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  1. #818: The Problem Of The Root2018/01/17
    The wild ginseng market has gone crazy. We go to a farm hidden in the Appalachian mountains to find out why.
  2. #817: The Gun Man 2018/01/12
    Will 3-D printing make gun control impossible?
  3. #489: The Invisible Plumbing Of Our Economy2018/01/10
    Why does it take days to send money electronically?
  4. #816: Bitcoin Losers2018/01/05
    The Bitcoin market has gone crazy. And it's revealing something strange. A lot of people can't find their Bitcoins. We go looking for lost billions.
  5. #273: When The U.S. Paid Off The Entire National Debt2018/01/03
    What does a country with no debt look like? To find out, we went back to the United States in 1835.
  6. #815: The Rest of the Story 20172017/12/29
    Every year at Planet Money, we take a cue from radio legend Paul Harvey and bring you "The Rest of the Story." It's a show where we check in on some of the episodes that we've done in the past year, and tell you what's changed.
  7. #544: The M&M Anomaly2017/12/27
    David Kestenbaum noticed that a pack of Milk Chocolate M&M's weighs 1.69 ounces, but a pack of Peanut Butter M&M's weighs 1.63 ounces. He had to know why. But the confectionary world has its secrets.
  8. BONUS INDICATOR: How Airfare Is Changing2017/12/25
    Why flying to small airports keeps costing more and more, just as flying to big airports is getting cheaper. (This episode is from our new podcast, The Indicator. Subscribe to it wherever you get your podcasts.)
  9. #814: The Tax Plan Is Huge2017/12/22
    Congress just passed the largest tax overhaul in decades. We dig in.
  10. #670: The Santa Suit 2017/12/20
    Today on the show: A lawsuit over a Santa suit is a window into countless hidden fights that shape the stuff we buy. It's one man's battle against the U.S. government — and, in a way, against himself.
  11. BONUS INDICATOR: Forget Neutrality2017/12/18
    From our new podcast, The Indicator: Opponents of net neutrality argue that the government should get out of the way and let the market work, that's what leads to better service and more choice. We examine that logic.
  12. #813: The Produce Show2017/12/15
    Five reporters go to the New York Produce Show and Conference, each on a mission.
  13. #812: High Rise, Low Returns2017/12/13
    As a businessman, President Trump is known for his towering buildings. Today we tell the story of one of those skyscrapers and what it says about how and with whom Trump does business.
  14. BONUS: The Indicator, From Planet Money2017/12/11
    We've made a new show. You can subscribe to it now. It's called 'The Indicator'. It's for those times you want Planet Money to explain the news, quickly. It's short (about five minutes) and three days a week.
  15. SPACE 4: 3 2 12017/12/08
    We've got a satellite. We got a rocket. We're heading to the launch pad.
  16. SPACE 3: Rocket Shopping2017/12/06
    We found a satellite. We tried to figure out what it would do. Now we need to choose our rocket.
  17. SPACE 2: Wait, Why Are We Going To Space? 2017/12/01
    We hitched a ride on a satellite. Now we have to figure out what we're going to do up there.
  18. SPACE 1: We're Going To Space2017/11/29
    We really are going to space.
  19. #807: Anatomy of a Hustle 2017/11/24
    What did Paul Manafort do, exactly? Robert Mueller's indictment is 31 pages of hard-to-understand financial crime. We try to figure it out.
  20. #665: The Free Food Market2017/11/22
    A while back, the charity Feeding America was a mess. It was sending pickles to food banks that wanted produce, and potatoes to Idaho. So they called some economists, and a free food market was born.
  21. #806: Walmart's Pickle2017/11/17
    Walmart and Amazon are in a battle to be the store where you buy everything. But when both companies sell everything, what sets them apart? Food inventions like a bright, red pickle!
  22. #805: War And Peace And Cows2017/11/15
    In South Sudan, there is a kind of money that works even through bank failures and unstable governments. But when war struck, it upended a whole economy: the economy of cows.
  23. #672: Bagging the Birkin 2017/11/10
    Once you've got a Birkin bag, you've made it. But to get one, you need more than just money. Birkins always seem to be mysteriously out of stock. This is no accident.
  24. #804: Your Cell Phone's A Snitch2017/11/08
    Timothy Carpenter stole cell phones. Then his phone sold him out to the Feds. Now the Supreme Court has to decide how private our cell phone data should be.
  25. #369: If Teens Ran the Fed 2017/11/03
    Once a year, teenagers from across the country team up and compete to run the U.S. Federal Reserve.
