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  1. 497: Does calcium consumption make sense? Dr. Nina Radford from Cooper Clinic weighs in 2013/04/03

    Dr. Nina Radford, Director of Clinical Research and a cardiologist at Cooper Clinic, talks with Todd Whitthorne about calcium and heart disease. Dr. Radford, board certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease, gives her opinions about calcium consumption (in both food and supplements) for women who are concerned about both bone health and heart health.

  2. 496: Robert Heaney, MD, Vitamin D and Calcium Expert, is interviewed 2013/03/15
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  3. 495: Jorn Dyerberg, MD, father of the omega-3 movement, is interviewed2013/03/14
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  4. 494: Midlife Cardiorespiratory Fitness Levels and Later-Life Dementia | Lead researcher Laura DeFina, MD, interviewed2013/02/25
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  5. 493: Osteoporosis, Vitamin D, and Calcium Physiology: Robert P. Heaney, M.D., Professor of Medicine at Creighton University2012/12/20
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  6. 492: Cholesterol Screening for Children: Dr. Nina Radford reviews National, Heart, Lung and Blood Institute recommendations2012/12/17
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  7. 491: Interview with Cooper Clinic head of cardiology Dr. Nina Radford about Association Between Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation and Risk of Major Cardiovascular Disease Events2012/09/18
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  8. 490: Interview with Cooper Clinic head of cardiology Dr. Nina Radford about HDL Cholesterol2012/08/27

    Dr. Nina Radford, head of cardiology at the Cooper Clinic, talks with Todd Whitthorne about the recent study published in May 2012 in the Lancet that questions whether raising HDL cholesterol is beneficial. A text transcript of the interview is avalable on our blog here .
  9. 489: Eye expert, Ophthalmologist Robert Abel, Jr, MD, Ophthalmologist, is interviewed2012/08/15
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  10. 487: Gretchen Vannice, MS, RD, author of Omega-3 Handbook, A Ready Reference Guide for Health Professionals, is interviewed2012/08/09
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  11. 488: William Harris, PhD, internationally recognized expert on omega-3 fatty acids, is interviewed2012/08/09
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  12. 486: New Weight Loss Drug Approved by FDA2012/07/18
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  13. 485: Dr. John J. Cannell, M.D., Executive Director of Vitamin D Council, discusses the latest vitamin D news2012/07/10
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  14. 484: Donald Shell, MD, MA, acting director for Maryland's Dept of Health Chronic Disease and Tobacco Use Prevention 2012/06/26
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  15. 483: Checklist of medical tests and procedures for typical 50 year old adult2012/06/19

    Our health is our responsibility. Dr. Michele Kettles, COO and executive vice president of Cooper Clinic talks with Todd Whitthorne about what, specifically, a typical 50 year old adult needs to know when it comes to preventive exams. Dr. Kettles talks about what exams and key tests we should consider.

  16. 482: Gastro-intestinal Health | Colon Cancer & Colonoscopy | Interview with Dr. Abram Eisenstein, M.D.2012/06/12
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  17. 481: Discussion of New York Times "Let's (Not) Get Physicals" article from Sunday June 3, 20122012/06/05

    Dr. Michele Kettles, COO and executive vice president of Cooper Clinic talks with Todd Whitthorne about the New York Times article Let’s (Not) Get Physicals from Sunday, June 3. Dr. Kettles is certified by the American Board of Preventive Medicine.

  18. 480: Barrett's Esophagus | Abram Eisenstein, MD, Director of Gastroenterology at Cooper Clinic 2012/05/04
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  19. 479: Acid Reflux and GERD | Abram Eisenstein, MD, Director of Gastroenterology at Cooper Clinic 2012/05/03
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  20. #478: John J. Cannell, MD discusses vitamin D2012/04/18
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  21. #477: Impact of Lutein supplementaton on cognition and glare reduction (in the eyes); MPOD eye test is explained2012/04/06
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  22. #466: Optimal Eye Health 2012/03/23
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  23. #465: Stephan Guyenet, PhD, is interviewed2012/03/16

