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The Benders

  1. Episode 12006/10/31

    Lars Benders gets things off the ground with a Zen Nano. Discussion revolves around Linux.

  2. Episode 22006/11/06

    Classics time in Carl's world.
    Lars has wwwdotdotdot.
    Headlines with Betty.

  3. Episode 32006/11/13

    Carl's Classics features Hammurabi.
    www... ain't got nothin.
    Headline with Betty Hu-Lu.

  4. Episode 42006/11/30

    Terry Thai offers support for mangled Dell computers.
    Lars and Carl weigh in on Discover Magazine's list of the 25 greatest science books ever.

  5. Episode 52006/12/06

    Terry Thai fixes a Powerbook.
    More searching for kin: Sven, Sor, Ora and Thor
    Headlines are the Sheriff's letter.
    How to publish a podcast.
  6. Episode 62007/01/08

    Coach Lars Benders reflects on the season at the
    2006 Benton Bulldog Football Banquet
  7. Episode 72007/01/08

    Lars and Carl are "unavailable". Brother Sven takes over and tells his life story.
  8. Episode 82007/02/25

    Sound Poetry from Sven Benders
The Benders

The Benders is an audio-cast where Carl and Lars Benders discuss the classics, computers, current events, and concepts. Betty Hu-Lu reads headlines.

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