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  1. Cam Newton, Ego Aside2011/03/03
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  2. Ladies Day2011/02/24
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  3. Shrovetide Football2011/02/17

    With the end of the NFL season comes a collective American depression. Millions of us are football junkies and the withdrawal, post Super Bowl, can be cruel.

  4. Aguilera’s Anthem Flub2011/02/10

    Christina Aguilera’s flubbing of the National Anthem has drawn equal billing to any football news, post Super Bowl. OK, “the twilight’s last ‘reaming’” was perhaps egregious botching, compared to other Anthem gaffes, such as Robert Goulet, before a Muhammed Ali-Sonny Liston fight, singing “by the dawn’s early night”.

  5. Women Love Football2011/01/20

    To paraphrase a feminist concept of male resistance to the growing power of women in our society, it has been said "the stronger women get, the more men love football." This to be interpreted that men love football, revere football, because it's seemingly the last all-male frontier...

  6. Ted Williams: Homeless to Famous2011/01/06
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  7. Bud Greenspan: Artist of Sports2010/12/30
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  8. Hashim Khan Streak2010/12/23
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  9. Philly Fans Rudest2010/12/16
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  10. Monday Nights2010/12/09

    Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and Monday Night Football personality Don Meredith passed away this week. In remembering the likeable Dandy Don, his Texas twang, his snakeskin cowboy boots and his irreverence in literally drinking and smoking pot live in the broadcast booth, the tribute tracks back to the man who put Don on the air...

  11. Transgender Territory2010/12/02

    As of this week, women's professional golf has changed its rule of gender qualification. One no longer needs to be born female to play LPGA tournament golf. The issue has been forced within the LPGA because of a lawsuit filed by a transgender woman, Lana Lawless, claiming the organization's previous exclusionary stance violated common civil rights...

  12. Pacquiao Power2010/11/18

    I admit I'm not the boxing fan I used to be. Maybe you can relate. There was a time when I wouldn't miss a big fight. That was back in the day of Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, Marvin Hagler, early Mike Tyson. One development that drove me away, for sure, was the proliferation of all these various organizations that give legitimate recognition to championship titles...

  13. Vick a Wonder2010/11/11
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  14. Cuba Heartache2010/11/04

    Hello, everybody. It's been a while. While I was down in Key West over the summer and into the fall, pursuing my lifelong Extreme Dream of swimming from Cuba to Florida, my buddies here at KCRW not only graciously gave me some time off from my weekly Score duties, but I'm sure you noticed that they reported my progress and the weekly drama of the endeavor with great enthusiasm...

  15. Diana Nyad's Dream: A Dream Postponed2010/10/21

    Diana Nyad joins Matt Holzman back in the KCRW studios for a look at her big dream and her hopes for the future...

  16. Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 122010/10/14

    Will Paula keep Diana from her dream?

  17. Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 112010/10/07


    Will uncooperative temperatures throw cold water on Diana's dream?

  18. Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 102010/09/30

    After a year of preparation and arrangements, is the dream fading? With the weather and temperature uncooperative, is today the calm before the storm?

  19. Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 102014/03/28

    Despite the frustrating forecast and declining daylight, Diana remains a Believer that she'll soon make her Dream Swim a reality...

  20. Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 92010/09/09

    Diana learns patience as she waits out the weather and Cuban bureaucracy in West Palm Beach, Florida.

  21. Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 82010/09/02

    Weather and bureaucracy continue to frustrate Diana, who has celebrated her 61st birthday with her crew. Must an alternate plan – a swim of an equal distance – replace her dream of swimming from Havana to Key West?

  22. Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 72010/08/26

    In Key West, Diana and 37 experts from around the world await word from Cuba.

  23. Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 62010/08/19

    Will a little slip of paper capsize Diana dream of swimming from Cuba to Florida?

  24. Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 52010/08/12
  25. Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 42010/08/05

    Diana discusses conditioning, visas and home-remedies for encounters with marine life.

  26. Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 32010/07/29

    Matt offers an update on Diana Nyad, who continues preparations for her Florida-Cuba swim. Despite a personal tragedy, she is buoyed by successes, both political and practical.

  27. Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 22010/07/22

    A fit, tanned Dian Nyad discusses last week's 24-hour test swim, the challenge of securing permits, licenses and much needed funds. She also sings the praises of the many fans who've supported her, both emotionally and financially...

  28. Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 12010/07/15

    While Diana Nyad is deeply involved in preparations for her current expedition, in lieu of her regular commentary she will doing weekly Q&A updates with our own Matt Holzman. Today, she talks about the lessons learned from her 24 hour test swim...

  29. 24 Tough Hours2010/07/08

    Think of me this Saturday morning, in the early dawn hours, if you will. I'll be somewhere out in the ocean, about 45 miles south of Key West, beginning a 24-hour continual swim through the Gulf Stream, back toward the Florida coast. This is a full dress rehearsal for the Cuba-to-Florida swim I'll be attempting later in the summer...

