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  1. Executor’s Right to Use Estate Assets to Pay Counsel Fees2017/11/27
    It is well accepted law that an Executor of an Estate may use Estate assets to defend any challenges levied against the Will and any provisions contained therein. So long as what is challenged is the Will itself or a provision therein, an Executor may hire an attorney to defend the Estate. Any counsel fees... Continue Reading
  2. Can a Condo Association Recover Past-Due Amounts After Owner Files Bankruptcy?2017/11/20
    When a condo owner in arrears on assessments declares bankruptcy, a condo association often expresses concern about the effect of the bankruptcy on its ability to collect pre- and post-bankruptcy assessments. The bankruptcy code states that fees or assessments that become due and payable after filing for bankruptcy protection are exempt from discharge. Any amounts... Continue Reading
  3. A Look at President Trump’s Tax Reform Proposal2017/11/20
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  4. Construction Liens on Leased Commercial Premises2017/11/13
    In general, a contractor or supplier is entitled to file a lien against a commercial property if they have performed work or provided materials pursuant to a written contract with the owner. These lien claims must be filed within 90 days of the last date of providing materials or services for the project. On the... Continue Reading
  5. Will the Judge Listen to My Child’s Preferences When Deciding Custody?2017/11/06
    Divorcing parents often ask whether a judge listen to a child’s preference in a custody dispute. The answer is maybe – it depends on many factors, including the age of the child. A Child’s Preference is One of the Statutory Factors Used to Determine Custody In determining an award of custody, a judge must consider... Continue Reading
  6. Should Your Community Association Be Concerned About Voter Fraud?2017/10/23
    The recently enacted Radburn statute changes how Community Association elections are conducted in New Jersey, impacting thousands of common interest communities. Community Associations in New Jersey must comply with the Radburn statute and potentially revise their voting systems and update their policies and procedures to comply with relevant law. A key section in the Radburn... Continue Reading
  7. Division of Personal Property in an Estate2017/10/20
    Upon the death a loved one, the Last Will and Testament governs how the liquid assets of an Estate are distributed. It is also common that the Last Will and Testament may provide instructions as the distribution of some of the personal property of the Decedent. Even under such circumstances, however, this often leaves a... Continue Reading
  8. Can One Workplace Incident Create a Hostile Work Environment?2017/10/17
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  9. Toys “R” Us Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection2017/09/19
    Wayne, NJ-based Toys “R” Us filed a voluntary petition for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the Eastern District of Virginia (Richmond) on Monday (Case no. 17-34665). Toys “R” Us operates more than 1,600 locations for both Toy “R” Us and Babies “R” Us and employs approximately 64,000 people. The chain is seeking borrow money in... Continue Reading
  10. Tri-Parenting Arrangements and Custody2017/09/05
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