  26. #803: Nudge, Nudge, Nobel2017/11/01
    Why do smart people make dumb decisions? Figuring that out won Richard Thaler a Nobel Prize.
  27. #802: The Hotel at the Center of the World2017/10/27
    A Chinese company pays millions of dollars for a failing hotel in a small, rural town. We follow the trail of money, and it explains the world economy.
  28. #579: Is the NCAA An Illegal Cartel? 2017/10/25
    In any other industry, it's illegal for a group of companies to get together and cap wages. What makes the NCAA different?
  29. #801: The Death Show 2017/10/20
    Today on the show: death. We have four stories about how people prepare for death and what they leave behind for the living.
  30. #581: Free Money2017/10/18
    Bob Peterson claims to have found the thing people have sought for thousands of years — an investment guaranteed to double in value. He keeps it in a storage locker in Utah. It's protected by a single padlock.
  31. #800: North Korea's Capitalists 2017/10/13
    Capitalism isn't supposed to exist in North Korea. But all over the country, small businesses are popping up, growing the nation's economy. And much of that money is going straight to the country's nuclear program.
  32. #799: Corporate! Income! Tax!2017/10/11
    Republicans are proposing big changes to the corporate income tax. Trillions of dollars are at stake. Here's what it all means.
  33. #798: Bad Credit Bureau2017/10/06
    For most of our lives, Equifax has been slurping up our financial data. Now the company's been hacked and our data is loose. Today, we trace this mess back to two brothers and one fateful decision.
  34. #648: The Benefits of Bankruptcy 2017/10/04
    It might just be the secret weapon of the U.S. economy.
  35. #797: Flood Money2017/09/29
    Bill Pennington's house floods a lot: Three times in the last three years. And every time his house floods, the government pays to help him repair the damage. Is something wrong here?
  36. #524: Mr Jones' Act2017/09/27
    The government suspended the Jones Act last week, to allow non-US ships to move fuel to victims of hurricanes in Houston and Florida. Which once again made us wonder why the act even exists.
  37. #796: The Basic Income Experiment2017/09/22
    The basic income. A flat payment to citizens, without strings. Is it a progressive fever dream, or sensible policy? We may soon find out. The Finnish Government is testing it on 2,000 citizens.
  38. #795: Is Record Breaking Broken?2017/09/20
    The Guinness Book of World Records had a problem. It was a book. And books aren't selling as well as they used to. So Guinness changed what they were selling, and who they were selling to.
  39. #794: How To Make It In The Music Business2017/09/15
    Behind almost all popular music, there is this hidden economy of music producers buying and selling sonic snippets, texting each other half-finished beats, and angling for back-end royalties.
  40. #647: Hard Work Is Irrelevant2017/09/13
    Patty McCord helped create a workplace at Netflix that runs more like a professional sports team than a family. If you're not up to scratch, you're off the team. Is this the future of work?
  41. #793: This Week in Time Bombs2017/09/08
    We look at three time bombs Congress is sitting on: The federal budget, the debt ceiling, and DREAMers.
  42. #628: This Ad's For You2017/09/06
    Tom Burrell was the first black man in Chicago advertising. He went on to change the way we think about ads, and the way advertisers think about us.
  43. #792: The Ransom Problem2017/09/01
    When someone has been kidnapped, what do you do? If you pay ransom, you create a market for hostages. If you don't, people die. Different countries have different policies with different results.
  44. #791: Tips From Spies2017/08/30
    There's an entire universe of things spies are not allowed to tell us. Today on the show, a few of the teeny things they can say. They might come in handy.
  45. #790: Rough Translation in Ukraine2017/08/25
    Fake news from Russia helped spark a real war in Ukraine. What can Ukraine's fight against fake news teach the US?
  46. #652: The Hydrox Resurrection2017/08/23
    Hidden in the trash heap of commerce there is buried treasure. Abandoned brands--including trusted, beloved brands--are waiting to be claimed and reborn. Today on the show: A cookie comeback.
  47. #789: Robocall Invasion2017/08/18
    Your phone rings--it looks like your neighbor's calling. But instead, it's the creepiest scam of the year.
  48. #653: The Anti-Store2017/08/16
    Costco made shopping harder, and customers loved it. Now a new company is taking the Costco experience to new extremes.
  49. #788: Robert And Kenny Go To The Fair2017/08/11
    When we go to the state fair, we don't go for the rides, deep-fried tacos or the butter cow. We head straight for the vendor marketplace to meet the masters of the lost art of salesmanship.