  30. Soccer's Visceral Growth2010/07/01
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  31. Wimbledon History2010/06/24
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  32. Vuvuzelas Rule2010/06/17
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  33. Soccer Mania2010/06/10
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  34. Women Go Backwards2010/06/03
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  35. Super Bowl 20142010/05/27

    The announcement of future Super Bowl locales is usually pretty ho-hum. Miami again. New Orleans again. Maybe San Diego. Maybe Pasadena. But when the new Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, won the bid for Super Bowl 2014 this week, bloggers feverishly took to their keyboards...

  36. Tour de California2010/05/20
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  37. Halls of Fame2010/05/13
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  38. Do We Hate Hockey?2010/05/06

    Two mirror clichés, bandied about for so long now that we say them in automatic drone tones that really don’t have any truth behind them any more. The two clichés? Americans hate hockey. And….Americans hate soccer.

  39. Thoroughbreds, a Breed for Speed2010/04/29
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  40. Ochoa Retires Too Young2010/04/22
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  41. Swim Coaches Caught2010/04/15

    ABC News has reported the sex crimes scandal of 36 USA Swimming coaches abusing their athletes over the last decade…and compares the crimes to those of the Catholic Church in that USA Swimming allegedly covered for the perpetrators and allowed them to keep coaching. I also am a victim of sexual abuse by my swim coach...

  42. Americans Abroad Bond over Sporting Events2010/04/08

    It happens that Americans working or studying abroad for an extended period of time sometimes turn to a major sporting event back home for a rekindling of the familiar. As much as one may appreciate a foreign culture, immersion in a strange land inevitably brings with it longing for a few of the comforting sights, smells, sounds from back home...

  43. Ambidextrous Athletes2010/04/01
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  44. NFL Now Perfect2010/03/25
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  45. Tiger Meows Back2010/03/18
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  46. Huskies Need Rivals2010/03/11
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  47. Soul of Sports2010/03/04

    When we talk sports, it's assumed we're talking the crème de la crème, such as the Olympians in Vancouver. There are maybe a dozen figure skaters of each gender, maybe a dozen who can perform those outrageously difficult jumps and spins and execute them artfully. And so it goes with all the sports we watch and cover on a daily basis...

  48. Figure Skating Cheated2010/02/25

    I don't get it. Speed skaters, as is true with Olympic swimming and Track & Field, compete for medals at a wide range of distances, from the 500-meter sprint all the way up to the 10,000-meter endurance grind. Perhaps to the lay observer, it looks like they're doing the exact same thing at all these distances....

  49. Vancouver Gold2010/02/18
  50. Vonn Too Special an Athlete for This SI Cover2010/02/11
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  51. Tebow: Wrong Place, Wrong Time2010/01/28
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  52. Favre, the Man2010/01/21

    This weekend, the drama of the last four NFL teams standing unfolds. By Sunday night, February 7's Superbowl will be set and there is no shortage of fans' hopeful predictions....

  53. McGwire2010/01/14
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  54. Namath and Lammons, 45 Years Later2010/01/07
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  55. Athlete of the Decade2009/12/17
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  56. Tiger Woes Grow2009/12/10

    Truth be told, I didn't want to talk about Tiger today. As usual, there is a meaty array of sports subjects that would make fine fodder for commentary this week. But how can I just skip over the Tale of the Tiger and pretend the story doesn't continue to draw me in, draw you in? Dozens of texts to his various mistresses have now surfaced. The evidence is indisputable...

  57. Tiger Blues2009/12/03
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  58. Pacquaio Gold2009/11/19
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  59. Agassi Confesses2009/11/12

    Andre Agassi's autobiography came out early this week and the chapter that has drawn the most attention is his admission to using crystal meth through much of 1997, during a down-time in his career… and lying about it to tour officials. I've read the book, titled Open , and, for me, the crystal meth confession was the least revelatory of all the Agassi life stories...

  60. Rivera a Wonder2009/11/05
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  61. New York City Marathon for the Masses 2009/10/29
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  62. Baseball Replay2009/10/22

    I'm joining the chorus that has long been begging for instant replay in baseball. There are examples of blown calls at crucial moments that made the difference in a team's winning or losing. For me, it was Tuesday night's Yankees/Angels American League Championship Series game that pushed me over the edge...a game that nobody could claim should have gone the other way...

  63. Billie Jean's Night2009/10/15
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  64. Ironman Memory2009/10/08

    The sports world is awash with rich storylines this week. The baseball
    playoff season has kicked off with the Minnesota Twins willing their
    way out of their Metrodome and into Yankee Stadium with the nail-biting drama of perhaps the greatest regular season-ending game in baseball history...

  65. Football a Danger Work Zone2009/10/01

    Mothers across America are either mandating or pleading that their sons don't play football, and if you read the weekly gridiron injury reports, moms' fears are well-founded. The NFL season is a mere three weeks old, yet the list of players already lost for the whole year is long...

