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APM: Future Tense

  1. 10/13/2017: Tracking weather from space to Earth to your smartphone2017/10/13
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  2. S02-7: Technology Crossing Borders2016/12/27
    The gadget that saved a refugee in the middle of the Aegean Sea, how an agent uses technology to patrol the U.S. border with Mexico, and how a journalist in exile broadcasts the news with WhatsApp. Listen, decode, and decide: Can technology crossing borders save us?
  3. S02-6: Encryption2016/12/21
    How encryption hides all around us, how it was used in 18th century Paris to separate merchants from their money and the difference between your brain and your fingertip. Listen, decode, and decide: Can encryption save us? Stay updated on all things Codebreaker.
  4. S02-5: World Building2016/12/14
    A proposal to bioengineer shorter humans with cat eyes, a decades-old idea for a totally new kind of power, a battery made from trash and Bill Nye the Science Guy tries to get us in gear. Listen, decode, and decide: Can world-building save us? Stay updated on all things Codebreaker.
  5. S02-4: Watching2016/12/07
    A small city known for its Amish population and surveillance cameras, an old lady in Northern Ireland who watches video feeds in Brazil and getting footage from the fin of a shark. Listen, decode, and decide: Can watching save us? Stay updated on all things Codebreaker.
  6. S02-3: The Augmented Self2016/11/30
    The man who collected too much data, cyborgs who want to make their body-hardware mainstream, robots that rebuild your hairline and a conversation with Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge aka LeVar Burton. Listen, decode, and decide: Can the augmented self save us? Stay updated on all things Codebreaker.
  7. S02-2: Alternate Reality2016/11/23
    A therapist who creates virtual reality experiences for people with dangerous disorders, a grandmother who uses a headset to escape her surroundings and Ernest Cline on virtual reality in fact and fiction. Listen, decode, and decide: Can alternate realities save us? Stay updated on all things Codebreaker.
  8. S02-1: Recognition2016/11/16
    A toddler who saved her mother's life with Siri, a man whose mysterious ailment opened up a world of voice recognition technology and a dating service that wants to scan the faces of all your exes. Listen, decode, and decide: Can recognition software save us?Stay updated on all things Codebreaker.
  9. 10/12/2017: A computer science "genius" on why we haven't fixed cybersecurity2017/10/12
    From data breaches to global cyberwarfare, it’s clear cybersecurity isn’t really working. And not even a newly minted MacArthur fellow can tell us why. What he can tell us: Advice like creating long, complicated passwords might not make a big difference in the end. Marketplace Tech’s Molly Wood talks with Stefan Savage about what we can do to make cybersecurity better.
  10. 10/11/2017: Someday we'll be superintelligent. How do we get there?2017/10/11
    Machines are getting stronger and smarter. They may soon be our competitors and colleagues in the workforce. What would happen if we used them to enhance our own brains? Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood talks with Nick Bostrom, director of the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford, about what would happen if artificial and human intelligence met.
  11. 10/10/2017: Re-evaluating the economics of tech2017/10/10
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  12. 10/09/2017: What LinkedIn can tell us about the economy that the government can't2017/10/09
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  13. 10/06/2017: Social media and the fight against fake news2017/10/06
    After this week’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, both Google and Facebook promoted false news stories about the massacre. Both platforms took down the stories, but not before they were widely shared. Today on Marketplace Tech, we look at how fake news is promoted and why algorithms might not be enough to stop it.
  14. 10/05/2017: Have an old Yahoo account? You've been hacked.2017/10/05
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  15. 10/04/2017: What if everyone knew how to code?2017/10/04
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  16. 10/03/2017: Congress considers preparing for wars in space2017/10/03
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  17. 10/02/2017: One startup's alternative to credit card debt2017/10/02
    Almost 40 percent of American households have some kind of credit card debt. A startup called Affirm wants to provide an alternative. It partners with stores to offer loans for when you make a big purchase, like a mattress or a bike. Affirm was started by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin. Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood talks with him about the project and his own early borrowing mistakes.
  18. 09/29/2017: Our love-hate relationship with Big Tech2017/09/29
    Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple are four of tech’s most powerful brands. But have they become too powerful? And is regulation the only way to stop them? Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood talks with Scott Galloway, a marketing professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business, about how these companies grew to global dominance and our love-hate relationship with them.
  19. 09/28/2017: How Amazon cuts into hair salons' profits2017/09/28
    By now we are all very aware of the Amazon effect: how Amazon is changing the retail industry. But it’s reaching businesses you may not expect. One is high-end hair salons, which used to make big profits from selling products like luxury shampoo and styling sprays. Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood looks into how online sellers have cut into the business of hair.
  20. 09/27/2017: Why language matters in closing the diversity gap2017/09/27
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  21. 09/26/2017: How space tech makes its way down to Earth2017/09/26
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  22. 09/25/2017: The ethical choices facing Facebook2017/09/25
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  23. 09/22/2017: Explaining the risky and unregulated world of initial coin offerings2017/09/22
    There are whole new systems of money being traded in the digital world. Companies can create their own cryptocurrency and sell it to the public in an initial coin offering. But these offerings are unregulated and risky. Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood talks to Kevin Werbach from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School about how initial coin offerings work.
  24. 09/21/17: After the cart is full: What it's like to work in e-retail2017/09/21
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  25. 09/20/2017: Is it too late for data regulation?2017/09/20
    Some 143 million people had their personal information stolen in the Equifax data breach. And that has a lot of us asking: How did we get here? Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood talks to Nancy Kim, who teaches internet studies at California Western School of Law, about why regulating data collection is so hard. And we hear from a few New Yorkers about their data security worries — or lack of them.
  26. 09/19/2017: How getting paid in stock may have changed the housing market2017/09/19
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  27. 09/18/2017: Asteroid mining and the economics of outer space2017/09/18
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  28. 09/15/2017: AI could make full-time work a thing of the past2017/09/15
    As machine learning becomes more prevalent, the conversation about robots taking our jobs gets more intense. Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood talks to Roy Bahat, head of Bloomberg Beta, which has been studying technology’s effect on the future of work. He said, robots or not, jobs are changing, and we should shift company culture and benefits along with them.
  29. 09/14/2017: Bringing food stamps into the digital age2017/09/14
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  30. 09/13/2017: How has the iPhone changed the way we do business?2017/09/13
    The iPhone debuted in 2007, and this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced three new ones: iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X. Smartphones have changed how we watch TV, bank and communicate. Almost every industry has been impacted by this technology. Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood looks at the companies that won and lost the mobile revolution.
Marketplace Tech with Molly Wood
Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood helps listeners understand the business behind the technology that's rewiring our lives. From how tech is changing the nature of work to the unknowns of venture capital to the economics of outer space, this weekday show breaks ideas, telling the stories of modern life through our digital economy. Marketplace Tech is part of the Marketplace portfolio of public radio programs broadcasting nationwide, which additionally includes Marketplace, Marketplace Morning Report and Marketplace Weekend. Listen every weekday on-air or online anytime at marketplace.org. From American Public Media. Twitter: @MarketplaceTech

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