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Psychedelic Salon

  1. Podcast 586 - "Psychedelics, Investors, and Politics"2018/10/14
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  2. Podcast 585 - "Psychedelic Clinics In Our Future"2018/10/07
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  3. Podcast 584 - "Traversing the Imaginal Realms"2018/09/25
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  4. Salon2 051 - "Psychedelic Studies"2018/09/18
    Dr. Kim Hewitt talks about her research into the history of psychedelics and their current manifestations. Her most recent academic paper is on psychedelic feminism.
  5. Podcast 583 - "Psychedelics in the Age of AI"2018/09/16
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  6. Podcast 582 - "Graham Hancock - Glastonbury 2016"2018/09/05
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  7. Podcast 581 - "Glastonbury 2016 - Dr. David Nutt"2018/09/03
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  8. Podcast 580 - "Psychedelic Feminism"2018/08/29
    Today's podcast features a conversation between Zoe Helene and Lorenzo. After successful careers in the arts as well as in the corporate world, Zoe has transitioned herself into an advocate for the use of psychedelics, ayahuasca in particular, to help us all accept women as equals in our currently male-dominated societies.
  9. Salon2 050 - "Lancaster Stories"2018/08/22
    In this last episode of stories from the Blue Dot tour, you get to hear stories from the barn at Lex Pelger's parents' place in Lancaster, PA. Tales from Tipper and friends as well as a contest to see if you can find Lex's story in the back catalog.
  10. Podcast 579 - "Meditation and Psychedelics"2018/08/14
    Today's podcast features a talk that Myron Stolaroff gave at the 1997 Mind States Conference. It features his thoughts about ways in which psychedelics can become an aid in the practice of Buddhist meditation. The formal title of this talk is "The Trained User: Deepening Meditation Practice and Forestalling Aging", but I've abbreviated it a bit for this podcast.
  11. Salon2 049 - "The Mushroom Cure"2018/08/08
    Adam Strauss is a stand up comedian and the writer and performer of 'The Mushroom Cure' (www dot themushroomcure dot com), the true story of how he tried to cure his severe OCD with psychedelics, currently running in NYC through September 7th.
  12. Podcast 578 - "1) Enemies of Freedom AND 2) Life After Death"2018/07/31
    Today's podcast features two recordings of Aldous Huxley. The first is an interview conducted by Mike Wallace, and the second part of today's program features a lecture of Huxley's that speculates about the possibilities of some sort of existence after the death of our bodies.
  13. Salon2 048 - "Mystical Systems and Psychedelics"2018/07/25
    Daniel Greig studies cognitive science and philosophy. His lectures on psychedelics incorporate magic and mysticism. He uses the language of psychology and neuroscience. It makes for a fascinating mix. In this episode we will be hearing about his unique views on how these drugs are illuminated by the mystical systems of the past.
  14. Podcast 577 - "Countdown Into Complexity" - Part 52018/07/17
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  15. Salon2 047 - "Philadelphia and Baltimore Storytelling"2018/07/10
    Thank you to the Philadelphia Psychedelic Society and to Psychedelic Seminars in Baltimore for two beautiful locations to hear these stories. As two of my favorite stops on the Blue-Dot tour, I'm glad to be sharing these stories about the power of psychedelics. -Lex Pelger
  16. Podcast 576 - "Countdown Into Complexity" - Part 42018/07/04
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  17. Salon2 046 - "The Psychedologist"2018/06/26
    Leia Friedman hosts "The Psychedologist" podcast, she co-founded the Boston Entheogenic Network, and is a writer and community organizer. She tells Lex about her work and her psychedelic journey.
  18. Podcast 575 - "Countdown Into Complexity" - Part 32018/06/19
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  19. Salon2 045 - "Rick Doblin and the Psychedelic Storytellers"2018/06/12
    This week we go back to the very beginning of the Blue Dot Tour where Rick Doblin kicked off our event in Boston. Thanks to Northeastern's Student's for Sensible Drug Policy for making the event happen and to all the storytellers who came out to share.
