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  1. Coronavirus Outbreaks Hit More California Nursing Homes2020/06/26
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  2. Statewide Effort to House Homeless in Hotel Rooms Meets Successes and Challenges2020/06/26
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  3. The Atlantic’s Alexis Madrigal on U.S. COVID-19 Case Surge2020/06/26
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  4. Pride Readies for 50th Anniversary Celebrations, Amid Protests and Pandemic2020/06/25
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  5. Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in California Rise 69%2020/06/25
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  6. Robert Costa on the Latest National Political News2020/06/25
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  7. Black Medical Workers Reflect on the Front Lines of Covid and Racism2020/06/24
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  8. Coronavirus Cases Surge at San Quentin Prison2020/06/24
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  9. Visa Programs Suspended by Trump Administration2020/06/24
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  10. Communities Push to Remove Police From Schools2020/06/23
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  11. Janet Napolitano Steps Down After Seven Years as UC President2020/06/23
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  12. Historian Khalil Gibran Muhammad on Reimagining the Police, in the Past and Future2020/06/22
    "Defund the police" may be a new rallying cry, but according to Harvard historian Khalil Gibran Muhammad, black reformers, scholars and activists have been calling out systemic racism in law enforcement for at least 100 years.
  13. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel on Coronavirus and ‘Which Country Has the World’s Best Health Care’2020/06/22
    In his new book, “Which Country Has the World’s Best Health Care?”, bioethicist Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel profiles and compares eleven countries’ health care systems to figure out which one works best.
  14. Theater Collaboration Celebrates Juneteenth with Play that Explores Difficult Conversations About Race2020/06/19
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  15. Balancing Health and the Economy During COVID-192020/06/19
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  16. PG&E Pleads Guilty to 84 Counts of Manslaughter in Camp Fire2020/06/19
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  17. Supreme Court Rules to Keep DACA in Place2020/06/18
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  18. ‘White Fragility’ Author Robin DiAngelo on What White People Can Do to Address Racism2020/06/18
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  19. Right Wing Extremist Charged with Murder of Federal Officer at Oakland Protest2020/06/17
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  20. Fort Bragg, Named After a Confederate General, Debates Name Change2020/06/17
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  21. Rep. Jackie Speier on Black Lives Matter Protests, Federal Coronavirus Response2020/06/17
    Representative Jackie Speier recently introduced legislation to protect whistleblowers who expose fraud, waste, or abuse in the federal government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Speier joins us to talk about her new legislation, the lack of progress in fighting sexual assault in the military, and how the Black Lives Matter protests can spur lasting change in America.
  22. California Lawmakers Push to Repeal Ban On Affirmative Action2020/06/16
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  23. US Supreme Court Rules Gay and Transgender Workers Are Protected Under the Civil Rights Act2020/06/15
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  24. Coronavirus: A Tale Of Two States2020/06/17
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  25. Coronavirus Continues Spreading in California Prisons2020/06/15
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  26. Stockton Mayor Tubbs on Police Accountability and Guaranteed Income During a Pandemic2020/06/15
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  27. Joining a “Social Bubble” to Help Ride Out Quarantine With Friends2020/06/12
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  28. Breonna Taylor and the Visibility of Black Women Victims of Police Violence2020/06/12
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  29. How to Thrive When Your Brain is Different2020/06/12
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  30. Federal Reserve Projects Longterm Unemployment From Coronavirus Crisis2020/06/11
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  31. Raising Black Children in America2020/06/11
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  32. What Would It Mean to Defund the Police?2020/06/10
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  33. Your Questions on Reopening and the Latest COVID-19 Science2020/06/10
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  34. California Schools Brace for Big Changes to Reopen This Fall2020/06/09
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  35. Rev. William J. Barber Says ‘We Are Called to Be a Movement’2020/06/09
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  36. Protests Continue Across Bay Area, Shut Down Golden Gate Bridge2020/06/08
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  37. Columnist George Will Hopes Election Will Remove Trump and his ‘Congressional Enablers’2020/06/08
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  38. Journalist Masha Gessen on the Trump Presidency and ‘Surviving Autocracy’2020/06/08
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  39. The Role of Cross-Racial Solidarity in a Time of Protest2020/06/05
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  40. When Social Movements Meet Consumer Culture2020/06/05
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  41. Bakari Sellers Reflects on ‘My Vanishing Country’ and Systemic Racism2020/06/05
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  42. Journalists Assaulted, Arrested and Jailed Covering Protests2020/06/04
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  43. Questions Arise Over Expanding Bay Area Curfews2020/06/04
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  44. San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo on Protests, Politics, and the Pandemic2020/06/04
    When California Governor Gavin Newsom offered to deploy National Guard troops to San Jose this week, Mayor Sam Liccardo declined. We feel very strongly that it is really important for civilian police to be policing, Liccardo said at a city council meeting Tuesday. Mayor Liccardo joins us to talk about that decision, the protests, and the ongoing challenge of the coronavirus pandemic.
