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Which Way L.A.?

  1. Which Way, LA? The Question that Won't Go Away2016/01/28
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  2. Then and Now: Is LA Still the Car Capital of the World?2016/01/27
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  3. Does California Have a Double Standard for the Public's Protection?2016/01/26
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  4. Is 'Warfare' a Thing of the Past at the LAPD?2016/01/25
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  5. City Hall: Then and Now2016/01/21

    In the 23 years Which Way, LA? has been on the air, there have been five mayors of Los Angeles: Tom Bradley, Richard Riordan, James Hahn, Antonio Villaraigosa and Eric Garcetti. Each has served at a different moment in a process of continual change.
  6. The City of LA Pays Millions to Wrongfully Convicted Men2016/01/20

    The City of Los Angeles will pay $24 million for the wrongful murder convictions of two men who spent years of their lives in prison because of proven misconduct by the LAPD. The City Attorney says going to court would cost even more.
  7. What's Behind the Yosemite Name Changes?2016/01/19

    The Ahwahnee Hotel is about to become the Majestic Yosemite; The Wawona will be known as the Big Trees Lodge. Names that go back generations are being changed because of a trademark dispute between the National Park Service and a New York concessionaire that failed to renew its contract. Outraged residents and visitors are asking how that can happen
  8. Race Relations: Then and Now2016/01/18
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  9. Pressure on DA Lacey to File Charges against LAPD Officer2016/01/14

    LA County District Attorney Jackie Lacey faces no credible challenger yet in this year's bid for re-election, but she is facing increased political pressure. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck wants her to file charges against one of his own officers in a controversial killing — an action he's never taken before. Political activists are waiting for her decision.
  10. Los Angeles Gets an NFL Team (or Two)2016/01/13

    The NFL says the St. Louis Rams are coming to Inglewood — back to the massive Los Angeles TV market they left 21 years ago. Skeptics say team owners can't be trusted, but boosters insist this time is different. What will it mean for the taxpayers of Inglewood — if it doesn't turn out to be another broken promise?
  11. California Case Could Be Labor's "Citizens United"2016/01/11

    The California Teachers Association has been called an obstacle to education reform in Sacramento. Now, the US Supreme Court is poised to reduce its power. The case is about union fees and First Amendment rights, but the decision could be a blow to unionized police officers, fire fighters and other public workers all over the country.
  12. Did LA Pass Its First Big El Niño Test?2016/01/07

    The first of this year's El Niño storms were only a test, and Southern California is braced for another onslaught of mudslides, potholes, flooded freeways and basements and mountains of trash swept out into the ocean. We get updates and look at what's next.
  13. El Niño Storms Are Finally Arriving, Is Los Angeles Ready?2016/01/06

    Mudslides, floods and road-closings have been predicted for weeks — and so has the plight of 29,000 homeless people who sleep on the streets of Los Angeles County. But today, the Civil Grand Jury called preparations "unconscionable and grossly inadequate." We get a response from local officials and update efforts to keep vulnerable people alive — including those who are mentally ill.
  14. Good News behind the Rise in Crime2016/01/05

    Last year, for the first time in more than a decade, all categories of crime in Los Angeles increased over the year before. Homicides went up by 10% to 280. That's a tragedy for the people directly involved — and for the community. But consider that in 1992 there were almost four times as many murders — 1,092. We look at the rise in crime in the context of city history.
  15. Could SoCal Gas Have Prevented the Porter Ranch Gas Leak?2016/01/04
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  16. FAA and Local Authorities Spar over Drone Regulations2015/12/30

    New FAA rules might require you to register your drone before you fly it, and there are several regulations here in California about where these airborne overlords can go. But Sacramento and the FAA aren't exactly on the same page. Guest host Barbara Bogaev tries to make sense of the territorial dispute in the skies.
  17. Making Sausage in Sacramento: What to Expect in 20162015/12/29

    The state legislature is in recess now, but come the New Year they'll tackle a raft of big divisive issues, and face-off with Governor Jerry Brown in a new climate of shifting power dynamics. We get a preview of the year ahead and take stock of 2015.
  18. Keeping Up with the Shell Companies Next Door2015/12/22
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  19. Kaiser Permanente to Open a Med School2015/12/21

    A medical school with a difference is planned for Southern California by Kaiser, the managed care system that runs hospitals and provides health insurance. The goal is hands-on experience for doctors trained to practice in systems of what's called "coordinated care." With the emphasis on new technology and cutting costs, does a doctor's "bedside manner" still have a future?
  20. San Diego Goes Big on Tackling Climate Change2015/12/17

    At the Climate Change Summit in Paris, the major players insisted that reductions in greenhouse emissions be voluntary. The City of San Diego has taken a big step further. It has established mandatory deadlines — enforceable by law — including 100% renewable energy generation by 2035. Los Angeles and other cities will have to get in line.
  21. Pollution at the Port; Educating Inmates2015/12/16

    Ten years ago, the Port of Los Angeles signed a court-ordered agreement to reduce air pollution at a massive new terminal.But Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa told the port director to be "flexible," and she was -- and the new rules were not put into effect. Last year, Mayor Eric Garcetti appointed a new port director to set things right.
  22. All LAUSD Schools Closed Due to Terror Threat2015/12/15

    Almost 700,000 students in America's second largest school district were told to stay home today -- when almost 1000 schools were closed because of a terrorist threat deemed "credible" by Superintendent Ramon Cortines.
  23. What to Do about Hollywood's Diversity Problem?2015/12/14
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  24. Preparing for El Niño2015/12/10

    What are predicted to be the strongest El Niño-generated storms on record are only weeks away and FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, says it's time to get ready. Local officials are taking their own measures.
  25. What the Supreme Court Could Learn from California's Prop 2092015/12/09

    Today, the US Supreme Court was asked once again to consider banning affirmative action in admissions to public colleges and universities nationwide. California is already there. It's been a laboratory for eliminating race-based admissions since Prop 209 was passed by the voters in 1996.
Which Way, L.A.?
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