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Central Study Hour

  1. Spirit-Empowered Witnessing2020/07/26
    'As we witness for Jesus, it is crucial to remember that we are cooperating with the Holy Spirit. He is there before us, preparing hearts to receive the message of the gospel.'
  2. Prayer Power: Interceding for Others2020/07/19
    'When we pray for others, we become a channel of God’s blessing to them. He pours out the river of the water of life from heaven’s throne through us to them. Satan’s whole host trembles at the sound of earnest intercession.'
  3. Seeing People Through Jesus’ Eyes2020/07/12
    'By watching the way Jesus worked with people, we learn how to lead others to a knowledge of salvation through Jesus Christ. He saw each one through the eyes of divine compassion.'
  4. Winsome Witnesses: The Power of Personal Testimony2020/07/05
    'Why is knowing Christ personally so essential to our being able to witness about Him?'
  5. Why Witness?2020/06/28
    'Why witness? When we understand who He is and have experienced the marvels of His grace and the power of His love, we cannot be silent.'
  6. Living by the Word of God2020/06/21
    'The best method of studying the Bible is of no use if we are not determined to live by what we learn from Scripture. What is true for education in general is also true for studying the Bible in particular: you learn best not just by reading or hearing, but by practicing what you know.'
  7. Dealing With Difficult Passages2020/06/14
    'In the Bible are many mysteries that finite human beings find difficult to comprehend and that are too deep for us to explain fully. This is why we need a humble mind, and should be willing to learn prayerfully from Scripture.'
  8. The Bible and Prophecy2020/06/07
    'Prophecy provides an internal and external mechanism to confirm the accuracy of God’s Word.'
  9. The Bible as History2020/05/31
    'The Bible is constituted in history. Biblical history moves in a linear direction from an absolute beginning, when God created all things, to an ultimate goal, when He will restore the earth at His Second Coming.'
  10. Creation: Genesis as Foundation, Pt. 22020/05/24
    'The Bible opens with the most sublime and profound words, words that are simple but that simultaneously contain a measureless depth when carefully studied. In fact, the greatest questions of philosophy regarding who we are, why we are here, and how we got here are answered by the first sentence of the Bible.'
  11. Creation: Genesis as Foundation, Pt. 12020/05/17
    'The first chapters of Genesis are foundational for the rest of Scripture. The major teachings or doctrines of the Bible have their source in these chapters.'
  12. Languages, Text, and Context2020/05/10
    'Some people not only have the Bible translated into their native language but even have various versions of it in their own language. Others might have only one version, if even that. But regardless of what you have, the key point is to cherish it as the Word of God and, most important, to obey what it teaches.'
  13. Why Is Interpretation Needed?2020/05/03
    'If we approach and interpret the Bible wrongly, we will likely come to false conclusions, not just in the understanding of salvation but in everything else that the Bible teaches.'
  14. By Scripture Alone - Sola Scriptura2020/04/26
    'This week we will look at sola Scriptura in greater detail. We will learn that sola Scriptura implies some fundamental principles of biblical interpretation that are indispensable for a proper understanding of God’s Word.'
  15. The Bible - The Authoritative Source of Our Theology2020/04/19
    'How do we distinguish between the Word of God and human tradition? Why is it so important that we make this distinction?'
  16. Jesus and the Apostles’ View of the Bible2020/04/12
    'Jesus taught His disciples obedience to the Word of God and the law. There is never a hint of Him doubting the authority or relevance of Scripture. On the contrary, He constantly referred to it as the source of divine authority. '
  17. The Origin and Nature of the Bible2020/04/05
    'This week we will look at some foundational aspects of the origin and nature of the Bible that should impact our interpretation and understanding of it.'
  18. The Uniqueness of the Bible2020/03/29
    'So many different writers, in so many different contexts, and yet the same God is revealed by them all. How does this amazing truth help confirm for us the veracity of God’s Word?'
  19. From Dust to Stars2020/03/22
    'Amid the pains and struggle of life, how can we draw hope and comfort from the promise of the resurrection at the end? Why, in a very real sense, does almost nothing else matter?'
  20. From North and South to the Beautiful Land2020/03/15
    'How can we draw comfort from knowing that, in the end, God and His people will be victorious?'
  21. From Battle to Victory2020/03/08
    'How often do you think about just how closely tied heaven and earth are? How might you live differently if you always kept this truth alive in your heart and mind?'
  22. From Confession to Consolation2020/03/01
    'Christ’s sacrifice in our behalf is our only hope. How should this help keep us humble and, even more important, make us more loving and forgiving of others?'
  23. From Contamination to Purification2020/02/23
    'What should this study tell us about how precious and important the knowledge of biblical truth really is in contrast to human traditions?'
  24. From the Stormy Sea to the Clouds of Heaven2020/02/16
    'With the coming of the Son of Man, God’s dominion is restored to those to whom it properly belongs. What Adam lost in the garden, the Son of Man recovers in the heavenly judgment.'
  25. From the Lions’ Den to the Angel’s Den2020/02/09
    'What kind of witness do we present to others in regard to our faithfulness to God and to His law? Would people who know you think that you would stand for your faith, even if it cost you your job, or even your life?'
Sabbath School Study Hour
You’ll get fresh and in-depth biblical insight from our popular Bible school program in time for your weekly quarterly lessons! Get into the Bible and grow in your faith.

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