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  1. Cam Newton, Ego Aside2011/03/03
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  2. Ladies Day2011/02/24
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  3. Shrovetide Football2011/02/17

    With the end of the NFL season comes a collective American depression. Millions of us are football junkies and the withdrawal, post Super Bowl, can be cruel.
  4. Aguilera’s Anthem Flub2011/02/10

    Christina Aguilera’s flubbing of the National Anthem has drawn equal billing to any football news, post Super Bowl. OK, “the twilight’s last ‘reaming’” was perhaps egregious botching, compared to other Anthem gaffes, such as Robert Goulet, before a Muhammed Ali-Sonny Liston fight, singing “by the dawn’s early night”.
  5. Women Love Football2011/01/20

    To paraphrase a feminist concept of male resistance to the growing power of women in our society, it has been said "the stronger women get, the more men love football." This to be interpreted that men love football, revere football, because it's seemingly the last all-male frontier...
  6. Ted Williams: Homeless to Famous2011/01/06
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  7. Bud Greenspan: Artist of Sports2010/12/30
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  8. Hashim Khan Streak2010/12/23
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  9. Philly Fans Rudest2010/12/16
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  10. Monday Nights2010/12/09

    Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and Monday Night Football personality Don Meredith passed away this week. In remembering the likeable Dandy Don, his Texas twang, his snakeskin cowboy boots and his irreverence in literally drinking and smoking pot live in the broadcast booth, the tribute tracks back to the man who put Don on the air...
  11. Transgender Territory2010/12/02

    As of this week, women's professional golf has changed its rule of gender qualification. One no longer needs to be born female to play LPGA tournament golf. The issue has been forced within the LPGA because of a lawsuit filed by a transgender woman, Lana Lawless, claiming the organization's previous exclusionary stance violated common civil rights...
  12. Pacquiao Power2010/11/18

    I admit I'm not the boxing fan I used to be. Maybe you can relate. There was a time when I wouldn't miss a big fight. That was back in the day of Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, Marvin Hagler, early Mike Tyson. One development that drove me away, for sure, was the proliferation of all these various organizations that give legitimate recognition to championship titles...
  13. Vick a Wonder2010/11/11
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  14. Cuba Heartache2010/11/04

    Hello, everybody. It's been a while. While I was down in Key West over the summer and into the fall, pursuing my lifelong Extreme Dream of swimming from Cuba to Florida, my buddies here at KCRW not only graciously gave me some time off from my weekly Score duties, but I'm sure you noticed that they reported my progress and the weekly drama of the endeavor with great enthusiasm...
  15. Diana Nyad's Dream: A Dream Postponed2010/10/21

    Diana Nyad joins Matt Holzman back in the KCRW studios for a look at her big dream and her hopes for the future...
  16. Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 122010/10/14

    Will Paula keep Diana from her dream?
  17. Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 112010/10/07


    Will uncooperative temperatures throw cold water on Diana's dream?
  18. Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 102010/09/30

    After a year of preparation and arrangements, is the dream fading? With the weather and temperature uncooperative, is today the calm before the storm?
  19. Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 102014/03/28

    Despite the frustrating forecast and declining daylight, Diana remains a Believer that she'll soon make her Dream Swim a reality...
  20. Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 92010/09/09

    Diana learns patience as she waits out the weather and Cuban bureaucracy in West Palm Beach, Florida.
  21. Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 82010/09/02

    Weather and bureaucracy continue to frustrate Diana, who has celebrated her 61st birthday with her crew. Must an alternate plan – a swim of an equal distance – replace her dream of swimming from Havana to Key West?
  22. Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 72010/08/26

    In Key West, Diana and 37 experts from around the world await word from Cuba.
  23. Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 62010/08/19

    Will a little slip of paper capsize Diana dream of swimming from Cuba to Florida?
  24. Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 52010/08/12
  25. Diana Nyad's Dream, Part 42010/08/05

    Diana discusses conditioning, visas and home-remedies for encounters with marine life.
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