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ESPN: Fantasy Focus Football(2009-Winner,People Choice)

  1. Week 7 Overview2019/10/18
    The crew talks the Patrick Mahomes injury (1:01), Week 7 Love/Hate (17:05), other key injuries to monitor (27:03) and answers your social questions (1:06:07). Plus, a special appearance from our V Foundation donors.
  2. Week 7 DFS Preview2019/10/17
    Mike Clay, Daniel Dopp and Al Zeidenfeld break down the best values and which NFL stars are worth the price tag for Week 7!
  3. Week 7 TNF Preview2019/10/17
    The crew talks the latest injury updates (2:35), a TNF game preview (17:53), the key WR/CB matchups (32:48) and answers your social questions (43:58).
  4. Week 7 Updates2019/10/16
    The crew talks the Jalen Ramsey trade (4:04), if Will Fuller will bounce back (18:06), if James Conner is reliable (23:15), handling Austin Ekeler (31:20) and Prison Mike returns during the social questions (47:45).
  5. Week 7 Waivers2019/10/15
    Matthew and Field give a MNF recap (5:28), free agent finds for Week 7 (30:54) and answer your social questions (46:00).
  6. Week 6 Recap2019/10/14
    Matthew and Field talk if Stefon Diggs' performance is a sign of things to come (2:19), if Baker is back (21:38), how to handle the Jets with Darnold (33:13) and what to make of the Rams' struggles (47:42).
  7. Week 6 Overview2019/10/11
    Matthew and Field talk the Patriots D/ST (5:19), how to handle the main Week 6 injuries (17:50), this week's Love/Hate (45:00), Field and Stream (57:47) and answer your social questions (1:03:33).
  8. Week 6 DFS Preview2019/10/10
    Mike Clay, Daniel Dopp and Al Zeidenfeld break down their favorite Wk 6 values and which big name stars are worth the price tag! Join our league: bit.ly/Week6DFS
  9. Week 6 TNF Preview2019/10/10
    Field and Daniel preview Giants vs. Patriots (2:33), the best and worst WR/CB matchups (21:30), play a new game "Cope/Breakup Season" (35:30) and answer your social questions (47:40).
  10. Week 6 Injury Updates2019/10/09
    The crew talks the latest injury updates (3:28), how to manage the Chargers' backfield (21:58), what RB to trust on the 49ers (31:50) and answers your social questions (42:30).
  11. Week 6 Waivers2019/10/08
    Matthew and Field talk about the struggles in Washington (1:34), recap MNF from last night (27:33), give some waiver wire adds (38:32) and answer your social questions (49:52).
  12. Week 5 Recap2019/10/07
    Matthew and Field break down the top storylines from Week 5 including concerns for Aaron Rodgers, is DJ Chark set-it-and-forget-it, Will Fuller's historic day and more.
  13. Week 5 Overview2019/10/04
    The crew talks the Chargers' backfield situation (8:24), the Vikings' WR dilemma (15:13), how to handle the Pittsburgh offense (30:38), Week 5 Love/Hate (44:52) and the debut of Field and Stream (51:28).
  14. Week 5 DFS Preview2019/10/03
    Mike Clay, Daniel Dopp and Al Zeidenfeld break down their favorite values and discuss which stars are worth their price points from the Week 5 slate.
  15. Week 5 TNF Preview2019/10/03
    The crew talks the latest injury updates (3:04), previews the best TNF plays tonight (15:56), gets the best WR/CB matchups (35:15) and answers your social questions (44:01).
  16. Week 5 Injury Updates2019/10/02
    The crew talks how to handle Week 5 injuries (2:44), gives rankings discussion (19:49) and answers your social questions (44:21). Plus, Matthew Berry chats with San Francisco Giants third basemen and Fantasy Focus Celeb League player Evan Longoria (53:23).
  17. Week 5 Waivers2019/10/01
    Matthew and Field talk what to do with Bengals players (4:02), how the Steelers' offense will look going forward (17:28), who to add for your Week 5 waiver wire (32:40) and answer social questions (55:17).
