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Star Wars Galaxies with Yivvits and Mrbubble!

  1. Episode 149 - The Podcast Awakens2017/02/16

    Surprise! Catch up with your old pals Yivvits and MrBubble as the podcast awakens!
  2. Episode 148 - We Have a few Comments on "The Trailer"2015/01/14

    Yivvits and MrBubble have definitely been waiting for the trailer a LONG TIME, and the idea of recording just a quick podcast to get their opinions out there was a great idea! Listen to the boys talk about how the trailer affected them, in a podcast that will take you all the way back to 1977!
  3. Episode 147 - Kimchi-chi2014/04/17

    Check it out! Another new episode of Star Wars Galaxies with Yivvits and MrBubble!
  4. Episode 146 - We're Back!2014/02/27
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  5. Episode 145 - Papal?2013/03/13

    After a long break... a very long break, we finally dusted off the microphones and we're back! In this episode: Yivvits has a really awesome idea, we fill you in on what we've been doing for the past year, and for the first time ever hear what MrBubble *really* sounds like. Enjoy!
  6. Episode 144 - Connection to SWG Lost!2012/01/27

    In this episode, we lay to rest our very good friend, Star Wars Galaxies. We take some time to give a brief history of the game, listen another player's opinion of the shutdown, discuss our own feelings on the matter, and MrBubble tells us a little bit about the SWG EMU. Finally, Yivvits wonders if some virtual worlds should be preserved even after they officially close. Enjoy!
  7. Episode 143 - Am I right?2011/11/21
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  8. Call-in show tonight!2011/08/23

    We're doing another call-in show tonight! We'll start taking calls at 7 PM Central Time (5 PST, 8 EST) and will go for an hour or until we get bored. 888-900-YAMB. If you got through last time please give others a chance tonight. If you get our voice mail it means we're on a call so keep trying.

    P.S. please have a topic / question / comment in mind before you call. :-)
  9. Episode 142 - Creampuffs!2011/07/21
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  10. Episode 141 - It’s a Bright Future, SWG2011/07/11
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  11. SWG may be ending, but Yivvits and MrBubble are not.2011/06/26
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  12. June 5th. MrBubble Update2011/06/06
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  13. 5/26 MrBubble Update2011/05/26
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  14. Send MrBubble a Get Well Message!2011/05/25
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  15. Episode 140 - The Oath2011/05/14
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  16. Episode 139 - I don't want to be liked, I want to be loved!2011/04/21
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  17. SOE Japan relief fundraiser extended to April 1st!2011/03/29

    Looks like they've extended it! The previously linked page still says March 28th but I received word that they extended it to April 1st and the following page reflects that: http://www.soe.com/japanrelief/
  18. Last day to purchase items in SOE games to support the Japan relief effort2011/03/28

    In case you didn't know, SOE is helping out with relief to Japan through the sale of items in most of their games including SWG. The deal ends today so check it out. Basically SOE donates $10 for your $5 purchase - pretty cool. See the items and get more info here: SOE Japan Relief
  19. Episode 138 - Like Us2011/03/18
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  20. Episode 137 - Jar Jar's Big Love2011/01/30

    Welcome to the first 2011 episode of Yivvits and MrBubble! This week, we hear about some part time work Jar Jar recently picked up and fill you in on what we've been doing in Star Wars Galaxies. Also, voice mail left by 'Dr. Quest' and 'Zurthas' spark some pretty nerdy Star Wars and techy discussions. All of this and much more awaits you in this colossal episode!
  21. Episode 136 - Hermitville2010/12/20
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  22. Episode 135 - Lord of the Cyst2010/11/30
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  23. Episode 134 - Grinding and Tumbling2010/11/08
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  24. Episode 133 - String Cheese Theory2010/10/19
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  25. Episode 132 - Twi's a Party2010/09/16
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  26. Episode 131 - Hot Dish or Casserole?2010/09/08
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  27. Episode 130 - There's a Salve for That2010/08/19

    The past couple months have been very busy for Yivvits and MrBubble but our hiatus is at an end! You'll find out all sorts of fun things in this episode such as MrBubble's move and what games we've been playing (or not playing). This one is a chance for you to catch up on what we've been doing but don't forget to let us know what YOU'VE been doing by sending us an e-mail or voice mail!
  28. No, we haven't fallen off the face of Dantooine2010/07/20

    We're just enjyoing our summer hiatus! We'll be back before you know it! Keep watching the feed and remember you can listen to most of our old episodes at www.swgpodcast.com .