  45. What 1968 Can Teach Us About Protest and Upheaval in 20202020/06/03
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  46. Avoiding Coronavirus While Protesting2020/06/03
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  47. Columnist Otis Taylor Jr. Says We Need Better Conversations About Race2020/06/03
    In his column for the San Francisco Chronicle this week, Otis Taylor Jr. calls for more open conversations about race in America in the wake of protests over the killing of George Floyd. He writes that "racism, like the coronavirus, isn’t going to simply magically disappear." Taylor joins Forum to talk about the Bay Area's protests and share his thoughts on confronting racism in the U.S.
  48. Assessing Police Behavior in Light of George Floyd Killing and Protests2020/06/02
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  49. Facebook Employees Stage Virtual Protest Against Company’s Stance on Trump Posts2020/06/02
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  50. Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Alicia Garza on Protests, Police Violence, and Election 20202020/06/02
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  51. Coronavirus Pandemic Rattles Bay Area Rental Housing Market2020/06/02
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  52. Protests Continue Across the State, Nation Over George Floyd Killing2020/06/01
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  53. George Floyd’s Death Sparks Demands for Change2020/06/01
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  54. How COVID-19 is Changing Public Transit2020/06/16
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  55. National Political News in Review2020/06/01
    Forum reviews, analyzes and answers your questions about the latest in national political news.
  56. Protests Over Death of George Floyd Reach Boiling Point in Minneapolis2020/05/29
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  57. Lawmakers Push Back as Gov. Newsom Expands Executive Orders2020/05/29
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  58. Negotiating Shelter-in-Place with Partners and Spouses2020/05/29
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  59. Historic SpaceX Launch Set to Saturday2020/05/28
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  60. How the Pandemic Could Reshape the Office Real Estate Market2020/05/28
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  61. Rep. Adam Schiff on Stopping the Spread of Pandemic Misinformation2020/05/28
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  62. Tips for Working From Home Without Ruining Your Neck and Back2020/05/27
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  63. Michael Pollan On What the Pandemic Reveals About ‘The Sickness in Our Food Supply’2020/05/27
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  64. Bush Administration’s David Frum Laments State of Conservatism2020/05/27
    In his new book "Trumpocalypse," erstwhile neoconservative David Frum explores what he sees as the failures of conservatism, from the Iraq war to the financial crisis to the Trump presidency. A former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, Frum joins us to talk about his book and how to reimagine a United States and a conservative party without Donald Trump.
