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  1. How Do You Feel? (Classic)2021/10/13
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  2. LIBOR pains2021/10/08
    For decades, banks used one rate to help set all other rates: LIBOR. After it came out that it'd been rigged, regulators said: no more. Now it's a race — and a road trip — to find an alternative. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  3. We set up an offshore company in a tax haven (Classic)2021/10/06
    The Pandora Papers released this week reveal how many world leaders allegedly hold wealth through the use of shell companies. We listen back to when we set up our very own Planet Money shell companies.
  4. The Rent Help Is Too Damn Slow2021/10/01
    Congress created a massive pile of money to help people pay rent during the pandemic. Why have so few people gotten help? We follow the money. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  5. When The U.S. Paid Off The Entire National Debt (Classic)2021/09/29
    There was one time the U.S. federal government stopped borrowing and paid off every penny of national debt. It did not end well. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.
  6. When Luddites Attack (Classic)2021/09/24
    A couple centuries ago, a group of English clothworkers set out to destroy the machines that had been taking their jobs. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  7. Original Sign2021/09/22
    A request for dozens of stop signs flummoxes a town and angers a resident. A show about infrastructure, decision making and stop signs. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  8. Two Indicators: Women And Work2021/09/17
    Women start a lot of businesses, but when it comes time for them to grow, many hit a wall, or the women founders end up losing control. Why? We bring you two indicators on women and work from our daily podcast The Indicator. Also, Amanda and Stacey go on a picnic to prove a point. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  9. Afghanistan's Money Problem2021/09/15
    Afghanistan's economy changed — almost overnight — after the Taliban retook control of the country | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  10. Flood Money (Classic)2021/09/10
    Bill Pennington's house floods a lot: Three times over the course of three years. And every time his house floods, the government pays to help him repair the damage. Is something wrong here? | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  11. This Is Your Brain On Drug Ads2021/09/08
    Apologies to listeners who received two episodes in their feed today. The U.S. is one of two countries in the world that allows pharmaceutical companies to advertise prescription drugs directly to consumers. Why? And what does that do to us Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  12. Two Indicators: Water Pressure2021/09/03
    It's another extremely dry, hot summer for the American West. Our daily podcast, The Indicator from Planet Money , brings us two stories about the water shortage in the West with economic ideas that may help. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.
  13. SUMMER SCHOOL 6: Crypto & Commencement2021/09/01
    In the last class of Planet Money Summer School Season 2, we cover one more important market — cryptocurrency. If you're thinking about investing in crypto, do you know exactly what it is that you're buying? Or how it should (if at all) fit alongside the rest of your investments? | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here and take don't forget to take the Summer School Final Quiz .
  14. The Lost Archives of Sadie Alexander2021/08/27
    The work of our first Black economist was lost to history. Professor Nina Banks set out on a quest to find it. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  15. SUMMER SCHOOL 5: Bubbles, Bikes, & Biases2021/08/25
    Investing during a bubble can leave you bust. But how to tell the difference between a bubble before it bursts and an investing rocket ship taking off? We'll run through a historical example and look inside our own thinking to find the mental biases that can contribute or exacerbate bad bubble thinking. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  16. Two Indicators: Will Remote Work Kill The Office?2021/08/20
    It's Stacey vs Greg in a face off on the future of the office. Each takes a side, armed with studies, historical examples, theories on efficiency and happiness and from their closet studios, they bring their indicators for the future of the office. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here . And our daily podcast The Indicator hosted by Stacey here .
  17. SUMMER SCHOOL 4: Bonds & Becky With The Good Yield2021/08/18
    A few years back, Cardiff asked for an unusual Christmas present: a junk bond... Parallel to the stock market, the bond market offers different levels of risk and reward. In this class, what is a bond, how do they differ from stocks, and how do they help companies grow? | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  18. Big Little Ideas2021/08/13
    There are a lot of fancy terms for the things we experience — but are they really useful? Yes! We explain four social-science terms that can help us understand our world. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  19. SUMMER SCHOOL 3: Smooth Spending & The 401K2021/08/11
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  20. Mobile Home Parked2021/08/06
    We find out what happens when big investors spend billions of dollars buying mobile home parks and make them less affordable for the people who live there. Then we learn how the government helps them do it, with super low-cost loans that were meant to support affordable housing. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  21. SUMMER SCHOOL 2: Index Funds & The Bet2021/08/04
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  22. Three Reasons for the Housing Shortage2021/07/30
    America's housing shortage has been decades in the making. A lot of people blame Baby Boomers — but is it really their fault? We unpack three big reasons for the shortage. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  23. SUMMER SCHOOL 1: The Stock Market & Penelope The Cow2021/07/28
    The first class of Planet Money Summer School starts off with a field trip. With the help of a cow, two economists, and three cute animals, we learn what a stock is and how stocks are priced, and we begin to see the psychological forces that make prices move up and down on the stock market. Keep an eye out throughout for our big theme for the course this summer: risk and reward.
