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  1. MRP-030 Mr Phipson is back2018/06/04
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  2. New website - new mix ready2018/06/03
    After many years - MRP is back. I registered a new domain which is www.mrphipson.com the .de is history :) I prepared a new mix which will be available next week. Yeeees this is ain’t dreaming it’s real. More interesting stuff coming at‘cha. So keep supporting mr phipsons ncredible podcast.
  3. Mr Phipson is back in biz2017/05/21
    After years not hearing m-m-m-m-mrphipsonnn I have to announce that I am back in ze game. I am playing next Friday at the jazzkeller Frankfurt if anybody is interested for a dance session.
  4. MRP029 - Deep House session 2012/08/22
    Deep House Session and beyond for Soup Sessions Radio.
  5. MP-028 DUBSTEP SE55ION 2012/02/11
    Dubstep live mixin. PT1 of a l ive radio mix for Mashed Potato radio back in 2010. All live, lifey lifes all goody YO!
  6. Mr Phipson live on Dec 1st at VorWien Bar Kreuzberg - don't miss it!2009/11/20
    Hey Folks i am playin on Dec 1st 22h at VorWien Bar in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Skalitzer Str. 41, Metrostation Görlitzer Bahnhof. Chilled place with good prices and cultural activities. By the way the pic in the mp3 file is me in '84 but just with a toy gun ;-)
    Stay tuned with Mr Phipson'S incredible Podcast and visit me if you can.

  7. MP-027 Conjo Enchilada2008/04/13
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  8. Broken beat and electric samba from BluntBeats HQ2008/03/25
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  9. Broken beat and electric samba from BluntBeats HQ"2008/03/25
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  10. MP-026 Back in 2008 bi-biiiiip2008/01/17
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  11. MP-025 It was all good2007/10/04
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  12. Mashed Potato V livecast with Mr Phipson2007/08/07
    If you want to bypass the time for the MP-025 podcast you can check my mix number V for the MashedPotato Livecast that I do with JazzDJ. It is available at the MashedPotato podcast that is listed in the iTunes music store.
    Here is the direct link for the mix!

    Check out our podcast on iTunes here!

  13. DJ Zezinho Baile Funk ZZ (special guest mix)2007/06/03
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  14. MP-024 Smoked Out Issue2007/05/28
    Special dedication to Jazz DJ. Check out his stuff on http://www.jazzdj.co.uk
    All the jazzy goodies in one melting pot. All kind of forms, Funk, Jazz, Brazilian, Hippy Hoppy, Deep Beats. This is the smoked out session after Flako's smoking allowed session. If you like it, just holler a me. Be prepared and check it out.

    The tracklist for MP-024 can be downloaded here!

  15. Flako's smoking allowed sound adventure (Special Guest mix)2007/05/11
    Big shout outs to Flako that supports this podcast with an incredible mix. He dropped another fresh mix. Hip Hop meets its roots and other funky goodies. If you always wonder where those cats dig out their samples, check out this mix. Flako is a very talented beat head, so don't miss out to check his profile on Myspace. CHeck out also his first mix on my podcast!

  16. Next sunday Mashed Potato with JazzDJ and Mr Phipson feat. special guest Flako2007/05/01
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  17. Mr Phipson Mashed Potato radio liveset issue 12007/04/05
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  18. Mashed Potato radio stream on sunday with JazzDJ and Mr Phipson2007/03/21
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  19. MP-023 The happy people!2007/02/21
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  20. And the T-Shirt winner is...2007/02/15
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  21. MP-022 Baile Funk VS Kuduro Soundsystems2007/02/02
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  22. Mr Phipson is back in 2007 - Win a Baile Funk Shirt and find out 'bout Kuduro music from Angola2007/01/26
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  23. Buttons are back! Limited edition of Mr Phipson buttons on stock now.2006/12/17
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  24. MP-021 Are you ready?2006/12/11
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  25. What a nice evening in Vorwien Bar - next gig on Dec. 15, 20062006/12/02
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  26. MP020 - Thank you for your support! 1 year anniversary! This is episode 202006/11/12
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  27. Comments and background information on the last tunes2006/11/06
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  28. Mr Phipson now on Flickr!2006/11/04

    Hello friends of ze incredible brazilized incredible podcast series.
    There is a new feature for Mr Phipson, i created a Flickr account so you have some impression about my person and beyond. As a starter feature you find some pictures of my humble studio, for the techy interested people.
    Enjoy the podcast series.
    Here is the URL:

  29. MP-019 Barraco Breaks - Rio Baile Funk2006/10/22
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  30. MP-018 All mixed up.2006/10/12
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  31. Melo do breakydown - Baile Funk dual processor powered berlinized favela breaks2006/10/06
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  32. MP-017 September Highs2006/09/19
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  33. Mr Phipson Video Cutz - sometimes i go nutz with my cutz2006/09/16
    This happens when you have too much time on the weekend. A littlebumtschak-scratch-scratch.
  34. MP-016 Special Tape Cutz - Baile Funk Mix 94 FM Rio de Janeiro2006/09/09
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  35. MP-015 Go Crazy Session2006/08/01
    This is a crazy session, b-b-b-be prepared, let's all get crazy, sometimes you got to be a bit crazy in life, cause life's too short to stay serious all the time. Some classics mixed up with, brazilian beats, jazzy electronica, hippy hoppy from Brazil, crazy beatboxing, deep beats and Baile Funk. Have a sip and get crazy.

