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Central Study Hour

  1. Matthew 24 and 252018/05/13
    "What is it about obedience to what God tells us to do that strengthens our faith? That is, why is faith without the corresponding works “dead” (James 2:26)?"
  2. The “Change” of the Law2018/05/06
    "God’s law, the Ten Commandments, is still binding, and that law includes the seventh-day Sabbath. Why, then, do so many Christians keep Sunday when there is no biblical justification for it?"
  3. Christ in the Heavenly Sanctuary2018/04/29
    "What is Christ doing for us in the heavenly sanctuary, and why is it so important for us to understand it in the last days especially?"
  4. Salvation and the End Time2018/04/22
    "One fascinating but crucial difference between Christianity and non-Christian religions is that while the others emphasize what their founders have taught them, they do not emphasize what their founders have done for them. And that’s because whatever their founders may have done for them, it cannot save them. All these leaders could do was try to teach the people how to “save” themselves."
  5. Jesus and the Book of Revelation2018/04/15
    "Revelation is all about Jesus, about who He is, about what He has done for His people, and about what He will do for us at the end of time. Of necessity, any focus on last-day events must keep Jesus front and center, exactly what the book of Revelation does."
  6. Daniel and the End Time2018/04/08
    "If we are not faithful now in what is “least,” what makes us think we will be faithful in something as big as the final crisis?"
  7. The Cosmic Controversy2018/04/01
    "The cosmic controversy, sometimes called “the great
    controversy,” is the biblical worldview. It forms the background in which the drama of our world, and even of the universe, unfolds."
  8. The Results of Stewardship2018/03/25
    "How often might we intellectually believe in God and in His love and care for us, and yet worry ourselves sick over something that we are facing?"
  9. The Habits of a Steward2018/03/18
    "Of all the good habits a Christian could have, seeking God first thing every day would have to be the most important one of all."
  10. Debt: A Daily Decision2018/03/11
    "Managing money requires wisdom, budgeting, and discipline."
  11. The Role of Stewardship2018/03/04
    "This week we will look more at the roles that stewardship plays in Christian life. We will do so, though, through an interesting analogy: a chariot wheel."
  12. Offerings of Gratitude2018/02/25
    "Giving generously, whether from means, time, or talent, is a powerful means of living our faith and revealing the character of the God whom we serve."
  13. The Impact of Tithing2018/02/18
    "The greatest blessing tithing teaches us is to trust God (Jeremiah 17:7)."
  14. Honesty With God2018/02/11
    "In this week’s lesson we will study the spiritual concept of honesty through the practice of tithing and see why tithing is vitally important to the steward and stewardship."
  15. The Marks of a Steward2018/02/04
    "We don’t obey to be saved; we obey because we already are saved. Obedience is the practical statement of a moral faith."
  16. Stewards After Eden2018/01/28
    "Why is it so important for us to learn to trust in and believe in spiritual things that we don’t fully understand? In what worldly ways do we do that all the time anyway?"
  17. Escape From the World’s Ways2018/01/21
    "What do you pray for? What do your prayers tell about your priorities? What other things might you need to be praying for?"
  18. God or Mammon?2018/01/14
    "Whether we are rich or poor, how can we make sure we keep the right relationship to the things of this world?"
  19. I See, I Want, I Take2018/01/07
    "It’s hard to imagine anything in the human character that is less reflective of the character of Christ than greed."
  20. The Influence of Materialism2017/12/31
    "Materialism is one of Satan’s weapons of choice against Christians. After all, who doesn’t like money and what money can bring us in the here and now?"
  21. Christian Living2017/12/24
    "What kind of example do you present? Would you feel comfortable with having others, particularly young people or new believers, following your example in all areas? What does your answer say about you?"
  22. Overcoming Evil with Good2017/12/17
    "If you knew for certain that Jesus was coming next month, what would you change in your life, and why? If you believe you need to change these things a month before Jesus comes, why shouldn’t you change them now? What is the difference?"
  23. The Elect2017/12/10
    This week’s lesson covers Romans 10 and 11. These two chapters have been and remain the focal point of much discussion. One point, however, comes clear through them all, and that is God’s love for humanity and His great desire to see all humanity saved.
  24. Children of the Promise2017/12/03
    "How can knowing what God’s character is like help us to stay faithful amid trials that seem so unjustified and so unfair?"
  25. No Condemnation2017/11/26
    "Dwell on this idea that the Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from death, is the same one dwelling in us if we allow Him to. Think about the power that is there for us! What keeps us from availing ourselves of it as we should?"
Sabbath School Study Hour
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