    Stephan Guyenet, PhD, is a neurobiologist from the University of Washington who studies the causes of obesity and the regulation of body fat by the brain. Dr. Guyenet's blog is http://www.wholehealthsource.org/ Todd interviews Dr. Guyenet in an effort to understand why we eat what we eat.
  24. #464: Cooper Clinic Dir of Cardiology discusses FDA Warnings on Statins2012/03/02

    In this episode, Todd Whitthorne interviews Dr. Nina Radford, Director of Cardiovascular Medicine and Medical Imaging at Cooper Clinic to discuss the FDA warnings on Statins that were published this week.
  25. #463: Sugar Consumption2012/02/20

    In this edition, Todd Whitthone discusses sugar consumption in America. Learn how many pounds of sugar we typically eat every year, and hear about the research of Dr. Stephan Guyenet and his blog, Whole Health Source, http://wholehealthsource.blogspot.com/

  26. #461: For Successful Weight Loss, Learn To Be A Cornerback!2012/02/06

    With the Super Bowl immediately behind us, Todd Whitthorne, President and CEO of Cooper Concepts, Inc., explains how we should train our brain to think like the cornerback on a football team to improve our success.
  27. #460: Vitamin B12 2012/01/04

    In this episode, Todd Whitthorne talks about vitamin B12. You'll be surprised at all the symptoms that can result from a vitamin B12 deficiency. Todd shares Cooper Clinic standards for an "accepable" B12 level.
  28. #459: Tips for Weight Loss - National Weight Control Registry Findings on how successful losers lose weight, and keep it off2011/12/20
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  29. #458: Are all calories equal?2011/11/17
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  30. #457: Brain Health and Exercise2011/11/17

    Todd Whitthorne discusses recent results of the Cardiovascular Health Cognition Study (an ongoing study at the University of Pittsburgh) published in Journal Neurology. The benefits of exercise on the brain are tremendous. Listen to find out the average number of miles we need to walk each week to cut our risk of developing memory loss in half!

    Cardiovascular Health Study

  31. #456: Todd Whitthorne is interviewed by Joanie Greggains on KGO Radio in San Francisco2011/10/03
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  32. #456: That One Thing... 2010/10/18

    Cooper staffer Todd Whitthorne talks about the one thing we can do to enhance, and extend, our lifespan.
  33. #455: Former pro athlete Scott Secules talks about his Cooper experience 2010/04/20

