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Insomnia Radio: The SoCal Sessions

  1. IR: The Socal Sessions #34 – Salmon of Capistrano2011/10/09
    Yes, there’s a place where musicians instinctively flock like the Salmon of Capistrano. Well the quote goes something like that; obviously off quite a bit, but fits the random theme of the show. Just listen through here and it may suddenly appear when you hear the song about Colorado, or maybe it was the one […]
  2. IR: The SoCal Sessions #33 – Rarity2011/04/04
    April’s assembly of thirteen local artists have all been in heavy rotation in my player in the last few months via work commutes, expeditions through the ice & snow, powder carving on top of the world, and while sitting in the dark, illuminated only by the glow of the computer monitor – headphones firmly glued […]
  3. IR: The SoCal Sessions #32 – Stardust2011/02/14
    Febuary’s thirteen track show starts off in a comedic rock vein with some strong local tracks inspired by Tenacious D and even containing their rock-god DNA stamped all over them. From here we take you into a stretch of quality indie rock from the Little Heroes through White Lights, with a little Black Watch and […]
  4. IR: The SoCal Sessions #31 – Riffs & Melodies2010/11/14
    Today’s primarily Los Angeles based show slowly crept upward from 6 tracks, doubling in size as we gradually realized that we had an oversharing problem. While this can swifly turn to embarrassment in social networking circles, here we like to think its a very good thing. | TRT 50:36 – NSFW RIFFS & MELODIES Nico […]
  5. IR: The SoCal Sessions #30 – Get the Metal Out!2010/10/26

    The metal has been slowly building in my system for the last few years, to where something drastic had to be done, fortunately right in time for Halloween this year. In this episode I detoxify using questionable methods, and luckily for you that means a break from my normal programming and a longer than normal […]
  6. IR: The SoCal Sessions #29 – Easy As Pie2010/10/11
    Not everyone who sings about our little regional bubble is from the Southern California area, so I decided to place a few tracks at the head of the show today that offer a alternative viewpoint – maybe not pleasing to hardcore regional cheerleaders but still great songs and excellent bands worth your perusal and ultimate […]
  7. IR: The SoCal Sessions #28 – The Dark Cell2010/09/20
    IR’s SoCal Sessions return after close to a years absence, bringing quality tracks from San Diego, Temecula, Long Beach, and basically all over the LA and OC regions. Please listen and help support these artists’ livelihoods. Its good to be back! -cs TRT: 44:45 , NOT WORK SAFE THE SETUP Arms Entwined – We’re on […]
  8. Anny Celsi: Thanksgiving in Hollywood2009/11/28
    We were recently sent a haunting track from local Los Angeles (Highland Park) based singer-songwriter ANNY CELSI via our friends at IODA, and we haven’t had a chance to get it up until today – the day after Thanksgiving, yet still in the holiday window. This track was apparently being featured in iTunes Essentials’ ‘Thanksgiving […]
  9. [Mixtape] Fresno: A Message To My Ears2009/10/03
    Step right up! We’ve got eighteen tracks from eighteen different indie artists hailing from the Central Valley region of California, with a regional bullseye on the city of Fresno – presented in the traditional yet beloved mixtape format. This is the supplement to our last full length episode on the Southern California feed entitled ‘IR: […]
  10. IR: The SoCal Sessions #27 – Party in Fresno2009/09/16
    Per local musician Brian Kenney Fresno’s mission statement, the holy triumvirate of activities in the Central California city of Fresno are: car theft, methlabs and chop shops. While you often hear the area lovingly roasted for such, the city does contain many more highly notable features, such as their rich musical legacy and tight-knit community […]
Insomnia Radio: The SoCal Sessions
Diving into possibly the most prolific music scene in the country, Charles takes you inside Southern California based independent music. Part of the Insomnia Radio Regional Family. IR: SoCal covers LA, Ventura, and Orange counties...

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