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Creative Conversations from The Norman Agency

  1. Performing & Directing -- Pt.32009/10/26
    Even more tips for performers and producers/directors of radio
    commercials. With The Norman Agency's Jim Norman and Becky Trenton, and New York
    actor Doug Shapiro (www.dougshapiro.com or www.thesavvyactor.com ).
  2. Performing & Directing -- Pt.22009/10/21

    More tips for radio-ad performers and directors/producers about better ways
    to work -- and to work together. Featuring New York actor Doug Shapiro (www.dougshapiro.com or www.thesavvyactor.com ).
  3. Performing & Directing -- Pt.12009/10/14
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  4. What Listeners Hate Most About Radio Ads2008/04/28

    We researched three years' worth of angry comments -- posted on internet

    forums and blogs and filed with the Advertising Standards Council -- directed at

    radio ads. The result? Our Top 5 Countdown of what listeners hate about radio

    commercials. (Think of it an as an ad-visory.)
  5. How to Create Great Radio Commercials -- in Brief, Pt.22005/10/01
    We discuss Steps 6 to 10 of the development of a Creative Brief

    that will result in effective, business-building radio

  6. How to Create Great Radio Commercials -- in Brief, Pt.12005/09/01

    Effective, business-building radio commercials start with a great

    Creative Brief. In this conversation, we discuss Steps 1 to 5 (of 10) in the

    development of a great Brief.
  7. Your Radio Campaign - Give It Time2005/08/01

    Why, in addition to having great radio commercials, you also need great

    airtime schedules. And some ideas about how to get them.
  8. Accuracy Matters2005/07/01

    How flawed premises, faulty facts, and fake performances can ruin the

    effectiveness of your radio commercials.
  9. Are Your Ads Selling Your Competitors?2005/06/01
    How to make sure your ads aren't helping your competition
  10. Taking Care with Radio Commercials2005/05/01

    Why radio commercials should be created with the same care as other marketing

    communications, like print ads.
  11. The Long and Short of Radio Ads2005/04/01
    When to use which length of radio commercial.
  12. Sounds Amazing2005/03/01
    The value of working with a great sound designer/recording
  13. What's the Big Idea(s)?2005/02/01
    Big ideas shouldn't just be the creative ones.
  14. Concepts to Shun2005/01/21
    How to kill a campaign's effectiveness with cliched and cookie-cutter
  15. Casting Coaches2005/01/18
    How do you go about finding the perfect voices for your radio commercials?
    We talk about some of the methods.
Creative Conversations from The Norman Agency
The Norman Agency's Creative Director and Project Manager discuss important aspects of radio advertising creation.

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