    Your pals,
    Yivvits & MrBubble
  29. Episode 129 - Off the Rails with Wowie Pies2010/06/08
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  30. Episode 129 soon!2010/06/01
    Episode 129 is baking in the oven. Look for it this week. Our pal RedHeadedTim joins us for the entire show!
  31. Episode 128 - FarmBubble2010/05/12
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  32. Episode 127 - Rootleaf, this is not.2010/04/03
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  33. Episode 126 - Don't cut the ribbon!2010/02/26
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  34. Episode 125 - The Tailor Made the Padding2010/02/06
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  35. Episode 124 - High Kenobi2010/01/27
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  36. Episode 123 - Yivvits & MrBubble Holiday Extravaganza 20092010/01/15
    While traveling to their homeworlds, Yivvits and MrBubble run into some trouble and reluctantly resort to calling on an old friend for help. Will Yivvits make it back to Kashyyyk in time for Life Day? Will MrBubble make it back to Sullust for The Thirteen Days of Licking?
  37. Holiday Greetings from Yivvits & MrBubble2010/01/04
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  38. Episode 122 - Lemon Cream Krunkles2009/12/02

    Here's another gab-fest episode of Yivvits and MrBubble! Let's get right down to business: MrBubble wonders where all the dancers have gone, Yivvits finds more road blocks to fun, players generate 3 million quests using the Chronicle Master system (4 of which were not just for grinding), and Padme spins the big General Grievous wheel. Will she win the Showcase Showdown???
  39. Episode 121 - Tickling the Roller Grill2009/11/23
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  40. Episode 120 - That's it!2009/11/16
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  41. Episode 119 - Reptoid, Robot, or Real?2009/11/01
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  42. Episode 118 - From the Couch 22009/10/13
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  43. Episode 117 - From the Couch2009/09/23
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  44. Episode 116 - Premarital Counseling2009/08/25
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  45. Episode 115 - Fan Faire 2009 Memories2009/07/25
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  46. Fan Faire 2009 - SWG Panel - "Galactic Gathering" (Part 2 of 2)2009/07/10
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  47. Fan Faire 2009 - SWG Panel - "Galactic Gathering" (Part 1 of 2)2009/07/10
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  48. Fan Faire 2009 - Discussion Panel - "Podcasting"2009/07/09
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  49. Fan Faire 2009 - SWG Panel - "The GCW"2009/07/08

    Brought to you by "Star Wars Galaxies with Yivvits and MrBubble!" This is a recording of the Star Wars Galaxies panel "The GCW" from Fan Faire 2009 in Las Vegas, NV.
  50. Fan Faire 2009 - SWG Panel - "The Next Big Thing"2009/07/04

    Brought to you by "Star Wars Galaxies with Yivvits and MrBubble!" This is a recording of the Star Wars Galaxies panel "The Next Big Thing" from Fan Faire 2009 in Las Vegas, NV.
  51. Episode 114 - Super Action Yivvits and MrBubble2009/06/24
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  52. Episode 113 Aftermath2009/06/16
    It's the eve before recording Episode 114, and MrBubble can't sleep! If Larry can't sleep, no one can sleep! MrBubble calls Yivvits and they talk about the feedback for Episode 113 and what Episode 114 may contain. MrBubble also tries to have another conversation with Lola, but yet again blows it.
  53. Episdoe 113 - Ribbon Whipped2009/06/10
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  54. Episode 113 Preview2009/06/06

    Hungry for a little something before Episode 113? MrBubble sets up his old podcasting gear and surprises Yivvits by calling him EXACTLY when Yivvits is editing our next episode! It's wacky!
  55. Episode 112 - The Prince2009/05/28
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  56. Episode 111 - Big Tubs of Carmex2009/05/10
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  57. Episode 110 Teaser2009/04/29
    Here's a little something to get you in the mood for a very special upcoming episode of SWGwYaMB!
  58. Episode 109 - Spastic What?2009/04/20
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  59. Episode 108 - Dear George2009/03/25
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  60. Episode 107 - A Quickie2009/03/05

    Two new episodes in three days? Either you're really lucky or "we've got a lot to talk about!" Yes, episode 107 is a Bothan sized slice of SWGwYaMB pie. MrBubble give us a rundown of his latest in-game endeavors, we have some thank you messages, and even an apology. We also talk about the housing pack-up event and some additional Update 8 tidbits.
  61. Episode 106 - Pillows, Holograms, and Gumdrops2009/03/01
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  62. Episode 105 - Back in the Groove2009/02/15
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  63. Greetings from your BEST pals, Yivvits & MrBubble!2009/02/04
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  64. Episode 104 - A New Home2009/01/11
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  65. Episode 103 - The List2008/12/21
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  66. 2008.12.04 - Shim Shimney, Shim Shimney2008/12/05
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  67. 2008.11.26 - Up against a brick wall2008/11/28

    We're back! After a much needed break, your pals Yivvits and MrBubble are back in action. Neither of us have been playing much SWG during the past month and in this episode we'll discuss why that is. Also, this episode is dedicated to all of our friends on "suspected" low population galaxies such as our own, Valcyn.
  68. Episode 100 - The SWIG2008/10/27
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  69. Episode 100 Teaser2008/10/11

    Tease Tease!