  24. Banque Worms2021/07/23
    Last year, one of the biggest banks accidentally paid off a client's loan to its lenders — a $900 million mistake. Some of the recipients wouldn't give the money back. And then a surprising court ruling affirmed their no give-back. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  25. Video Gaming The System2021/07/21
    Two groups of people who would never meet in real life collide in a world of wizards and dragons. They battle it out in a low-tech video game, and it shakes the lives of a lot of real people living in a collapsing economy. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  26. The Great Inflation (Classic)2021/07/17
    For much of the 1970s inflation was bad. Prices rose at over 10 percent a year. Nothing could stop it — until one powerful person did something very unpopular. Today's show: How we beat inflation. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  27. 100 Years Since Sadie Alexander2021/07/14
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  28. Of Memestocks and Milk Bags2021/07/09
    We answer your questions about memestocks, milk in bags, the size of cereal boxes, and products exclusive to the rich, but not for long? | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  29. Two Indicators: Clogged Ports And Corporate Vets2021/07/07
    We bring you two stories from The Indicator on two industries that are undergoing rapid change: vets and container shipping. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  30. The Rest Of The Story, Summer 20212021/07/02
    We follow up on takeout cocktails , college athletes at the Supreme Court , bankrupt Hertz , and the new shape of pasta . | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  31. What's A Bubble? (Classic)2021/06/30
    Can you tell if the economy is in a bubble? How? And why do bubbles happen? Robert Shiller and Eugene Fama shared the economics Nobel back in 2013 despite fundamentally disagreeing over the meaning of a bubble. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  32. Bobby Bonilla Day2021/06/25
    How the worst deal in baseball explains one of the most important concepts in economics. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  33. Corporate Fugitive: Carlos Ghosn2021/06/23
    Japan once served sushi in the shape of Carlos Ghosn's face. Then Japanese authorities arrested the celebrity CEO who remade Nissan. We bring you first hand accounts of his spectacular rise, sudden fall and dramatic escape. | This episode is a collaboration with HBR IdeaCast .
  34. Predictions!2021/06/18
    Two forecasters predict the future of the U.S. economy — and promise to come back on the show to see who was right, and who was wrong. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  35. How Uncle Jamie Broke Jeopardy (Update)2021/06/16
    James Holzhauer took a math degree, a gambling career, and a buzzer, and turned it into a fortune on a game show. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.
  36. Used Car Talk2021/06/11
    How supply and demand stalled out the used car industry. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  37. How Stuff Gets Cheaper (Classic)2021/06/09
    In the world of consumer electronics, it pays to be cheap. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  38. Amateur Hour at the Supreme Court2021/06/04
    College athletes are considered amateur players. And amateurs don't make any money. But can they get more education paid for at least? | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  39. Black Wall Street2021/06/02
    100 years ago, Black Wall Street was destroyed. But how was it built? And what does it take to get restitution? | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  40. One Hack to Fool Them All2021/05/28
    How a single hack pried open the networks of giant corporations and the U.S. government itself. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  41. Runaway Recommendation Engine2021/05/26
    Recommendation systems have changed how we choose what we want. But are they choosing what we want? | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  42. Big Government Cheese (CLASSIC)2021/05/21
    That time the U.S. government accidentally created a cheese surplus so large it had to be stored in a ginormous cave. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.