    Former pro football player Scott Secules talks about his experiences at Cooper. The week following Thanksgiving (2009), Scott spent at Cooper. While here, he had a comprehensive physical and spent a week in our wellness program. Scott talks about the healthy habits he rediscovered during his week at Cooper which have contributed to his return to exercise, and weight loss of 50+ pounds.
  34. #454: Cooper Clinic's Dr. Abram Eisenstein talks about colon cancer and colonoscopy2010/03/30
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  35. #453: Cooper Institute luncheon honoring Dr. Ken Cooper, with Tom Brokaw April 29 is discussed2010/03/15
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  36. #452: Cooper Clinic staff radiologist John Cannaday talks CT scans and radiation2009/12/18
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  37. #451: Cooper Clinic diagnostic radiologist Dr. Jennifer Engels, talks about US Preventive Svcs Task Force recommendations2009/12/07
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  38. #450: Program participant Peg Williams talks about Cooper Wellness Program2009/11/23
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  39. #449: Todd Whitthorne interviewed about vitamin D & Omega-3 supplements2009/11/13
    Todd Whitthorne was interviewed by Joanie Greggains on KGO radio in
    San Francisco
    recently about Vitamin D, Omega-3, and taking a multivitamin.
  40. #448: Benefits of exercise differ by race and sex2009/10/09
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  41. #447: High blood pressure linked to memory loss in those 45 and older2009/09/28
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  42. #446: Jay Grimes, Pilates authority is interviewed2009/07/21
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  43. #445: Aspirin Therapy - new guidelines discussed by Cooper Clinic cardiologist Nina Radford2009/06/08
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  44. #444: Cooper Fitness Center Personal Trainer Colette Cole – Female Focus Program2009/05/27
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  45. #443: Dr. Radford reviews how changes in physical activity impact longevity2009/04/23
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  46. #442: Dr. Nina Radford reviews the ENCORE Study and DASH Diet2009/04/10
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  47. #441: Dr. Tedd Mitchell talks about studies in the news2009/03/25
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  48. #440: Top Omega-3 Expert Doug Bibus, MS, PhD Is Interviewed 2009/03/11
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  49. #439: Athletic Conditioning: Power Plate Vibration Technology and Power Outdoor Workouts with Shannon Edwards2009/03/04
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  50. #438: Exercise and Quality of Life2009/02/20
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  51. #437: The Nutritional Diet 2009/02/06
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  52. #436: Colon Cancer and Colonoscopy2009/01/12
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  53. #435: Weight Loss2008/12/11
    Jay Ashmore, PhD, executive director of Cooper Weight Loss, talks about a sound, sensible and scientific approach to weight loss.
  54. #434: Minimize Heart Attack Risk2008/12/11
    Dr. Nina Radford, director of cardiovascular medicine for Cooper Clinic, talks about cardiovascular disease. Dr. Radford explains that healthy habits can help reduce heart disease risk factors.
  55. #434: Gastro-intestinal Health 2008/11/13
    Dr. Abram Eisenstein, director of gastroenterology for Cooper Clinic, talks about gastro-intestinal health and how our dietary choices can impact our gastro-intestinal health.
  56. #433: Your Health Your Responsibility2008/11/06
    Dr. Kenneth Cooper, the "father of aerobics," and founder and chairman of Cooper Aerobics Center, discusses how 21st century medicine includes proper exercise, proper weight, proper nutrition, and proper supplementation. Dr. Cooper also explains what he means by the term "squaring off the curve."
  57. #432: Relieve Everyday Stress2008/10/31
    Cooper Wellness Program Executive Director Connie Tyne discusses ways we can relieve everyday stress. Connie provides suggestions on how to survive – and maybe thrive – in a stressful life.
  58. #431: Prostate Health2008/09/25
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  59. #430: Heart Disease2008/09/19
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  60. #429: Eye Health2008/08/27
    Dr. Robert Abel, Jr., an ophthalmologist who serves on the scientific advisory council for Cooper Complete supplements, talks about eye health and explains the importance of sunglasses, supplements, staying hydrated, and exercise as it relates to eye health.
  61. #428: Stretching2008/06/03
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  62. #427: Add Years to Your Life2008/04/25
    Dr. Tedd Mitchell, president of Cooper Clinic, and Todd Whitthorne discuss the recent Men's Health article, "5 Ways to Add Years to Your Life ." Researchers identify five ways we can add more than 20 years to our lifespan.
  63. #426: Years of education affects life expectancy; Smoking – giving patients their “lung age? as incentive to quit smoking2008/04/08
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  64. #425: Alcohol Consumption2008/03/18
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  65. #424: Supplements - Vitamin E Supplementation; Prescribing Testosterone for older men2008/03/05
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  66. #423: Quality of life predicts lung cancer survival2008/02/28
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  67. #422: Invention of Aerobics2008/02/13

    Dr. Cooper is interviewed on ReachMD.com about the invention of Aerobics.

  68. #421: Cholesterol News2008/02/11
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  69. #420: Heart Disease Statistics2008/02/07
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  70. #419: TV can raise blood pressure in obese children2008/01/31
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  71. #418: Vitamin D2008/01/29
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  72. #417: Acid Reflux and Esophageal Cancer2008/01/25
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  73. #416: EPIC Study; How to calculate BMI2008/01/22
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  74. #415: ENHANCE Study2008/01/16
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  75. #414 Hour 2 Healthy Living2007/12/17
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  76. #414 Hour 1 Healthy Living2007/12/17

    Heart disease continues to be our nation’s #1 killer yet it’s estimated that 8 out of 10 fatal heart attacks can be avoided. What do you need to be paying attention to? Here is a hint. It’s a lot more than just your total cholesterol.
  77. #413 Hour 2 Healthy Living2007/12/10
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  78. #413 Hour 1 Healthy Living2007/12/10
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  79. #412 Hour 2 Healthy Living2007/12/03

    A new report warns that the risk of cancer may be going up as a result of CT scans. Is there cause for alarm? Dr. Cooper gives his thoughts.