  20. Podcast 574 - "Countdown Into Complexity" - Part 22018/06/05
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  21. Salon2 044 - "The Big Three"2018/05/29
    Dr. Casey Paleos is one of the few psychiatrists to have worked with the Big Three: MDMA, ketamine and the psilocybin of magic mushrooms. In this interview, a day after his MDMA experience in Boulder, he shares what he's learned from his years of psychedelic research.
  22. Podcast 573 - "Countdown Into Complexity" - Part 12018/05/21
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  23. Salon2 043 - "Psychedelic Charleston"2018/05/16
    From the May 23, 2017 stop on the Blue-Dot tour, a storytelling session in Charleston, South Carolina that served as the launch event for our friends at the Society for the Exploration of Altered States.
  24. Podcast 572 - "A Tribute to Larry Harvey"2018/05/07
    Today's podcast features a tribute to Larry Harvey, founder of the Burning Man Festival.
  25. Salon2 042 - "Psychedelic Law"2018/05/01
    A lawyer specializing in psychedelic law and a New Yorker who witnessed the heyday of Yippie activism in Sin City, Noah Potter shares his thoughts on the past and the future of the movement.
  26. Podcast 571 - "Terence #2"2018/04/23
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  27. Salon2 041 - "Psychedelic Stories from Atlanta"2018/04/16
    Today's Salon2 podcast features a few psychedelic stories from a wonderful hot night in Atlanta. Thanks to Moshe Jacobson for making the night happen.
  28. Podcast 570- "A Psychedelic Truth"2018/04/09
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  29. Salon2 040- "MDMA for PTSD"2018/04/04
    Today's Salon2 podcast features an interview with Dr. Ingmar Gorman about his work at the intersection of MDMA and PTSD.
  30. Podcast 569 - "Searching for a Bias-less Media"2018/03/28
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  31. Podcast 568 - "We Become What We Behold"2018/03/23
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  32. Salon2 039 - "Psychedelic Columbus"2018/03/19
    Today's podcast presents a powerful round of story telling that took place in a Columbus, Ohio bike hangar. The event was hosted by the wonderful community of Mind Manifest West.
  33. Podcast 567 - "Psychedelicize Yourself"2018/03/12
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  34. Salon2 038 - "Psychedelic Magick"2018/03/05
    Today's Salon2 podcast features the return of Lex Pelger who interviews Julian Vayne, an author and oculist. They about the history of drugs and magick - especially in the underground London scene. Vayne also highlights some of the important ideas from his new book on creating psychedelic ceremonies.
  35. Podcast 566 - "A Tribe of Selves"2018/02/28
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  36. Salon2 - 037 - "The Family that Trips Together, Sticks Together"2018/02/19
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  37. Podcast 565 - "John Perry Barlow Tribute"2018/02/12
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  38. Podcast 564 - "Plants and Mind (Part 2-Chimpanzee or Bonobo)"2018/02/07
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  39. Podcast 563 - "Plants and Mind (Part 1)"2018/01/29
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  40. Podcast 562 - "What It's Like To Be Loaded"2018/01/22
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  41. Podcast 561 - "Psychedelics and Artificial Intelligence"2018/01/15
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  42. Podcast 560 - "McKenna's Thoughts About Marshall McLuhan"2018/01/12
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  43. Podcast 559 - "Complexity and Meaning"2017/12/24
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  44. Podcast 558 - "Prophetic Painting"2017/12/18
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  45. Podcast 557 - "Updates on Psychedelic Research"2017/12/11
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  46. Podcast 556 - "Coalitions for Liberty"2017/12/04
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  47. Podcast 555 - "Drug Policy"2017/11/27
    Today's podcast features the lengthy Q and A session led by John Gilmore (MPP, MAPS, and EFF) that was featured as a Palenque Norte Lecture at the 2017 Burning Man Festival. In this conversation with burners in the audience, John explains the difficulties and successes various organizations have had in their efforts to encourage more sensible drug laws.
