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  1. Surviving the College Process2009/10/03
    Upon graduating I got a job at a small business college working in student support. I worked with students who were having issues with things like grades, financial aid, scheduling, etc. Here are some tips for surviving college when things are not going your way. 1. Keep a paper trail. This means don’t throw away […]
  2. Multiple Priorities2009/07/10
    Today I talk about a great quote: “Having more than two priorities is like saying you have more than two arms. You are either crazy or you are lying.” As I have now graduated, one of the main things I learned is that you need to keep school your top priority. When I didn’t (I […]
  3. Taking Online Classes2007/11/16
    Welcome to show #12 If you plan on taking online classes thinking its going to be easier (I did), be warned they are not. In my case they are more work. They also require the following: Self-discipline. If you are use to the teacher reminding you, thats not going to happen. It is up to […]
  4. Starting a New Grading Period2007/09/07
    When you start a new grading period, you have straight A’s. Its only till you blow that first test that you go “Now I have a C.” The instructor gives you a sylabis. This tells you exactly what is coming and when. What yopu need to do is take out yur daytimer (or get one), […]
  5. Teachers Pet2007/07/20
    As a teacher of 15 years, the one thing you want in the classroom is a willing student. I’m amazing as I now sit in the classroom and I see a teacher ask a question and NOBODY raises their hand. These are called “class participation” points and they are easy, and come in handy when […]
  6. Procrastination II – Stress Free Finals2007/06/05
    In today’s show I continue my talk about procrastination. Its not enough to break things down into small bits. You need to put them on a timeline so you can tell if you are on schedule or not. Music Timeline: 1:00 “Tides” from  Butler and Borden BUY CD 5:16 King Never brought us “The Quiet […]
  7. Overcoming Procrastination2007/04/17
    We are trying something new this week. Instead of having the study tips first, we have put them at the end of the show. This week’s tips deals with the “Giant Writing Project.” It seems like we put if off. Then we have to cram, and kill ourselves to make our deadlines (while our grades […]
  8. Reading Textbooks2007/03/29
    Here are some tips for reading textbooks. It is a four step process: Surveying the chapter and prepare for learning more. To survey a chapter, read the title, introduction, headings, and the summary or conclusion. You need to have questions in your mind as you read. Questions give you a purpose for reading and help […]
  9. Take Better Notes2007/03/23
    Today Dave discusses some techniques to make sure your notes are a tool you can use to boost your test scores. Music 2:47 Michael Muklow -Loves Way – Buy CD 7:20 Lee Maddeford – Memories 10:13 Mark Heimonen – Melancholy 14:19 Mattijis Hollemans – Before We Sleep 17:30 Cello Journey – Elegy 23:43 Jordan Yaruss […]
  10. Remember to Breathe When Taking Tests2007/03/13
    In this episode I talk about Test Anxiety today, and some steps to overcome it. The key is to NOT panic, trust yourself, and look for triggers. The key to helping your brain is to RELAX. MUSIC 03:06 Paul J. Garay – Downtempo demo 04:34 Denis Kitchen – MyFriend 06:30 Adhesion-Chopin is dead 12:27 Carlos […]
Quiet Study Area
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