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PoPPed Culture

  1. Final Edition2007/03/13

    This little bit is here to let you know that while this is the final episode of Popped Culture, especially in light of the fact that several other online entities are using the same name, the fun continues at http://insignificant.podomatic.com under our new, all encompassing program, 'Conspiracy of the Insignificant"! Yes, same as the band, simplifying everything!!
  2. Thourough Conspiracy2007/03/11

    The whole troop is here, as well as the mysterious man in the Shins T Shirt!! Some music, some yakking and other such tomfoolery!!
  3. Fruitcake's Vault Runneth Over2007/03/10
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  4. Miscellaneous Material, Music and Mirth2007/03/09

    This short but Jam-packed episode features Fruitcake and PQ performing an impromptu bit, featuring some unindicted co-conspirators, a little Shocking Baby Secrets from the PQ Vault and an unheard track from the Dorky's show!!
  5. Corny Benny Bell Tribute2007/03/07

    While Mr Toothpaste is otherwise occupied, PQ demonstrates why he is known as the Bizzaro General by presenting 4 classic tracks by the king of cheezy, double-entendre songs, Benny Bell!! He talks some, too!! Some of it even makes sense!! Another quick n silly show!
  6. Music d' Lounginess!! Live Conspiracy of the Insignificant!2007/03/05

    10s Unit talk with Fruitcake Toothpaste (remember kids, this show is for grown-up-types) incongruously introduces a second collection of music from the Delmas Howe send-off performance 3/4/07. Presented in raw, live, recorded-outdoors-a-rama. Lotsa great ambient talking and some loungey C of the I!!
  7. Live & Loungy - The Delmas Howe Session Part One2007/03/05
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  8. Take Me Out And KILL Me2007/03/03

    Fruitcake Toothpaste, curator of the Rubber Room Entertainment Laboratory Archives, presents his own, first cut up tape, "Take Me Out And KILL Me" from 1995!! There is commentation with PQ, as well!!
    Also: News about The New Army!!
  9. All This and Robert Service2007/02/28

    Fruitcake and his groovebox are accomanied by a random reading of Robert Service's "The March of the Dead" on this shorter-that-usual entry in our series! Hold on to your ear buds and here we go!!!
  10. Phydeaux III - Part 42007/02/28

    Phydeaux III and a track from our latest sessions, as well, completes this series on our former incarnation!! Another great listen!!
  11. Phydeaux III - Part Three2007/02/27

    More material that has gone unheard for 10 years!! A bit of performance art, some musical magic and more!! The principals are all assembled to provide their thoughts, as well!!
  12. Phydeaux III / Part Two2007/02/27

    More vintage recordings of the band we used to be including candid commentary!! Glimpses of a golden age!!
  13. Phydeaux III Part One2007/02/27

    Before we were the Conspiracy of the Insignificant, we were Phydeaux III!! This series of four shows provides vintage recordings and contemporary commentary on this classic era of music and fun!!
  14. Midgets and Crackheads2007/02/27

    The boys are back with a review of some strange and astonishing dvd collections featuring midgets and crackheads!! Laughs and more laughs!!
  15. Follow The Program - Part Two2007/02/20

    This is the second part. If you havn't heard the first, you really should, though nothing is neccesary.
    Follow the Program was one of the last audio collages I made.
    So many very cool little bits of sound that go together in dada ways.....
    We will resume our regular show, soon.
  16. Follow The Program Part One2007/02/19

    In the tradition of bringing you the different and daring, here is the first of two parts of 'Follow The Program', an audio collage/construct made by PQ Ribber in 1993. Hang on to your ears, relax and listen!!
  17. Games and Fun2007/02/17

    The boys take a look at a just-found copy of a videotape of the band from about 10 years ago and find out how stupid they are when they play a round of "You Don't Know Jack'! Another classic episode!!
  18. Quickie Update Show with PQ2007/02/16

    Fruitcake is busy, so, meanwhile, Ribber gives you a quick Conspiracy of the Significant update, almost starts a political rant, but instead, wisely plays a rare track of he and Dr Panasofkee live at the Coffee Tea or C. 10 minutes of music and babble!!
  19. Return of Nasty eBay Stuff2007/02/12

    3 co-conspirators, Fruitcake, The Doctor and PQ bring you a more-than slightly inebriated podcast. The little-known Mature section of eBay is revisited and many laughs, intentional and otherwise, ensue. Give a listen and don't forget to tell all your friend to do so, as well!!
  20. Test Kitchen of Sound2007/02/11

    Continuing in this very different series of podcasts, this episode brings you excerpts from a soundcheck/rehearsal of the Conspiracy of the Insignificant, New Mexico's foremost musical combo!! Fruitcake and PQ are joined by Dr Panasofkee and experiment with a 'groove box'.
  21. Potato Show2007/02/09

    A shorter episode, due to injurys includes an eBay update and other choice random thoughts from our aimless but amiable cohosts!!
  22. Nasty eBay Stuff2007/02/07

    Fruitcake and PQ yak a lot and this episode has much less intentional ambient experimentalism. Join them as they search the World's Greatest Online Auction Site for mischief!!
PoPPed Culture
Fruitcake Toothpaste, PQ Ribber and often, Dr Panasofkee deconstruct reality in many ways. Sound art, talk, humor and the music of the Conspiracy of the Insignificant, New Mexico's foremost musical combo!! A remarkable series of podcasts!!

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