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Darren Main's Podcast

  1. Gay Men Finding Intimacy with Finn Deerhart2019/05/24
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  2. Yoga and Islam2019/03/07
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  3. Holistic Fitness with Zach Taylor2019/01/01

    Getting and staying in shape can be hard. In this episode, personal trainer, Zach Taylor talks abound a more holistic approach to resistance training that can complement practices like yoga.

    Contact Zach

    Zach on Instagram
    Zach at Fitness SF
  4. A conversation with Mariko Hirakawa2018/04/30
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  5. The Wall of Song2018/01/23
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  6. Exploring Feng Shui with Mark Ainley2017/09/28

    Mark Ainley is a Contemporary Feng Shui Consultant with a unique sensibility. In this episode Mark talks about the powerful impact one's surroundings can have on the body, mind and spirit.

    Mark's Website

  7. All Our Waves are Water with Jaimal Yogis2017/06/15
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  8. FREE Sample: Inner Tranquility: A Guide to Seated Meditation 2017/06/15

    Enjoy a free sample of Darren Main's audiobook, Inner Tranquility: A Guide to Seated Meditation read by actor Jesse Dornan.

    Like the book? Download the whole things on Amazon or Audible

  9. Dropping the Struggle with Roger Housden2017/06/09
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  10. The National Youth Orchestra of Iraq with Paul MacAlindin2017/06/02
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  11. FREE Sample: Spiritual Journeys along the Yellow Brick Road Audiobook2017/05/29
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  12. Healing Trauma Triggers with Lisa Danylchuk2017/05/26
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  13. Bonus: Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic Audiobook2017/05/19

    A free sample of Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic by Darren Main. If you enjoy this sample please feel welcome to get the full version at Amazon , Audible or iTunes

  14. Yoga Body and Mind Handbook with Jasmine Tarkeshi2017/05/19

    Co-Founder of Laughing Lotus Yoga J talks about her amazing journey from New York to San Francisco to motherhood and her new book, Yoga Body and Mind Handbook


    Laughing Lotus Website

    PURCHASE Yoga Body and Mind Handbook

  15. The Teacher Appears with Brian Leaf2017/04/06

    Renown yoga teacher Brian Leaf is best known for his sharp wit and deep insights into the practical aspect of yoga. In this episode he talks about his latest book The Teacher Appears: 108 Prompts to Power Your Yoga Practice.

    Brian’s Website

    Purchase The Teacher Appears

  16. Living in Blue Sky Mind with Richard Diedrichs2017/02/10

    Like clouds that can hide the blue sky, passing thoughts and emotions can obscure the deep serenity and stillness of the mind. In this episode Zen Priest, Richard Diedrichs, talks about mindfulness and meditation and his inspiring new book, Living in Blue Sky Mind .


    Richard’s Website

    PURCHASE: Living in Blue Sky Mind
  17. Rebel Livin’ with Kimberly Roberts2017/01/20
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  18. Breaking Rules with Jake Heilbrunn2017/01/07
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  19. Exploring Biocentrism with Bob Berman2016/12/24
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  20. You Are the One with Kute Blackson2016/11/25
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  21. Master Your Mind, Master Your Life with Giovanni Dienstmann2016/11/13

    Meditation can feel like an overwhelming practice, but with the right guidance, anyone can learn to master the mind. In this episode Giovanni Dienstmann talks about his own experiences learning to meditate and shares some tips for creating a regular and satisfying home practice.


    Giovanni’s Website
  22. The Enneagram with Karl Hebenstreit2016/11/04
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  23. MindTravel with Murray Hidary2016/10/21

    MindTravel, a musical experience created by Murray Hidary, is both transporting and expansive and has moved audiences worldwide. MindTravel , which started as a personal practice for Murray many years ago brings both music and visual art together to take people on a powerful journey. A journey that is at once provocative and reflective, healing and transcending.

    Learn More

  24. Yoga Marketing with Crystal Higgins 2016/09/16
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  25. Chinese Medicine with Timothy Asher2016/08/05

    Traditional Chinese medicine has earned the respect of many Western scientists and doctors, but it is often misunderstood. In this episode, Acupuncturist, Timothy Asher talks about this ancient system of healing and sheds light on its effectiveness in treating a number of common conditions.