  18. Week 4 Takeaways2019/09/30
    Matthew and Field talk Wayne Gallman's value (5:10), what we learned from Daniel Jones & Kyle Allen led offenses (10:00), which players you should buy low on (43:00) and more.
  19. Week 4 Preview2019/09/27
    The crew gives us insight into the Chiefs' backfield (16:49), debates what Terry McLaurin's nickname should be (20:34), if you can trust Kyler Murray (36:00), how to manage Baker Mayfield's struggles (48:28) and if you should sell high on Melvin Gordon (1:03:42).
  20. Week 4 DFS Preview2019/09/26
    Mike Clay, Daniel Dopp & Al Zeidenfeld break down the Week 4 DFS slate and talk best values and great matchups. Plus, join our free DFS League -> bit.ly/FocusDFS
  21. TNF Game Preview2019/09/26
    The crew gives us a Melvin Gordon update (4:02), the best WR/CB matchups (9:22), a TNF game preview (23:50) and answers your social questions (44:03).
  22. Week 4 Injury Updates2019/09/25
    The crew tells us what to make of Cam Newton's Lisfranc injury (2:22), the impact of new QBs (18:45), who is prime to breakout (27:30), answers your social questions (49:11) and an interview from Matthew Berry with the filmmaking duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller (53:55).
  23. Week 4 Waivers2019/09/24
    The crew tells us what to make of last night's MNF game (4:30), including the biggest disappointment (15:32), how to manage Saquon's injury (23:08), the best waiver wire adds for WRs (36:15) and answer your social questions (46:07).
  24. Week 3 Takeaways2019/09/23
    The crew break down all of the big takeaways from Week 3, including Saquon's injury, fill-in QB performances, if it's time to panic on underperforming stars & more.
  25. Week 3 Preview2019/09/20
    The crew tells us what a banged up group of WR's means for Eagles WR Nelson Agholor (5:15), Matthew and Field make a Board Bet on Jameis Winston (22:24), talks riding the wave with Hollywood Brown (28:46), why two former Oklahoma State studs may catch fire in Pittsburgh (41:54) and what to do with Devonta Freeman (1:04:23).
  26. Week 3 DFS Preview2019/09/19
    The crew breaks down the Week 3 DFS slate to give you all the best buys and great values. Plus, Mike & Daniel set their lineups and Al chooses his favorite for Week 3.
  27. TNF Preview2019/09/19
    The crew breaks down Titans-Jags (5:46), talks Mike Clay's WR/CB matchups (16:30), dives into their Week 3 rankings (27:46) and takes listener Q's (44:25).
  28. Live From Baltimore: MNF, Patience or Panic & Ravens Talk2019/09/18
    Live from Rams Head Live in Baltimore, MD, the crew recaps MNF (3:15), debuts the new Not Cool Keith theme song (18:30), talks news around the NFL (25:30), plays a round of patience or panic (38:00) and speculates on end of season rankings for Lamar, Hollywood & Mark Andrews (52:00).
  29. Week 2 Recap2019/09/16
    The crew recaps all the Week 2 action including injuries to Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger and how that will affect the rest of the Saints & Steelers.
  30. Week 2 DFS2019/09/13
    Mike Clay, Daniel Dopp & Al Zeidenfeld help you set your Week 2 DFS lineups with Clay's lineup optimizer and Smizzle's best buys. Plus, play against us in our free DK League!
  31. Week 2 Previews2019/09/13
    Info (Show/Hide)
  32. Taking Flight?2019/09/12
    The crew breaks down the latest on the injuries to Hunter Henry and Darrius Guice (3:30), talks Mike Clay's WR vs. CB matchups (11:50), evaluates TNF's Bucs vs. Panthers battle (23:50) and dives into the breaking news around the Jets' injury situation (31:59).
  33. Week 2 Injury Updates2019/09/11
    The crew talks injury updates for Hill, Mixon and Coleman and how it affects those around them (2:06). Plus, Week 2 rankings questions (17:44) and Mike Clay Presents: NFL 32 - A Mike Clay Production (30:00).
  34. MNF Recap, Week 2 Waivers2019/09/10
    The crew breaks down both MNF games (1:00), discuss how to handle the Guice & Coleman injuries (24:00), which free agents are must-adds (32:30), if we're buying breakout games from young WRs (37:40) and social questions.