    We know that clots in your arteries increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, but about the clots in veins? It turns out they maybe much more dangerous than previously thought.

    Dr. Cooper answer listeners' calls.
  80. #412 Hour 1 Healthy Living2007/12/03

    The statement, "You are what you eat," has never been more true. An enormous new study reinforces that 30 percent to 35 percent of cancers are caused by diet. We’ll tell you which cancers and explain what foods you need to include and avoid.

    Can beta carotene improve your memory? The answer is both yes and no. We explain.

    Dr. Cooper answers listeners' calls.
  81. #411 Hour 2 (best of) Healthy Living2007/11/19
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  82. #411 Hour 1 (Best of)2007/11/19
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  83. #410 Hour 2 Healthy Living2007/11/19
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  84. #410 Hour 1 Healthy Living2007/11/19
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  85. #409 Hour 2 Healthy Living2007/11/12

    Dr. Joseph Hibbeln, a psychiatrist and lipid biochemist at the National Institutes of Health and one of the leading authorities on the benefits of fish and fish oil supplements, joins us to discuss the nutritional benefits of omega-3 fatty acids.

    Dr. Hibbeln answers listeners' calls.
  86. #409 Hour 1 Healthy Living2007/11/12
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  87. #408 Hour 2 Healthy Living2007/11/05
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  88. #408 Hour 1 Healthy Living2007/11/05
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  89. #407 Hour 2 Healthy Living (Best Of)2007/10/29
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  90. #407 Hour 1 Healthy Living (Best Of)2007/10/29

    Dr. Kenneth Cooper and Dr. Tyler Cooper will discuss their new book Start Strong Finish Strong.

    They will answer listeners’ calls.
  91. #406 Hour 2 Healthy Living (BEST OF)2007/10/19
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  92. #406 Hour 1 Healthy Living (BEST OF)2007/10/19
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  93. #405 Hour 2 Healthy Living2007/10/15
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  94. #405 Hour 1 Healthy Living2007/10/15
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  95. Show #404 hour 22007/10/08
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  96. Show #404 hour 12007/10/08
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  97. Show #403 hour 2 (Best of)2007/09/28
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  98. Show #403 hour 1 (Best of)2007/09/28
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  99. Show #402 hour 22007/09/28
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  100. Show #402 hour 12007/09/25
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  101. Dr. Kenneth Cooper and Dr. Tyler Cooper will discuss their new book Start Strang Finish Strong2007/09/17

    Dr. Kenneth Cooper and Dr. Tyler Cooper will discuss their new book Start Strong Finish Strong .

