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The Science Show

  1. The Magic of Mushrooms2019/09/14
    Magic Mushrooms: Can their mycelia give us safer plastic replacements?
  2. The Future of Australia's Space Industry2019/09/07
    Australia has a long history of space activities. But how will the newly formed Australian Space Agency be supporting future space industry and technology?
  3. Forty-Four Years Later!2019/08/31
    The first Science Show had a warning about fossil fuels - 44 years ago
  4. Let’s save the gorgeous pangolin!2019/08/24
    New tech to help trace pangolin poachers
    Research and education a key part of Sydney’s Taronga Zoo
    Celebrations for Riversleigh’s 25 years as a World Heritage site
    50 years of marriage celebrated - with a wasp
    Ants - the gardeners of the forest
    Australia’s insects disappearing before being described and named
    Cameras the best way to observe animal behaviour
    Our chemical homes
  5. Gravity, with Einstein2019/08/17
    Australia should adopt the British model of science advisors for each ministry says Peter Newman
    Understanding gravity
    Illustrating the universe
    Resistant nerves could lead to treatment for neuro degenerative disease
    Startups aim at efficiency and waste in food production
    Improving photosynthesis to boost crop yields
  6. Hard questions and hydrogen2019/08/10
    Bees worldwide under serious threat
    The Rescue Project presents stories of land repair
    Reducing emissions won’t be enough to limit rising temperatures
    Coordination required to build a hydrogen-based economy
    Science should emulate sport in supporting women
    Social influences can help problem gamblers
    Tom Gleeson BSc back with another season of tough questions
  7. How did just five species of dinosaurs survive Armageddon 65 million years ago to give us 10,000 species of birds today?2019/08/03
    Concerns with funding shift for OECD science
    Dinosaurs reveal further details of history of life on Earth
    Field sound recordings show ecosystems changing fast
    Thomas Harriot - forgotten Elizabethan scientist comes to life
    The little extras needed to engage US humanities undergrads in biology basics
  8. Was Einstein right?2019/07/27
    How Brexit threatens science. Confirming Einstein’s notion of gravity and general relativity. The Cambrian Explosion - why did it happen? Protection for Ediacaran fossil site near the Flinders Ranges. Submersibles take scientists to deep sea volcanic sites. Fossils reveal new details of how dinosaurs lived. Australian biodiversity used to inspire US humanities undergrads.
  9. Anyone fancy $315 billion?2019/07/20
    The voice of Apollo - how ABC science broadcast the Moon landing
    Open source data the basis of research, democracy and scientifically-based decision making
    Australia back of the pack in digital innovation
    University of Tasmania focussed on local challenges, opportunities and community
    University of Otago celebrates 150 years
    Primary students lap up Einsteinian physics
  10. Bringing them back2019/07/13
    Bringing them back.
  11. The library of life on Earth2019/07/06
    We've now described about 1.75 million species on our planet - but it's believed there are millions more that we haven't classified yet.
  12. Love, feelings, and flavour2019/06/29
    Lovers in the lab
  13. Taking tech into your own hands2019/06/22
    Building your own artificial Pancreas
  14. Wild things2019/06/15
    The first/last Danish wolf
    Making Tasmanian devils less Tasmanian
    How to control Australia's wild dogs
    A world without humans
  15. Nine stories about our nine pints of blood2019/06/08
    Info (Show/Hide)
  16. Electric brains and ‘magic’ furniture2019/06/01
    Headset provides soundtrack for the vision impaired
    Buzzing ball trains the brain with degraded proprioception
    Magnetic brain stimulation trials for Multiple sclerosis
    Adelaide hosts first Asian Physics Olympiad held in Australia
    New wheat varieties for the changing climate
    Amphibians threatened worldwide
    Ecosystem services vital, though not always obvious
  17. Bees on fire!2019/05/25
    Tasmanian forest fires leave people feeling threatened
    Prairie voles a model for human love and attachment
    High drama in the lives of honey bees
    The key role of insects in crop pollination
    Response to damaged genes linked to Parkinson’s Disease
    Secrets of those who bloom in their senior years revealed
  18. Open the door - or else!2019/05/18
    Sulawesi hit by rare supershear earthquake in Sep 2018
    Nuclear and renewables or nuclear or renewables?