    Timothy Asher's Website
  26. Parenting a Transgender Child2016/07/29
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  27. The Raging Skillet with Chef Rossi2016/07/23
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  28. "The Yoga of Max's Discontent" with Karan Bajaj2016/07/08

    New York Times best selling author Karan Bajaj talks about his new novel, The Yoga of Max's Discontent . Karan takes the reader on a vivid journey to India to unlock many of the ancient mysteries hidden in plain sight.


    Purchase The Yoga of Max's Discontent

    Karan's website

  29. Understanding Autism with Lance King2016/06/17
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  30. Dating Success for Men with Jeremi McManus2016/06/02
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  31. The End of Self Help with Gail Brenner2016/05/26
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  32. Autobiography of a Naked Yogi 2016/05/26
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  33. The Work of Byron Katie with Bryan Wagner2015/12/23
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  34. Understanding Yoga Alliance with Andrew Tanner2015/12/04
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  35. BodyTalk with Greg Wieting2015/11/06

    The BodyTalk System is a non-invasive healthcare system which supports the body allowing its many parts and systems to communicate more fully and work harmoniously.

    In this interview Greg Wieting talks about his own healing journey and the amazing results he has witnessed in his clients.


    Greg's Website
    Find a Body Talk Therapist
  36. Panel Discussion: Pujya Swamiji , Bishop Andrus & Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati2015/08/13
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  37. Life In Bite-Sized Morsels with Kyczy Hawk2015/07/03
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  38. Gay Men and The New Way Forward with Raymond Rigoglioso 2015/06/26
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  39. Mysticism & A Course in Miracles with David Hoffmeister2015/06/19
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  40. Reflections of a Birth Mother with Kimberly Smythe2015/06/12
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  41. Buddhist Boot Camp with Timber Hawkeye2015/05/29
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  42. A Conversation with Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati2015/05/18
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  43. The Nepal Earthquake with Eric Roache2015/05/08
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  44. Yoga at Base Camp with Blake 'True' Jung2015/04/17
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  45. A Life of Service and Devotion with Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati2015/04/10
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  46. Imagery, Design and the Yoga Sutras with Gary Kissiah2015/03/27
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  47. A World of Peace in Song with Cantor Rita Glassman2015/03/20
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  48. Goethe and Energy Medicine with Bruce Dickson2015/03/13
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  49. Yoga & Shamanism with CJ Ananda 2015/03/06
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  50. Yoga Teacher Sexual Abuse with Darcy Lyon2015/02/27
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  51. The Vaccine Debate2015/02/06
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  52. Yoga on the Labyrinth • 2014 Holiday Practice2015/01/02
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  53. The Natural Force of Awakening with Jon Bernie2014/10/31
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  54. Two Lifestyles, One Lifetime with Les Leventhal2014/10/09
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  55. The National Fitness Campaign with Mitch Menaged2014/10/03
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  56. Love Cycles with Linda Carroll2014/09/26
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  57. First Intelligence with Simone Wright 2014/09/12
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  58. The Future of Christianity with Bishop Marc Andrus2014/08/15
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  59. Misadventures of a Parenting Yogi with Brian Leaf2014/07/25
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  60. The Music of Amber Field2014/07/21
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  61. The Music of Gabriel Gold2014/07/11
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  62. Chanting with Ryan Brewer2014/07/04
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  63. The Cosmic Mass with Matthew Fox2014/06/26
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  64. Ayurveda Basics with Deacon Carpenter2014/06/21
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  65. The Jesuit Yogi with Robert Karle2013/08/29
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  66. Yoga and the 12-Step Path with Kyczy Hawk2013/08/05
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  67. The Jericho Deception with Jeffrey Small2013/07/19
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  68. Creating Time with Marney Makridakis2013/06/27
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  69. Crafting a Spiritual practice with Maggie Oman Shannon2013/06/10
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  70. Craniosacral Therapy with Jennifer Blackstock2013/05/25
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  71. Alignment & Flow with Jason Bowman2013/05/12
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  72. The Art of Teaching Yoga with Mark Stephens2013/04/27

    Darren Main interviews Author and yoga teacher Mark Stephens about his book "Teaching Yoga". Mark Stephens is based in Santa Cruz.

