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  1. The Morning Cup -- Resistance is Fertile2010/07/25

    In today's Morning Cup, we look at the common friction between parent and child that accompanies being told "no," and explore how mindfulness offers us the opportunity to find greater clarity of mind and an openness of heart during these moments of challenge.

  2. The Morning Cup: Where in My Next Breath?2010/05/20

    In today's podcast we explore one of the great ironies of parenting – the very object of a parent’s affection and among the greatest of their joys can be the source of so much agitation. Doing so, we consider how this frustrating aspect of parenting can come to serve a reminder to breathe and a mindfulness cue to see more clearly what is actually taking place.

  3. Seeing Your Child2010/05/03
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  4. Mindfulness Practice: "Do I Know This?"2010/04/26

    In this Mindful Parenting podcast of the Morning Cup, Scott Rogers shares a powerful exercise intended to e practiced during moments of challenge. While helpful for achieving connection, compassion, and empathy when embroiled in conflict with one's child, it can be helpful at anytime and anywhere.
  5. Your Child's Smile2010/03/15

    In today's podcast, your child's smile serves as reminder to wake up and enjoy the present moment, mindful of life's forever changing nature.
  6. The Three Mindful R's2009/02/25
    In the Three Mindful R's, we learn how the moments we spend with our child -- both the easy and challenging -- offer an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to share this growth with our child.
  7. Find Something New2008/10/06
    Today's Morning Cup podcast reminds that we can get lost in expectation and judgment when we stop seeing what is before us as it truly is. Today's Mindful Parenting verse embraces the technique of looking for something new when we see our child.
  8. Through Your Child's Eyes2008/07/27
    In this Morning Cup podcast, you are offered the opportunity to expand awareness by viewing the world through your child's eyes. As you deepen your connection to your child, what arises may surprise you -- may teach you -- may awaken you to an aspect of your child -- and yourself -- that speaks to your aliveness.
  9. Are Your Really There With Your Child?2007/03/06
    Today's Morning Cup offers a verse to help us be present with are child when we are with our child. We often wait for things to "calm down" in order to get into a mindful or present state. But things will never calm down. That's for us to do.
  10. Slow Down and Be Present with Your Child2007/03/01

    Mindfulness and Mindful Parenting Practice bring our perception of the passage of time into proper perspective. Time stops flying and we learn to savor the moment.

    Today's exercise involve the recitation of a simple phrase, both when we are with separated from our child, to help clear out some of our mental clutter and bring greater awareness to the moment.
  11. Breathe and Open Awareness to Your Child2007/02/26
    Today's Podcast uses the breathe as a cue to connect us to our child and the cosmos. Designed to be used especially when we are away fromour child, today's exercise can also be used when with our child.
  12. Visualizing and Sensing the Present Moment Through Your Child2007/01/28
    Today's Morning Cup offers a classic mindful parenting verse through which you connect more deeply to your child and through that connection, ground yourself more deeply in the here and now. It can be done anytime and anywhere and takes but a few moments.
  13. Wake Up! During Breakfast2007/01/11
    Just because we get out of bed doesn't mean we've woken up. This podcast provides a helpful reminder that habitual events, like breakfast, can become mindless routine, and offers a two minute tool so that breakfast can become a wonderful opportunity to Wake Up!
  14. Opening Like a Bloom to the Morning Ritual2006/10/15

