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Teach and Retire Rich

  1. Episode 1: Introduction2015/06/17
  2. Episode 2: Teacher Pensions2015/06/24
  3. Episode 3: The 403(b) Plan (part 1)2015/07/02
  4. Episode 4: The 403(b) Plan (part 2)2015/07/09
  5. Episode 5: Dealing with a bad 403(b) plan2015/07/23
  6. Episode 6: Teacher Joe Minnuto describes his bad 403(b) choices2015/08/06
  7. Episode 7: Teacher Joe Minnuto Returns2015/08/19
  8. Episode 8: Steve Schullo: 403(b) Warrior2015/09/02
  9. Episode 9: Market Volatility; Podcast Critique2015/09/10
  10. Episode 10: Financial Challenges of Same Sex Couples2015/09/23
  11. Episode 11: Mark Luckinbill of Aspire Financial Services2015/10/07
  12. Episode 12: Dave Grant, CFP, The Finance for Teachers Network2015/10/21
  13. Episode 13: Scott Senseney of Fidelity Investments2015/11/04
  14. Episode 14: Ken Ford of Warick Valley Financial Advisors2015/11/19
  15. Episode 15: Sheryl Garrett, CFP, owner of the Garrett Planning Network2015/12/03
  16. Episode 16: Economic and Financial Literacy at Amy Biehl Charter High School2015/12/16
  17. Episode 17: Looking Back Looking Forward2016/01/04
  18. Episode 18: Ed Mills a.k.a. The Millionaire Educator2016/01/14
  19. Episode 19: The College Solution (pt. 1)2016/01/27
  20. Episode 20: The College Solution (pt. 2)2016/01/27
  21. Episode 21: Good Annuity. Bad Annuity.2016/02/11
  22. Episode 22: Working with an Advisor2016/02/25
  23. Episode 23: How Advisors Can Serve the K-12 Market2016/03/09
  24. Episode 24: One Union That Does the 403(b) Right2016/03/24
  25. Episode 25: Loss2016/04/07
  26. Episode 26: NTSA NEA Non Sense; New Look for 403(b)wise2016/04/21
  27. Episode 27: Dan's Daughter Chooses a College2016/05/05
  28. Episode 28: Moving to a Single Vendor2016/05/19
Teach and Retire Rich
Teacher Dan Otter, Ph.D. and Certified Financial Planner Scott Dauenhauer discuss teacher retirement savings issues over a couple of micro beers. Never too serious, Dan and Scott strive to make learning about pensions, the 403(b), the 457(b), and investing, fun and understandable. Look for our podcast in the Podcasts app or in the iTunes Store.

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