  35. Week 1 Recap2019/09/09
    The crew breaks down everything you need to know from the Week 1 action including which young pass catchers you should potentially target on the waiver wire this week.
  36. EMERGECY POD: Antonio Brown2019/09/07
    Matthew and Field bring you an emergency Antonio Brown podcast after his release from the Raiders and signing with the Patriots. They break down all the fantasy implications.
  37. Week 1 DFS & Antonio Brown Update2019/09/06
    Mike Clay and Daniel Dopp discuss AB's availability for Monday's game against the Broncos & break down everything you need to know for your Week 1 DFS lineup.
  38. Week 1 Previews2019/09/06
    The crew previews all the week one action including Matthew Berry's Love/Hate list and Stephania Bell's injury concerns heading into the weekend.
  39. TNF Preview, WR/CB Matchups2019/09/05
    The crew breaks down more of Mike Clay's WR/CB matchups, previews the Bears-Packers TNF matchups and takes a few social questions from listeners.
  40. Zeke Signs, Week 1 Rankings, WR/CB Matchups2019/09/04
    The crew rejoices in the Zeke drama being resolved, discuss some Week 1 rankings and Mike Clay breaks down his positive WR/CB matchups.
  41. Zeke, Gordon & Chiefs RBs2019/09/03
    The crew breaks down all of the news around holdouts for Zeke and Melvin Gordon and how to handle their draft stock. Plus, McCoy to the Chiefs and so much more!
  42. Live 2019 Mock Draft2019/08/30
    The crew (Matthew, Field, Stephania, Mike, Daniel, Keith, Kyle, Damian, Tom & Pierre) does a live 10-team PPR mock draft, breaking down every pick along the way.
  43. 10 Lists of 10 & Top Injury Question Marks2019/08/29
    The crew discusses Matthew Berry's 10 Lists of 10, which preseason story lines he's buying, and Stephania's top injury question marks. Plus, we fill out the Show League.
  44. Final Double Trouble: Bears & Packers2019/08/28
    The crew finishes up Double Trouble for the 2019 season by diving into the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears. Plus, we put more people in the show league and social Q's!
  45. Ravens & Bengals2019/08/27
    With Matthew Berry back in the fold, the crew quickly recaps the Colts fantasy prospects with Luck's retirement and then breaks down the Ravens & Bengals.
  46. Luck's Retirement & Week 3 Recap2019/08/26
    The crew talks about Luck's retirement, the Texans RB situation, big takeaways from Week 3's preseason action and dives into listener submissions for The Show League.
  47. TNF Recap, Week 3 Preview & Buffalo Bills2019/08/23
    The crew recaps the biggest stories from Thursday night's games, preview the rest of Week 3 and break down the Buffalo Bills fantasy outlook for 2019.
  48. Texans-Jaguars Double Trouble2019/08/22
    The crew talks news around Melvin Gordon, Vance McDonald, Pats WRs and Chiefs RBs before diving into the 2019 fantasy outlook for the Texans & Jaguars.
  49. Live from NYC - Giants & Jets2019/08/21
    The crew comes to you live from The Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square, breaking down all the info you need when drafting anyone from the Jets & Giants, plus audience Q&A.
  50. Getting Healthy; Colts/Titans Double Trouble2019/08/20
    Field Yates and Matthew Berry weigh in on Emmanuel Sanders' health, the latest updates on DJ Chark and Derrius Guice and break down everything you need to know on the Colts and Titans.
  51. Josh Gordon, Chiefs & Raiders Double Trouble2019/08/19
    The crew breaks down Josh Gordon's reinstatement, which Cowboys RB is the handcuff to Zeke and we break down everything you need from the Chiefs & Raiders.
  52. Chargers-Broncos Double Trouble2019/08/16
    The crew delves into the Chargers & Broncos in an AFC West edition of double trouble. Can you trust Mike Williams to be a WR2? Is Phillip Lindsay just a Flex play? Plus, Q&A!