  50. #399: Can You Patent a Steak?2017/08/09
    We visit the workshop of the meat inventor who came up with Steak-Umm and KFC's popcorn chicken. And we try to figure out what meat inventors tell us about patents and innovation.
  51. #787: Google Is Big. Is That Bad?2017/08/04
    Google just got hit with a multibillion-dollar antitrust fine. Here's what it tells us about competition, market power, and the biggest corporations on the planet.
  52. #471: The Eddie Murphy Rule2017/08/02
    We answer one of the most important questions in finance: What actually happens at the end of Trading Places?
  53. #786: Rest of the Story 2017, Vol. 12017/07/28
    News moves fast. Some of our best stories from this year have new chapters. Here, we catch up on three: Dirty trademarks, trading bots, and the war against the bald eagle.
  54. #629: Buy Low, Sell Prime2017/07/26
    Sam Cohen buys stuff at big retail stores, then turns around and sells it on Amazon for a quick profit. It defies economic logic. But somehow, there's a whole multimillion-dollar industry doing this.
  55. #785: The Starbury2017/07/21
    Most athlete endorsements make a product more expensive. But what happens when an NBA All-Star uses his name to make a sneaker much, much cheaper? On today's show: How that worked out.
  56. #594: Board Games2017/07/19
    On today's show: The story of two guys who tried to cut the pay of a CEO at a small pneumatic tool company.
  57. #784: Meeting The Russians2017/07/14
    That meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer was two decades in the making. It began in 1996, when an adventurous American went to Russia, trying to make a buck.
  58. #783: New Jersey Bails Out2017/07/12
    Bail is broken. In New Jersey, defense attorneys, prosecutors, and judges banded together to try a dramatic solution: Blow it up.
  59. #782: Budget Time2017/07/07
    We run through the entire federal budget — in 10 minutes. More than $6 billion per second. Go.
  60. #586: How Stuff Gets Cheaper2017/07/05
    We visit a company where people work on figuring out how to make stuff get cheaper.
  61. #781: The Money Fixers2017/06/30
    In Washington, D.C., there is a place where millions of dollars of ripped, burned, and water-soaked dollar bills are made new. On today's show, we get inside that room.
  62. #286: Libertarian Summer Camp2017/06/28
    We visited a libertarian summer paradise. What we found: People paying in gold. Exotic bacon dishes. A nine-year-old selling alcohol.
  63. #780: On Second Thought2017/06/23
    Flip-floppers, this one's for you. Changing your mind is hard, but it's one of the smartest things you can do.
  64. #779: Shrimp Fight Club2017/06/21
    What happens when an unstoppable shrimp meets an unmovable senator? A researcher goes to Washington to defend herself, her shrimp, and science itself.
  65. #778: What the Falcon's Up With Qatar?2017/06/16
    Qatar was on top of the world. Seemingly overnight, it became a pariah. On this episode, we drill into a rift years in the making: It's a tale of falcons, kidnapping, and a glowing Saudi Arabian orb.
  66. #610: The Prisoner's Solution2017/06/14
    Today on the show, a businessman goes to prison, and decides he is going to disrupt the biggest captive market in America.
  67. #777: Free Love, Free Market2017/06/09
    How a free-love commune embraced the free market and became a blockbuster brand.
  68. #776: Here We Grow Again2017/06/07
    The president's budget promises 3% growth. Is that doable? Yes, but he won't like what it would take.
  69. #775: The Pigweed Killer2017/06/02
    A battle with a weed divides neighbors and leads one farmer to shoot another dead. Today's show: The hunt for a better pesticide gets way out of hand.
  70. #599: The Invisible Wall2017/05/31
    A man goes looking for the invisible wall that traps poor people in poverty. Finding it almost gets him killed.
  71. #774: Unspeakable Trademark2017/05/26
    You can name your business whatever you want. But the government won't register it as a trademark if it thinks it's offensive. It gets weird when you try to decide what is too offensive to trademark.
  72. #773: Slot Flaws Scofflaws2017/05/24
    As long as there have been casinos, people have tried to cheat them. The latest attempt was by a group of hackers who tried to take down slot machines using math, iPhones, and a whole lot of swiping.
  73. #772: Small Change2017/05/19
    How fast is the world really changing? The answer has implications for everything from how the next generation will live to whether robots really will take all our jobs.
  74. #606: Spreadsheets!2017/05/17
    The creation of the electronic spreadsheet transformed industries. But its effects ran deeper than that.