    Here's a little something to get you excited about our upcoming 100th episode!
  70. Coming soon, Episode 100!2008/10/07

    Episode 100 is one beast of a show! It is taking a bit longer to tame than our usual episodes but we think you'll agree it was worth the wait!

    Yivvits & MrBubble
  71. Fan Faire 2008 Memories2008/09/05

    What do Frogloks, omelets, Rodians and dinner buffets have in common? All of them, and much more, could be found at at SOE's Fan Faire 2008 in Las Vegas! Join us for a (sometimes too detailed) look back on our trip with player interviews, Smed singing, and all the usual Yivvits and MrBubble fun.
  72. Episode 99 - Mini Ross Perot2008/08/24
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  73. Yivvits and MrBubble at Fan Faire 2008 - Podcast Discussion Panel2008/08/22

    Yivvits and MrBubble took part in a podcasting discussion panel at SOE's Fan Faire 2008!
  74. Episode 98 - "V" is for...2008/07/27
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  75. Episode 97 - I'm Alan?2008/06/30
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  76. Coming soon, Episode 97!2008/06/25

    Listen... Do you hear that? That is the sound of a nearly two hour long episode of SWGwYaMB being processed. Coming soon to a digital media player near you - Episode 97.
  77. Episode 96 - Minty2008/06/04
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  78. Episode 95 - Pizza for a Gungan2008/05/18
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  79. Episode 94 - Hide that Backpack!2008/04/27
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  80. Episode 93 - Star Wars Galaxies: The Empire Strikes Back2008/04/02
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  81. Episode 92 - Uncertainty is Your Enemy2008/03/23
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  82. Episode 91 - Baby Goals2008/03/10
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  83. Episode 90 - Little Miss Valcyn2008/02/29
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  84. Episode 89 - Tatooine Super Bowl Crème Brule2008/02/18
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  85. Episode 88 - It's a Jedi Trait2008/02/02
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  86. Yivvits & MrBubble Special Edition - 2008/01/18
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  87. Episode 86 - Merger? What merger?2008/01/10
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  88. Episode 85 - Yivvits & MrBubble Holiday Extravaganza 20072008/01/02
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  89. Episode 84 - Utinni!2007/11/27
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  90. Episode 83 - Yummy2007/11/05
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  91. Episode 82 - Wiping the Slate Clean2007/10/12
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  92. Episode 81 - I Want a Pony2007/09/16
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  93. Party Alert! Labor Day Podcast Party at a Special Time!2007/09/03
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  94. Episode 80.5 - Fan Faire Love Affair2007/08/19
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  95. Episode 79 - Fancy Buns2007/07/15
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  96. Episode 78 - A Song By Any Other Name2007/07/01
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  97. Episode 78 Teaser2007/06/27

    Here's a little something to get you warmed up for Episode 78!

    - Yivvits & MrBubble
  98. Podcast Party Tonight! Sunday, June 24th 20072007/06/24
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  99. Episode 77 - Where Were You Thirty Years Ago?2007/06/08
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  100. Episode 77 Teaser2007/05/28

    Here's a little something to get you warmed up for Episode 77!

    - Yivvits & MrBubble
  101. Podcast Party for Sunday, May20th 2007!2007/05/20
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  102. Episode 76 - The Emperor, errr, The General's coming here???2007/05/11
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  103. Podcast Party for Sunday, May 6th. 2007!2007/05/06
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  104. Episode 76 Teaser2007/05/04

    We're still here! :-)

    Here's a little something to keep you happy until Episode 76 is ready.

  105. April 22nd 2007 - No party - Tonight is Miss Valcyn 2007!2007/04/22
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  106. Episode 75 - Therapeutic Cleansing2007/04/15
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  107. Our forum migration is complete! Yay!2007/04/11

    Our community forums site relocation is all done. Everything went great! If by some rare chance you forgot the URL for our forums, here it is: http://www.yivvitsandmrbubble.com/ .

    If you experience any problems connecting to the forums please e-mail me at yivvits@yivvitsandmrbubble.com .