  43. Get The Vaccine, Lose The Skinny Jeans2021/05/19
    Two stories from our Indicator team about the sometimes-unlikely people who shape what we buy and what we do. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  44. Blood Money2021/05/14
    The United States is one of the few countries that lets companies pay people for their blood plasma. Why? | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  45. Hot Cheetos2021/05/12
    A janitor walks out of a chip factory with a bag of dustless Cheetos and changes the global snack game forever. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  46. Emission Impossible2021/05/07
    Carbon offsets have become a popular tool to combat climate change. But how effective are they? | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  47. DIY Reparations2021/05/05
    Some Vermonters were tired of waiting around for reparations. So they decided to take matters into their own hands. | This episode was produced with our friends at Invisibilia. Check out their new season here .
  48. We Buy A Superhero 5: Hollywood2021/04/30
    In the last and greatest chapter to our superhero saga, Micro-Face tries to make the jump from comic books to movies. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  49. The $100 Million Deli2021/04/28
    Why is a single New Jersey deli worth so much? And what does it tell us about how the stock market works? | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  50. We Buy A Superhero 4: Sellout2021/04/23
    Two months ago, Planet Money got its own superhero. Today, we sell him out. | Find the full Planet Money Superhero series here .
  51. The Writers Revolt (UPDATE) 2021/04/21
    We have a winner in an epic Hollywood story. A couple years back, 7,000 TV writers across the U.S. fired their agents. All on the same day. It was part of a battle over how creative work gets valued and compensated in TV and film. Now, we have the dramatic resolution. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  52. India, Farming, and the Free Market2021/04/16
    For decades, India has shielded its agricultural sector from the free market. Now, the government wants to let it in. Millions and millions of farmers are not happy about it. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  53. Workin' 9 To 52021/04/14
    The movie "9 to 5" used humor to highlight the struggles of women in the workplace 40 years ago. Where are we now? | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  54. About Your Extended Warranty2021/04/09
    Calls about "extended auto warranties" blow up our phones over and over. But what are these robocalls actually offering? | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  55. How Jacob Loud's Land Was Lost2021/04/07
    Today's show: the arcane laws that have cost Black landowners their property, and the lawyer who is trying to fix those laws. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  56. Two Indicators: Boomtown & Bye Bye2021/04/02
    We look at housing prices in Montana, an oil market milestone, and give a fond farewell. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  57. The Curse Of The Black Lotus (Update)2021/03/31
    When the popular card game Magic: The Gathering entered a speculative bubble, its creators found a way to keep it from bursting. We check in to see if their strategy is still working. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  58. Socialism 1012021/03/26
    Today on the show: The critics of capitalism. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  59. You Asked For Shots, Tuna, Metal, and Money2021/03/24
    Listeners send us questions every day. It's about time we answer a few of them. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  60. The New Shape Of Pasta2021/03/19
    What do you do when you can't find the perfect pasta shape? You invent a new shape. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  61. The Even More Minimum Wage2021/03/17
    The tipped minimum wage hasn't changed for decades. Is now finally the time? | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  62. The $69 Million JPEG2021/03/12
    An artist called Beeple just sold a piece at Christie's for millions. But it wasn't a painting... it was a kind of crypto. We speak with him and the others behind the first NFT auction. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  63. Nigeria, You Win! (Update)2021/03/10
    Nigerians heard a radio ad offering millions of dollars for people with business proposals. They thought it was a scam. It wasn't. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  64. The Marriage Pact2021/03/05
    They say true love is hard to find. Whoever says that isn't an economist. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  65. Happy Fed Independence Day (Update)2021/03/03
    The story of the day the Federal Reserve got its independence and the fight — an actual physical fight — to keep it. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  66. We Buy A Superhero 3: Resurrection2021/02/26
    We have found the perfect superhero. Now we just have to make him our own. | Find the full Planet Money Superhero series here .
  67. Bond Voyage2021/02/24
    The government used to be afraid to borrow too much money. Today, it borrows hand over fist. And it's ... fine? | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  68. We Buy A Superhero 2: Loophole2021/02/19
    Marvel was not interested in selling us Doorman. But there is another way to jumpstart our superhero empire. | Find the full Planet Money Superhero series here .
  69. Why Printers Are The Worst2021/02/17
    The real money is in the ink. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  70. We Buy A Superhero 1: Origins2021/02/12
    Marvel has 7,000 characters, many of them forgotten. We want to buy one from their vault and launch our own little Planet Money franchise. | Find the full Planet Money Superhero series here .