    Today's Morning Cup looks to each morning as a new day -- one we can approach like a flower blooming for the first time. The mindful parenting verse helps to ground ourselves in the beauty of the moment at those times when the ritual of getting ready for school can become challenging for ourselves and out children.
  15. Respond With a Sound to Your Child's Challenging Dilemmas2006/09/29
    Our words can be a source of happiness as well as suffering, for ourselves and others. Today's Morning Cup technique suggests how we might respond to our child in a way that allows us a moment to meditate or turn inward while offering our child the space with which to explore and realize their potential.
  16. Your Child's Eyes and Everyday Objects2006/09/17
    Our eyes and our child's eyes are windows into a deep place of aliveness. Today's podcast invites you to meditate on your child's eyes, soaking in their color. During the day, similar hues cue awareness of your child's presence and, ultimately, of your own. You awaken to the moment and see the world with fresh eyes.
  17. Listen With Your Fingers2006/09/05
    Today's Morning Cup column offers a mindful parenting verse to bring awareness out of the egoic mind and more fully into the body.
  18. Untying Knots and Your Child2006/08/27
    Today's podcast reminds us how we each hold the key to resolving conflict.
    We can't always expect another to let go of "stuff," but we can look inward and, with developing awareness of what is really taking place, more naturally let go of our some of own stuff. Imagery of tying and untying our children's shoelaces places the key within our grasp.
  19. Signing Your Name and Your Child2006/08/23
    Signing your name likely has become an automatic process. Today's podcast opens awareness to your aliveness during this routine act. With imagery of your child learning to write his or her name for the first time, you expand awareness by making the subtlest of changes to one of the letters in your name. As you expand spaciousness within a letter, you open awareness within yourself.
  20. Step Into Hesitation2006/08/01
    A verse and its rich imagery offer a short visualization of your child stepping into the magic of the unknown, helping you expand awareness of your own ambivalence and do the same. The verse and imagery can be easily remembered and recited during the day when we become aware that we are stuck in hesitation. From this we act! and touch our aliveness.
  21. See Yourself Through Your Child's Eyes2006/07/18
    We can often become so caught up in our heads, and our eyes, that we forget our true nature. Today's column and verse helps us to reclaim our true nature by looking deeply into who we are -- through our child's eyes.
  22. The Eyes Have It2006/06/26
    Today's Morning Cup offers a verse that directs our attention to another being's eyes, and from those eyes to our child's eyes and to our own. Breathing deeply, we see more clearly what it taking place in the present moment.
  23. Touch Your Child's Feelings and Find Yourself2006/05/28
    Today's Morning Cup examines the diversity of emotions our child experiences and how, as we have matured, we may have lost touch with some of these feeling states. Today we attend to our child's feelings with an open heart, to see if we can touch (relate to) those emotions, thereby gaining greater insight into ourselves and our child.
  24. Teach Your Child to Slow Down and Dwell in Silence2006/04/24