  65. Comparing Global Responses to Coronavirus2020/05/26
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  66. Hitting the Road This Summer? Where to Go and How to Stay Safe2020/05/26
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  67. Rebroadcast: The George Washington You Don’t Know Emerges in Alexis Coe’s ‘You Never Forget Your First’2020/05/25
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  68. Rebroadcast: Artificial Intelligence Rules the World in Gish Jen’s ‘The Resisters’2020/05/25
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  69. Dr. Harvey Fineberg on His Role in the White House Response to Covid-192020/05/22
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  70. With Permission to Work from Home, Many Tech Workers Contemplate Leaving the Bay Area2020/05/22
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  71. New Book Showcases the ‘Legendary Children’ in Drag History and ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’2020/05/22
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  72. Pandemic Pushes California Cities and Counties Into Fiscal Crises2020/05/21
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  73. “Just” Old People Are Dying: Ageism and the Coronavirus Response2020/05/21
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  74. American Diplomat Richard Haass on the State of ‘The World’2020/05/20
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  75. The Comfort of Gardening During a Pandemic2020/05/20
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  76. How the Coronavirus Pandemic is Reshaping the Future of Retail2020/05/19
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  77. Sarah Kendzior on the State of U.S. Politics and ‘the Erosion of America’2020/05/19
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  78. Three Bay Area Counties Move into Phase Two of Reopening2020/05/18
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  79. Coronavirus Pandemic Exacerbates Hunger Worldwide2020/05/18
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  80. Whistleblower Testifies Before Congress, Senator under FBI investigation: The Week in National News2020/05/15
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  81. California Faces Steep Budget Cuts Amid Coronavirus Pandemic2020/05/15
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  82. Race and the Killing of Ahmaud Arbery2020/05/15
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  83. As Social Distancing Continues, so Does Pandemic Shaming2020/05/14
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  84. Wildfire Tragedy Recounted in ‘Fire in Paradise’2020/05/14
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  85. Republicans Win Closely-Watched California Special Election to Fill Katie Hill’s House Seat2020/05/14
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  86. Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf on the State of the City in the Pandemic2020/05/13
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  87. Pandemic Affects Job Prospects for New College Grads2020/05/13
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  88. Elon Musk Says He’s Prepared to Be Arrested For Reopening Tesla Plant2020/05/12
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  89. How to Fly and Feel Safe During the Coronavirus Pandemic2020/05/12
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  90. Navajo Nation Fighting Coronavirus and Longtime Inequities2020/05/12
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  91. What Could The Restaurant Industry Look Like After The Coronavirus Pandemic?2020/05/11
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  92. Finding the Best Information to Navigate the COVID-19 Pandemic2020/05/11
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  93. New Federal Rules Increase Protections for Students Accused of Sexual Assault2020/05/08
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  94. Is There Any Going Back: Considering the Post-Coronavirus Way of Life2020/05/08
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  95. California Faces Projected $54 Billion Deficit Through Summer 20212020/05/08
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  96. New Docuseries ‘Asian Americans’ Highlights Contributions, Challenges in U.S. History2020/05/08
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  97. What Are You Watching During Quarantine?2020/05/07
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  98. Journalist Molly Ball on Nancy Pelosi’s Rise from San Francisco to the Speakership2020/05/07
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  99. Marin Health Officer Talks About His Personal and Professional Battle Against COVID-192020/05/07
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  100. Psychologist Rick Hanson on Building Resilience in a Pandemic2020/05/06
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  101. More Data Shows Higher Coronavirus Risk for Black and Latino Communities2020/05/06
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  102. Childcare Closures Leave Parents, Kids and Teachers Scrambling2020/05/05
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  103. Bay Area Tenants Call for Rent Strikes and Canceling Rents2020/05/05
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  104. Coronavirus Derails U.S. Presidential Race as Leading Candidates Battle Scandals2020/05/04
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  105. Virology Expert Paul Offit on the Search for a COVID-19 Vaccine2020/05/04
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  106. Big Changes, Big Cases at the Supreme Court2020/05/01
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  107. How the Government Can Protect Frontline Workers Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic2020/05/01
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  108. The Beat Goes On: Music Events to Livestream in Quarantine2020/05/01
    With music venues closed and festivals postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic, music fans have been gathering online to watch livestreamed concerts, DJ sets and more. We’ll talk about upcoming music events you can stream at home and we want to hear from you: what music and artists are keeping you company in quarantine?