  71. Can't Let It Go2021/02/10
    Irrational decisions. Things we can't let go. Friend of the show Sam Sanders comes by to talk obsessions. We turn to economics for advice, clarity and comfort. | Subscribe to Sam's podcast, It's Been A Minute .
  72. Fine and Punishment2021/02/05
    When you get out of prison, you have to start paying off fees. Some are related to committing a crime. Others are not. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  73. Robinhood's Very Bad Day2021/02/03
    How the stock trading app works. And why it almost broke last week. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  74. Can't Stop GameStop2021/01/29
    Video game stores. Hedge Funds. Reddit forums. How this mad lib resulted in the biggest short squeeze in years. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.
  75. The World's Biggest Battery (Classic)2021/01/27
    California has a ton of solar power. But as soon as night falls, it's gone. Today on the show: how to bottle the sun
  76. How Desi Invented Television2021/01/22
    The television was invented by Philo Farnsworth in 1927. TV was invented by Desi Arnaz in 1951.
  77. Modern Monetary Theory (Classic)2021/01/20
    We rethink everything we know about government spending, taxes, and the nature of money.
  78. The Great Gatsby2021/01/15
    All of it. Read by the staff of Planet Money.
  79. Nervous TikTok2021/01/13
    The U.S. was going to ban TikTok... and then it didn't. We break down the beef with TikTok, and see what life would have been like without it. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  80. Planet Monet (Classic)2021/01/11
    Investors are pouring money into art, but a lot of it is disappearing into storage. We find out why. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  81. The Bees Go To California (Classic)2021/01/08
    Almonds taste great. And the logistics behind pollinating almond trees are un-bee-lievable. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  82. Chaos At The Capitol2021/01/06
    With an insurrection at the Capitol, we interrupt Planet Money and turn the feed over to tonight's episode of the NPR Politics podcast. | Subscribe to Planet Money's weekly newsletter here .
  83. Bitcoin Losers (Classic)2021/01/01
    The Bitcoin market is still crazy, but a lot of people can't even find their Bitcoins. We go looking for lost billions. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.
  84. The Rest Of The Story, 20202020/12/30
    We check in on The Fed, a vaccine scientist, and the mixed martial arts. Oh, and a bunch of escheaters. So long, 2020! | Support our show here .
  85. How To Stop An Asteroid (UPDATE)2020/12/25
    Some smart people say we should be doing more to protect the Earth from asteroids. The technical issues are relatively easy. The economics — figuring out who's going to pay — are much harder. | Support our show here .
  86. Fork The Government2020/12/23
    A global pandemic might not be the best time to try something new with technology. But Taiwan decided to do it anyway. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  87. The Mixtape Drama2020/12/18
    Mixtapes were the heart of hip-hop culture in the 90s. Until an arrest in 2007 brought it all down. | Today's episode is from our friends at Louder Than a Riot .
  88. The Case Against Facebook2020/12/16
    The government just filed one of the largest antitrust cases in history against Facebook. Why now? And what will it mean? | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  89. We Buy A Lot Of Christmas Trees2020/12/11
    Nick and Robert head to the world's largest Christmas tree auction with $1,000 and a truck. And get schooled in the tree market. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  90. The Stolen Company (Classic)2020/12/09
    When an American company named ABRO learns their goods are being counterfeited in China, they start their own trade war. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  91. How The Rat Blew Up2020/12/04
    Unions have been putting giant inflatable rats in front of businesses for years. Now businesses are trying to deflate them, in court. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  92. Before The Shot In The Arm2020/12/02
    Inventing a vaccine for COVID-19 was hard, but getting billions of doses to billions of people is going to be even harder. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  93. Hot Dog Hail Mary (Classic)2020/11/27
    The Falcons are trying something radical: Making their food cheaper. It could break stadium economics.
