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Mad Money Machine

  1. Couch to 5K time2017/03/14
    I’m starting to do my own Couch to 5K running plan that I created 9 years ago. Somehow, I have done the 5K to couch plan over the last few years. Gotta turn that around. I didn’t even realize that the dedicated page for the C25K didn’t work any more. Have a look a the Mad […]
  2. Making good on my WORD: The Spoken Bible2017/03/13
    On The Bitcoin Game #40 podcast from 30 Dec 2016, I indicated that my next project might possibly be to record the Bible. I’m beginning to make good on my word. Check out The Spoken Bible. I’m interested in your feedback on whether any of it is listenable or not. Send it to me in […]
  3. MMM S02E13: The Ultimate Episode2014/09/19
    MMM = Audio Selfie? Which iPhone will you get? Scotland marketing campaign? TOOL: Breadwallet for iOS Don’t get scammed by Phishing emails! B2B better than B2C for Bitcoin? Satoshi’s Corner: his last messages Roger Ver: BitcoinBountyHunter.com Bitcoin as offering plate Bitcoin for foreign tourists Sponsor Segment: Brawker.com – Before you buy it, Brawker it! 12 Step […]
  4. MMM S02E12: Penultimatum!2014/09/05
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  5. MMM S02E11: Strength in Numbers2014/08/22
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Mad Money Machine
by Paul Douglas Boyer

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