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  1. Computer Guys on WHTC 3/7/072007/03/08
    Phone calls, news stories and the usual fun time with your buddies in computing, Dave and Kevin. They’re there to help, you can email computerguys@whtc.com or call in Wednesday afternoon 4:30 to 5pm EST on WHTC, 616-395-1450.
  2. Computer Guys on WHTC 2/28/072007/03/03
    Because of problems last week, I couldn't get the episode on Podomatic...however I did get it online at our new feed address:


    Hopefully you'll check it out!

    As for this show, Dave and Kevin are back again taking phone calls and talking about the latest news in computerology. If that's a word....
  3. Computer Guys on WHTC 2/07/072007/02/10
    Dave and Kevin taking your phone calls and talking about the latest computer news...and I think Kevin is my new best buddy on this Computer Guys program because of his take on the Apple commercials (download to find out more). -Josh the Producer.
  4. Computer Guys on WHTC 1/31/072007/01/31
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  5. Computer Guys on WHTC 1/24/072007/01/25
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  6. Computer Guys on WHTC 1/17/072007/01/17
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  7. Computer Guys on WHTC 1/3/072007/01/05
    Just into the new year, and we're looking forward to another year of answering your questions and keeping you in the loop in the world of technology! Join Dave and Kev every Wednesday for the latest, make it your New Year's resolution...all you have to do is click subscribe and then it will automatically be a resolution you can keep without even thinking about it!
  8. Computer Guys on WHTC 12/27/062006/12/28
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  9. Computer Guys on WHTC 12/20/062006/12/21
    Dave and Kevin talked about another RIAA lawsuit, actually an update on one of the RIAA stories. They also discussed media players, securlely formatting your drive, answered a few listener questions and there was plenty of fun lively discussion as there always is with Dave and Kevin. Dowload to listen more!
  10. Computer Guys on WHTC 12/13/062006/12/16
    Dave and Kevin from Macatawa Technologies take your questions once again and as always talk all things life, computers, and technology (which for some people...life IS computers and technology. If that's the case, this show is just for you).
  11. Computer Guys on WHTC 12/06/062006/12/10
    Attention listeners from the US and around the world! Dave and Kevin want to hear from you, if you download the show and listen to it, write in and let us know! computerguys@whtc.com

    Anyway, Dave and Kevin once again are taking your phone calls and emails so if you need computer help, it's your chance at some free tech support and good tips and tricks.
  12. Computer Guys on WHTC 11/29/062006/12/04
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  13. Computer Guys on WHTC 11/22/062006/11/25
    Dave and Kevin get into the news again and take listener phone calls, another great episode with a lot of gaming news since...well...there have been some major releases over the past week with gaming consoles, so check it out once again!
  14. Computer Guys on WHTC 11/15/062006/11/16
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  15. Computer Guys on WHTC 9/30/062006/10/05
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  16. Computer Guys on WHTC 9/23/062006/09/24
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  17. Computer Guys on WHTC 9/16/062006/09/16
    Join Dave and Kevin again to find out how you can best waste your time online, this time with YouTube...apparently "Lonelygirl15" has been getting tons of attention for some reason. Listen in on some phone calls we got about annoying email forwards, and the new Nintendo gaming system coming out and how that ranks up to the rest of the gaming systems. Download and enjoy...
  18. Computer Guys on WHTC 9/09/062006/09/09
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  19. Computer Guys 9/2/062006/09/02
    Computer news from the week and some small talk starts off this one, and then the listeners take over with questions on emailing and how to deal with email once you've got it. Also some witty comments from their producer (that'd be me, Josh). So check it out, comptuer guys are on Sat. mornings 8:30-9am and they'll take your questions on anything so call in next week or at least...download it.
  20. Computer Guys on WHTC 8/19/062006/08/26
    Sorry that this one got uploaded a week late, but better late than never. Here's your computer guys episode from Saturday the 19th, 2006. Thanks for staying subscribed (or just subscribing, whatever the case may be) and keep listenin! Good luck with those computers!
  21. Computer Guys on WHTC 8/5/062006/08/06
    This one covers many different topics, and mainly answers questions that were emailed in and called in. As always, check it out, and if you want to get a hold of Dave and Kevin, send an email and YOU can be the one to ask them a question at computerguys@whtc.com.
  22. Computer Guys on WHTC 7/29/062006/07/29
    Does Microsoft have plans to come out with something that will battle the iPod of all things? There's an "update" on Vista, if you want to call it that, there's been some debate with that one, and also some talk about spysweeper because some callers wanted to know the best program to get rid of that pesky spyware...download and get in on the discussion.
  23. Computer Guys on WHTC 7/22/062006/07/22
    Finally, the ccomputer guys are BACK from vacation. It's been a couple weeks, but they were taking phone calls and talkin about the latest in computer news again including Apple discontinuing the CRT monitor in favor of LCD...XM satellite radio and their legal dilemma...and much more. Happy downloading :)
  24. Computer Guys 6/24/062006/06/24
    Is your personal information safe on your own hard drive? There's MORE news on myspace, this time a lawsuit against them. And Dave and Kevin had an almost heated discussion on service providers (i.e. AT&T most recently) monitoring their customer's internet usage. All that and listener phone calls, right here with the Computer Guys...download now!
  25. Computer Guys on WHTC 6/17/062006/06/18
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  26. Computer Guys on WHTC 6/10/062006/06/10
    So who owns the Internet this time? Over the Hedge (the movie) already has a game coming out? How about Windows Vista, how's that coming along? All of those things are addressed along with questions from callers and if nothing else, you can catch up on the life of Dave, Kevin (even though he wasn't there) and Cam...Download it!
  27. Computer Guys on WHTC 5/27/062006/05/27
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  28. Computer Guys on WHTC 5/21/062006/05/21
    Computer Guys Dave and Kevin of Macatawa Technologies are back after a Saturday vacation last weekend, and they're taking phone calls and talkin about the latest tech news. As always, download (or listen in) to find out how awesome they really are. They're on the air Saturday mornings 8:30 to 9am in Holland and you can call in (from anywhere) at 616-395-1450 or email computerguys@whtc.com.
  29. Computer Guys on WHTC 5/6/062006/05/06
    It was a pretty awkward morning without Dave there, but it was a morning with myself (Josh Windisch), Cam, and Kevin...That's right Cam was on the show!!!