    Challenges for Alzheimer’s research
    How Australia’s first regional university offers more
    Pouched rats sniff for land mines and medical samples
  19. Fancy a brain diet?2019/05/11
    New evidence helps rewrite the human story
    Mass migration of human populations predicted
    ALP promises funding boost for science
    How gut bacteria affect our brain
    Who controls autonomous systems?
    The amazing, bedazzling bird-of-paradise
  20. Frogs! Frogs! Frogs!2019/05/04
    Ode to the typewriter and vale poet Les Murray
    Phone recordings provide status update for frogs
    Spread of chytrid fungus linked to human transport
    Hashtag era gives activism a face
    Coalition promises for science
    Judge finds scientist’s dismissal unlawful
    Major changes in human history linked to geological forces
  21. Blood!2019/04/27
    Impacts of high-tide flooding on local economic activity
    Mysteries of the bizarre ancient fish, the coelacanth
    Life at extreme ocean depths
    Vale biologist Sydney Brenner
    Challenges for AI visual recognition
    Nine amazing stories about blood
  22. The psychology of going to Mars2019/04/20
    New telescope to probe the formation and evolution of the universe
    Building teams for missions to Mars
  23. A science-led election?2019/04/13
    Bill Shorten describes science under a Labor government
    Australian hydrogen could power the world many times over
    Antarctic coasts melted by warmer oceans
    Slime moulds exhibit memory
    New ideas about ridged teeth of large aquatic feeders
    Deciphering the social behaviour of ants
  24. Scientists support worldwide moratorium on editing human embryos2019/04/06
    Budget provides science a nudge
    Moratorium call on editing human embryos
    Energy used to produce wasted food in US could power whole countries
    Measuring the universe may lead to new physics, and new model of the universe
    Worldwide bird sightings collated at eBird
    Interactive experience for visitors at SF Exploratorium
  25. The making and breaking of memory2019/03/30
    President Trump heading for the far side of the Moon
    Early prep for human missions to Mars
    Lights affect migratory birds
    NestWatch tracks breeding success of birds across the US
    Where memories are held
    New focussed approach to brain therapy
    Miniaturisation and wifi bring hope for patients with epilepsy and vision impairment
  26. Is IQ fixed?2019/03/23
    How racial prejudice can easily appear in classrooms
    The human race - a race of one
    Henry Sutton an inspiration for students at Federation University
    Project FeederWatch feeds birds, unites people, provides valuable data
    Fairywren Project collates bird sightings to monitor changes in populations and range
  27. Stopping the plunge in achievement in STEM at school and university2019/03/16
    Understanding not memorization the key to learning maths
    New approach to teaching hopes to improve retention in STEM
    Carl Sagan inspires search for life beyond Earth
    Elements of interest to Australia
    Racial prejudice from teachers lessens student results
  28. HIV, Trump and David Baltimore2019/03/09
    New battery launched for life beyond lithium
    Hunt for exoplanets continues after Kepler
    David Baltimore - early work led to first HIV drugs
    Happy 150th birthday to the Periodic Table
  29. Reports from the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Washington DC2019/03/02
    Info (Show/Hide)
  30. What is life?2019/02/23
    Investigating processes which control the expression of genes
    New chemistry emulates nature
    Climate politics – it’s short-term gain for some versus long-term well-being for all
    The secret of life - explanation through new physics
  31. Coral spawning, and the hopes and hurdles of assisted evolution2019/02/16
    Insect Armageddon? Study shows 'catastrophic' declines in bug numbers. Coral spawning and assisted evolution at Australia's Sea Simulator. Marlon Brando's luxury resort in French Polynesia, supporting research and conservation. The new wave of Chinese science fiction.