  75. #771: When India's Cash Disappeared, Part Two2017/05/12
    What happened when India's Prime Minister declared most of the paper money in India worthless? We travel to India to see what happened after the country's demonetization.
  76. #770: When India's Cash Disappeared, Part One2017/05/10
    Something incredible happened in India about six months ago. The government declared most of the paper money invalid. Demonetization they called it. Today, we meet the man who came up with the plan.
  77. #769: Speed Dating For Economists2017/05/05
    We visit a job market created by economists, for economists. It's a hyper-efficient, optimized system, tested by game theorists, tweaked by a Nobel Prize winner, but it requires comfortable shoes.
  78. #768: A Chat With Ben Bernanke2017/05/03
    Ten years ago, two little-known funds at Bear Stearns blew up, and the financial crisis was on its way. Today, we ask the person at the center of it all, former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, why it happened.
  79. #553: The Dollar At The Center Of The World2017/04/28
    Today on the show, how a New Hampshire hotel filled with boozing economists saved the global economy.
  80. #767: Georgetown, Louisiana, Part Two2017/04/26
    In 1838, the Maryland Jesuits sold 272 people, slaves, to pay the debts of Georgetown University. We talk with the descendants about what - if anything - they're owed.
  81. #766: Georgetown, Louisiana, Part One2017/04/21
    For the residents of a small Louisiana town, there's always been a question about their past: How'd they get there? Solving the mystery only raised more questions.
  82. #765: The Holiday Industrial Complex2017/04/18
    Where do holidays like National Potato Chip Day and Argyle Day come from? We trace the roots of one made-up holiday until we find out who is running the global holiday machine.
  83. #381: When Business Loves Regulation2017/04/14
    One in three American jobs require a license. Today on the show, why those licensing rules hurt the U.S. economy.
  84. #764: Pub In A Box2017/04/12
    One man figured out how to reproduce the magic of an Irish pub, and ship it in a container to anywhere in the world.
  85. #763: BOTUS2017/04/07
    On today's show, we get in on the future of investing. We build an automated stock-trading bot. It analyzes the twitter feed of President Donald Trump, then trades stocks with real money. Our money. You can follow our bot on twitter, @BOTUS.
  86. #531: The Tough, The Sweet, The Nosy2017/04/05
    The tricks and mind games tax collectors use to get people to pay up.
  87. #762: The Fine Print2017/03/31
    On today's show: Snuggies, printer toner, and a banking road trip. Three stories about what happens when you actually read the fine print.
  88. #650: The Business Genius Behind Get Out2017/03/29
    Jason Blum makes a lot of movies and makes them cheap. So why are so many turning into blockbusters?
  89. #761: The Bank War2017/03/24
    A populist president versus the most powerful banker in America.
  90. #760: Tax Hero2017/03/22
    One professor had a way to make filing taxes easy and painless. It worked. People loved it. But then a big tax lobby heard about it...
  91. #759: What's It Worth To You?2017/03/17
    Three short stories about putting a price on something hard to value precisely. We go from $4.66 under a pillow all the way up to $1 trillion across every inch of highway in America.
  92. #522: The Invention Of 'The Economy'2017/03/15
    A hundred years ago, nobody talked about "the economy." That's because easy ways to measure and talk about it hadn't been invented. On today's show: how we started boiling nations down to a number.
  93. #758: Can Trump Take The Money?2017/03/10
    The Constitution contains a paragraph known as the Emoluments Clause. It's 49 words meant to prevent foreign influence on US officials. How does it apply to a president with a global business empire?
  94. #596: Hacking The iPhone For Fun, Profit, And Maybe Espionage2017/03/08
    Wikileaks released documents listing the hacks the CIA uses to spy on people. So we revisit our story on hackers for hire: people hunting for flaws in your phone to sell to people, or even the CIA.
  95. #757: Strong Feelings About Dodd-Frank2017/03/03
    President Trump does not like Dodd-Frank, the 2010 law that transformed banking regulation. On today's show, we ask: What are the key parts of the law? And how are they likely to change?
  96. #513: Dear Economist, I Need A Date2017/03/01
    Here at Planet Money, we often wonder: how useful is economics in our everyday lives? Could the principles of economics be applied to the most intimate of human experiences, like, say, love?
  97. #756: The Bees Go To California2017/02/24
    Early every year, 30 billion bees make their way across the country to California's Central Valley. Here's why.