    More info can be found on his website


    Mark's Website

    Mark's Books:

    Teaching Yoga: Essential Foundations and Techniques

    Yoga Sequencing: Designing Transformative Yoga Classes
  73. Floatation2013/01/24
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  74. Kriyananda Q&A Session2012/10/08
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  75. Swami Kriyananda Part 12012/09/18
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  76. Mother Miracle Interview 22012/07/28
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  77. Chair Yoga with Stacie-Saraswati Dooreck 2012/05/19
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  78. SFO Yoga Room2012/05/05
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  79. Cleanse Programs2012/01/10
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  80. Healing From Sexual Assault2011/11/19
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  81. Outrageous Openness with Tosha Silver2011/11/04
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  82. The Psychology of Becoming a Teacher2011/10/07
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  83. Recovery and Food Addiction2011/09/30
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  84. Adopting a Foster Child2011/09/21
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  85. Nina Here Nor There by Nick Krieger2011/06/06
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  86. Yoga Nidra with Amrit Desai2011/05/25
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  87. Restorative Yoga with Judith Hanson Lasater2011/05/08
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  88. Bumi Sehat with Les Leventhal2011/04/24
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  89. Mastering Creative Anxiety with Eric Maisel2011/04/16
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  90. Dan Millman2011/04/08
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  91. The Music of Sam Jackson2011/04/01
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  92. Breath of God by Jeffrey Small2011/03/25
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  93. Life Lessons Love Lessons with Kamini Desai2011/03/20
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  94. The Guru Relationship with Amrit Desai2011/03/11
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  95. Pranayama App with Nagabhushanam Peddi2011/03/04
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  96. The Tunnel Singer2011/02/25
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  97. Relationships as a Spiritual Path2011/02/18
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  98. Lana Mir2011/02/11
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  99. Yogi Amrit Desai at Grace Cathedral - San Francisco2011/02/10
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  100. Colon Hydrotherapy with Shayla Mihaly2011/02/04
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  101. Karma Yoga with Kerri Kelly2011/01/28
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  102. The Love Letter Squad2011/01/14
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  103. The Business of Healing with Matthew Sloane2010/11/19
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  104. Healing Back Pain with Harvey Deutsch2010/11/12
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  105. Mindful Grieving with Ken Breniman2010/11/07
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  106. Sex, Sin and Zen with Brad Warner2010/10/23
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  107. Out of the Ashes with Karl Erb2010/09/27
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  108. East West Psychology2010/09/15
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  109. Yoga for MS2010/08/02
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  110. Yoga for Hope2010/07/18
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  111. Creation Myths from Around the World2010/06/26
  112. Finding Vegetarian Restaurants2010/06/10
  113. Mindful Weight Loss with Wanda Pierce2010/06/02
  114. Ex-Gay, No Way2010/05/11
  115. The Theology of Martin Luther King2010/04/15
  116. Exploring the YogaBody with Judith Hanson Lasater2010/02/12
  117. Jonathan Wolf: Dragon Flutes Rising2010/01/30
  118. East-West Spirituality with Jeffrey Small2010/01/15
  119. Yoga and Myofascial Release2010/01/01
  120. Nonviolent Communication with Judith Hanson Lasater2009/12/18
  121. Indian Marriages and Women’s Rights2009/12/04
  122. Quantum Martial Arts2009/10/16