  48. Podcast 554 - "How to Make it in Psychedelic Futurism"2017/11/20
    Today's podcast features the author Daniel Pinchbeck and some friends at the 2017 Palenque Norte Lectures that were held during the Burning Man Festival. Besides discussing his books, ibogaine, and ecology, they also give us their thoughts about evolution and culture.
  49. Podcast 553 - "The Origin and Future of Life"2017/11/13
    Today's podcast features the 2017 Palenque Norte Lecture by Dr. Bruce Damer. As he describes the life-long journey that has led him to search for the origin of life on Earth, you may be surprised at how forthcoming he is about the ways in which he thought about this problem.
  50. Salon2 036 - "Nashville's Psychedelic Stories"2017/11/11
    After a Veterans' Day story by Lorenzo, today's podcast features some stories from Nashville. Thanks to everyone at the Nashville Psychedelic Society for your help making a perfect last stop of the Blue Dot Tour.
  51. Podcast 552 - "The Power of Divine Inspiration"2017/11/07
    Today's podcast features a talk given by Shonagh Home in October 2017 for the Women and Entheogens Conference, which pushed the envelope into new and novel ideas. This year's theme was "Psychedelics in Birth and Pregnancy from Conception through Life". Topics explored included the concept of utilizing entheogens for fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  52. Salon2 035 - "ICEERS and Plant Medicines"2017/11/02
    In today's podcast Benjamin De Loenen, the founder of ICEERS (International Center for Ethnobotanical Education Research and Service), talks about things that led him to start this organization, which comes to the defense of plants and is dedicated to sharing the science and best practices around their use.
  53. Podcast 551 - "Women in Cannabis"2017/10/30
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  54. Salon2 034- "Psychedelic Chemistry"2017/10/26
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  55. Podcast 550 - "FDA Approved Phase 3 MDMA/PTSD Research"2017/10/23
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  56. Salon2 033 - "The Psychedelic Archives of Keeper Trout"2017/10/19
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  57. Podcast 549 - "Android Jones: Visionary Artist Q and A"2017/10/16
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  58. Salon2 032 - "Ben Stewart's Wild Ride"2017/10/13
    The filmmaker Ben Stewart sits down in Lex Pelger's living room to share his story about the journey that led him to making films and how the psychedelics helped shape his path.
  59. Podcast 548- "The Politics of Electronics"2017/10/11
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  60. Salon2 - "Horizons Conference Announcement"2017/10/04
    Today we hear from Neal Goldsmith about the speakers at the upcoming Horizons psychedelics conference in New York City.
  61. Salon2 -031- "The Sacred Cactus"2017/10/03
    The path to peyote for a Russian seeker named Sergey Baranov. Throughout communities spanning the Americas, Sergey explored plant medicines and even faced a near-death experience before finally settling in Peru and founding the 'Cactus House' where he now leads ceremonies.
  62. Salon2 -030- "Wars ON Drugs"2017/09/28
    Today's podcast features an interview with John Dolan, who is well known as the "War Nerd". Additionally, he has another alter ego as the writer Gary Brecher. The War Nerd podcast covers a wild amount about the history along with speculations about the future of human warfare. In this interview, John explains the long history of drugs and war.
  63. Salon2 -029- "Treating PTSD with MDMA"2017/09/25
    Today's podcast features an interview with Michael and Annie Mithoefer who have been working for years to bring MDMA into the forefront as a treatment for PTSD. As a couple who works together holding space for these sessions, they share about what they learned of the promise and pitfalls of this medicine.
  64. Podcast 547- "A House Divided Against Itself"2017/09/21
    Today's podcast features a lecture by Gore Vidal about the true history of the U.S. presidency. Also included is a brief bit by George Carlin where he explains why America is always at war. And Lorenzo explains in detail why he believes that the USA is already a failed state.