  109. Bay Area Eases Shelter-in-Place Restrictions on the Road to Reopening2020/04/30
    Bay Area officials updated the region’s stay-at-home orders Wednesday to allow for outdoor activities including golf, tennis and summer camps. These new guidelines also gave the greenlight to restart construction projects, which could help thousands of people go back to work. We break down the details of these revisions and discuss what it means for reopening the Bay Area.
  110. Silicon Valley in a Pandemic2020/04/30
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  111. California’s Unemployment Agency Struggles to Meet Demand2020/04/30
  112. Rural California Counties Seek to Reopen Sooner Than the Rest of the State2020/04/29
  113. Trump to Sign Order to Keep Meat Plants Open2020/04/29
  114. Newsom Announces Phased Plan for Reopening California2020/04/29
  115. San Francisco Mayor London Breed on Extension of Stay-at-Home Order2020/04/28
  116. Dating in the Age of Coronavirus2020/04/28
  117. Experts Warn Coronavirus Second Wave Could Be More Severe2020/04/27
  118. Vox’s Ezra Klein on ‘Why We’re Polarized’2020/04/27
  119. Fighting Wildfires During a Pandemic2020/04/27
  120. Enjoying the Great Outdoors During Shelter-in-Place Orders2020/04/24
  121. George Packer on Coronavirus and America as a ‘Failed State’2020/04/24
  122. The Psychology of ‘Why We Act’2020/04/24
  123. How We Respond to Disasters2020/04/23
  124. Governor Newsom Allows Hospitals to Resume Non-Essential Surgery2020/04/23
  125. Why the American Economy Can’t Reopen Without Widespread Coronavirus Testing2020/04/23
  126. New Stanford Antibody Study Sparks Criticism2020/04/22
  127. Pandemic Response Offers Hope and Warnings for Addressing Climate Crisis2020/04/22
  128. Small Business Relief Programs Run Out of Funding2020/04/21
  129. California 12th Graders Reflect on Their Interrupted Senior Year2020/04/21
  130. Angela Glover Blackwell on Putting Equity at the Heart of Economic Recovery2020/04/21
  131. Reading Your Way Through a Pandemic2020/04/20
  132. Nursing Homes Are a Coronavirus Hotspot Claiming 6,900 Lives and Counting2020/04/20
  133. Epidemiologist Gregg Gonsalves on Charting a Path Out of the Pandemic2020/04/17
  134. Home Teaching Tips for Parents2020/04/17
  135. Unemployment Claims Soar in California Amid Coronavirus Pandemic2020/04/17
  136. Fresh Produce and Milk Go to Waste Even as People Need Food Amid Coronavirus Pandemic2020/04/16
  137. Medical Historian Frank Snowden on Lessons from Past Pandemics2020/04/16
  138. Trump Blames WHO for Pandemic Spread, Freezes Funding2020/04/15
  139. Newsom says California Must Meet 6 Goals Before Reopening2020/04/15
  140. We Answer Your Questions About Masks2020/04/15
  141. San Francisco Board of Supervisors to Vote on Emergency Hotel Housing for Homeless2020/04/15
  142. Finding Favorite Recipes in a Quarantine2020/04/14
  143. How to Survive a Recession or Layoff Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic2020/04/14
  144. Pandemic Pushes U.S. Postal Service Toward Collapse2020/04/14
  145. Local Governments, Silicon Valley Push to Expand Coronavirus Contact Tracing2020/04/13
  146. What Will It Take to Thaw Out An Economy on Ice?2020/04/13
  147. Advocates for the Incarcerated Call for More Early Releases Amid Coronavirus Pandemic2020/04/10
  148. Lessons from the AIDS Crisis for the Coronavirus Pandemic2020/04/10
  149. Pandemic Throws Campaigns and Elections Into Uncertainty2020/04/10
  150. As Pandemic Strikes Hard at Undocumented Immigrants, California Weighs Aid2020/04/09
