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a Sicilian Well-Dressed Gangster

  1. the waves2012/04/04
  2. Johnny's Homegrown2011/09/10

    An eclectic collection of favourite reggae tunes from 60s instrumentals to 90s ragga. Enjoy!
  3. Start Us Up!2007/05/07

    Bringing the latest set played @ the Start mod fest in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Some garage, revival and soul. Certainly not my best set, but in my defence I have to say I broke my first rule for DJing: "Don't play drunk!". Still it's fun, in my opinion.

    No setlist right now, will post that later.
  4. Of Love and Healthy Storms2007/04/12
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  5. #5: Car-Oon-Tchoo2007/03/14
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  6. #4: Gangsta Jazz2007/03/02

    A member of a criminal or street gang.
    A member of a professional criminal organization; a racketeer.
  7. O Jovem RC2007/02/02
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  8. This is the Modern World2007/01/23

    A small selection of mod groups from around the world. Keep the faith, and enjoy.

    Setlist here:
  9. Lust for Beat Rock2007/01/09
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a Sicilian Well-Dressed Gangster

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