  65. Salon2 028 - "Psychedelic Storytelling in Chicago"2017/09/18
    Today's podcast features a great storytelling night from the Blue-Dot tour. Hosted by the Chicago Psychedelic Club, you can hear why we loved our stop in the Windy City.
  66. Salon2 027 - "Conversation with a Polymath"2017/09/11
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  67. Salon2 026 - "CBD and Bluebird Botanicals"2017/09/04
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  68. Salon2 025 - "Cannabis Pair O' Docs"2017/08/21
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  69. Salon2 024 - "Cannabis Ceremonies"2017/08/14
    After much work with cannabis, Becca Williams learned how to use it as a Spirit Plant medicine. She teaches people about the power of cannabis to heal traumas and now leads Cannabis Ceremonies in Denver, Colorado. Her work also includes excellent educational videos. Her Website, Straight Talk, is overflowing with content.
  70. Podcast 546 - "Insanity"2017/08/11
    Today's podcast features a conversation held at the Esalen Institute on the evening of August 27, 1992 and led by Terence McKenna. The topic was insanity.
  71. Salon2-023 - "Mona Zhang's Cannabis News"2017/08/08
    Mona Zhang writes an important newsletter about cannabis, where she gives us an update on news around the weed world and what she saw in the smoking scenes of Beijing, London and New York. You may sign up for her excellent newsletter at The Word Tree
  72. Podcast 545 - "Current Research and Future Trends of Psychedelics, Stanford 2/3/91"2017/08/02
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  73. Salon2 -022 "Psycho-Tech with Dr. Roberts"2017/07/31
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  74. Salon2 -021 "Tipper Stage's Harm Prevention"2017/07/27
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  75. Salon2 -020 "New Drugs and Safe Parties"2017/07/24
    Mitchell Gomez of DanceSafe walks us through what is happening with drugs in the wild and what his organization is doing to reduced harm at festivals, parties and other psychoactive gatherings of the tribe. On the street today, MDMA is strong, ketamine is cut, and fentanyl is everywhere. Mitchell also explains more about DanceSafe's drug education, harm reduction and reagent testing services.
  76. Salon2 -019 "Wild Bill Radacinski"2017/07/21
    Wild Bill knows no bounds. A native of Queens and an explorer of psychedelic space, he is an old friend of Lorenzo who has some interesting experiences to share.
  77. Salon2 -018 "Drug Laws"2017/07/17
    It's rare to meet someone eager to tackle the law but in this interview with Mark Haden, the Executive Director of MAPS Canada, he wrestles with the thorniest problem of all: how to regulate these drugs.
  78. Salon2 -017 "The Case for Cognitive Liberty"2017/07/12
    This week we feature the underground chemist and cognitive liberty hero Casey Hardison. He served almost 10 years in the UK on drug charges, but now he's free and sharing his story from the Shulgin Farm on the Fourth of July.
  79. Podcast 544- "Biodiversity Is Biosecurity"2017/07/09
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  80. Salon2 016 - "Psychedelic Stories from Victoria"2017/07/03
    For convincing your relatives about the power of MDMA, have them listen to the first story in this episode and then read this article where Oprah's senior editor reports on the healing and then tries it herself: Inside the Investigation: Can MDMA Heal Psychological Trauma?
  81. Salon2 015 - "Mary Porter's Peyote Church"2017/06/26
    Around the kitchen table, we hear from the powerhouse Mary Porter, a Native woman who, after her wild years staying away from the medicine, founded the Looking Glass Peyote Church. The episode ends with hearing from a discriminating young veteran about his experience, through Mary, finally finding a teacher and a path.
