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  1. Adolescence now lasts from 10 to 242018/01/22

    January 22, 2018. Scientists have changed their estimation of when adolescence ends and adulthood starts.
  2. Two Koreas to share flag for Winter Olympics2018/01/20

    January 20, 2018. South and North Korea have agreed to use the same flag at next month's Winter Olympics.
  3. Spain to replace USA as second most popular tourism location2018/01/18

    January 18, 2018. Spain is set to replace the USA as the world's second most popular tourist destination.
  4. Writing a to-do list may help you sleep faster2018/01/16

    January 16, 2018. Scientists have an idea that could help us get to sleep faster. All you need is a pen and paper and write a to-do list.
  5. Trump calls immigrant nations "sh*thole" countries2018/01/14

    January 14, 2018. US President Donald Trump has caused outrage worldwide after he reportedly made racially charged comments.
  6. Bangkok street-food chef says no to international cooking honour2018/01/12

    January 12, 2018. A street-food seller in Bangkok wants to give back a top international chef's award.
  7. Nearly 600 volunteer to be absent father2018/01/10

    January 10, 2018. A school in the USA asked for 50 male volunteers to substitute for absent fathers in an event called ''Breakfast with Dads''.
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