  123. Stories from Katrina2009/09/21
  124. Transference and the Healing Profession2009/09/04
  125. The Mother Miracle School2009/08/21
  126. Buddhism & The Twelve Steps2009/08/07
  127. Robert Perry, author of "SIGNS"2009/07/24
  128. Finding Opportunity in Crisis2009/07/10
  129. Yanni Voices: Chloe & Nathan2009/06/26
  130. Recovering from Fundamentalism2009/06/07
  131. David Plotz: Author of 'Good Book'2009/05/05
  132. Enlighten Up: The Movie2009/04/23
  133. Healing Trauma with Yoga2009/03/31
  134. John Friend & Anusara Yoga- Part 22009/03/20
  135. John Friend & Anusara Yoga- Part 12009/03/06
  136. The Music of Joshua Bell2009/02/20
  137. "The Night Before" Interview2009/02/19
  138. Matt Miller and the Tyranny of Dead Ideas2009/02/06
  139. The Music of Joshua Radin2009/01/23
  140. Queer Ear Radio Interview2009/01/19
  141. Debating Shirley Phelps2009/01/08
  142. Family Yoga2009/01/02
  143. The Physics of Spirituality- Part 22008/12/12
  144. The Physics of Spirituality- Part 12008/11/28
  145. Darren's Interview on Hip Tranquil Chick2008/11/17
  146. Sexual Abuse & Recovery with Yoga2008/11/14
  147. Deep Roots & Juicy Fruit2008/10/31
  148. Conscious Dying2008/10/17
  149. The Death Row Support Project2008/10/07
  150. Native American Spirituality and the Environment2008/07/04
  151. Healing from Ex-Gay 'Therapy'2008/06/03
  152. Heart & Minds: Talking to Christians about Homosexuality2008/05/15
  153. The Findhorn Book of Meditation2008/05/07
  154. Spiritual Journeys along the Yellow Brick Road2008/04/28
  155. The Music of Miriam Zernis2008/04/22
  156. Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic2008/04/19
  157. The Prodigal Yogi-Part 22008/03/31
  158. The Prodigal Yogi-Part 12008/03/22
  159. Tantra, Kundalini and Yoga2008/03/03
  160. Intro to Sanskrit with Chris Tompkins2008/02/14
  161. Yoga for Pregnancy- part 22007/12/28
  162. Yoga for Pregnancy- part 12007/12/21
  163. Yoga & The Twelve Steps2007/12/15
  164. Anodea Judith and the Seven Chakras2007/11/01
  165. Quantum Life Changes2007/10/05
  166. Integrative Medicine, Meditation & HIV2007/09/28
  167. The Rishikesh School2007/09/07
  168. Understanding 'A Course in Miracles' Part Three2007/09/02
  169. Understanding 'A Course in Miracles' Part Two2007/08/24
  170. Understanding 'A Course in Miracles' Part One2007/08/01
  171. Cancer and Integrative Medicine2007/07/14
  172. Reflections of a Former Buddhist Monk2007/06/07
  173. Chanting with Wade Imre Morissette2007/05/22
  174. The Energy Anatomy- Part 22007/05/02
  175. The Music and Yoga of Michael Franti2007/03/29
  176. Transgender Issues2007/03/11
  177. Homosexuality and the Bible2007/01/29
  178. The Energy Anatomy- Part 12007/01/19
  179. The Music of Brett Dennen2007/01/12
  180. The Silly String Mom2007/01/05
  181. Joel Kramer & The Evolution of Yoga2006/12/29
  182. The Music of Shantala2006/12/21
  183. The Music of Shantala2006/12/21
  184. God and Gays Documentary2006/12/08
  185. Meditation in Nature2006/12/02
  186. Loose Change2006/11/24
  187. Meditation & Hatha Yoga2006/11/16
  188. The AIDS Trial2006/11/09
  189. Understanding 'Jesus Camp' -part 12006/11/01
  190. Understanding 'Jesus Camp' -part 22006/11/01
  191. Christianity & Gays Part 2 (Interview)2006/10/31
  192. Christianity & Gays Part 1 (Interview)2006/10/27
  193. The Hip Tranquil Chick2006/10/26
  194. Pranic Breathing2006/10/18
  195. GuruGanesha2006/10/11
  196. Aaron Star2006/09/18
  197. Naked Yoga and Body Image (radio interview)2006/08/28
  198. Building Your Emerald City2006/08/15
  199. Jason & deMarco2006/08/12
  200. Indian Spirituality2006/08/02
  201. The Un-American Singer2006/07/17
  202. Healing New Orleans with Yoga2006/06/21
  203. Yoga Peeps Interview2006/06/07
  204. Understanding Islam2006/04/26
  205. Yoga At Large2006/04/13
  206. Understanding the Bhagavad Gita2006/04/02
  207. Understanding Yoga Philosophy2006/03/05
  208. The Life and Death of Eliza Jane2006/02/15
  209. Questioning AIDS2006/02/15
  210. Yoga, Healing and Chronic Pain2006/01/04
  211. Learning to Listen2005/12/16
  212. Yoga and Pilates2005/12/03
  213. Yoga and Buddhism2005/11/28
  214. Breast Cancer & Yoga2005/11/21
  215. Spiritual Rebirth: Turning Tragedy into Triumph2005/10/15
  216. Dharma: The Gift of Self2005/10/15
  217. Relationships as a Spiritual Path2005/10/15
  218. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva: The Divine Waltz2005/10/15
  219. Living as An Urban Mystic2005/10/07
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