  82. Salon2 014 - "Psymposia Stories from Los Angeles"2017/06/19
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  83. Podcast 543 - "Working With Medicinal Plants"2017/06/18
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  84. Salon2 013- "Pallamary's Paths of Shamanism"2017/06/12
    After hearing from Matt Pallamary at the San Diego storytelling in last week's episode, here's an interview with him about the tools of shamanism applied to writing, the pitfalls of gurus and his many stories and lessons from his decades spent diving deep into the many paths of shamanism.
  85. Salon2 012- "Psychedelic Stories from San Diego"2017/06/05
    Here's the storytelling session from San Diego. It's an especially powerful gathering thanks to the Aware Project creating community there. Plus, lucky story #7 comes from Lorenzo himself and includes a great history on the importance of the talks in Palenque, Mexico.
  86. Podcast 542 - "Shamans of the Global Village"2017/06/04
    Today's podcast features the 2016 Palenque Norte Lecture by documentary film makers Rak Razam and Niles Heckman. In addition to discussing their work with indigenous people, they discuss the making of their documentary, "Shamans of the Global Village".
  87. Salon2 011 - "Psychedelic Therapy for Veterans"2017/05/29
    This week we talk with military veteran Ian Benouis who works to connect those who served with the plant medicines. He works with the Weed for Warriors project and with Veterans for Entheogenic Therapy.
  88. Salon2 010 - "Stories from Boulder, Colorado"2017/05/22
    Today's podcast features the Psymposia Stories from Boulder, CO. A wide-range of people gathered under Naropa University to share their personal tales.
  89. Podcast 541 - "The Divine Feminine"2017/05/20
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  90. Salon2 009 - "Cannabis and Spirituality2017/05/15
    This week we talk with Stephen Gray, the editor and writer who pulled together the excellent collection of essays titled:
    "Cannabis and Spirituality: An Explorer’s Guide to an Ancient Plant Spirit Ally"
  91. Podcast 540 - "What Does Being Human Mean?"2017/05/12
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  92. Salon2 008- "Psymposia Stories - Austin, TX"2017/05/08
    Here's our next set of stories from the Blue-Dot tour's stop in a library of Austin, Texas.
  93. Podcast 539 - "Novelty and Technology"2017/05/04
    In today's podcast Terence McKenna talks about one of his most abiding interests, the increase of novelty/complexity in the universe. Along the way he also touches on psychedelics, the Esalen Institute, dark matter, and modern physics.
  94. Salon2 007 - "Listening To Ayahuasca"2017/05/01
    We sit down with Dr. Rachel Harris who collected countless anecdotes of people's work with ayahuasca and condensed them into the excellent book:
    Listening to Ayahuasca: New Hope for Depression, Addiction, PTSD, and Anxiety.
  95. Podcast 538 - "Are Psychedelics Spiritual?"2017/04/27
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  96. Salon2 006 - "Stories from Athens"2017/04/24
    Today's program features some stories that the Psymposia Team recorded in Athens, Georgia on their Blue Dot Tour.
  97. Salon2 005 - "Psychoactive Drug Research"2017/04/17
    Lex talks with Dennis McKenna about the upcoming ESPD50 conference: the Ethnopharmacologic Search for Psychoactive Drugs 50th Anniversary Symposium.
  98. Podcast 537 - "Integrating A Medicine Experience"2017/04/16
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  99. Salon2 004 - "Psychedelic Science 2017"2017/04/10
    Today's podcast features Brad Burge, the director of communications for MAPS, who tells us more about the upcoming 6-day conference in Oakland, CA: Psychedelic Science 2017.
  100. Salon2 003 - "Psychedelic Stories from Canada"2017/04/03
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  101. Podcast 536 - "The Future of Art"2017/03/30
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  102. Salon2 - 002: "Microdosing"2017/03/27
    Today brings us the first of the Salon2 podcasts, and it is hosted by Lex Pelger, who I have asked to tell you a little about what his psychedelic clan is up to. After Lex's introduction of the Psymposia Team, he will be interviewing Ayelet Waldman about her new book titled "A Really Good Day: How Microdosing Made a Mega Difference in My Mood, My Marriage, and My Life".