  36. MP-014 Reggaeton Especial - the sound of the barrios2006/07/23
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  37. Attention - another Phipson info2006/07/14
    Attention, jaa mann, all to the mercy. Mr Phipson tells you about the images on the website. Check it out on www.mrphipson.de! Also testing a new mic, oh my god looks like a radiostation here. Mr P. talks about the background beats and tell you what is one my favourite Hip Hop Track, talking again. Thank you listeners and stay open minded.
  38. MP-013 Equipe do Funk 2006/07/10
    I funk you, you funk me, we funk everybody. This is the Team Funk, when you want to play good funky football, you should have a bit of funk inside you. An audio adventure from funk, jazz, rare grooves, samba-bossa beats, breaks, brazilian beats to electronica.
    The soundtrack for funky worldcups. That old bastard Mr Phipson again!
  39. Information on the recent Episodes, let's talk about the worldcup2006/07/06
    I am talking about the worldcup 2006 and the recent episodes, 10-12! Listen if you are interested.
  40. MP-012 Urban Struggle Issue 2006/06/23
    The Soundtrack for your urban struggle! Hip Hop from Brazil, Chile, US and Hungary, some old cuts, breaks and recent Baile Funk Carioca from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  41. Mr Phipson #11 - A Baile Funk issue, porra! Vamos da-da-da-dancar2006/05/04
    A Baile Funk issue, rough and raw. The sound from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Mr Phipson presents you a heavy mix of Ghettobass from Rio. Some tracks within the mixes are my remixes. This episode is rougher then the last mixes, be prepared! Orginally Baile Funked up, porra caralho!
  42. Mr Phipson #10 - The wiggidiwiggidi-wicked session2006/04/03
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  43. Mr Phipson #9 - The diff'rence - Anouncement2006/04/01
    Mr Phipson will get a new website and new ideas and new music. Mr Phipson is a one man show. Mr Phipson's incredible for people out in the world. Check the diff'rence and tune in to Mr Phipson Podcast from Berlin.
  44. Mr Phipson #8 - Trans America Africa Express (Bongo Congo Session)2006/02/17
    It's the Bongo Congo Session. Latin funky Jazz Delights meets Afroelectro Beats, continueing with jazzy deep house ending the session with Baile Funk Carioca. Bum Tschak, scratch, scratch. Trans America - Africa Express, chooooo!
  45. Mr Phipson #7 - The oldschool session VS drums'n breaks2006/01/15
    Short but juicy.
    The oldschool joint! Its a bit heavier this time, a ruff and raw issue, you should lower the bass level eventually. From Hip Hop Instrumentals to Drum'n Bass to brazilian beatboxing. Beat this!
  46. Mr Phipson #6 - Reflection of the last episodes - comments2005/12/08
    Comments about Episode #4 and #6, talking about a Baile Funk in Berlin-Kreuzberg and Capoeira. Find more about the episodes and get background information on the mixes.
  47. Mr Phipson #5 - Capoeira Issue2005/12/02
    Episode 5 presents you music containing elements of Capoeira and the afro-brazilian instrument Berimbau. A deep journey featuring tracks from Bossa and Samba Classics to Baile Funk and electronic breaks. Enter the Roda! This is a voyage into the cultural heritage of Brazil.
  48. Mr Phipson #4 - original Rio Baile Funk2005/12/02
    Short Mix of original Rio Baile Funk tracks, one surprise track inside, dating back from oldschool times. JJ fad, remember the beat box in the beginning of the track? Ruff and raw stuff. The qualitiy of some Baile Funk Tracks is pretty poor, well i suppose that people don't havve the proper means of producing equipment, but that makes the sound interesting.
  49. Mr Phipson #3 - Reflection of the last episodes - comments2005/12/02
    Mr Phipson reflects on the last episodes, telling something about baile funk and on future episodes, what is Mr Phipsons Podcast about. Listen and find out.
  50. Mr Phipson #2 - LDs beat adventure2005/12/02
    In this epsode incredible LD aka el.dari presents his fine collection of breaks, funk and jazz cuts straight out his crates. Blaxploitation meets Brazil.
  51. Mr Phipson #1 - From Soul Funk to Baile Funk2005/12/02
    The first Podcast From Soul Funk to Baile Funk, Berlin based Mr. Phipson streams jazzed up electro tunes paired with Bossa Nova and Rare Groove Classics, presenting urban Beats from around the globe.
Mr Phipson | urban musique for urban souls
Sportive Baile Funked up jazzy audio joints. Berlin based Mr Phipson presents you an urban mixture of tunes from the past and future. Bossa Nova, Jazzed Up Beats, Electronica, Tropicalectro, Brazilian Beats, Tropicalia, Rare Grooves, Afro-Latinized Funk, Drums\'n Breaks, Drum\'n Bossa, Deep Beats, Baile Funk, Hippy Hoppy and other funky oddities. From the good old times back in the days to the era of dual processor powered favela funk. The sound of shantytowns worldwide from underground to Roots Jazz and all the good things inbetween. Stay open minded, discover krazee urban soundtracks and tune in to Mr Phipson\'s incredible Podcast!

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