a short show.
  55. Robotech Sunday Afternoon2007/10/21
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  56. Robotech Friday Night2007/10/12
    It is too early at this point to say exactly what we will discuss or who we will discuss it with, but if any Robotech or related news breaks during the week, make plans to meet here and now to talk about it! Description to be updated as situation warrants.
  57. Tommy Yune: Miscellaneous2007/10/05
    It being a slow news week, we touch upon things like the Protoculture Addicts freelancer search, Palladium's listing of the Shadow Chronicles RPG in their on-line store, questions from chatters, and the like.
  58. Tommy Yune: Fireworks, RPG Press Release, Stuff, Part 22007/09/28
  59. Tommy Yune: Fireworks, RPG Press Release, Stuff, Part 12007/09/28
    Tommy Yune joined us for topics including the distributing deal with Fireworks, the solicitation of the Robotech RPG in Previews for December, and Palladium's new press release. After that came the usual random Robotech chat.
  60. Yune/McKeever: Anime Bento, The "Leak," and Everything, Part 42007/09/22
  61. Yune/McKeever: Anime Bento, The "Leak," and Everything, Part 32007/09/21
  62. Yune/McKeever: Anime Bento, The "Leak," and Everything, Part 22007/09/21
  63. Yune/McKeever: Anime Bento, The "Leak," and Everything, Part 12007/09/21
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  64. Prerecorded Show #10 - News, Interview Clips, Lupin III2007/09/19
    This first pre-recorded show in several months touches on major items of Robotech news, includes some interesting excerpts from the three most recent interview shows, and reviews of Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro and Tales of the Wolf. The Lupin III material begins at about the 25 minute mark.
  65. Bruce Lewis and Aftermath2007/09/16
    Today I interviewed Bruce Lewis, author of the Robotech: Aftermath comic book series, about his introduction to anime fandom, his contributions to the Robotech canon, and the comic book industry.
  66. Robotech RPG Talk with Tommy Yune & Kevin Siembieda, Part 22007/09/14
  67. Robotech RPG Talk with Tommy Yune & Kevin Siembieda, Part 12007/09/14
    Tommy Yune and Kevin Siembieda discussed the upcoming release of the newly relicensed Robotech roleplaying game.
  68. Live-Action Movie Talk with Kevin McKeever2007/09/09
    Tonight we discussed the just announced Robotech live-action movie project, the Palladium RPG deal, the Anime Bento film festival, and the Shadow Chronicles special edition DVD with Harmony Gold's Kevin McKeever. A decent amount of information came out, but it turned out to be too premature to discuss many of the details about the live-action movie.
  69. GenConVersation2007/08/26
    After recovering from a sore throat I caught on the way home, I'm ready to host my first show since GenCon, discussing what came out at the panels and my talk with Kevin Siembieda about the state of the new Robotech RPG.
  70. GenCon Bound!2007/08/11
    If you're preparing to leave for GenCon, check this show out for tips and suggestions for preparing for GenCon and what to do when you get there! Also, discussion of other recent Robotech news, and discussion of the Shadow Chronicles art book.
  71. San Diego Comic Con Episode2007/07/27
    This show will feature Harmony Gold representatives Tommy Yune and Kevin McKeever, live from the San Diego Comic Con. Maybe they will have new Robotech revelations to relate?
  72. More than Meets the Eye: The Transformers Movie's Implications for Robotech2007/07/07
    This show will be a round-table fan discussion of the recently-released Transformers movie, and its implications for Robotech fandom. Will a live-action movie be released? If so, what changes will they have to make?
  73. Post-Interview Robotech Chat2007/06/23
    The fans who called in to participate in the interview hang around for another hour to shoot the breeze about mecha shows, hillbilly families, and whatever else comes to mind.
  74. Greg Finley Interview, Part Two2007/06/23
  75. Greg Finley Interview, Part One2007/06/23
    My guest on this show was Greg Finley, voice of Captain Gloval and Commander Leonard, and also one of the writers for the original show. Call in with your questions!
  76. More News and Events2007/06/17
    Discussion of recent Robotech news and events, including a further delay for Art of Shadow Chronicles and reviews of the New Generation phone game. All fans welcome to join in!
  77. Robotech Chat2007/06/09
    Another weekly Robotech chat, among whoever shows up. We'll be talking about the recent toy news, and more! EDIT: Pushed back to 4:00 p.m. Eastern due to schedule conflicts
  78. Robotech chat2007/06/03
    No guest or specific topics, but discussion about what's been going on in the world of Robotech lately, and why I haven't been around.