  32. An ancient whale mystery hidden in the cliffs around Bells Beach2019/02/09
    Clues to an ancient whale mystery, in the cliffs of the Victorian Surf Coast. 'Geopoetry' inspired by the work of Australia's first female Professor. The Nobel Prize winner who co-authored a paper with his pet. The Chase continues... with a hunt for the night parrot.
  33. The vital importance of public enterprise2019/02/02
    Scientists awarded in Australia Day honours. Innovative success from sharing risks and rewards amongst public and private research. Antarctic protection vital for ecosystems’ long-term future. SOFIA chases Titan’s shadow across the Tasman Sea. Australia once joined to North America. Philosophy of science challenges scientists’ role, methods and responsibilities.
  34. Holidays in space?2019/01/26
    Holidays in space?
  35. Science Extra: You're not eating enough fruit and veg2019/01/20
    Are you eating enough fruit, vegetables and healthy snacks? (ABC News: Clare Rawlinson)
  36. How young people view our scientific world – and our uncertain future2019/01/19
    How young people view our scientific world – and our uncertain future.
  37. Science Extra: What did we learn from social media in 2018?2019/01/13
    2018 was a tumultuous year for the big social media companies. (AP: Andrew Harnik)
  38. William Whewell - coined osmosis, conductivity, ion and scientist!2019/01/12
    William Whewell - coined osmosis, conductivity, ion and scientist!
  39. Science Extra: Emergency departments leave mental health patients waiting2019/01/06
    Emergency departments in Australian hospitals struggled to cope with mental health patient numbers. (ABC News: Kerrin Thomas)
  40. Frankenstein - It’s alive!!!2019/01/05
    Frankenstein - It’s alive!!!
  41. Science Extra: Landings, launches and a solar probe2018/12/30
    The Parker Solar Probe will get closer to the Sun than any spacecraft in history. (Supplied: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory)
  42. The Willy Show2018/12/29
    Argentine lake duck showing its extended penis
  43. Science Extra: IPCC report warns Earth's climate is in serious trouble2018/12/23
    Every one of these trees is genetically identical. (Supplied: Paul C. Rogers)
  44. Is birdsong music?2018/12/22
    Is birdsong music?
  45. Science Extra: An ancient jawbone reveals movements of modern humans2018/12/16
    A close-up view of the teeth on the newly reported fossil human jawbone. (Supplied: Israel Hershkovitz, Tel Aviv University)
  46. The Vagina Museum is born2018/12/15
    The Vagina Museum
    Superstars of STEM to encourage girls to take up STEM study
    Santa Sabina produces prize-winning writers
    Study of one equation leads to advanced imaging
    Mining brings arsenic to the surface
    Federation University Australia prepares students for jobs in renewable energy
    The Quantum Astrologer’s Handbook
  47. Inventing TV in Australia in 18852018/12/08
    Australian inventor Henry Sutton remembered
    The palm oil dilemma
    Mental health services barely available in Indonesia
    Biofabrication brings solutions for skulls, hearts, ears and more
  48. How to grow a new leg2018/12/01
    Bill Shorten promises funding boost for science
    UN Climate Report warns current emissions reduction won’t keep warming under 2 degrees
    New frog’s leg encouraging step towards human regenerative success
    Animal poaching for traditional Chinese medicine threatens key species
    Tim Flannery traces the natural history of Europe from the time of the dinosaurs
  49. Screens spoiling brains?2018/11/24
    Communications skills diminished by excessive screen time
    Mars InSight lander to monitor Mars interior
    Is the system stacked against women in science?
    Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing winner Preethika Mathan
    Victoria Fellowship to help develop new treatments for shigella
    QUT STEM Camp introduces school students to real-world STEM scenarios
  50. Here comes the Sun2018/11/17
    University of Sydney opens new mathematics research institute
    Science Museum shines light on the Sun
    Bats - just squeaks or language?
    Help for gliders crossing busy roadways
    Behind the scenes of award-winning science journalism
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