  94. Swamp Gravy (UPDATE) 2020/11/25
    Colquitt, Georgia, was struggling. And then musical theater came along. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  95. All Your Genes Are Belong To Us2020/11/20
    Who owns your genes, anyway? For a while, Big Biotech patented 20% of the human genome. Then a lawyer took them to the Supreme Court. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  96. Trade Show (UPDATE) 2020/11/18
    It's been a rough four years for free trade. Today on the show, we present 244 years of trade in 22 minutes. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  97. Biden Time2020/11/13
    Four things Joe Biden can do as president — even if the Democrats don't control Congress. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  98. Worst. Tariffs. Ever. (Classic)2020/11/11
    One of the few things a new president has a lot of control over is tariff policies. But it wasn't always that way. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  99. Hacking The Perfect Auction 2020/11/06
    A Nobel-Prize winner spent years designing an auction to sell off the airwaves, which are owned by the public. But Wall Street found a tiny flaw. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  100. What's Next for the Economy?2020/11/04
    A research group at Harvard came up with a faster way to check the economy's pulse. It may change how we fight recessions. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  101. What Economy Are You Voting For?2020/10/30
    Two candidates. Two very different ways of thinking about the economy. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  102. Who Gets To Vote In Florida?2020/10/28
    Angel Sanchez was 17 and in prison when he learned felons couldn't vote in Florida. When he got out, he tried to change that. It was working – until money got involved.| Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  103. Frame Canada2020/10/23
    For years, Wendell Potter ran a campaign to terrify Americans... about health care in Canada. Now he explains how he did it, and why. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  104. Hey Google, Are You Too Big?2020/10/21
    The government just filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google. In this episode, we talk about why, and why it matters. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  105. Opening Schools And Other Hard Decisions 2020/10/16
    Emily Oster wanted to understand the risks of opening schools. So she started a massive data collection campaign. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  106. Caste Arrives In Silicon Valley2020/10/14
    For some Indian employees of big U.S. tech companies, caste discrimination is real. To combat it, first people have to talk about it. That's hard. | Today's episode is from our friends at Rough Translation .
  107. Political Ad Nauseam2020/10/09
    It's presidential election season, and that means it's political ad season. But who do ads target, anyway? | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  108. Rethinking Black Wealth 2020/10/07
    Homes in Black neighborhoods are valued lower than homes in white neighborhoods. Why? This episode, Dr. Andre Perry flips the narrative of the racial wealth gap. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.
  109. Call Center Call Out2020/10/02
    We visit life on the other side of your customer service call and get a glimpse into the troubling future of work in America. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  110. Trump's Tiny Taxes2020/09/30
    A totally refreshing 20 minutes or so of infotainment related to Trump, taxes and toy wooden arrows. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here .
  111. Sell Me Your Climate Bombs2020/09/25
  112. REDMAP (Update)2020/09/23
  113. Apple v Everybody2020/09/18
  114. After The Plague2020/09/16
  115. Waste Land2020/09/11
  116. We Buy A Junk Bond2020/09/09
  117. The Murderer, The Boy King, And The Invention Of Modern Finance2020/09/04
  118. SUMMER SCHOOL: Graduation!2020/09/02
  119. The Old Rules Were Dumb Anyway2020/08/28
  120. SUMMER SCHOOL 8: Risk & Disaster2020/08/26