    So often we find ourselves seemingly always in motion. Even when we're home and have the opportunity to take it easy, we keep going -- eating, talking, moving about. Today's podcast offers a beautiful technique to slow down with your child and dwell together in stillness.
  25. Your Are The Sun2006/04/09
    Today's Morning Cup invites you to see the similarities between yourself and the sun. Expanding awareness to embrace the sun's wondrous qualities of patience, warmth, and abundance, offers the opportunity to deepen your connection to your child, youself, and other beings.
  26. Play The Fool2006/04/02
    April Fool's Day reminds us of the value of opening to whatever arises with a fresh eye by playing the fool.
  27. Reading and Breathing With Your Child2006/03/22
    In this Mindful Cup podcast, we transform reading into an experience of mindful awareness. Reading cue us to our breathing and our child's breathing which begins the process of becoming more gounded in the here and now.
  28. Sweet Dreams Flowing Across Generations2006/03/19
    Today's Morning Cup opens awareness to both the impermanence and the repetition of the sacred moment in which we saying "Good Night" to our child. We become more mindful of the moment, and appreciate the untold generations who have shared in this beautiful ritual.
  29. Visualize and Sense the Present Moment Through Your Child2006/03/11
    An easy to learn four stanza visualization brings you back to yourself anytime you choose. Imagery of your child, coordinated gently with your breathing, serves as a powerful cue to waking up to the present moment.
  30. Gazing at Clouds and Your Child2006/02/19
    This Morning Cup looks to clouds as a means to awaken to the always changing nature of your child and yourself.
  31. Washing Hands to Happy Birthday and Becoming More Present, Part Two2006/01/31
    In this the second of a four part series of the Morning Cup podcast, you learn to deepen your connection to the present moment by opening awareness to your hands as you wash them, singing "Happpy Birthday" to your child.
  32. Happy Birthday -- Washing Hands Exercise, Part I2006/01/26
    Washing hands can quickly become a mindless event. Todays Morning Cup podcast tranforms the act of washing hands into one of deep meaning as imagery of your child opens your heart and brings a smile to your lips.
  33. Waking up to 20062006/01/12
    In this Morning Cup, a new verse brings to mind images of your child who, like the passage of time, is always changing. Expanding awareness, you return to yourself and to the present moment.
  34. Winter, Renewal and Connection2006/01/09
    The Winter season is one that touches us at many levels. This Mindful Cup podcast offers a technique to allow the breathing in of cool air to connect you to your child, and from that connection to expand out to reach the cosmos. Returning to youself, and increased awareness of bodily sensations, you become grounded in the present moment.
  35. The New Year and New Moments2006/01/02
    The New Year brings forth new moments with greater clarity. Today's Mindful Cup looks to the fresh newness of your child's sounds to bring you more deeply into your own body. The vibrations that emanate from your sounds fill the vastness of the cosmos.
  36. Holiday Sweets and Being Present To Your Child2005/12/30
    Today's Morning Cup invites awareness into the transient nature of delicious sweets and the moment to moment joy we experience when with our child. A mindful parenting verse reminds us of how fleeting both are, yet can endure in our hearts when we are truly present for the experience.
  37. A Verse For Bathing2005/12/11
    Today's Morning Cup helps open awareness to the connection between our flesh and blood and that of our child's. When we bathe, we can escape mental chatter by directing awareness to this connection.
  38. Your Fingernails and Your Child2005/12/05
    This Morning Cup reminds you how close at hand mindfulness and a deepening connection to your child are at all times. Fingernails offer easy to remember cues to your spiritual connection to your child and to the present moment.
  39. Inviting Surprises With Bedtime Visualizations2005/11/14
    Today's Morning Cup invites you to use a simple visualization technique when you are with your child to open a doorway to connecting more deeply with your child and yourself.
  40. Lovingkindness Meditation and Your Child2005/10/30
    Embrace your child as you recite a lovingkindness meditation. Doing so will open your heart to greater compassion for not just your child but yourself.
  41. Blinking Eyes, Beautiful Child2005/10/27
    Today's Morning Cup podcast transforms your eyes into the lenses of a camera, helping you to awaken to the extraordinary beauty residing within every moment.
  42. Holding Hands Across Generations2005/10/17
    In this Morning Cup column you bring together the past and the present and awaken to the depths of genuine love in your life.
  43. Your Work and Your Child's Homework2005/09/26
    Today's Morning Cup column and verse use the association between your work and your child's homework to draw energy from your thinking mind into your body.
  44. Carry Your Child2005/09/09
    Today's Morning Cup column transforms body awareness by cuing imagery and sensation of carrying your child as if you were pregnant. Doing so, you expand awreness of your child and your connection to the cosmos.
  45. Your Child And The New School Year2005/08/29
    We can connect deeply with our children as they begin the school year for our own schooltime experiences are rich in memories and run deep. Today's Morning Cup column reminds us to listen deeply to our child and open awareness to the experiences shared. A verse is offered for further reflection.
  46. The Mindful Bedtime Story2005/08/22
    In this Morning Cup column you awaken to the many gifts awaiting you as you read a bedtime story to your child.
  47. With Every Step You Take2005/08/16
    Today's Morning Cup column and verse tranforms a routine moment into one of expanded awareness. Awaken to the presence of your child in your life, and your being in the here and now, with every step you take.
  48. In The Presence Of Your Child2005/08/15
    This Morning Cup column reminds you to be truly present with your child when you are together, and to allow for togetherness even when you are "too busy" to attend to your child. Share with your child how you may be tugged in different directions and open to the simple beauty inherent in physical presence.
  49. Resist Less and Experience More2005/08/09
    This edition of The Morning Cup mindful parenting tip reminds you of the value of being present for your child and not overstating the importance of a project that can wait. If the project can't wait, then communciate that to your child with compassion. Ultimately, you will have more energy for both the project and your child.
  50. Wake Up! When You Awaken2005/08/04
    This Morning Cup column reminds you to really wake up when you awaken in the morning. The daily verse summons imagery of the vast cosmos within your child's eyes as a cue to leave distractions behind and enter the present moment.
  51. Listen To Your Child With Your Hands2005/08/02
    This Morning Cup column expands awareness beyond the confines of the ego. Using the hands to "listen," we can become more present and participate in what is actually taking place with greater depth of understanding.
  52. The Mindful Parent: Delta Mind -- Stepping Stone To Greater Awareness2005/08/01
    This Morning Cup column offers a mindful parenting tip that involves opening to awareness itself. Delta mind is awareness of becoming mindful of the moment.
  53. The Mindful Parent: Using The Computer Mouse To Connect To Your Child2005/07/27
    This Morning Cup column offers a mindful parenting tip that helps you open awareness to the presence of your child, and to the joy this connection offers, while working on the computer.
The Mindful Parent Podcast
The daily "Morning Cup" podcast provides mindful parenting tips that help you connect more deepy with your child and, in doing so, experience a more joyful life.

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