  66. Cowboys Stadium a Wonder2009/09/24
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  67. Serena, Classless2009/09/17

    Serena Williams' outburst of angry obscenities has been cause for
    comment and debate all week, but I feel one major point has been
    missing from the discussion...

  68. Jeter, Center of New York2009/09/10
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  69. Home Run Stats2009/09/03
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  70. Semenya, Girl or Boy?2009/08/27

    Usain Bolt may be the most electric athlete on the planet today. His two new world records at the just-finished World Track Championships in Berlin blow the mind. The 100 meters in 9.58 seconds, the 200 meters in 19.19 seconds….even his closest rivals admit they struggle to fathom the talent of this 6’5” Jamaican who makes sprinting like the wind look like a jog in the breeze...

  71. Bronson Arroyo2009/08/20
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  72. Suit Madness2009/08/06
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  73. Lance More Likeable2009/07/30
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  74. Tech Catch-222009/07/23

    Technology is changing our world in exponential ways and that certainly includes the world of sports. In some instances, I'm honestly not sure where I stand on the wizardrous advances. It's not like we can revert back to wooden tennis racquets when Teflon and boron are the materials du jour . As they say, you can't put the genie back in the bottle...

  75. LPGA in Crisis2009/07/16

    For women, golf was the fist successful professional sport in this country. Just on the heels of World War II, former track Olympian Babe Didrickson Zaharias, Patty Berg, and Louise Suggs may have had to organize their tournaments themselves, but they became household names and set the stage for the first accepted sport where women could make a living playing their passion...

  76. T.O. Payback2009/07/09
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  77. Lou Gehrig Farewell 70 Years Ago2009/07/02
  78. Men's Tennis Heaven2009/06/25
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  79. Track and Field Blues2009/06/18
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  80. NBA Youth2009/06/11

    If any year was proof positive that high school players heading straight to the NBA was a good idea, it was this one. LeBron James was the League's MVP. Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard are the superstars of the two teams in the finals. And it was only a year ago that Kevin Garnett, 2004's MVP, led his Celtics to the Championship..

  81. French Open '092009/06/04
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  82. Michael Vick and Michael Phelps2009/05/28
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  83. Dancing Stars Legit2009/05/21
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  84. Jockey Jumps Ship2009/05/14
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  85. NBA Long Season2009/05/07

    It used to be that basketball was the indoor winter sport. Baseball was the summer game. And football was the game of crisp autumn weekends. Now, baseball extends into snow days of October, football stretches almost to Valentines Day, and basketball finishes up post-Memorial Day. Money is the obvious drive behind these long, overlapping seasons...

  86. Derby Down2009/04/30

    The Kentucky Derby runs this Saturday and it's no surprise that the economy foreshadows a
    toned-down day in blue-grass country. The Derby weekend traditionally
    pulls in some $120 million in revenue for the Louisville area but the
    highest predictions for this year's event are to perhaps hit $100

  87. Superstars Revisited2009/04/23
  88. Masters Snafu2009/04/09
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  89. Baseball for Boys2009/04/02
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  90. Iditarod Cruelty2009/03/26

    This year's Iditarod dog sled race in Alaska is over now and a record six dogs died this time out. Three dogs are lost to hypothermia or heart failure or what they dubiously call unknown causes on the Iditarod trail most years but this year it was six. Six innocent animals who want to please their masters so desperately that they will literally run to death for them...

  91. Beijing Swimmers Broke2009/03/19
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  92. Vick, T.O. and Roger2009/03/12
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  93. World Baseball Classic2009/03/05
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  94. Lance Earned Comeback2009/02/26
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  95. A-Rod Overdrive2009/02/19
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  96. On Punishing Baseball Drug Use Before '042009/02/12
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  97. Becks Too Famous2009/01/29
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  98. Down Under Too Early 2009/01/22
    Another major sports title will be played along with the Super Bowl on Feb 1 and that’s the final of tennis’s first Grand Slam of the year, The Australian Open. But the Super Bowl comes at the denouement of a long, grueling grind while The Aussie Open is one of the very first tournaments of the tennis season. And that makes no sense...

  99. End Zone Class2009/01/15

    There’s one particular NFL elite whom we’ll probably see a lot of this week-end. That’s Larry Fitzgerald, wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. We tend to see a lot of Fitzgerald because he tends to wind up in the end zone quite a bit. And he’s memorable when he does wind up in the end zone, not just because he...

  100. NFL Parity Works2009/01/08
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The Score
Twenty-four hours a day in every city in America, you can hear shock jock radio types screaming their outrage at the latest sports scandal, and the din has become loud and steady. Diana Nyad, on the other hand, is thirsting for the poetry, the sociology, the philosophy of sports. On "The Score," she tells poignantly inspirational stories, covers the broad spectrum of characters who play parts in the sports world and lifts listeners to feel the same passion for sports that she has.
Despite Diana's attempt revisit the dream she couldn’t accomplish in 1978 – swimming from Cuba to Florida -- circumstances forced her to postpone her swim until this year -- and now she's trying again--visit www.kcrw.com/dream for updates!
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