  53. Loves, Hates & The Redskins2019/08/15
    The crew breaks down Matthew Berry's Loves and Hates for 2019 and gives you everything you need to know about the Washington Redskins fantasy prospects.
  54. Live Marathon Pod: Browns-Steelers2019/08/14
    Live from the Fantasy Marathon, the crew breaks down the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers in an AFC North edition of Double Trouble.
  55. Luck's Injury & Rams-Cardinals Double Trouble2019/08/14
    The crew discusses their potential concerns around Andrew Luck's injury and breaks down the Rams and Cardinals in our continuation of Double Trouble.
  56. Saints-Panthers Double Trouble2019/08/12
    The crews discusses the latest surrounding Antonio Brown's wild offseason and talks Saints-Panthers for double trouble.
  57. Stephania Returns & 49ers-Seahawks Double Trouble2019/08/09
    The crew breaksdown everything you need to know about the 49ers-Seahawks (including what to make of both backfields) and Stephania empties her training camp notebook!
  58. AB News & Falcons-Bucs Double Trouble2019/08/08
    The crew talks about the latest around AB's feet and how it's affected his draft price. Plus, we breakdown everything you need to know about the Falcons and Bucs!
  59. Cowboys & Eagles Double Trouble2019/08/07
    The crew breaks down everything you need to know about the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. Plus, we take your Twitter / YouTube questions live at the end of the show!
  60. Zeke News and Patriots / Dolphins Double Trouble2019/08/06
    The crew updates Zeke's holdout, Andrew Luck's calf injury, D'Onta Foreman signing and Lamar Jackson's rushing projections. Plus, Patriots and Dolphins double trouble.
  61. Top RB Questions & Vikings Double Trouble2019/08/05
    The crew breaks down their latest thoughts on Saquon going #1 overall, what to do with RB holdouts, Todd Gurley's injury concerns & a full breakdown of the Minnesota Vikings.
  62. Fantasy Focus Live: Detroit, MI2019/07/31
    Fantasy Focus kicks off the 2019 season with a live podcast from St. Andrews Hall in Detroit, MI. We talk AJ Green, Tyreek Hill, RB holdouts & of course, Deeeeetroit Lions!
  63. We're Almost Daily & Melvin Gordon!2019/07/15
    The crew breaks down the fantasy value of Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler after Gordon's trade demands and if a trade would really affect Gordon's rankings.
  64. 100 Facts2019/07/02
    Matthew tells you about a live Fantasy Focus podcast, plenty of Jimmy V opportunities and reads to you his 100 Facts article.
  65. Live Show Update & Rookie Talk2019/07/01
    Matthew and Mike Clay announce our first live show in 2019, break down our 4 V Foundation experiences and delve into expectations from this year's rookie class!
  66. Mr. and Mrs. Yates2019/06/25
    After the crew breaks down some NFL headlines, they dive into Field's big day!
  67. Fantasy Rankings Summit Recap2019/05/02
    The crew recap the ESPN Fantasy Rankings Summit, breaks down the first expert mock draft of the season & Matthew reminds everyone that he was in Avengers: Endgame.
  68. NFL Draft Recap2019/04/29
    Matthew, FIeld, Stephania and Mike recap everything you need to know about rookie values, 2019 projections and injury concerns.
  69. Free Agency Frenzy!2019/03/13
    The crew breaks down the AB & OBJ trades, Le'Veon to the Jets and all the rest of the moves from free agency.
  70. Live From the 2019 NFL Combine2019/03/04
    Info (Show/Hide)
  71. Business Wars: NFL vs USFL2019/03/04
    Fantasy Focus shares a clip from Wondery's new Business Wars podcast on the battle between the NFL & USFL. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Listen Here
  72. Full Combine Interviews: Part 22019/03/04
    As promised, live from the 2019 NFL Combine, we bring you the full interviews with Chargers GM Tom Telesco, Lions GM Bob Quinn, Redskins HC Jay Gruden, Raiders OC Greg Olsen and Rams GM Les Snead.
  73. Full Combine Interviews: Part 12019/03/04
    As promised, live from the 2019 NFL Combine, we bring you the full interviews with Titans GM Jon Robinson, Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff, Packers HC Matt LaFleur and Cowboys HC Jason Garrett.