  121. Crisis At The Post Office2020/08/21
  122. SUMMER SCHOOL 7: Advertising & Race2020/08/19
  123. Big Rigged2020/08/14
  124. SUMMER SCHOOL 6: Taxes & Donald Duck2020/08/12
  125. Mask Communication2020/08/07
  126. SUMMER SCHOOL 5: Trade & Santa2020/08/05
  127. College Fails2020/07/31
  128. SUMMER SCHOOL 4: Scarcity & Pistachios2020/07/29
  129. Rest of the Story, Pandemic Edition2020/07/24
  130. SUMMER SCHOOL 3: Profit & Cocaine2020/07/22
  131. BONUS: The Kerner Commission2020/07/20
  132. Getting Out Of Prison Sooner2020/07/17
  133. SUMMER SCHOOL 2: Markets & Pickles 2020/07/15
  134. Hollywood's Black List2020/07/10
  135. SUMMER SCHOOL 1: Choices & Dating2020/07/08
  136. Planet Money Summer School 2020/07/06
  137. Reparations For Police Brutality (UPDATE)2020/07/03
  138. Inflation, Deflation2020/07/01
  139. Seed Spy2020/06/26
  140. Owner Of A Broken Hertz2020/06/24
  141. Money And Justice2020/06/19
  142. The Problem Of The Root (2018)2020/06/17
  143. Patent Racism2020/06/12
  144. The Very First Vaccine2020/06/10
  145. Police Unions And Police Violence2020/06/05
  146. Where'd The Money Go, And Other Questions2020/06/03
  147. Small America Vs. Big Internet2020/05/29
  148. Three Big Ideas2020/05/27
  149. J. Screwed2020/05/22
  150. How To Get Trillions To Millions2020/05/20
  151. Episode 1,0002020/05/15
  152. The Restaurant From The Future2020/05/13
  153. Journey To The Center Of The Fed2020/05/08
  154. Georgia's Open Question2020/05/06
  155. About That Hazard Pay2020/05/01
  156. Buybacks And Bailouts2020/04/29
  157. Making It Work2020/04/24
  158. Negative Oil2020/04/22
  159. The Mask Mover2020/04/17
  160. Lives Vs. The Economy2020/04/15
  161. The Big Small Business Rescue2020/04/10
  162. What If No One Pays Rent?2020/04/08
  163. The Economics Of Hospital Beds2020/04/03
  164. The Race To Make Ventilators2020/03/31
  165. America Unemployed2020/03/28
  166. Where Do We Get $2,000,000,000,000?2020/03/26
  167. Food And Farmworkers2020/03/25
  168. You Asked About The Virus Economy2020/03/23
  169. How To Save The Economy Now2020/03/20
  170. How To Test A Country2020/03/18
  171. The Fed Fights The Virus2020/03/16
  172. Medicine For The Economy2020/03/13
  173. Coronavirus, Oil, and Kansas2020/03/11
  174. Where's The Vaccine?2020/03/06
  175. Terms Of Service 2020/03/04
  176. Reparations In New Zealand2020/02/28
  177. Vodka Proof2020/02/26
  178. Michael Milken2020/02/21
  179. Indicate This2020/02/19
  180. The CryptoQueen2020/02/14
  181. Our Valentines 20202020/02/12
  182. Raw Milk Deal2020/02/07
  183. Small Change2020/02/05
  184. The Island No One Owns2020/01/31
  185. The Trouble With Table 1012020/01/29
  186. Escheat Show2020/01/24
  187. The Rise Of Putin2020/01/22
  188. Das Green Old Deal2020/01/17
  189. BILLBOARDS2020/01/15
  190. 13,000 Economists. 1 Question. 2020/01/10
  191. The Cost Of Free Doughnuts 2020/01/08
  192. Advanced Fairness At The Marathon2020/01/03
  193. How Four Drinking Buddies Saved Brazil2020/01/01
  194. The Rest Of The Story, 20192019/12/27
  195. The Writers Revolt2019/12/25
  196. Things We Learned in 20192019/12/20
  197. When Reagan Broke the Unions2019/12/18
  198. You're Giving Your Boss A Loan2019/12/13
  199. The Bell Wars 2019/12/11
  200. The Carriage Tax 2019/12/06
  201. Slot Flaw Scofflaws2019/12/04
  202. Pirate Videos2019/11/29
  203. We Cooked A Peacock2019/11/27
  204. What Is Foreign Interference, Anyway?2019/11/22
  205. Three Sides Of A Car Loan 2019/11/20
  206. Sperm Banks2019/11/15
  207. Snakebite 2019/11/13
  208. Overrated Or Underrated? 2019/11/08
  209. Free Love, Free Market 2019/11/06
  210. The Pigou Club2019/11/01
  211. A Series Of Unfortunate Recessions 2019/10/30
  212. Some-of-the-Money Ball2019/10/25
  213. Fries Of The Future2019/10/23
  214. The Liberty City 2019/10/18
  215. Blockchain Gang2019/10/16
  216. We Should Have Mentioned That2019/10/11
  217. BOTUS2019/10/09
  218. Unicorn Cowboy2019/10/04
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  220. Three Bets 2019/09/27
  221. When India's Cash Disappeared 2019/09/25
  222. Interest Rates... Why So Negative? 2019/09/20
  223. Strike One2019/09/18