    We took some phone calls, read some computer news, and other fun stuff. Download for more.
  30. Computer Guys on WHTC 4/29/062006/04/29
    A Microsoft patch that wasn't much of a "patch" for the problem, also an ongoing discussion about DSL and the advantages/disadvantages of using phone line connections...and if you have a problem with your computer (i.e. smells like your CPU is on fire, etc) then give the computer guys a listen or contact them Sat. Mornings 8:30 - 9am EDT at 616-395-1450.
  31. Computer Guys on WHTC 4/22/062006/04/22
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  32. Computer Guys on WHTC 4/15/062006/04/15
    Lots and Lots of phone calls in this episode, people trying to get problems solved, chiming in with comments and so on. They do take your calls Saturday Morning EST at 616-395-1450 and also read emails computerguys@whtc.com Speaking of email, we had someone listen from Italy! Quite a fast paced program, a good download for Easter weekend especially if you're bored with family anecdotes.
  33. Computer Guys on WHTC 4/8/062006/04/09
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  34. Computer Guys on WHTC 4/1/062006/04/01
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  35. Computer Guys on WHTC 3/25/062006/03/25
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  36. Computer Guys on WHTC 3/11/062006/03/11
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  37. Computer Guys on WHTC 3/4/062006/03/04
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  38. Computer Guys on WHTC 2/25/062006/02/25
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  39. Computer Guys on WHTC 2/11/062006/02/11
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  40. Computer Guys on WHTC 2/4/062006/02/04
    Cam, along with Kevin, thinks HE is immune to viruses on the computer, Dave threatened to send him one...also a prediction of who will win the superbowl, one prediction by Cam's poor gaming abilities and another one predicted by EA sports. There's word perfect woes, and then of course can't leave out how pointless I (Josh the producer) think right clicking is. Find out by downloading!
  41. Computer Guys on WHTC 1/28/062006/01/29

    Some new hard drives might be making their way into laptops that store much more information...vertically! I even made a funny comment about it too (Josh the producer) There was also that comment from Cam about DDR that started a whole discussion about gaming along with listener questions and other tech related news.
Computer Guys on WHTC
The Computer Guys are on live @ 1450 WHTC AM radio Wednesday Afternoons from 4:30 to 5:00pm EST. Call in with your questions at 616-395-1450 during that time for free advice on your computer, or email computerguys@whtc.com. It's a half hour a week of tech talk and everyday life from Dave and Kevin of Macatawa Technologies in Holland, MI.

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