    They will answer listeners’ calls.
  102. Dr. Cooper in studio: discuss preventive screenings and how they detect cancer, red meat and colon cancer, a benefit from coffe2007/09/17
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  103. Dr. Tedd Mitchell, Cooper Clinic medical director and Dr. Tornelli Cooper Clinic Physician, discusses health issues in the news2007/09/10
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  104. Dr. Tedd Mitchell, Cooper Clinic medical director and Dr. Tornelli Cooper Clinic Physician, discusses health issues in the news2007/09/10
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  105. Dr. Cooper in studio: new exercise guidelines how have they changed (see show notes for references)2007/08/27
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  106. Dr. Cooper in studio: high blood pressure in children, gastric bypass reduces diabetes (see show notes for references)2007/08/27
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  107. Dr. Cooper in studio: popular prescriptions, red yeast rice, heartburn (see show notes for references)2007/08/21
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  108. Dr. Cooper in studio: benefits of vitamin D, bone density, heart attacks in diabetics (see show notes for references)2007/08/21
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  109. Dr. John Ho, a cardiologist at Cooper Clinic in Dallas, joins us today to talk about heart health. (program notes)2007/08/06
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  110. Dr. Dana King joins us today to discuss a study how adopting a healthy lifestyle in middle age has significant health benefits.2007/08/06
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  111. Dr. Cooper in studio: risk of radiation, prevent reoccurence of breast cancer (see show notes for references)2007/07/23
  112. Dr. Cooper in studio:Atrail fibrillation, fast walking, better way to measure triglycerides (see show notes for references)2007/07/23
  113. Dr. Cooper in studio: health insurance rates; omega-3s; women and exercise (see show notes for references)2007/07/16
  114. Dr. Cooper in studio; heart health - aspirin and chocolate; statins; Niacin/B3 (see show notes for references)2007/07/16
  115. Dr. Cooper in studio; Daily habits, how tough it really is to lose weight and keep it off,new information on pancreatic cancer2007/07/11
  116. Dr. Cooper in studio; managing your risk factors,Osteoporosis discussion,Vitamin D topics,no more tobacco2007/07/11
  117. Dr. Cooper in studio; stop Alzheimer's with a shot, why not to develop diabetes, Alli new weight loss drug pro and cons,2007/07/05
  118. Dr. Cooper in studio; Alternative Medicine, DHEA can it cure depression, Echinacea, Vitamin D2007/07/05
  119. Dr. Cooper in studio; fact from fiction when it comes to the drug Avandia, also who to trust when it come to medical news2007/06/25
  120. Dr. Cooper in studio; heart disease on the decline, not all exercise is equal, one beverage that helps build muscle,2007/06/18
  121. Dr. Cooper in studio; fact from fiction when it comes to the drug Avandia, also who to trust when it come to medical news2007/06/18
  122. Dr. Pat Fulgham, a physician at Urology Clinics of North, joins us to discuss new PSA test, Prostate surgery, and incontinence.2007/06/11
  123. Connie Tyne joins us to discuss memory tips and sleep benefits2007/06/11
  124. Dr. Cooper in studio; health benefits form exercise, Salt's negative impact, and iPods2007/06/04
  125. Dr. Cooper in studio; The the Discussion on Prostate Cancer, Testosterone, and Mammography2007/06/04
  126. Dr. Cooper: “Best Of? for the holiday weekend2007/05/29
  127. Dr. Abram Eisenstein: rise of obesity comes a rise in problems with our liver2007/05/21
  128. Dr. Abram Eisenstein: Celiac disease and what you can do to make sure your gut is as healthy as possible.2007/05/21
  129. Dr. Tedd Mitchell, Cooper Clinic medical director, discusses health issues in the news; sinus infections; aspirin resistance;2007/05/14
  130. Dr. Tedd Mitchell explains medical tests/screens - what we should have and what the scores mean2007/05/14
  131. Dr. Cooper in studio; Reduce Non-fatal Heart Attacks Depression, Breast Cancer2007/05/07
  132. Dr. Cooper in studio; medicare changes and infromation on heart attacks2007/05/07
  133. Best of Show: Breast MRI2007/04/27
