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  1. More cases of monkeypox detected worldwide2022/05/23

    May 23, 2022. The WHO reported there have been 120 worldwide cases of the rare monkeypox virus.
  2. Tonga volcano eruption was a record explosion2022/05/19

    May 19, 2022. The Tonga volcano was the biggest explosion recorded using modern technology.
  3. Google Translate adds 24 new languages2022/05/16

    May 16, 2022. Google Translate has added 24 languages to its translation service.
  4. Airlines miss most of their climate change targets2022/05/12

    May 12, 2022. A new report says airlines in the U.K. have missed all their climate change targets since 2000, except one.
  5. New eye drops improve vision without glasses2022/05/09

    May 09, 2022. New eye drops have been developed that can help people with blurred vision.
  6. Gardeners urged not to cut the grass2022/05/05

    May 05, 2022. A charity in the UK wants people not to cut the grass in their garden to help biodiversity.
  7. Plant-based milk becoming more popular2022/05/02

    May 02, 2022. Plant-based milks have been growing in popularity for the past decade.
  8. Elon Musk buys Twitter for $44 billion2022/04/28

    April 28, 2022. The world's richest person, Elon Musk, has bought the social media site Twitter.
  9. Hundreds of unpunished crimes at UK royal palaces2022/04/25

    April 25, 2022. Hundreds of unpunished crimes have taken place at London's royal households.
  10. Half the world's population get headaches2022/04/21

    April 21, 2022. A new report says half of us suffer from headaches.
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