    Thanks everyone!
  108. Episode 74 - Her2007/04/02
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  109. Podcast Party! Sunday April 1st, 20072007/04/02
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  110. Party tonight! Sunday, March 25th 20072007/03/25
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  111. Episode 73 - Ding Dongs, Ho Hos, or Suzy-Q's?2007/03/24
  112. Party tonight! Sunday, March 18th 20072007/03/18
  113. No party tonight, Sunday March 11th 20072007/03/11
  114. Party Tonight! Sunday, March 4th 20072007/03/04
  115. Episode 72 - Chapter 5 is Alive!2007/02/28
  116. Party going on, right now!2007/02/26
  117. Episode 71 - At the Peak of the Summit2007/02/17
  118. The show, the show! I need my fix!2007/02/12
  119. Episode 70 - Darby Darby Darby?2007/01/30
  120. Episode 69 - What would Larry do?2007/01/23
  121. Episode 68 - For you and a friend!2007/01/11
  122. Episode 67 - Yivvits & MrBubble Holiday Extravaganza 20062006/12/30
  123. Episode 66 - Yivvits and MrBubble at Tanagra2006/12/20
  124. Episode 65 - Wat? Is that you?2006/12/11
  125. Episode 64 - This Kool-Aid tastes funny...2006/12/04
  126. We'll be back from our break before you know it!2006/11/21
  127. Episode 62 - In the Garden of IKEA, the Beast Master waits2006/11/14
  128. Episode 61 - 2006/11/06
  129. Episode 60 - Yivviticus & Bubbleations2006/10/30
  130. Episode 59 - MrBubble gets an Inspiration Buff2006/10/22
  131. Episode 58 - Palpatino's Pizza2006/10/04
  132. Don't worry! Soon, soon you will listen to a podcast!2006/10/03
  133. Episode 57 - Project Falafel2006/09/25
  134. Episode 56 - Hello there, brother!2006/09/17
  135. Episode 55 - Peanuts, Cupcakes, and PvP2006/09/12
  136. OMG Where is it!?2006/09/11
  137. Episode 54 - Yoda Loves Yaddle2006/09/04
  138. Episode 53 - You mean it's actually fixed?2006/08/27
  139. Episode 52 - Crafty Words2006/08/20
  140. Episode 51 - Finally a Step in the Right Direction!2006/08/13
  141. Episode 50 and 1/2 - Back in the Swing2006/08/06
  142. Episode 50 - The Big Five O!2006/07/17
  143. Episode 49 - Here's my problem with the Millennium Falcon2006/07/09
  144. The Classics - Episode 62006/07/09
  145. Episode 48 - You’re listening to VPR, Valcyn Public Radio2006/07/02
  146. The Classics - Episode 52006/07/01
  147. Episode 47 - Now there are two of them!2006/06/25
  148. The Classics - Episode 42006/06/25
  149. Episode 46 - The Jar-Jar Menace2006/06/17
  150. The Classics - Episode 32006/06/17
  151. The Classics - Episode 22006/06/12
  152. Episode 45 - A New Chapter2006/06/10
  153. Episode 44 - I think you have the wrong number...2006/06/03
  154. Episode 43 - Happy Birthday Star Wars!2006/05/26
  155. Episode 42 - Leggo my Lekku!2006/05/20
  156. Episode 41 - Is this thing on?2006/05/12
  157. Episode 40 - Sloppy Joes, No Onions2006/05/06
  158. New forums are up and running!2006/05/04
  159. Episode 39 - The Wook who lost his voice2006/04/28
  160. Episode 38 - To Trade, or not to Trade2006/04/22
  161. Episode 37 - It must have had a self-destruct2006/04/15
  162. Older episodes?2006/04/12
  163. Episode 36 - How many posts could John Smedley post if John Smedley could post posts?2006/04/07
  164. The Classics - Episode 23 - What do you get a Wookiee for Christmas?2006/03/31
  165. Episode 35 - Rockstar Rumor Mill2006/03/24
  166. Episode 34 - PvP Potpourri2006/03/17
  167. Episode 33 - Oatmeal on Wednesdays, Hardboiled Egg on Thursdays2006/03/10
  168. Episode 32 - I'm in a holding pattern.2006/03/03
  169. Episode 31 - What's space got to do with it?2006/02/26
  170. Episode 30 - Homage to Owen2006/02/19
  171. Breaking News - Tuesday, February 14th. 20062006/02/15
  172. Episode 29 - Attack of the Bagel Bites2006/02/12
  173. Episode 28 - 2006/02/04
  174. The Classics - Episode 82006/01/28
  175. Episode 27 - Oh so Very Random2006/01/21
  176. Episode 26 - A Promise is a Promise2006/01/14
  177. Episode 25 - Papa Who?2006/01/07
  178. Episode 24 - End of Year Wrap-up2005/12/31
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