  151. How the Bay Area Came to Lead the Nation into Shelter in Place2020/04/09
  152. Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis on how California is Responding to Coronavirus2020/04/09
  153. E.J. Dionne on the Pandemic and the 2020 Election2020/04/09
  154. Faith and Spirituality During the Coronavirus Pandemic2020/04/08
  155. Linda Darling Hammond on Distance Learning During a Pandemic2020/04/08
  156. California Surgeon General Nadine Burke Harris Urges Mental Health Care Amid the Pandemic2020/04/08
  157. Arts Community Reels from Coronavirus Shutdowns2020/04/07
  158. UCSF’s Bob Wachter on Newest Covid-19 Science, Bay Area Numbers2020/04/07
  159. More Coronavirus Tests on Horizon for California, Newsom Says2020/04/06
  160. This Epidemiologist Who Warned of a Global Pandemic Says the Fight Against Coronavirus is Far From Over2020/04/06
  161. Zoom Nation: Video Conferencing Apps Raise Privacy Concerns During Pandemic2020/04/06
  162. Growing Concern over Domestic Violence During Shelter in Place2020/04/03
  163. Coronavirus Hits Homeless Population With First Confirmed Case in San Francisco2020/04/03
  164. Former Obama Health Advisor Andy Slavitt on What Trump Could Do to Contain the Pandemic2020/04/03
  165. Interstate Travel Restrictions During Pandemic Raise Constitutional Issues2020/04/03
  166. Sharing Stories of Life with COVID-192020/04/02
  167. Bay Area Imposes Further Restrictions on Shelter in Place2020/04/02
  168. California Teachers, Students Struggle with Distance Learning2020/04/01
  169. California Calls On Medical Students and Retirees to Fight Coronavirus Pandemic2020/04/01
  170. Rep. Adam Schiff on the Federal Coronavirus Response2020/04/01
  171. With Shelter in Place Extended to May 1, How are Californians Coping?2020/03/31
  172. As Pandemic Intensifies, Your Coronavirus Questions Answered2020/03/31
  173. Bay Area Transit Systems Slash Service as Revenue Plummets2020/03/31
  174. Some Public Health Experts Call for More Transparency for Coronavirus Data2020/03/30
  175. How Businesses Are Responding to Shelter in Place2020/03/30
  176. The Medical Ethics of the Coronavirus Pandemic2020/03/30
  177. Spread of Coronavirus Puts Renters and Landlords in a Bind2020/03/27
  178. Millions File for Unemployment as the Coronavirus Tanks the Economy2020/03/27
  179. As WHO Launches Major Coronavirus Trial, the Race for a Therapy Accelerates2020/03/27
  180. As Californians Shelter in Place, State Retools Census 2020 Efforts2020/03/27
  181. Can California Prevent a Coronavirus Outbreak in Prisons?2020/03/26
  182. California Lags Behind States Like New York on Testing2020/03/26
  183. Please Don’t Stand So Close to Me: The Etiquette and Efficacy of Social Distancing2020/03/26
  184. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel on What It Will Take to Conquer Coronavirus2020/03/26
  185. Senate Nears Deal on $2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Package2020/03/25
  186. As Trump Hints at End of Quarantines ‘by Easter,’ Health Experts Sound Alarms2020/03/25
  187. High School Students on Life and School While Sheltering in Place2020/03/25
  188. How Growers and Grocers Are Keeping People Fed During a Pandemic2020/03/24
  189. State Schools Deputy Chief Stephanie Gregson on Coronavirus Closures2020/03/23
  190. San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo Talks Shelter in Place2020/03/23
  191. Congresswoman Barbara Lee on the Federal Response to COVID-192020/03/23
  192. Governor Newsom Announces Shelter in Place for State Residents2020/03/20