  98. #654: When The Boats Arrive2017/02/22
    In the span of a few months in 1980, more than 100,000 Cuban immigrants arrived in Miami. So what happened to Florida's economy with all these new people coming in? And what can we learn from it?
  99. #755: The Phone At The End Of The World2017/02/17
    A charismatic populist president wanted to boost manufacturing and create jobs. She told companies, 'if you want to sell your stuff here, you have to build it here.' This is what happened.
  100. #754: I'm So Happy For You!2017/02/13
    Here at Planet Money, our favorite stories are the ones we wish we'd done ourselves. On the show, we call out rivals and colleagues who did what we try to do better than we could have done it.
  101. #753: Blockchain Gang2017/02/10
    Charlie Shrem went to prison. While he was there, he thought up a better way to move money behind bars. Now he's out and trying to sell his idea to international investors.
  102. #436: If Economists Controlled The Borders2017/02/08
    What would the perfect immigration system look like? We ask three economists and get three very different answers. (None of which include building a wall.)
  103. #752: Eagles vs. Chickens2017/02/03
    Picture an organic farm, with thousands of free-range chickens roaming wide-open land. Now picture it from above, from the vantage of a soaring bald eagle. It's an all-you-can-eat buffet.
  104. #751: The Thing About That Border Tax2017/02/01
    Over the next few months, we're going to explain President Trump's economic plans. Today: a totally new idea for corporate taxes. What's the plan, what's the theory behind it, and does it work?
  105. #750: Retraining Day2017/01/27
    When an American loses his/her job to trade, there is program to help. It's been around for decades. It makes a lot of sense. It is a generous program. And almost nobody's heard of it. But why?
  106. #632: The Chicken Tax2017/01/25
    President Trump talks about putting tariffs on foreign cars. But there are already tariffs on auto imports and one got there because of chickens in Germany. This is how trade barriers tend to spread.
  107. #749: Professor Blackjack2017/01/20
    Ed Thorp started his career teaching math at MIT. Then he slid sideways into blackjack, changed the game forever, and set his sights on Wall Street investing. He changed that forever too.
  108. #748: Undoing Obama2017/01/18
    Congress writes laws, but the president makes the rules that put the laws in action. President Obama's staff has been scrambling to lock in rules before Trump takes the helm. But will they stick?
  109. #747: The Man Who Sued Iran2017/01/13
    When Steve Flatow's daughter was killed in a terror attack, he wanted someone to pay. His target was the Iranian government. His quest would pit him against both Iran and the White House.
  110. #577: The Kansas Experiment2017/01/11
    A Republican governor lives the dream. He cuts taxes dramatically in his state and he promises good times ahead. But the good times do not come.
  111. #746: Wall Street Goes To Vegas2017/01/06
  112. #443: Don't Believe The Hype2017/01/04
  113. #745: The Rest Of The Story, 2016 Edition2016/12/30
  114. #744: The Last Bank Bailout2016/12/27
  115. 587: Jubilee! (?)2016/12/23
  116. #743: 50 Ways to Leave Your Union2016/12/21
  117. #742: Making Bank2016/12/16
  118. #592: Bell Wars2016/12/14
  119. #741: Amy and Steve vs. Facebook2016/12/09
  120. #740: Burnout2016/12/07
  121. #739: Finding The Fake-News King2016/12/02
  122. #534: The History Of Light2016/11/30
  123. #738: Russian Cowboys2016/11/25
  124. #737: 17 Deals In 17 Minutes2016/11/23
  125. #736: Messy Nobel2016/11/18
  126. #574: The Buffalo Talk-Off2016/11/16
  127. #735: President Trump2016/11/11
  128. #734: The Trump Indicators2016/11/09
  129. #733: A Trunk Full of Truffles2016/11/04
  130. #413: Our Fake Candidate Meets The People2016/11/02
  131. #732: Bad Form, Wells Fargo2016/10/28
  132. #387: The No-Brainer Economic Platform2016/10/26