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  225. How To Make It In The Music Business2019/09/11
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  232. Find The Helium2019/08/16
  233. How Solar Got Cheap2019/08/14
  234. Deep Learning With The Elephants2019/08/09
  235. The IT Guy Vs. The Con Artist2019/08/07
  236. Twins2019/08/02
  237. That Time We Shorted America, Part Two2019/07/31
  238. That Time We Shorted America, Part One2019/07/26
  239. Could A Wealth Tax Work?2019/07/24
  240. Hong Kong2019/07/19
  241. The Indicator In The House2019/07/17
  242. So, Should We Recycle?2019/07/12
  243. A Mob Boss, A Garbage Boat and Why We Recycle2019/07/10
  244. Stuck In China's Panopticon2019/07/05
  245. Eagles vs. Chickens2019/07/03
  246. Good Teachers, Bad Deal2019/06/28
  247. The Cost of Getting Your Money Back 2019/06/26
  248. Tales From The Parking Lot2019/06/21
  249. What Should We Be Worried About?2019/06/19
  250. Are Cities Overrated?2019/06/14
  251. The Planet Money Workout2019/06/12
  252. The Day Of Two Noons2019/06/07
  253. The Salmon Taboo2019/06/05
  254. Quit Threat! 2019/05/31
  255. The Whistleblower Whisperer2019/05/29
  256. How To Meddle In An Election2019/05/24
  257. Trump and Deutsche, A Long Affair2019/05/22
  258. Counting The Homeless2019/05/17
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  269. The Chicago Boys, Part I2019/04/10
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  273. The Phoebus Cartel2019/03/27
  274. Bad Cops Are Expensive2019/03/22
  275. Why A Dead Shark Costs $12 Million2019/03/20
  276. The Stolen Company2019/03/15
  277. Cat Scam2019/03/13
  278. Mexico Fights The Fuel Pirates2019/03/08
  279. The Starbury2019/03/06
  280. Happy Fed Independence Day2019/03/01
  281. New Orleans Vs. Airbnb 2019/02/28
  282. Antitrust 3: Big Tech2019/02/22
  283. Antitrust 2: The Paradox2019/02/20
  284. Antitrust 1: Standard Oil2019/02/15
  285. A Fake Bank For Money Laundering Run By The Government2019/02/13
  286. Our Valentines 20192019/02/08
  287. The Lost Plane2019/02/06
  288. Who Won The Bet Over Bitcoin?2019/02/01
  289. Who Started The Wildfire?2019/01/30
  290. The Division Problem2019/01/25
  291. Brilliant Vs. Boring2019/01/23
  292. The Pay-What-You-Want Experiment2019/01/18
  293. The First Shutdown2019/01/16
  294. You Asked For It, Yet Again2019/01/11
  295. All In2019/01/09
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  297. Do It For Your Country2019/01/02
  298. The Rest Of The Story, Winter 20182018/12/28
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  300. BONUS INDICATOR: The Calculator That Time Forgot2018/12/24
  301. A Very Planet Money Christmas Carol2018/12/21
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  305. What's A Penny Worth?2018/12/12
  306. Is Amazon Good For New York?2018/12/07
  307. Why Car Safety Is A Trade Barrier2018/12/05
  308. The Secret Target2018/11/30
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  310. VIDEO: The Price Of Coke Stayed The Same For 70 Years — Why?2018/11/26
  311. Mugshots For Sale2018/11/23
  312. The Laws of The Office2018/11/21
  313. VIDEO: Put A Chip On It2018/11/19
  314. Kansas City Vs. Kansas City2018/11/16
  315. Patent Deception 2018/11/14
  316. VIDEO: A Grave Promise 2018/11/12
  317. Why Did The Cow Cross The Border?2018/11/09
  318. Hot Dog Hail Mary2018/11/07
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  321. The Halloween Tapes2018/10/31
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  328. The History of Light (Nobel Edition) 2018/10/08
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  331. Special Report: Asylum Crackdown2018/09/28
  332. Modern Monetary Theory2018/09/26
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  344. Trash!2018/08/15
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  348. The Postal Illuminati2018/08/01
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  351. The New Socialists2018/07/20
  352. The One-Page Plan To Fix Global Warming Revisited2018/07/18
  353. Peak Sand2018/07/13
  354. LeBron James Is Still Underpaid2018/07/11
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