  134. Best of Show: Dr Das on Angioplasty2007/04/27
  135. Dr. Cooper in studio; we discuss childhood obesity; Phil Lawler weighs in with advice2007/04/23
  136. Best of: Brain health; atrial fibrillation; age-related macular degeneration2007/04/16
  137. Best Of: Dr. Cooper discusses pregnancy and diet; ways to reduce colon cancer; responds to listeners calls2007/04/16
  138. Dr. Cooper discusses mammograms; omega-3 help prevent heart attack; blueberries reduce odds of colon cancer2007/04/09
  139. Dr. Cooper discusses HRT; fruits and veggies - do we get enough; answers listener calls2007/04/09
  140. Dr. Cooper in studio: Caffeine and Cholesterol:Chinese food: How to lose baby weight2007/03/26
  141. Dr. Cooper in studio: Vit D and Cancer: Aspirin Recommmendations: Cholesterol info2007/03/26
  142. Jennifer Neily, registered and licensed dietitian at Cooper Clinic talks diets, counting calories, and eating out2007/03/12
  143. Jennifer Neily, a registered and licensed dietitian at Cooper Clinic, joins us to provide practical advice on diet2007/03/12
  144. Best of - Joseph Maroon explains why omega-3 fatty acids/fish oil are good anti-inflammatories2007/03/05
  145. Best of - Joseph Hibbeln with NIH talks about omega-3 fatty acids2007/03/05
  146. Dr. Cooper in studio; Results from new weight loss study; Sleep helps weight; Metabolic deterioration2007/02/27
  147. Dr. Cooper in studio; Physical benefits of blood donation; caffeine pros and cons; listener calls2007/02/27
  148. Dr. Kenneth Cooper, father of aerobics, reviews the latest research in the scientific journals, and answers listeners calls2007/02/19
  149. Dental health; links to diseases/conditions; whitening/bleaching; toothbrushes and flossing; Dallas dentist Steve Levy joins us2007/02/12
  150. Digestive issues, irritable bowel syndrome, bacterial overgrowth, and diverticulitis; Dr. Abram Eisenstein2007/02/05
  151. Our focus is on the digestive system. Colonoscopy; acid reflux; Barrett’s esophagus; Dr. Abram Eisenstein2007/02/05
  152. Dr. Cooper reviews the latest health data - omega-3s, prostate health, pregnant women; folic acid for brain power; takes calls2007/01/29
  153. January 20, 2007 Hour 2: We discuss how to successfully lose weight and keep it off with Patty Kirk and Dr. Jay Ashmore2007/01/22
  154. January 20, 2007 Hour 1: We discuss how to successfully lose weight with Patty Kirk and Dr. Jay Ashmore.2007/01/22
  155. For most Americans, heart disease starts at birth. Dr. Nina Radford, senior cardiologist at Cooper Clinic in Dallas joins us2007/01/15
  156. Heart disease is our nation’s number one killer. Dr. Nina Radford, senior cardiologist at Cooper Clinic joins us.2007/01/15
  157. January 6, 2007 Hour 2: REPLAY of December 9, 2006 discussion with Dr. Tony Das a leading cardiologist.2007/01/08
  158. January 6, 2007 Hour 1: REPLAY of December 9, 2006 discussion of HDL, cholesterol and heart health.2007/01/08
  159. December 30, 2006 Hour 2 Dr. Robert Abel discusses eye health.2007/01/03
  160. December 30, 2006 Hour 1: Dr. Robert Abel answers questions about vision health.2007/01/03
  161. December 23, 2006 Hour 2: The FDA and the risk of OTC pain killers, and a new study about quitting smoking2006/12/29
  162. December 23, 2006 Hour 1: Hormone Replacement Therapy options,colonoscopies and detection rates2006/12/29
  163. December 16, 2006, Hour 2: Dr. Cooper discusses the relationship between breast cancer and HRT?2006/12/19
  164. December 16, 2006 - Hour 1: Discussion about prostate cancer and folic acid.2006/12/19
  165. December 2, 2006, Hour 2 - Dr. Cooper and Todd Whitthorne review the latest study on back pain; exercise and obesity2006/12/05
  166. December 2, 2006, Hour 1 - Dr. Cooper and Todd Whitthorne discuss cardiovascular disease2006/12/05
  167. November 25, 2006, (Replay of November 18, 2006 Hour 1 CAT scan radiation - is it too much)2006/11/27
  168. November 25, 2006 (Replay of: November 11, 2006, Hour 1: Celiac Disease discussion)2006/11/27
  169. CAT scan radiation - is it too much; the right drug to take if you have carotid artery disease; low-carb vs. low-fat2006/11/20
  170. November 11, 2006, Hour 2: Help yourself and your dog lose weight!2006/11/13
  171. November 4, 2006 Hour 2: Craig Schwimmer, M.D., an ear, nose and throat specialist discusses snoring and sleep issues.2006/11/06
