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  1. Jell-O and feminism, ‘Losing Earth,’ vertical farming2018/09/01
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  2. Thai food, from Bangkok to SoCal2018/08/25
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  3. The Great Tortilla Tournament, nixtamalization, and Guerrilla Tacos2018/08/18

    Let’s talk tortillas! Gustavo Arellano announces KCRW’s first-ever Great Tortilla Tournament, to choose the best tortilla in LA out of a bracket of 64. Bill Esparza talks tortilla makers in the L.A. area. And did you know that inside your tortilla is an ancient process, perfected over centuries? Also, L.A. Taco’s Daniel Hernandez recalls a Guadalajara taco crawl with Jonathan Gold.
  4. Joël Robuchon, restaurant lines, and Jonathan Gold on N.W.A.2018/08/11
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  5. Omega-3s, 'Downtime' with the Redzepis, and zucchini ice cream2018/08/04

    Paul Greenberg discusses what the Omega-3 boom means for our planet and lives. Nadine Redzepi talks about cooking for culinary giants like her husband Rene Redzepi in ‘Downtime.’ Crafting a menu takes more than exceptional produce, says writer Diana Henry. Also, a tour and history of LA’s pan dulce scene. Plus: ‘City of Gold’ director remembers Jonathan Gold’s 1992 piece on the LA riots.
  6. Remembering Jonathan Gold (1960-2018)2018/07/28
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  7. BONUS: Classic Jonathan Gold on KCRW2018/07/27

    In this bonus episode, we're resharing some of the late Jonathan Gold's classic segments on KCRW from over the past 20 years. These conversations had a tremendous impact on LA’s dining scene, helping Angelenos to get out of their silos to explore new neighborhoods and cuisines.
  8. 'Pasta, Pane, Vino,' Jordan Kahn, and grilled cheese2018/07/21
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  9. Eddie Huang, Pixar's 'Bao,' and eating like Walt Disney2018/07/14

    Food personality Eddie Huang announces a new show at the intersection of immigration and food culture. Likewise, Pixar’s latest short depicts the power of food in an immigrant home. A new book details how to eat like Walt Disney. Instead of produce, we’re talking heritage pork at the farmers market. Plus: rethinking tapas, and DineLA hits ten years.
  10. LA's burger scene, the Berkeley Bowl, and 'New Rules' of wine2018/07/07
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  11. 'Repertoire,' Nancy Singleton Hachisu, and shishito peppers2018/06/30
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  12. Remembering Anthony Bourdain2018/06/23
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  13. The Water Show2018/06/16
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  14. Mark Bittman on grilling, the business of beef, and historic Filipinotown2018/06/09
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  15. Nigella Lawson, peaches, and reimagining Jewish food at Freedman's2018/06/02
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  16. Ramadan's culinary traditions, what's next for the Farm Bill, and avocados2018/05/26

    Congress failed to pass the Farm Bill last week. What tanked the legislation? London author Anissa Helou discusses some foods traditionally eaten after sundown during Ramadan, in addition to other foods of the Islamic world. And how is one of LA’s best chefs secretly running a clothing line? Plus, Jonathan Gold returns from Japan with a deepened respect for chef Yoshihiro Narisawa.
  17. Massimo Bottura's purpose, 'Autentico,' and the struggle to eliminate tipping2018/05/19

    What makes a meal authentic? Rolando Beramendi thinks it’s about capturing the culture by using imported ingredients. The use of an old recipe can also connect immigrant cooks with their families’ food traditions. Chef Massimo Bottura has a plan to reclaim unwanted food—and along with it, people’s dignity. Also, Jonathan Gold enjoys the vibrancy of El Coraloense’s aguachile .
  18. Fuchsia Dunlop's LA trip, 'Chinese Soul Food,' Tucson's foodways2018/05/12

    Our annual pie contest went off without a hitch! Now, meet the winners. Tired of all the sweet stuff? We’ll dig into LA’s Sichuan food scene with Fuchsia Dunlop and also with Jonathan Gold during his update on the LA Times Food Bowl. Hsiao-Ching Chou has some tips on cooking Chinese food for the first time. Also, find spring onions at the market this week.
  19. An LA pie crawl, rhubarb, and composting2018/05/05
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  20. Melissa Clark, clay pot rice, and the LA Food Bowl2018/04/28

    New York Times columnist Melissa Clark explains the pressure cooker craze. Culinary scientist Ali Bouzari says cooking boils down to eight essential ingredients. Looking for crispy rice in the San Gabriel Valley? Jonathan Gold has just the place. Gustavo Arellano remembers Latino supermarket maven Doña Teresa Reynoso. Also, a preview of the LA Times Food Bowl.
  21. Booze & Vinyl, Zagat's new owner, and Trap Kitchen2018/04/21
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  22. The rise of the chef, BraveTart, and bento boxes2018/04/14
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  23. Forging knives, lab-grown 'meat,' and iconic food writing2018/04/07
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  24. BONUS: Food Book Fair LA (Pt. 2)2018/04/02

    This is our second and final bonus episode from the Food Book Fair LA that was held in downtown LA from March 2-4, 2018.
  25. David Chang, a 'rogue' restaurant guide, and Noma reopens2018/03/31
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