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  1. Can One Workplace Incident Create a Hostile Work Environment?2017/10/17
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  2. Toys “R” Us Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection2017/09/19
    Wayne, NJ-based Toys “R” Us filed a voluntary petition for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the Eastern District of Virginia (Richmond) on Monday (Case no. 17-34665). Toys “R” Us operates more than 1,600 locations for both Toy “R” Us and Babies “R” Us and employs approximately 64,000 people. The chain is seeking borrow money in... Continue Reading
  3. Tri-Parenting Arrangements and Custody2017/09/05
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  4. Avoiding Charity Scams in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey2017/08/31
    In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and the incredible devastation wrought across the State of Texas, many Americans want to do what they can to help. Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous individuals who will seek to personally profit from the generosity of their neighbors. The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that over $20 million was... Continue Reading
  5. Can Anything Be Done to Stop the PennEast Pipeline?2017/08/30
    What is the status of the PennEast Pipeline project? With the recent confirmation of two new commissioners, a quorum has been restored in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). This likely means that FERC will soon begin addressing the approval of natural gas pipeline projects, including the PennEast Pipeline. The PennEast Pipeline project received its final... Continue Reading
  6. Addressing Harassment Issues in Community Associations2017/08/29
    Community Association Board of Directors Powers: As is well understood, Community Association Boards are elected to manage the property, affairs, and business of the Association. The Board has the power to enforce obligations of the unit owners and do what is necessary and proper for the management of the community. This includes enforcing the Association’s... Continue Reading
  7. New Standard for Child Relocation Applications in New Jersey2017/08/21
    Baures v. Lewis Standard for Relocation For just over 16 years, Baures v. Lewis was the standard in New Jersey for allowing a parent to permanently relocate out-of-state with a child against the other parent’s wishes. N.J.S.A. 9:2-2 provides that a parent seeking to relocate and remove a child from New Jersey without the other... Continue Reading
  8. A Board of Trustees May Now Amend the By-Laws Without a Vote of the Unit Owners2017/08/21
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  9. New By-Laws Amendment Procedures Mandated by PREDFDA2017/08/21
    On July 13, 2017, a new law was enacted in New Jersey amending the Planned Real Estate Development Full Disclosure Act (PREDFDA). While the new law was created in reaction to litigation involving a community called the Radburn Association, which lacked by-laws that mandated fair and open trustee elections, it also includes provisions relating to... Continue Reading
  10. New Trustee Election Procedures Mandated by PREDFDA2017/08/21
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