  172. November 4, 2006 Hour 1: David Silver, M.D. discusses arthritis, joint pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia.2006/11/06
  173. October 28, 2006 Hour 2: A couple of big studies this week report that CT scans can literally save lives2006/10/30
  174. October 28, 2006 Hour 1: A new study indicates that what we have for dinner can help make our brain five years younger2006/10/30
  175. October 21, 2006 Hour 2: Dr. Cooper and Todd Whitthorne discuss the latest guidelines for cholesterol.2006/10/24
  176. October 21, 2006 Hour 1: Dr. Cooper and Todd Whitthorne discuss what we do in midlife that impacts our old age.2006/10/24
  177. October 14, 2006 Hour 2: Lara Hassan, registered dietitian and diabetes educator dicusses diets2006/10/16
  178. October 14, 2006 Hour 1: Dr. Bruce Holub professor from the University of Guelph in Canada discusses Omega 3 fatty acids2006/10/16
  179. October 7, 2006: Hour 2, Replay with Dr. Barry Franklin discussing heart health2006/10/09
  180. October 7, 2006: Hour 1 - Replay with Dr. Barry Franklin discussing heart health.2006/10/09
  181. September 30, 2006, Hour 2: Breast cancer can be devastating, but it’s not a death sentence2006/10/02
  182. September 30, 2006; Hour 1: The earlier you can detect cancer, the better your odds are of survival2006/10/02
  183. September 23, 2006 Hour 2: 5 Ways To Eat Better & Live Longer2006/09/26
  184. September 23, 2006 Hour 1: Does Genetics or Lifestyle better predict the future?2006/09/26
  185. September 16, 2006 Hour Two - REPLAY of September 2, 2006 Hour #12006/09/18
  186. September 16, 2006 Hour One - REPLAY of August 26, 2006 Hour #22006/09/18
  187. September 2, 2006 Hour Two: Obesity & Ovarian Cancer, Lipitor, & Omega-32006/09/06
  188. August 26, 2006 Hour One: six topics that can substantially increase length and quality of life.2006/08/28
  189. August 19, 2006 Hour Two: How does type 2 diabetes have the potential to bankrupt our country?2006/08/21
  190. August 19, 2006 Hour One: Can corporate America continue to pay for employees who fail to take responsibility for their health?2006/08/21
  191. 8/12/06 Hour Two: Fibromyalgia, depression, exercise and womens health.2006/08/14
  192. 8/12/06 Hour One: When it comes to health and fitness, what are the differences between men and women?2006/08/14
  193. August 5, 2006, Hour Two: Dr. Robert Abel discusses eyesight, cataracts, and age related macular degeneration2006/08/07
  194. August 5, 2006 Hour One, Eye Health Discussed with Dr. Robert Abel2006/08/07
  195. July 29, 2006 Hour Two: High blood pressure, pulse pressure and the risk of heart attacks.2006/07/31
  196. July 29, 2006 - Hour One: Obesity and why weight-loss surgery might not be the easy answer.2006/07/31
  197. July 22, 2006 Hour 2 - We’re going to learn about the “Science of Change.? What do the experts know?2006/07/24
  198. July 22, 2006 Hour 1 - Have we made physical activity become a punishment for children instead of fun?2006/07/24
  199. Cooper Life, living well, high blood pressure medication and pancreatic cancer2006/07/18
  200. Age-related macular degeneration, breast-feeding and shingles2006/07/18
  203. Dr. Nina Radford discusses heart disease - the leading cause of death in women2006/07/03
  204. Dr. Nina Radford discusses heart disease differences in men and woman; why weight around the middle is a concern2006/07/03
  205. Depression and children in the US; Your ABI, is a predicor of heart disease2006/06/27
  206. Statin drugs, lower cholesterol and other beneficial side effects, also new study from Denmark about pain relievers2006/06/27
  207. Dr. Cooper in studio discussing diabetes and why your weight at age 18 will determine your risk of developing diabetes2006/06/19
  208. Dr. Cooper in studio discusses the dangers of trans fats2006/06/19
  209. Is it safe to eat fish while pregnant? Is it safe to eat fish at all? We discuss new study.2006/06/12
  210. Dr. Jim Hill, from the University of Colorado, is the co-founder of The National Weight Control Registry answers questions2006/06/12
  211. American health going south; many people unaware they have diabetes; moderate alcohol good except for one group2006/06/12
  212. From a genetic standpoint, do we get heart disease from mom or dad?; stroke research; S Africa experiment2006/06/12
