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UHMS Podcast!

  1. New School2009/06/14

    Daniel Mitchell and Søren Hough review the new school- the ups, the downs, and all the rest of it.

    Chock full of information!

    Link to the new school webcam:

  2. Movie Fail with Tim and Soren- Watchmen2009/04/07

    Our second Movie Fail review of the movie Watchmen, directed by Zack Snyder and starring Malin Akerman, Billy Crudup, Matthew Goode.

    Stay tuned for our next episode!
  3. Movie Fail with Tim and Søren2009/01/31

    Tim Nicholson and Søren Hough do the first of many movie reviews, in a piece entitled Movie Fail with Tim and Søren.

    At the end, we summarize the movie with the overall performance and presentation of the director, actors, story, and film in general.
  4. Introduction Podcast '07-'082008/01/17

    We're starting off the new year a little late but here it is for one and all... the most awesome podcast only to be bettered by future UHMS podcasts!
  5. Miles's Issues2007/05/25

    Miles has... issues. This is his time to vent in front of a LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE... Orville quips in, too.
  6. Introductory Podcast2007/05/20

    Introduction of everyone at our podcast club, except for Chad.

    Sorry Chad.
  7. Four... No, FIVE Way Podcast!2007/05/18

    We have a five-way podcast, first podcast ever from the Podcast Club at UHS.
  8. Joshua's Obvious Hour, Retooled2007/03/16

    Josh... "retools" his podcast.
  9. Soren's Podcast- Going Professional, Part 22007/03/14

    More information and a preview of the next podcast!
  10. Soren's Podcast- Going Professional, Part 12007/03/14

    Lots of info for you!
  11. Soren's Podcast with Claire2007/03/14

    Hi, sorry we haven't posted in a while... just a warning, this podcast does use the word sex (in the butterfly mating sense of the word) and the word cr*ppy, which was too hard to edit out. I think we can handle it though.
  12. Soren's Podcast with Capo, Part 22007/02/26

    I interview my friend Mike Capo as we go in depth about an assortment of topics...
  13. Mana Bar Commercial Interlude2007/02/26

    The commercial we mentioned before
  14. Soren's Podcast with Capo, Part 12007/02/21

    I interview my friend Mike Capo as we go in depth about an assortment of topics, but not before a commercial break.
  15. Joshua's Ummm... Obvious Ummm... Hour2007/02/21
  16. Soren Podcast 22007/02/12
    Hey, I'm really at a loss as to what to say... you can tell.
  17. Soren Podcast 12007/02/12
    Soren's first podcast about... LIZARDS!!
  18. Joshua's Obvious Hour, Part 22007/02/12
    Josh being Josh as he goes in depth in a report on the island of bleuehuhe
  19. Joshua's Obvious Hour, Part 12007/02/12
    This, being Josh's first podcast, is his attempt to podcast properly.
UHMS Podcast!

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