  79. Episode 36 - Jonathan Brands (Funimation Robotech Brand Manager) Interview2007/04/21
    This afternoon we will be talking with Jonathan Brands, the brand manager for Robotech at Funimation (as well as Genesis of Aquarion, Black Cat, and Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad); Harmony Gold's Tommy Yune will also be present. Discussion will include Shadow Chronicles DVDs and the distribution deal announced this past week.
  80. EPISODE 35g - Carl Macek Interview, Part 72007/04/14
  81. EPISODE 35f - Carl Macek Interview, Part 62007/04/14
  82. EPISODE 35e - Carl Macek Interview, Part 52007/04/14
  83. EPISODE 35d - Carl Macek Interview, Part 42007/04/14
  84. EPISODE 35c - Carl Macek Interview, Part 32007/04/14
  85. EPISODE 35b - Carl Macek Interview, Part 22007/04/14
  86. EPISODE 35a - Carl Macek Interview, Part 12007/04/14
    On this show, I talked with the father of Robotech and arguably one of the grandparents of today's animé industry: Carl Macek himself. In the first three hours of the show, we covered Macek's career and the history of the various animated shows; in the last 80 minutes various fans asked various Robotech plot questions.
  87. PRERECORDED SHOW #9 - News, Music, Lupin III Reviews (UPDATED)2007/04/09
    News about the Shadow Chronicles art book, a new Michael Bradley tune and some fan-made music videos, and the masterpiece Cyclone pre-orders. Reviews of Lupin III Series 1 and Mystery of Mamo. Music from Genesis Climber Mospeada, the Podsafe Music Network, and Lupin III. NOTE: As of 12:30 p.m. Eastern, I made a brief update to the Shadow Chronicles art book story concerning the Amazon ship date.
  88. EPISODE 34c - Michael Bradley & Khristy K CD roundtable, Part 32007/03/31
  89. EPISODE 34b - Michael Bradley & Khristy K CD roundtable, Part 22007/03/31
  90. EPISODE 34a - Michael Bradley & Khristy K CD roundtable, Part 12007/03/31
    Tonight I had Michael Bradley and Khristina K. on the show to talk more about their new CD, now that it has been released. Tommy Yune showed up as well, in the last half hour of the show.
  91. PRERECORDED SHOW #8 - News, Music, Review: Lonely Soldier Boy2007/03/27
    Administrivia; news; music from the Podsafe Music Network, KILLBOT ZERO, Robotech: The Movie, and Genesis Climber Mospeada; track by track review of Michael Bradley's new CD, Lonely Soldier Boy.
  92. EPISODE 33b - Scott Glasgow Discussion, Part 22007/03/25
  93. EPISODE 33a - Scott Glasgow Discussion, Part 12007/03/25
    Originally recorded as part of the Ulpio Minucci tribute, topic drift led to this segment of the show being split off and presented as a separate episode. There is still a fair amount of discussion of Ulpio Minucci interspersed amid the Shadow Chronicles talk.
  94. EPISODE 32c - Ulpio Minucci Tribute Episode, Part 32007/03/25
  95. EPISODE 32b - Ulpio Minucci Tribute Episode, Part 22007/03/25
  96. EPISODE 32a - Ulpio Minucci Tribute Episode, Part 12007/03/25
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  97. EPISODE 31 - Talking to Tommy2007/03/14
    Tommy Yune is on the line!
  98. EPISODE 30b - Steve Kramer Interview, Part 22007/03/13
  99. EPISODE 30a - Steve Kramer Interview, Part 12007/03/13
    In this show we will be talking to Steve Kramer, who was the script editor, one of the writers, and one of the dialogue directors on the original Robotech TV series, as well as providing the voice of Angelo Dante!
  100. EPISODE 29c - Darkwater Farewell Party, Part 32007/03/11
  101. EPISODE 29b - Darkwater Farewell Party, Part 22007/03/11
  102. EPISODE 29a - Darkwater Farewell Party, Part 12007/03/11
    As people may have heard, longtime Robotech blogger Darkwater is ending his Robotech blog due to taking a management position in a media network. Well, on this show his faithful readers will be able to bid him farewell and wish him luck in his future endeavors.
  103. EPISODE 28 - Yuri Lowenthal Interview2007/03/08
    Interviewing Yuri Lowenthal, who voices Marcus Rush in Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, and has also done voices for a number of other projects including Naruto.
  104. EPISODE27b - Rebecca Forstadt Interview, Part 22007/03/06
  105. EPISODE 27a - Rebecca Forstadt Interview, Part 12007/03/05
    This show's guest was Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski, better known to Robotech fans as "Reba West"--the voice of Robotech's Lynn Minmei!