  193. How to Help During the Coronavirus Pandemic2020/03/24
  194. Asian Americans Report Increased Xenophobia During Coronavirus Outbreak2020/03/20
  195. How the Elderly Are Handling the Coronavirus Outbreak2020/03/19
  196. How Local Health Care Systems Are Responding to COVID-192020/03/19
  197. Economy, Shutdowns Take Hard Toll on Low-Income Workers2020/03/18
  198. Bay Area Counties Kick Off ‘Shelter in Place’ Guidelines2020/03/17
  199. Bay Area School Closures Raise Questions of Home-Schooling, Childcare2020/03/16
  200. U.S. Government Scrambles to Respond to Coronavirus Crisis2020/03/16
  201. Governor Newsom Calls for Bar Closures, Home Isolation for Elderly2020/03/16
  202. Trump Administration Struggles to Respond to Coronavirus Pandemic2020/03/13
  203. Navigating Anxiety and Isolation During the Coronavirus Pandemic2020/03/13
  204. Bay Area Steps up Efforts to Prevent the Coronavirus from Spreading to Vulnerable Homeless2020/03/12
  205. Air Travel Down Amid Covid-19 Concerns2020/03/12
  206. Novel Coronavirus Reaches Pandemic Level2020/03/12
  207. Working From Home in the Coronavirus Era2020/03/23
  208. Bay Area Schools Consider Whether to Close for Coronavirus2020/03/11
  209. How Prepared is the Bay Area’s Healthcare System to Deal With Coronavirus Spread?2020/03/11
  210. Election 2020: March 10 Democratic Primary Results2020/03/11
  211. Low Income People Expected to Be Hardest Hit by Effects of Coronavirus Crisis2020/03/10
  212. Spread of Novel Coronavirus Sparks Recession Fears2020/03/10
  213. Grand Princess Docks in Oakland, Crew and Passengers to be Quarantined for Coronavirus2020/03/10
  214. Cruise Ship with Coronavirus Passengers Expected to Dock in Oakland Monday2020/03/09
  215. Law Professor Richard Hasen on the Threats That Cause an ‘Election Meltdown’2020/03/09
  216. First Person: Taun Hall on Seeking Justice for the Mentally Ill2020/03/06
  217. Examining the Fall of Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign2020/03/06
  218. Coronavirus Update: Coronavirus Arrives in San Francisco as Cruise Ship Passengers Quarantined2020/03/06
  219. California Governor Newsom Declares State of Emergency for Coronavirus2020/03/05
  220. Graduate Student Workers Strike for Higher Pay Across UC System2020/03/05
  221. Ian Bremmer on the Geopolitical and Economic Repercussions of Coronavirus2020/03/04
  222. Election 2020: California Primary Results2020/03/04
  223. Coronavirus Deaths Rise, As Federal Officials Say Risk to Public is Low2020/03/03
  224. Activating Democracy: Are Public Meetings Broken?2020/03/03
  225. Californians Take to the Polls on Super Tuesday2020/03/03
  226. Coronavirus Rattles Economy as CDC Upgrades Risk to Highest Level2020/03/02
  227. California Casts Votes in Contentious Democratic Primary2020/03/02
  228. How to Prepare for the Possible Spread of Coronavirus2020/02/28
  229. Santa Clara County Dam at Risk of Earthquake Collapse2020/02/28
  230. Susan Fowler Shares Her Story of Standing Up to Uber in ‘Whistleblower’2020/02/28
  231. New California Coronavirus Case Likely First Spread in U.S.2020/02/27
  232. Lonnie Bunch Reflects on the Founding of the National Museum of African American History and Culture2020/02/27
  233. Environmental Concerns Heightened in West Oakland Following McClymonds High School Closure2020/02/27
  234. San Francisco Declares Coronavirus State of Emergency2020/02/26
  235. The Surprising History of Fast Food’s Rise in Black America2020/02/26
  236. Democratic Candidates to Face Off in South Carolina2020/02/26
