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GoonBlog: The Podcast

  1. GoonBlog: The Podcast - Episode #52008/10/19
    September 28th, 2008 found the GoonSquad breathing heavily into a microphone in the thriving metropolis of West Acton Massachusetts. Frequent site contributor Killer joins the podcast for the first time and other highlights include train whistle sound effects, Zamboni music, Bruins-related bantering and Chinese arithmetic. It's been a long time, but we're definitely back. For what that's worth.
  2. GoonBlog: The Podcast - Episode #42007/02/13

    February 10th, 2007 was a sunny Saturday in Boston - until the fetid, odorous cloud that is the GoonSquad turned on a microphone and ruined everything. Highlights from Podcast #4 include guest appearances from Brandy and the infamous MOL, echoes of Tilsonburg, Colton Orr’s first goal and the worst attempted catchphrase in human history.
  3. GoonBlog: The Podcast - Episode #32007/01/21

    Recorded January 19th 2007 in the North End of Boston Ma, the third podcast in the series features discussion about Sidney Crosby, the Washington Capitols, MySpace, our brand new hockey tshirts and a deluge of silly audio clips thrown in for funny measure.
  4. GoonBlog: The Podcast - Episode #22006/10/18

    The second episode of our acclaimed new hockey podcast was recorded before the Lowell Devils home game on Saturday October 14th, 2006. Topics covered include the Bruins and Hurricanes mediocre starts, the Battle of Alberta and scooters.
  5. GoonBlog: The Podcast. Episode #12006/10/02

    Chris and Dave make their auspicious podcasting debut in September 2006. Accompanied by SlapShot clips, reasonably comprehensible commentary, many cans of Budweiser and a few tasteless jokes, The first GoonBlog: The Podcast set the stage for future sporadic audio fun times.
GoonBlog: The Podcast
Two hockey fans who think they're funny impose themselves on the general public.

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