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  1. SwineCast 1068, The Squeal on Feeding The PIC Sow, Focus On Farrowing And Wean To Estrus Feeding Programs, Part 3 of 32019/08/13
    SwineCast 1068 Show Notes:

    Feeding The PIC Sow , Part 3 of 3: This episode on farrowing and wean to estrus feeding programs with Dr. Steve Dritz (Kansas State University), Dr. Uislei Orlando (PIC), and Dr. Marcio Goncalves (former PIC nutritionist and Founder at Swine.It ).

  2. SwineCast 1067, Understanding Producer Incentives and Thinking On Biosecurity Investments2019/08/09
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  3. SwineCast 1066, The Squeal on Feeding The PIC Sow, Focus On Gestation Rations In Feeding Programs, Part 2 of 32019/07/26
    SwineCast 1066 Show Notes:

    Feeding The PIC Sow , Part 2 of 3: This episode on feeding the PIC sow for optimal performance focuses on gestation rations in feeding programs with Dr. Steve Dritz (Kansas State University), Dr. Uislei Orlando (PIC), and Dr. Marcio Goncalves (former PIC nutritionist and Founder at Swine.It ).

  4. SwineCast 1065, African Swine Fever Prevention and Preparedness Makes Great Strides2019/07/22
    SwineCast 1065 Show Notes:

    Dr. Paul Sundberg, Swine Health Information Center , shares with Bruce Cochrane of Farmscape how state animal health officials and industry are working together in both African Swine Fever (ASF) prevention and preparedness.

  5. SwineCast 1064, The Squeal on Feeding The PIC Sow, Focus On Gilt Development, Part 1 of 32019/07/19
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  6. SwineCast 1063, ATM - Sow Mortality Considerations2019/06/27
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  7. SwineCast 1062, What Is Emerging Technology In Animal Agriculture?2019/06/27
    SwineCast 1062 Show Notes:

    Andy Brudtkuhl, Director of Emerging Technologies at the National Pork Board, shares how the NPB is helping pork producers learn about and apply of emerging technology to help advance their businesses.

  8. SwineCast 1061, Vitamins Are Key And What Do Producers Want From Their Veterinarians2019/06/21
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  9. SwineCast 1060, Fact vs. Fiction - PCV3 Unraveled2019/06/13
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  10. SwineCast 1059, IAV-S Control: Reminders of What Made Whole Herd Approach a Success2019/05/24
    SwineCast 1059 Show Notes:

    From the 2019 Boehringer Ingelheim AASV Pre-Symposium on March 8 in Orlando, FL:

    Dr. Christa Goodell with Boehringer Ingelheim, shares information on Influenza A virus in swine (IAV-S) control and reminds us of what made the Whole Herd Approach a success.

  11. SwineCast 1058, The Squeal on Disease Elimination In Swine Farms2019/05/10
    SwineCast 1058 Show Notes:

    Dr. Bill Hollis (Carthage Veterinary Service ), Dr. Jer Geiger (PIC ), and Dr. Jean Paul Cano (PIC ) discuss disease elimination, which is becoming ever more important as the industry works to reduce antibiotic use.

  12. SwineCast 1057, Don't Fear the Future: A Discussion About the Challenges and Opportunities Ahead2019/05/07
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  13. SwineCast 1056, Finding Good Employees, ASF Risk Assessments, and Social Media For Veterinarians2019/04/24
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  14. SwineCast 1055, Update on The USDA Animal Disease Tractability Program2019/04/15
    SwineCast 1055 Show Notes:

    From the 2019 National Institute for Animal Agriculture Annual meeting in Des Moines, Iowa, Gregory Ibach, the USDA Under Secretary of Agriculture for Marketing and Regulatory Programs, provides a high level update on the USDA animal disease tractability program.

  15. SwineCast 1054, The Squeal on Decision Making In Diet Formulation2019/04/09
    SwineCast 1054 Show Notes:

    Ani-Tek Group's Dr. Aaron Gaines, along with PIC's top nutrition specialists Wayne Cast and Dr. Uislei Orlando, have an in-depth conversation on decision making in diet formulations.

  16. SwineCast 1053, Emerging Technology Trends For Precision Livestock Farming2019/03/18
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  17. SwineCast 1052, Trends in Weather and Climate and How It Impacts Crops2019/03/15
    SwineCast 1052 Show Notes:

    From the 2019 Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference , Dr. Aaron Wilson from the OSU Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center, shares what weather and climate are, highlighting the changes that are impacting the future of crops long term.
    See the full presentation by Dr. Wilson [video ]

  18. SwineCast 1051, The Squeal - Early Pig Care2019/03/04
    SwineCast 1051 Show Notes:

    In this episode of The Squeal , Matt Grimm with Cactus Family Farms , Dr. Fernando Gomez, PIC's wean to finish technical services specialist, and PIC's Joe Koenig share their early pig care experience.

  19. SwineCast 1050, ATM - Explore Lawsonia and the Swine Gut Microbiome2019/02/13
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  20. SwineCast 1049, Economic Opportunity: Keeping African Swine Fever Out of USA2019/02/09
    SwineCast 1049 Show Notes:

    From the 2019 Minnesota Pork Congress , Dr. Scott Dee, Research Director at Pipestone, and Dr. Gordon Spronk, Chairman of the Board, Pipestone Holdings, review the global concern on the African Swine Fever virus and comment that keeping ASF out of the United States is an economic opportunity for US pork producers.

  21. SwineCast 1048, Answering Disease Preparedness Questions2019/01/27
    SwineCast 1048 Show Notes:

    From the 2019 Iowa Pork Congress , panelists Dr. Craig Rowles (Iowa Cage Free), Dr. Neal Benjamin (Carthage Veterinary Service), Dr. Pam Zaabel (Iowa State University), and Dr. Andrew Hennenfent (Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship) address disease preparedness questions from the audience.

  22. SwineCast 1047, African Swine Fever - Three Things You Need To Know2019/01/14
    SwineCast 1047 Show Notes:

    From the 2019 Banff Pork Seminar , Farmscape's Bruce Cochrane talks with Dr. Egan Brockhoff with Prairie Swine Health Services on African Swine Fever and the three things you need to know.

  23. SwineCast 1046, Communicating Your Science2019/01/10
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  24. SwineCast 1045, Moving the Needle on Piglet Survivability2018/12/31
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  25. SwineCast 1044, The Squeal - Current Thoughts On Finishing Pig Nutrition2018/12/27
    SwineCast 1044 Show Notes:

    In this episode of The Squeal , nutrition is a key element in maximizing genetic potential. To help your management team to take full advantage, we've brought together Dr. Noel Williams (Iowa Select Farms ), Dr. Márcio Gonçalves (PIC ), and Wayne Cast (PIC ).

  26. SwineCast 1043, ATM - International Trade Conversations With The NPPC2018/12/19
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  27. SwineCast 1042, US & China Trade Future Insights with Brett Stuart of Global AgriTrends2018/12/10
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  28. SwineCast 1041, The Squeal - On Creating A Biosecurity Culture2018/11/17
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  29. SwineCast 1040, ATM - Going In-Depth on African Swine Fever2018/11/14
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  30. SwineCast 1039, American Feed Industry Association Response and Perspective On Swine Health And Feed2018/10/31
    SwineCast 1039 Show Notes:

    From the 2018 Allen D. Leman Swine Conference , Leah Wilkinson provides an American Feed Industry Association response and perspective on swine health as it relates to feed and feed ingredients.


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