  74. Live From The Combine: Part 22019/03/01
    Live from the NFL combine, we break down soundbites from Chargers GM Tom Telesco, Lions GM Bob Quinn, Redskins HC Jay Gruden, Raiders OC Greg Olson and Rams GM Les Snead.
  75. Live From The Combine: Part 12019/02/28
    Live from the NFL combine, the crew brings you soundbites from Titans GM Jon Robinson, Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff, Packers HC Matt LaFleur and Cowboys HC Jason Garrett.
  76. Browns RB Dilemma2019/02/12
    Matthew Berry and Mike Clay break down the Cleveland Browns signing of Kareem Hunt, what it could mean for Hunt and Nick Chubb's workload in 2019 and their dynasty value.
  77. Head Injuries In Soccer2019/01/22
    Taylor Twellman joins Stephania Bell to provide an update on the current state of recognition and in-game management of head injuries in soccer. He offers his thoughts on what rule changes are needed to improve player safety at all levels and announces his new athlete advisory role with a neurotechnology company.
  78. AFC / NFC Championship Games2019/01/22
    The crew recaps the whirlwind weekend of NFC and AFC Championship games and we talk OT playoff rules and if both teams should be able to have an offensive possession.
  79. Coaching Changes!2019/01/15
    Matthew Berry and Mike Clay break down the latest coaching changes and the potential fantasy impact.
  80. 2018 Fantasy Focus Awards Show2019/01/14
    The crew looks back at the 2018 fantasy season and hands out hardware to the 10 most deserving nominees.
  81. Wild Card Recap2019/01/07
    Field, Stephania and the behind the glass crew recap all the games from Wildcard Weekend!
  82. Goodbye 2018 (Week 17 Recap)2018/12/31
    Field Yates, Matthew Berry, Stephania Bell and Daniel Dopp recap NFL Week 17 and discuss some team and player expectations for the 2019 season.
  83. Week 17 Preview: Ranks, Injuries And Rest2018/12/27
    Field Yates, Stephania Bell and Mike Clay preview the entire Week 17 slate and discuss what teams may limit the playing time of their fantasy stars.
  84. Week 16 Preview + Injury updates2018/12/21
    The crew previews the entire Week 16 slate and breaks down the latest injuries updates.
  85. Stretch Fun2018/12/20
    Mina Kimes talks all things NFC East with Matthew Berry (3:10), and welcomes Dianna Russini to chat about the enormous Saints-Steelers matchup this weekend (48:00).
  86. Week 16 News + WR/CB Matchup 2018/12/20
    The crew talks Cam Newton being shut down by the Panthers, Josh Gordon stepping away from the Pats, Week 16 WR/CB Matchups and a wayyyy to early 2019 first round mock draft.
  87. Week 16 Rankings + Projections2018/12/19
    The crew talks about two NFC North RBs heading to IR, Week 16 rankings and we make Mike Clay back up his weekly projections!
  88. MNF Recap: Week 16 Waivers2018/12/18
    The crew recaps Saints-Panthers, complains about Brees, Cam, previews the Week 16 waiver wire and play a new segment around Crappy Bands You've Never Heard Of.
  89. Week 15 Recap2018/12/17
    The crew weighs in on the bewildering results of Week 15, including the lack of production from Leonard Fournette, Dak Prescott, Saquon Barkley and more.
  90. Week 15 Preview2018/12/14
    The crew previews all the Week 15 games and breaks down all the injuries you need to keep an eye on.
  91. TNF Preview2018/12/13
    Field, Mike and Stephania look ahead to the Chargers-Chiefs TNF matchup and weigh in on the latest Carson Wentz injury.
  92. Week 15 Rankings2018/12/12
    Field Yates, Stephania Bell and Mike Clay discuss the latest injury news and share their rankings for Week 15. Prepare for some top QB hate from Mike, plus Twitter questions!
  93. MNF Recap & Week 15 Waviers2018/12/11
    The crew recaps Seahawks-Vikings, talks about the latest injury news for Tyreek Hill and Melvin Gordon / Austin Ekeler / Justin Jackson and Week 15 Waiver Wire adds.
