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  1. Podcast 14, The black coffee Lounge Returns, featuring Stone Mecca!2006/06/12
    Back by popular demand, The black coffee Lounge returns, showcasing the Hip-Hop Soul sounds of Stone Mecca (www.StoneMecca.com )! Sit back and enjoy as they bless us with tracks off of their as yet to be released, debut album, entitled "First Contact"!

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  2. Podcast 13, Kamallion! From Highland to Hollywood!2006/01/04
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  3. Podcast 12, The black coffee Lounge!2005/11/18
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  4. Podcast 11, KU live @ The Temple Bar!2005/10/26
    Listen to select cuts from KU's most recent live performance at The Temple Bar! With guest appearances from J7 & Big B of the Rat Pak, among others!

    As always, click the title ("Podcast 11...") to listen!

    Feel free to leave comments here by clicking the envelope icon below, or email me at eddie@blackcoffeeent.com !
  5. Podcast 10, Big B: "Faded Off Experience!"2005/09/16
    Discussions with the big man, Big B, of The Rat Pak! As well as the world premier of select cuts from his solo project entitled "Faded Off Experience!"

    As always, click the title ("Podcast 10...") to listen!

  6. Podcast 9, Thoughts, and Hopes, regarding Hurricane Katrina (A Note to the Black community).2005/09/02
    A Love Letter, written to those suffering most from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. This is me, Eddie B., on a serious tip, sharing my thoughts and hopes for the people of New Orleans.

    For more info on how you can help the victims of Hurricane Katrina, please visit http://katrinasurvivors.pepie.com, or email me at eddie@blackcoffeeent.com.

  7. Podcast 8, J. Wells: DIGITAL MASTER!2005/09/16
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  8. Podcast 7, Typhoon Funk Mix Tape, Vol. 2!2005/08/08
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  9. Podcast 6, A Star Is Born...J-7 D' Star!2005/07/26
    A deep conversation with a rising star in the Hip-Hop world. An artist that understands the responsibility that comes with stardom, and is not afraid to accept it! We hear tracks from his debut solo project entitled "The Looking Glass."

    Just click the title to download! And as always, you can leave your comments here, or email me at eddie@blackcoffeeent.com!

  10. Podcast 5, bleu collar: Reppin' Tha West...Hard!2005/10/11
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  11. Podcast 4, Typhoon Funk Mix Tape, Vol. 3! (Re-posting)2005/07/26
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  12. Podcast 3, "Real Talk" with K U!2005/10/11
    Our first artist interview with K U of The Rat Pak ! Learn about his first solo project entitled "Real Talk" , and be sure to check him out live at the Temple Bar in Santa Monica, Wednesday, 6/15/05 @ 9pm!

  13. Podcast 2, B.O.D.'s In Da Buildin'!2005/10/11
    black coffee radio introduces B.O.D. to the world! The Rat Pak perform June 4th! Check the Evite for more info. And, as always, NEW MUSIC, NEW MUSIC, NEW MUSIC! Just click on the title of the post to listen.

  14. Podcast 1, The Launch of black coffee radio!2005/10/11
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black coffee radio
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