  106. EPISODE 26d - Scott Glasgow Interview, Part 42007/02/28
  107. EPISODE 26c - Scott Glasgow Interview, Part 32007/02/28
  108. EPISODE 26b - Scott Glasgow Interview, Part 22007/02/28
  109. EPISODE 26a - Scott Glasgow Interview, Part 12007/02/27
    I am joined by Scott Glasgow for a discussion of his career, his composition style, the soundtrack to Shadow Chronicles and how it was created, and other matters. We are joined late in the show by Presley Cannady for a small roundtable discussion.
  110. PRERECORDED SHOW #7 - Ranking, News, Universalis2007/02/24
    Administrivia including placeholders, TalkShoe show ranking, upcoming guests. News including the return of RDF Underground, the NY Comic Con Shadow Chronicles panel, and the Anime Awards. Thoughts on using the Universalis game in a Robotech setting. Music from eTree and the Podsafe Music Network.
  111. EPISODE 25 - Random Shadow Chronicles Discussion II2007/02/23
  112. EPISODE 24c - Barbara Goodson Interview, Part 32007/02/23
  113. EPISODE 24b - Barbara Goodson Interview, Part 22007/02/23
  114. EPISODE 24a - Barbara Goodson Interview, Part 12007/02/22
  115. EPISODE 23 - Random Shadow Chronicles Discussion2007/02/19
  116. EPISODE 22d - Kevin Siembieda Interview, Part 42007/02/19
  117. EPISODE 22c - Kevin Siembieda Interview, Part 32007/02/19
  118. EPISODE 22b - Kevin Siembieda Interview, Part 22007/02/19
  119. EPISODE 22a - Kevin Siembieda Interview, Part 12007/02/19
  120. PRERECORDED SHOW #6 - Administrivia, News, and a Song2007/02/18
  121. EPISODE 21d - Michael Bradley/Khristina Kaye Interview, Part 42007/02/16
  122. EPISODE 21c - Michael Bradley/Khristina Kaye Interview, Part 32007/02/16
  123. EPISODE 21b - Michael Bradley/Khristina Kaye Interview, Part 22007/02/16
  124. EPISODE 21a - Michael Bradley/Khristina Kay Interview, Part 12007/02/15
  125. EPISODE 20b - Richard Epcar interview, part 22007/02/14
  126. EPISODE 20a - Richard Epcar interview, Part 12007/02/13
  127. Toynami SPECIAL REPORT2007/02/11
  128. PRERECORDED SHOW #5 - Administrivia, News, Music, Dice2007/02/10
  129. EPISODE 19b - Roger Harkavy interview, Part 22007/02/09
  130. EPISODE 19a - Roger Harkavy interview, Part 12007/02/08
  131. Episode 18e - The Shadow Chronicles DVD Discussion, Part 52007/02/07
  132. Episode 18d - The Shadow Chronicles DVD Discussion, Part 42007/02/07
  133. Episode 18c - The Shadow Chronicles DVD Discussion, Part 32007/02/07
  134. Episode 18b - The Shadow Chronicles DVD Discussion, Part 22007/02/07
  135. Episode 18a - The Shadow Chronicles DVD Discussion, Part 12007/02/06
  136. Episode 17d - James Luceno interview, Part 42007/02/06
  137. Episode 17c - James Luceno interview, Part 32007/02/06
  138. Episode 17b - James Luceno interview, Part 22007/02/06
  139. Episode 17a - James Luceno interview, Part 12007/02/05
  140. PRERECORDED SHOW #4 - Show Notes, Robotech Shots, and Alien Dice2007/02/04
  141. PRERECORDED SHOW #3 - Prelude vs. Shadow Chronicles2007/01/31
  142. PRERECORDED SHOW #2 - The McKinney Premise & CatBlue Dynamite2007/01/30
  143. EPISODE 16d - Melanie MacQueen Interview, Part Four2007/01/30
  144. EPISODE 16c - Melanie MacQueen Interview, Part Three2007/01/30
  145. EPISODE 16b - Melanie MacQueen Interview, Part Two2007/01/30
  146. EPISODE 16a - Melanie MacQueen Interview, Part One2007/01/29
  147. PRERECORDED SHOW #1 - NOT RDF Underground2007/01/27
  148. EPISODE 15d - Chase Masterson Interview, Part 42007/01/27
  149. EPISODE 15c - Chase Masterson Interview, Part 32007/01/27
  150. EPISODE 15b - Chase Masterson Interview, Part 22007/01/26
  151. EPISODE 15a - Chase Masterson Interview, Part 12007/01/12
  152. EPISODE 14 - Tuesday Night Talking2007/01/09