  94. Wild Weekend Recap2018/12/10
    The crew recaps Sunday's Week 14 matchups and discuss if Tom Brady and Cam Newton are still 'set it and forget it' fantasy starters.
  95. Concussion Management2018/12/07
    Dr. John Neidecker of the Association of Ringside Physicians joins Stephania to discuss the 2018 publication "Concussion Management in Combat Sports" and how the concussion guidelines, particularly with regard to return to sports, are being implemented in boxing, kickboxing and MMA.
  96. Week 14 Preview2018/12/07
    The crew previews all the Week 14 games, talks injuries to keep an eye on and multiple board bets!
  97. Week 14 TNF Preview & Dynasty Talk2018/12/06
    The crew breaks down the Emmanuel Sanders injury and what it means for Courtland Sutton. Plus, a preview of Jags-Titans and a deep dive into RB dynasty values with Mike Clay.
  98. Week 14 Rankings2018/12/05
    Field, Mike and Stephania weigh in on the recent injury news to James Conner, discuss their week 14 rankings and answer your Twitter questions. Plus, Mike's "Back That Up."
  99. MNF Recap; Week 14 Waiver Wire2018/12/04
    Field, Matthew and Mike Clay recap Monday Night Football and talk waiver wire adds heading into the playoffs including why Josh Allen is the best quarterback pick up this week over Baker Mayfield and more.
  100. Week 13 Recap2018/12/03
    The crew recaps all the action from Week 13 and delves into the fallout from the Kareem Hunt video and much more.
  101. Week 13 Preview2018/11/30
    The crew previews all the Week 13 games, talks injury updates and breaking news about possible shenanigans in the Fantasy Focus Pigskin Pick'em league.
  102. NFC Showdown2018/11/29
    The crew previews TNF, Matthew share his weekly Love/Hate, a new ZR Smartest Fan of the Week is selected and more.
  103. Week 13 Rankings 2018/11/28
    The crew talks about Week 13 rankings, Mike Clay's projections for James Conner and Tyler Lockett and Twitter questions from listeners.
  104. Still Surging2018/11/27
    The crew recaps the Texans' MNF win over the Titans, weigh in on the Week 13 waiver wire and discuss which handcuffs have the greatest ceiling should the star sit.
  105. Thanksgiving Hangover2018/11/26
    Field, Matthew and Stephania recap Week 12 and discuss if Aaron Rodgers is still a must start, who could replace Melvin Gordon in your lineup and much more.
  106. Turkey Day & Holiday Football2018/11/21
    Matthew, Field and Stephania preview Week 12, including the Thanksgiving Day slate, discuss the injury to Saints' Trea€™Quan Smith and much more.
  107. MNF Recap & Week 12 Waivers2018/11/20
    The crew recaps a historic Chiefs-Rams game, goes in-depth on the latest injury news and breaks down the Week 12 waiver wire.
  108. Week 11 Recap2018/11/19
    The crew recaps all the Week 11 action including injuries to Alex Smith, Marcus Mariota and Kerryon Johnson. Plus, big games from Tre'Quan Smith, Kenny Golladay & Gus Edwards!
  109. Week 11 Preview2018/11/16
    The crew breaks down the entire Week 11 slate including injuries to watch, who's a must-start and who should be on your bench.
  110. TNF Preview2018/11/15
    Matthew, Field and Stephania preview the Packers-Seahawks matchup, dab into Matthew's Love/Hate and select the new Zip Recruiter Fan of the Week.