  103. Podcast 535 - "Salvia Divinorum and Other Plants2017/03/21
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  104. Salon2-001: "Frequently Asked Questions About Salon22017/03/20
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  105. 534-Terence McKenna: "Drugs, Cultures, and the World Corporate State"2017/03/08
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  106. 533-Terence McKenna: "The Social Virus of Political Correctness"2017/02/27
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  107. 532-Various: "The Mind, Consciousness, and the Brain"2017/02/21
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  108. 531-Wilson: "The Prisim Lecture"2017/02/13
    Today's podcast features a talk by Robert Anton Wilson that was given in Santa Cruz in February 1982. Interestingly, he begins by giving U.S. presidents, beginning with Lyndon Johnson, some amusing labels according to how he sees their influence on the American public. And his discussion of the "reality labyrinth's" we all inhabit is something that we all should give some time to think about.
  109. 530-Lorenzo: "A Psychedelic Moment In History"2017/01/30
    In today's podcast Lorenzo explains how he came to his decision to not vote in last year's presidential election. He begins by quoting part of a poem by William Butler Yeats, but he changed one word in the final two lines so they read: And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Washington to be born?
  110. 529-Gilmore: "Privacy and Free Speech in 2017"2017/01/13
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  111. 528-TMcKenna: "History Ends In Green" – Part 52016/12/27
  112. 527-TMcKenna: "History Ends In Green" – Part 42016/12/13
  113. 526-TMcKenna: "History Ends In Green" – Part 32016/12/05
  114. 525-TMcKenna: "History Ends In Green" – Part 22016/11/21
  115. 524-TMcKenna: "History Ends In Green" – Part 12016/11/07
  116. 523-Norquist: "Coalitions for Freedom"2016/11/01
  117. 522-Doctorow: "Surveillance Capitalism and the IoT"2016/10/26
  118. 521-Various: "Risk Reduction – How You Can Help"2016/10/18
  119. 520-TMcKenna: "Our Cyberspiritual Future" – Part 62016/10/06
  120. 519-TMcKenna: "Our Cyberspiritual Future" Part 5 - TimeWave2016/09/29
  121. 518-TMcKenna: "Our Cyberspiritual Future" - Part 42016/09/20
  122. 517-TMcKenna: "Our Cyberspiritual Future" Part 32016/09/13
  123. 516-TMcKenna: "Our Cyberspiritual Future" Part 22016/09/06
  124. 515-TMcKenna: "Our Cyberspiritual Future" Part 12016/08/22
  125. 514-TMcKenna: "Anarchy Is The Ideal"2016/08/15
  126. 513-TMcKenna: "An Ocean of Ideas"2016/07/27
  127. 512-Various: "California Prop 64 is a TRAP"2016/07/20
  128. 511-Davis: "Psychedelic Book of the Dead"2016/07/13
  129. 510-Nutt: "Do Psychedelics Matter?"2016/07/06
  130. 509-Ott: "The Pharmacratic Inquisition"2016/06/29
  131. 508-Garfield: "Techno-Shamanism"2016/06/22
  132. 507-Home: "Certified Natural Cannabis"2016/06/14
  133. 506-Shulgin: "One Of Us"2016/06/06
  134. 505-TMcKenna: "Ayahuasca Stories From 1989"2016/05/30
  135. 504-TMcKenna: "We Are Descendent's of Stoned Apes"2016/05/23
  136. 503-Goodall: "Behind the Scenes at Burning Man"2016/05/16