  237. As Trump Loyalist Takes Reins as National Intelligence Chief, What’s Next for US Spy Agencies?2020/02/25
  238. How Kids Can Stop Fearing the Future and Tackle Climate Change2020/02/25
  239. The George Washington You Don’t Know Emerges in Alexis Coe’s ‘You Never Forget Your First’2020/02/24
  240. Election 2020: Immigration Policy2020/02/24
  241. Oakland Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick Ousted2020/02/21
  242. Popular Video Doorbell Prompts Security Concerns2020/02/21
  243. Motherhood and Mental Illness2020/02/21
  244. Six Candidates Face Off In The Nevada Democratic Debate2020/02/20
  245. Sting’s Musical ‘The Last Ship’ Sails into San Francisco2020/02/20
  246. Former 49’ers Owner DeBartolo Pardoned, Questions Arise Over Exploitation of Pardon Power2020/02/19
  247. Report: Academy of Art Leaves Students with Crushing Debt2020/02/19
  248. Linguistics Scholar Dennis Baron Looks at History of Pronoun Use ‘Beyond He and She’2020/02/18
  249. Journalist Conor Dougherty on ‘Fighting for Housing’ in the Bay Area and Beyond2020/02/18
  250. Bloomberg Rises in Polls Amid Controversy Over Past Policies, Remarks2020/02/17
  251. Artificial Intelligence Rules the World in Gish Jen’s ‘The Resisters’2020/02/17
  252. First Person: Virgie Tovar’s Fight for Fat Positivity2020/02/14
  253. Joe Eskenazi on San Francisco’s Culture of ‘Trickle-Down Corruption’2020/02/14
  254. Washington Post Report Links Trump’s Rhetoric to Racist and Xenophobic Bullying of Kids2020/02/14
  255. Your Transit Love Stories2020/02/14
  256. Election 2020: Prop 13 Would Provide $15 Billion to Fix Schools2020/02/13
  257. Roger Stone Sentencing Raises New Questions about DOJ Independence Under Trump2020/02/13
  258. Unsung Filipino-American Labor Leader Celebrated in Children’s Book2020/02/13
  259. Poet Danez Smith is Unapologetically Queer and Black in New Book ‘Homie’2020/02/13
  260. Berkeley High School Students Walk Out in Protest Over ‘Rape Culture’2020/02/12
  261. Diving into the New Hampshire Primary Results2020/02/12
  262. Activating Democracy: How to Be a More Engaged Citizen, Locally2020/02/11
  263. Newsom Proposal Could End School Fitness Exams2020/02/11
  264. Election 2020: How do the Democratic Presidential Candidates Compare on Climate Change?2020/02/10
  265. Oscars 2020: A Look at the Wins, Losses and Challenges With Diversity2020/02/10
  266. Fear and Rage Against Government Grows as China Deals with Coronavirus2020/02/07
  267. Nick Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn on America’s Working Poor2020/02/07
  268. First Person: Poet Nellie Wong on Writing and Fighting for Radical Social Change2020/02/07
  269. Can the Bay Area Solve Its Affordable Housing Crisis?2020/02/06
  270. President Trump Delivers Third State of the Union Speech2020/02/05
  271. Anna Wiener Reflects on Silicon Valley’s Dark Side in ‘Uncanny Valley’2020/02/05
  272. Journalist David Talbot on Life After a Stroke and What Really Matters2020/02/05
  273. San Francisco’s Market Street is Now Car-Free2020/02/04
  274. Iowans to Pick Presidential Nominees as Senate Impeachment Trial Comes to a Close2020/02/04
  275. State Senator Scott Wiener Introduces Bill for State Takeover of PG&E2020/02/04
  276. Isabel Allende Explores Migration and Exile in “A Long Petal of the Sea”2020/04/28
  277. Carmen Maria Machado’s ‘Dream House’ Becomes Nightmare in New Memoir2020/01/31
  278. Lawfare’s Benjamin Wittes On President Trump’s Radical Vision of the Presidency2020/01/31
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