  111. Run For The Border 2018/11/14
  112. MNF Recap; Week 11 Waiver Wire2018/11/13
  113. Sunday Recap2018/11/12
  114. Week 10 Preview2018/11/09
  115. TNF Preview2018/11/08
  116. Dez Signing & Week 10 Ranks2018/11/07
  117. Rise Of The Titans; Waiver Wire2018/11/06
  118. Week 9 Recap2018/11/05
  119. Week 9 Preview2018/11/02
  120. Week 9 Love/Hate 2018/11/01
  121. Trade Deadline Recap & Week 9 Waivers2018/10/31
  122. MNF Recap2018/10/30
  123. Week 8 Recap2018/10/29
  124. Week 8 Preview 2018/10/26
  125. TNF Preview2018/10/25
  126. Week 8 Rankings2018/10/24
  127. Traded2018/10/23
  128. Running Away 2018/10/22
  129. Week 7 Preview 2018/10/19
  130. Eye-Sync Technology: Using Eye Tracking as a Measure of Brain Performance2018/10/18
  131. TNF Preview2018/10/18
  132. Week 7 Rankings2018/10/17
  133. MNF Recap; Waiver Wire2018/10/16
  134. Week 6 Recap2018/10/15
  135. Week 6 Preview2018/10/12
  136. NFC East Showdown2018/10/11
  137. NFL Gameday Concussion Protocol2018/10/11
  138. Week 6 Rankings2018/10/10
  139. Saints Go Marching In2018/10/09
  140. Big Game Sunday2018/10/08
  141. Week 5 Preview2018/10/05
  142. TNF Preview2018/10/04
  143. Week 5 Rankings2018/10/03
  144. Showtime Mahomes2018/10/02
  145. The Red Rifle Strikes Again2018/10/01
  146. Week 4 Preview 2018/09/28
  147. Rank Em' 2018/09/27
  148. What Did We Learn? 2018/09/26
  149. Still Magical? 2018/09/25
  150. Rising To The Occasion 2018/09/24
  151. Week 3 Preview2018/09/21
  152. Deeper Than It Looks? 2018/09/20
  153. Top Of The Class (Wk 3 Rankings) 2018/09/19
  154. Bear Down 2018/09/18
  155. What Did We Learn? (Week 2 Recap) 2018/09/17
  156. Week 2 Preview2018/09/14
  157. Bounce Back?2018/09/13
  158. Week 2 Rankings2018/09/12
  159. Waiver Wire Ranks2018/09/11
  160. Week 1 Recap2018/09/10
  161. Week 1 Preview2018/09/07
  162. One Star Signs, Another Holds Out2018/09/06
  163. Week 1 Rankings2018/09/05
  164. 49ers RBs, Waivers & Handcuffs2018/09/04
  165. Live Mock Draft!2018/08/31
  166. League / Draft Strategy2018/08/30
  167. Chips All In2018/08/29
  168. The Definitive Injury List of 20182018/08/28
  169. Preseason Week 3 Recap2018/08/27
  170. To Beignet Or Not To Beignet2018/08/24
  171. Fly Eagles Fly2018/08/23
  172. Panthers, Falcons and Throwing Darts2018/08/22
  173. Cakes, Yates and Double Trouble2018/08/21
  174. Chia Pet Berry2018/08/20
  175. Bullish On The Bears2018/08/17
  176. Lions, Vikings & Failed Board Bets2018/08/16
  177. Ow, My Finger!2018/08/15
  178. Week 1 Preseason Recap2018/08/13
  179. Draft Day Manifesto2018/08/10
  180. Colts, Jags & Underwear Drawers2018/08/10
  181. Roll The Dice2018/08/09
  182. Happy Jeff Fisher Day? 8/82018/08/08
  183. Live in LA from the El Rey Theater!2018/08/07
  184. Live from LA Chargers Camp2018/08/07
  185. "Most of them are ..."2018/08/03
  186. Who Wins The Wonderlic: 8/22018/08/02
  187. Dynasty Discussion: 8/12018/08/01
  188. Ohh-Woww-Heyy: 7/312018/07/31
  189. We're Back!: 7/302018/07/30
  190. Sleepers, Busts & Breakouts2018/07/17
  191. 100 Facts: 7/5/182018/07/05
  192. So Many Annoucements, So Much News2018/06/26
  193. Cartilage Restoration and Dustin Pedroia's return2018/05/24
  194. 2018 Rankings Summit Recap2018/05/07
  195. Instant Impact2018/04/30
  196. Pre-Draft Overview 2018/04/10
  197. Early Free Agency Recap2018/03/19
  198. BONUS! Field & Adam Schefter Talk Free Agency2018/03/20
  199. Emergency Landry/Tyrod Podcast2018/03/12
  200. Combine Deep Dive2018/03/08
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