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Forever Fifteen Free Vampire Audiobook

  1. Chapter 1 Lucy Gets a Detention
    Lucy languishes in high
    school detention and first meets a bright fellow student
    named John Diedermayer.
  2. Chapter 2 The Untimely Demise of Raymond Plote
    Lucy the vampire kills and eats her
    neighbor, Ray Plote. Lucy is a vampire who disguises her identity from
    the world.
  3. Chapter 3 A Marriage, Part One
    Lucy remembers her first marriage in
    medieval Italy to a wealthy Florentine
  4. Chapter 4 The Arrival of the Black Death
    The Arrival of the Black Death. The
    Reaper visits and destroys Lucy's life as she knows
  5. Chapter 5 Lucy Makes a Friend
    Lucy is befriended by another young
    woman at her school, Michelle, and decides to go to a
  6. Chapter 6 The Friday Night Show
    Lucy becomes far more interested in
    John Diedermayer, and a romance develops.
  7. Chapter 7 The Manor 1349
    The remainder of Lucy's husbands house
    moves itself to a remote manor on the coast to avoid the
  8. Chapter 8 A First Date with John Diedermayer
    John Diedermayer officially begins dating Lucy.
  9. Chapter 9 A Marriage, Part Two
    Lucy is forced into a new situation she cannot
  10. Chapter 10 At Home
    Lucy's home life is revealed.
  11. Chapter 11 A Seduction, Part One
    Sebastian's forceful seduction of his new bride is
  12. Chapter 12 A Second Date with John Diedermayer
    Lucy again is courted by her young amour, but the vista
    darkens with the arrival of a police officer.
  13. Chapter 13 The Island Castle at Herculis
    Lucy and Sebastian make a life together.
  14. Chapter 14 The Untimely Demise of Joseph R. Rossetto
    Lucy lets a story of a kill slip out when confiding in her
    friend Michelle.
  15. Chapter 15 An Affair to Forget
    Lucy remembers a torrid affair with handsome Julian
  16. Chapter 16 Lucy Goes to Prom
    Lucy attends her senior prom with John
  17. Chapter 17 Owner of a Lonely Heart
    The school year ends and Lucy is forced to consider moving
    on from the town of Princeton Hills, Illinois.
  18. Chapter 18 The High Price of Fame
    Lucy realizes that popularity comes with a
  19. Chapter 19 The Winds of November
    Lucy walks home alone from school in the rain to find a
    surprise awaits.
  20. Chapter 20 History of an Abduction
    Sebastian remembers his first meeting with our
  21. Chapter 21 Thanksgiving
    Thanksgiving day is celebrated by the Beck
  22. Chapter 22 Michelle's Story
    Michelle confides in Lucy about her stormy family
  23. Chapter 23 A Seduction, 1983
    Lucy is seduced by a more modern love.
  24. Chapter 24 A City in Greece, 589 B.C.
    Sebastian meets his initiatrix in Ancient
  25. Chapter 25 Meeting Martin Chen
    Lucy realizes she is the object of obsession for young
    musician and schoolmate Martin Chen.
  26. Chapter 26 Sebastian Takes A Lover
    Sebastian becomes distant from Lucy and loses her.
  27. Chapter 27 Revelation in the Cornfield
    Lucy reveals to John the secrets of her past.
  28. Chapter 28 Rhea and the Oracle
    A showdown ensues between Sebastian's two wives.
  29. Chapter 29 Michelle Invites Lucy to a Party
    Lucy is invited to Michelle's dinner party, but Michelle
    seems to have a deviant plan in mind.
  30. Chapter 30 In Bed
    Lucy and John spend more time together.
  31. Chapter 31 The Concert
    Martin assails Lucy with a bold move, and a special guest
    joins the audience.
  32. Chapter 32 Lucy Goes to Dinner
    Lucy joins Michelle's family for dinner.
  33. Chapter 33 Reunited
    Lucy is reunited with an old friend and leaves Princeton
    Hills for good.
  34. Chapter 34 Epilogue
    Our story ends in modern day New York.
  35. Characters of FF chat with Kimberly Steele
    A silly skit just for Forever 15 fans.
  36. FF2 Burial: Chapter 1, Part 1
    Escape From High School, Part 1
Forever Fifteen Free Vampire Audiobook
Forever Fifteen Free Audio Book: the only free vampire audio book on the internet. Not a teaser! A popular V.C. Andrews meets Stephen King thriller. Read by the author, Kimberly Steele.

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