  137. 502-TMcKenna: "Suspended Between Eternities"2016/05/10
  138. 501-Devenot: "#PsychedelicsBecause2016/05/02
  139. 500- Various Elders: "500 Memories"2016/04/25
  140. 499-Goldsmith: "PSYCHEology: Psychedelics and the Study of the Soul"2016/04/18
  141. 498-Various: "Where The Wild Things Grow"2016/04/11
  142. 497-Kastrup: "The Dream We Call Reality"2016/04/04
  143. 496-Damer: "Something a Little Different"2016/03/28
  144. 495-TMcKenna: "Our Bridges Have Burned Behind Us"2016/03/21
  145. 494-TMcKenna: "The Alchemical Angel Will Not Die"2016/03/17
  146. 493-Kiseato: "Peyote Wisdom"2016/03/14
  147. 492-TMcKenna: "The Dizziness of Things Unsaid"2016/03/07
  148. 491-TMcKenna: "McKenna, Alchemy, & the World Today"2016/02/29
  149. 490-:Various: "Bridging Western Medicine and Shamanism"2016/02/22
  150. 489-Oak: "The Art of Event Organizing"2016/02/15
  151. 488-Sferios: "MDMA The Movie"2016/02/03
  152. 487-Doblin: "Mainstreaming Psychedelics"2016/01/25
  153. 486-TMcKenna: "The Main Vein of the Peculiar"2016/01/18
  154. 485-TMcKenna: "The Ideas Remain"2016/01/11
  155. 484-TMcKenna: "This is the Mushroom's Program"2016/01/04
  156. 483-TMcKenna: "Catalysts of Consciousness"2015/12/28
  157. 482-Norquist: "Help Save Ross Ulbricht & Internet Freedom"2015/12/21
  158. 481-Various: "The Deep, Dark Sixties"2015/12/14
  159. 480-Danforth: "Coming Down From the Psychedelic Power Trip"2015/12/07
  160. 479-TMcKenna: "Overcoming Culture"2015/11/30
  161. 478-Home: "Breaking The Spell On You"2015/11/24
  162. 477-Souther: "What is this medium called consciousness"2015/11/16
  163. 476-TMcKenna: "Origins of the Choice-Maker"2015/11/09
  164. 475-Various: "The Path of a Medicine Woman"2015/11/02
  165. 474-Doctorow: Important Podcast – This Affects YOU!2015/10/27
  166. 473-Leary: "Outcasts and Future People"2015/10/19
  167. 472-TMcKenna: "The Timewave & The Watkins Objection"2015/10/12
  168. 471-Various: "Healing For PTSD Is Available"2015/10/05
  169. 470-Home: "Enter the Medicine Woman"2015/09/28
  170. 469-TMcKenna: "Philosophy With The Gloves Off"2015/09/21
  171. 468-Gorman: "Investigating Life – Part 2"2015/09/14
  172. 467-Gorman: "Investigating Life – Part 1"2015/09/07
  173. 466-Doblin: "This An Incredible Moment"2015/08/31
  174. 465 (removed)2015/08/24
  175. 464-Damer: "Temple of Light"2015/08/17
  176. 463-TMcKenna: "Novelty is to be Cherished"2015/08/10
  177. 462-Various: "Psychedelic Advocacy"2015/08/03
  178. 461-TMcKenna: "Shake the mud off your shoes, monkey"2015/07/27
  179. 460-TMcKenna: "Our planetary birth process"2015/07/20
  180. 459-TMcKenna: "Apes shouting at the monolith"2015/07/13
  181. 458-Various: "Practical Mushroom Activism"2015/07/06
  182. 457-Razam: "The Divine Invasion"2015/06/29
  183. 456-Siegel: "Engineering Enlightenment"2015/06/22
  184. 455-Various: "Going Off the Psychedelic Rails"2015/06/15
  185. 454-Aldous Huxley: “Human Potentialities”2015/06/10
  186. 453-Various: "Palenque Norte Tribute to Sasha Shulgin"2015/06/08
  187. 452-Various: "Kambo, Sananga and Rapé"2015/06/01
  188. 451-Pinchbeck: "Toad Venom & Other Things"2015/05/26
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