  133. #731: How Venezuela Imploded2016/10/21
  134. #730: Self Checkout2016/10/19
  135. #729: When Subaru Came Out2016/10/14
  136. #627: The Miracle Apple2016/10/12
  137. #728: The Wells Fargo Hustle2016/10/07
  138. #521: The Town That Loves Death2016/10/05
  139. #727: You Asked For It, Again2016/09/30
  140. #726: Terms of the Debate2016/09/27
  141. #725: Trade Show 2016/09/23
  142. #555: Why Is The Milk In The Back Of The Store?2016/09/21
  143. #573: Why Textbook Prices Keep Climbing2016/09/16
  144. #724: Cat Scam2016/09/14
  145. #566: The Zoo Economy2016/09/09
  146. #723: The Risk Farmers2016/09/07
  147. #532: The Wild West of the Internet2016/09/02
  148. #722: The New Telenovela2016/08/31
  149. #721: Unbuilding A City2016/08/26
  150. Oil #5: Imagine A World Without Oil 2016/08/24
  151. Oil #4: How Oil Got Into Everything2016/08/19
  152. Oil #3: How Fracking Changed the World2016/08/17
  153. Oil #2: The Price Of Oil2016/08/12
  154. Oil #1: We Buy Oil2016/08/10
  155. #524: Mr Jones' Act2016/08/05
  156. #715: The Sewing Robot2016/08/03
  157. #548: Project Eavesdrop2016/07/29
  158. #714: Can a Game Show Lose?2016/07/27
  159. #576: When Women Stopped Coding2016/07/22
  160. #713: Paying for the Crime2016/07/20
  161. #712: I Want My Money Back2016/07/15
  162. #711: Hooked on Heroin2016/07/13
  163. #710: The Brexit Break-Up2016/07/08
  164. #575: The Fondue Conspiracy2016/07/06
  165. #709: The Quiet Old Lady Who Whispers "Fair Use"2016/07/01
  166. #708: Bitcoin Divided2016/06/29
  167. #707: Brexit2016/06/24
  168. #538: Is A Stradivarius Just A Violin?2016/06/22
  169. #706: Water's Worth2016/06/17
  170. #583: Cow Noir2016/06/15
  171. #705: The Muscle Patents2016/06/10
  172. #563: The Future Of Work Looks Like A UPS Truck2016/06/08
  173. #704: Open Office2016/06/03
  174. #463: How To Get A Country To Trust Its Banks2016/06/01
  175. #703: How To Hide A Million Dollars In Plain Sight 2016/05/27
  176. #217: The Art Of Living At The Poverty Line2016/05/25
  177. #702: Nigeria, You Win!2016/05/20
  178. #366: How To Make It In The Food Truck Business2016/05/18
  179. #701: A Bank Without Interest2016/05/13
  180. #430: Black Market Pharmacies And The Spam Empire Behind Them2016/05/11
  181. #700: Peanuts and Cracker Jack2016/05/06
  182. #699: Why Did The Job Cross The Road?2016/05/04
  183. #698: The Long Way Home2016/04/29
  184. #417: Lance Armstrong and The Business of Doping2016/04/27
  185. #697: Help Wanted2016/04/22
  186. #468: Kid Rock Vs. The Scalpers2016/04/20
  187. #696: Class Action2016/04/15
  188. #695: Put A Chip On It2016/04/13
  189. #694: The Gun That Wouldn't Shoot2016/04/08
  190. #562: A Mall Divided2016/04/06
  191. #693: Unpayable2016/04/01
  192. #403: What Can We Do With Our Shell Companies?2016/03/30
  193. #692: The Secret Life Of Line 242016/03/25
  194. #691: The Great Unbundling2016/03/23
  195. #690: All In2016/03/18
  196. #390: We Set Up An Offshore Company In A Tax Haven2016/03/16
  197. #689: A Hedge Fund, A Country, And A Big Sailboat2016/03/11
  198. #418: The Government's Fake Bank For Drug Money2016/03/09
  199. #688: Brilliant vs. Boring2016/03/04
  200. #687: Buy This Passport2016/03/02
  201. #686: If Elected President2016/02/26
  202. #424: How Much Is A Firefighter Worth?2016/02/24
  203. #685: Larry vs. The IRS2016/02/19
  204. #684: The Return Of The Colonel2016/02/17
  205. #683: Our Valentines2016/02/12
  206. #466: DIY Finance2016/02/10
  207. #682: When CEO Pay Exploded2016/02/05
  208. #681: The Oil Kingdom2016/02/03
  209. #680: Anatomy Of A Scam2016/01/29
  210. #679: You Asked For It2016/01/27
  211. #678: Auction Fever2016/01/22
  212. #283: Why Do We Tip?2016/01/20
  213. #677: The Experiment Experiment2016/01/15
  214. 10 11 51 52 62 182016/01/13
  215. #675: The Cost Of Crossing2016/01/08
  216. #15: Delicious Cake Futures2016/01/06
  217. #674: We Cooked A Peacock2016/01/01
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