  213. From a genetic standpoint, do we get heart disease from mom or dad?; stroke research; S Africa experiment2006/06/05
  214. American health going south; many people unaware they have diabetes; moderate alcohol good except for one group2006/06/05
  215. Fitness level helps ward off dementia and Alzheimer's; blood pressure meds impact Alzheimer's risk; Type D personality; Coffee2006/05/30
  216. New studies indicate how to lower breast cancer risk; why we may need more vitamin D; weight may be influenced by sleep2006/05/30
  217. Dr. Joseph Maroon leading neurosurgeon from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center discusses Omega-3 and back pain2006/05/22
  218. Nutrition, diets, diabetes, "low-carb" and healthy eating choices are discussed with Lara Hassan.2006/05/22
  219. Nina Radford M.D. discusses heart disease.2006/05/16
  220. Nina Radford M.D. discusses women heart health.2006/05/16
  223. Dr. Cooper discusses heart disease, back pain and mercury in fillings.2006/05/01
  224. Dr. Cooper discusses osteoporosis and the potential side effects of the drug Fosamax.2006/05/01
  225. Dr. Cooper in studio. Heart health, cholesterol lowering products; estrogen & breast cancer risk.2006/04/24
  226. Dr. Cooper in studio, breast cancer updates; migrane information.2006/04/24
  227. Dr. Pat Fulgham of Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas talks about prostate cancer, PSA's and E.D.2006/04/17
  228. Cooper Wellness Program ED Connie Tyne talks about impact of lack of sleep on overall quality of life.2006/04/17
  229. Federal Government obesity numbers; ADHD - 3 ways to improve the condition without drugs2006/04/10
  230. Trimming calories - are artificial sweetener aspartame and fat substitute olestra safe?2006/04/10
  231. Stroke reduction steps, esp if you have a-fib; Gov Mike Huckabee lecture2006/04/03
  232. Rate of heart failure is rising, can CoQ10 help; lower risk of heart attack and stroke; Plavix; glucosamine & chondroitin2006/04/03
  233. Is marathon running dangerous; Info on Crestor, the newest cholesterol-lowering medication; How EBT scans save lives2006/03/27
  234. Dr. Cooper responds to The Case Against Vitamins in the WSJ2006/03/27
  235. Heart health; atrial fibrillation; ablation therapy; Dr. Cooper answers calls2006/03/20
  236. Heart Health - latest treatment options for atrial fibrillation; aspirin therapy; Dr. Cooper takes calls2006/03/20
  237. Gail Lebovic, M.D., a surgical oncologist discusses women's health, and health issues that can be prevented2006/03/14
  238. Gail Lebovic, M.D., a surgical oncologist, answers questions about breast cancer; genetic testing, mammography, MRI, implants2006/03/14
  239. Brain Health - Part II - Daniel G. Amen, M.D., a world recognized psychiatrist lists ways to improve brain health2006/02/27
  240. Brain Health - how to treat, and prevent conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, depression, anxiety, and ADD2006/02/27
  241. 50+ years old? We take the test to see our chance of being alive in 4 years; income & social status impact heart rate recovery2006/02/20
  242. Dr. Cooper and Jennifer Hays, Ph.D., Women's Healthy Initiative discuss study findings for women and their impact on health.2006/02/20
  243. New HRT research; HRT may be good; Positive impact of HRT on wrinkles; The Freshman 15; and Link between weight and suicide2006/02/13
  244. Lowfat diets; Benefits of increasing lean protein; CVD in Women - Women’s Ischemia Syndrome Evaluation; Statin drugs & AMD2006/02/13
  245. Sleep expert and psychiatrist Dr. John Debus answers sleep questions; how to get uninterrupted sleep2006/02/06
  246. How to get a good night's sleep - insomnia, snoring, sleep apnea, excessive sleepiness2006/02/06
  247. Medicare Part D facts discussed with Walgreen's mgr of pharmacy affairs Dan Luce. Figure out which Medicare D plan is for you.2006/01/30
  248. Guest Joseph Hibbeln, M.D. at National Institute of Health; Omega-3 are beneficial for heart, eyes, skin & brain2006/01/30
  249. Why mid-life obesity is harmful in later life; diabetes, and more - Saturday, January 21, 2006 - Hour 12006/01/23
  250. Flu meds that don't work; compassion a key to health - Saturday, January 21, 2006 - Hour 22006/01/23
  251. Weight loss and successful losers - January 14, 2006 - Hour 22006/01/16
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