  153. EPISODE 13b - Happy New Year, Part 22007/01/04
  154. EPISODE 13a - Happy New Year, Part 12007/01/04
  155. EPISODE 12 - Harmony Gold Marketing Rep Kevin McKeever Interview2006/12/21
  156. EPISODE 11d - Robotech Saturday Night, Part 42006/12/16
  157. EPISODE 11c - Robotech Saturday Night, Part 32006/12/16
  158. EPISODE 11b - Robotech Saturday Night, Part 22006/12/16
  159. EPISODE 11a - Robotech Saturday Night, Part 12006/12/16
  160. EPISODE 10d - Tom Bateman Interview, Part 42006/12/13
  161. EPISODE 10c - Tom Bateman Interview, Part 32006/12/13
  162. EPISODE 10b - Tom Bateman Interview, Part 22006/12/13
  163. EPISODE 10a - Harmony Gold Brand Coordinator Tom Bateman Interview, Part 12006/12/13
  164. EPISODE 9b - If you like Robotech, you'll also like... Part 22006/12/12
  165. EPISODE 9a - If you like Robotech, you'll also like... Part 12006/12/12
  166. EPISODE 8g - Dave Deitrich, Tommy Yune, Old-Schoolers, Part 72006/12/09
  167. EPISODE 8f - Dave Deitrich, Tommy Yune, Old-Schoolers, Part 62006/12/09
  168. EPISODE 8e - Dave Deitrich, Tommy Yune, Old-Schoolers, Part 52006/12/09
  169. EPISODE 8d - Dave Deitrich, Tommy Yune, Old-Schoolers, Part 42006/12/09
  170. EPISODE 8c - Dave Deitrich, Tommy Yune, Old-Schoolers, Part 32006/12/09
  171. EPISODE 8b - Dave Deitrich, Tommy Yune, Old-Schoolers, Part 22006/12/09
  172. EPISODE 8a - Dave Deitrich, Tommy Yune, Old-Schoolers, Part 12006/12/09
  173. EPISODE 7d - Harmony Gold Creative Director Tommy Yune Interview, Part 42006/12/07
  174. EPISODE 7c - Harmony Gold Creative Director Tommy Yune Interview, Part 32006/12/07
  175. EPISODE 7b - Harmony Gold Creative Director Tommy Yune Interview, Part 22006/12/07
  176. EPISODE 7a - Harmony Gold Creative Director Tommy Yune Interview, Part 12006/12/07
  177. EPISODE 6c - Darkwater & Smitty, Part 32006/12/04
  178. EPISODE 6b - Darkwater & Smitty, Part 22006/12/04
  179. EPISODE 6a - Darkwater & Smitty, Part 12006/12/04
  180. EPISODE 5c - "Mad" Mike Choi, Part 3 - WARNING: MANY FOUR-LETTER WORDS2006/12/02
  181. EPISODE 5b - "Mad" Mike Choi, Part 2 - WARNING: MANY FOUR-LETTER WORDS2006/12/02
  182. EPISODE 5a - "Mad" Mike Choi, Part 1 - WARNING: MANY FOUR-LETTER WORDS2006/12/02
  183. EPISODE 4b - Peter Walker Interview, Part 22006/12/01
  184. EPISODE 4a - Peter Walker Interview, Part 12006/12/01
  185. EPISODE 3f - Old School Night, Part 62006/11/23
  186. EPISODE 3e - Old School Night, Part 52006/11/23
  187. EPISODE 3d - Old School Night, Part 42006/11/23
  188. EPISODE 3c - Old School Night, Part 32006/11/23
  189. EPISODE 3b - Old School Night, Part 22006/11/23
  190. EPISODE 3a - Old-School Night, Part 12006/11/23
  191. EPISODE 2b - Shadow Chronicles and Fandom, Part 22006/11/18
  192. EPISODE 2a - Shadow Chronicles and Fandom, Part 12006/11/18
  193. EPISODE 1 - Robotech memories...2006/11/16
Space Station Liberty
Remember Robotech? This podcast is about the seminal American anime mecha experience, the anime, games, and other spinoffs related to it, and the Internet fandom that grew up around it. I will try to have guests with interesting things to say about that fandom, but chatters who remember the show (or are curious about the show) are welcome to join right in!

NOTE: The opinions and viewpoints expressed on this show are strictly those of the individuals expressing them and do not necessarily represent those of Harmony Gold (unless they are expressed by a Harmony Gold representative in an official capacity). Robotech, The Shadow Chronicles, Space Station Liberty, and all associated trademarks are property of Harmony Gold, and their use in this podcast is not intended to infringe.
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